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Chapter One: The Voices Ring as The Angels Sing

He was shacking with irritation and contained rage as he listened to everyone he thought loved and cared for him yell at him and complain that he wasn't the boy they once knew. He dared to have a mind of his own and dared to think that maybe he didn't want to be Harry Potter, boy-who-lived and the fucking Chosen One, the one person who could defeat You-Know-Who, Lord Moldy Butt and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, by the way, who the hell decided that EVERYTHING must be hyphenated when important? Was bloody annoying, according to him and he hated reading it and hearing it all the time.

"Harry, I understand that you want to stretch your wings every now and then, but you are too valuable to risk just because you can't stay indoors. You should be concentrating on your studies and your training. The war with Voldemort is not just some made up goal and you know it!" Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, said this while glaring at Harry.

Harry slowly stood and walked away from the group, mumbling under his breath.

"What was that, Harry?" Molly Weasley asked, her eyes boring holes into the teen's back.

"I said I'm only 16, how the hell am I supposed to take on Voldemort? Yes, he killed my parents but I'm not the only one who lost their parents or a family member in the last war! I just had to be mentioned in a prophecy that I don't even truly believe and because of that fucking thing I lost the last person who meant the world to me. If you had told me that he could into my mind, I think NO I know Sirius would still be alive! I'm so fucking tired of being told that I need to do this and I need to that when all I want to do is be ME!" Harry screamed the last part before storming out of the office but before he left, he turned back and stared Albus straight into his blue eyes.

"I will not be some fucking pawn in your chess game. Fight Voldemort on your own, you bastard."

With that said, he slammed the door shut and bolted down the stairs, flying past students walking to an early dinner, staring at Harry jumping and skipping steps before he made it down three flights of stairs in record time and before he ran out the Entrance Hall, he clipped Draco Malfoy's shoulder.

"Oi, Potter what the hell-" But Harry was already gone from sight in the dimming fall light.

He ran like he was running from Dudley and his cronies who were aching for a game of Harry-Hunting until he was hidden from the castle's view by the lake. He dropped to his knees, his breath coming out in ragged gasps.

'I'll find a different place to sleep tonight. I am in no mood to deal with fucking Ron and Hermione trying to plaster their fake ass smiles while simultaneously trying to control my life.' He thought when he was breathing properly again.

Before he could stand again, the air around him compressed and he wiped out his wand just in time to see the air shimmer in front of him while a body appeared, landing roughly on their knees. All Harry could see was a sheet of jet-black hair that was soon followed by pale skin and a soft voice.

"Ow, that hurt more then he said it would." The now female figure groaned, sitting back and allowing her hair to move, revealing a soft face and bright hazel eyes. She looked up and gasped when she spotted Harry.

"Daddy?" She whispered, smiling broadly. "Dad is it really you? You're a lot younger then Uncle Draco predicted by then again, the potion was newly made."

Harry was still and he was speechless as he watched the girl smile at him and he could see her eyes light up like fireworks. Something in him was aching to reach out and brush the dirt off her face and for once, he didn't fight it. When his fingers touched her cheek, she smiled even more, tears welling in her eyes.

"You always used to do that." She whispered.

"You're not lying to me are you? I feel like I can trust you but it's different from others." He replied, moving closer to her.

She suddenly hissed, forcing her eyes shut for a moment and he could see her clutching her robes in quiet pain. Added to that was the smell of copper that suddenly invaded his nose. "You're hurt, you need to see Madam Pomfrey, come on."

Guiding her up gently, she cradled herself into his side while they made the trek up to the castle, Harry's mind on overdrive, one thought running through it like a track star on speed: Protect her. He let her bury into his side even further while his arm rested protectively over her shoulders, guiding her so her injuries wouldn't be agitated even further.

"When we get into the castle, I'm going to carry you ok? You're losing blood and I know going up the stairs is hell when you're hurt." He whispered, looking down.

"Ok, daddy." It was all she said, her pain evident even in those two small words.

They finally reached the castle doors and he picked her up bridal style before letting his seeker muscles do their work by letting him speed up the four flights of stairs, barely disturbing the girl in his arms. She was trying very hard not to fall asleep, although Harry could see it in her eyes.

'She's tired and I suspect it's not just because of her trip.' He thought just as they walked into the infirmary.

"Madam Pomfrey, are you here?" Harry called out as the doors swung close behind them.

"Mr. Potter, what's wrong?" The gentle voice of the healer called out before she appeared.

"Can you help her?" His question was ended by the drip if blood that hit the white linoleum floor, sending the medi-witch into action.

"Put her over here, Harry, gently."

Harry obliged and placed his…his daughter on the bed just as she cried out.

"Where's the pain?" Madam Pomfrey asked.

"My upper arms and my back." Whispered, that was the only answer received between pain-filled gasps.

Doing a scan, Pomfrey paled slightly, causing Harry to grip the bed sheets in a wave of fear that was truly foreign to him. "You have massive fractures in your arms and there are indications of a cracked hip bone and a cracked shoulder blade. The bleeding is from massive cuts on your legs but they are shallow so they are not to be worried over. We need to set you hip bone, so I need to face Mr. Potter, alright?"

Nodding, she faced Harry with clouded Hazel eyes before letting her lids drop. Madam Pomfrey worked quickly healing both her hip and shoulder blade and then healed the fractures and cuts before administrating a pain reliever potion. Saying something about visiting hours being over in three hours, she slipped into her office and closed her door.

Harry smiled when she opened her eyes again. "You never told me your name, hun."

"I was instructed not to because you told me that when I was born you hadn't discussed my name with mom at all; you said you just came up with it the minute you had me in your arms. Uncle Draco said I was to let you figure it out." She whispered, propping herself up so she laid on her newly healed arms.

Harry smirked while he gripped her fingers pulling them up so he could rest his chin on the entwined hand. He barely had it there before her name came into his mind.

"Sandra." He whispered, opening to see her smiling again.

"There you go daddy, knew you knew it." Sandra replied before falling asleep, Harry's fingers still tight in her grip.

Harry decided to stay the night next to her bed, resting his head next to their locked fingers. He knew she wasn't lying and he knew that he would make sure nothing happened to his daughter.

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