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Chapter 15: You Are All I Need

Three Years Later

Awareness came slowly. I shifted slightly in bed, slowly opening my eyes. Disappointment shot through me when I realized Mello wasn't there. I suppose I should be used to it by now though.

It had been three years since Mello and I first got together. Three years…it felt like so long ago, yet at the same time, it felt like it just happened. A sudden wave of nostalgia hit me as I remembered those days, curled up in bed at Wammy's, sitting under our tree after a long day of classes, and our sometimes awkward but always rewarding experimenting late into the night.

I sighed and pulled the blankets tighter around myself. It had gotten chillier as September progressed. It was always much colder when I was by myself though. I shifted, remembering this day. I could never forget it. Five years ago I had met Mello for the first time.

I had always wondered how someone could remember a special day like that so easily, but it wasn't hard for me. Mello was the most important thing to ever happen in my life.

I glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It was only half past seven. Agitated, I stood up, shuffling into the kitchen, shivering as the cold air hit my bare arms. I should really start wearing a shirt to bed again. It was too cold not to, especially since Mello was never there when I woke up anymore.

"Come back to bed," I complained, wrapping my arms around my blond's waist. He didn't stiffen, he was used to this routine by now. "It's too early for breakfast, don't start cooking yet." Mello had an awful habit of waking up early in the mornings to cook.

He leaned back into my touch. "I can't sleep the whole day away like you can."

"But I'm cold," I whined, tightening my arms around him. "Please? Just a half hour, that's all I'm asking, then you can get me up and make breakfast. You can even make those damn chocolate pancakes."

"Chocolate chip," he corrected, but turned in my grasp so he was facing me.

"The way you make them you can barely taste the pancake," I said, nuzzling into his neck. I pressed my lips to his neck then, leaving several soft kisses. "Please?"

He sighed. "Fine."

I grinned and dragged him back to our room. The bed looked very inviting, so I leapt in quickly, wrapping myself in the blankets. I heard Mello chuckle above me, and he slid in beside me, pulling me against his chest. Content, and still sleepy, I quickly dozed off.

I wouldn't say I fell asleep really. I was conscious enough to feel Mello shifting against me sometime later. I blinked my eyes open and looked up at him. He leaned down kissed me slowly on the lips, drawing back moments later. "Morning baby," he murmured. "Time to get up."

"No, you're warm," I protested, clinging to him.

"You promised," he reminded me.

"I don't believe ever using the word 'promise'," I contradicted. He growled slightly and I slowly sat up. "Fine," I said, pouting. "I'll go have a shower then." I stood, moving to collect some fresh clothes, but his hand caught my wrist and pulled me backwards. Startled, I fell back on the bed. His knees were on either side of me, and his arms held me firmly in place. His lips found their way to my neck and I tilted my head to give him better access.

"I'll make your strawberry pancakes if you stop pouting," he compromised when he pulled away.

"That works."

I felt him smile against my neck. He pulled away, claiming one last kiss from my lips before moving towards the kitchen. I quickly collected a change of clothes and went into the bathroom, turning on the water to give it time to warm up. Once I was satisfied with the temperature I stepped in.

The water warmed me up instantly, and I allowed my thoughts to drift. Mello and I had left Wammy's recently, and were currently living in an apartment together. We had a very good sum of money from Wammy house to use as we saw fit. We had used some of it traveling, seeing parts of the world we had wanted to see. Right now we were busy deciding what country we wanted to live in. We planned to buy a nice house, and then we'd be set for life.

There were a lot of options for the successors of L, it turned out. Sure any graduate of Wammy's would be guaranteed a good career in the field of their choosing, but for the top three there were a lot more benefits. We had enough money at our disposal to live comfortably for quite a while. Not only that, but with our close ties to L, he could get us established as a detective agency almost anywhere in the world.

We would be a lot like L, in a way. We'd work closely with the police on any difficult cases they had. We wouldn't have private clients, but this was still a good deal. There was no more competition, we had all moved on with our lives.

If L died Near was supposed to take the title of L, but he was forbidden from taking our work and status from us. Overall, both of us were pretty content.

And really, being able to live anywhere in a nice home with a guaranteed career was pretty good for a couple of eighteen year olds.

By the time I left the shower the pancakes were almost ready. I smiled at my Mello as he sat down, placing the pancakes on the table.

"Any plans today?" I asked him.

"I have to go out after breakfast for a bit, but nothing else," he said.

I simply nodded, eating my breakfast. He finished first, giving me a quick peck on the lips and asking if I'd do dishes. I answered with the affirmative and he left. I stacked the dishes in the sink and set to work. I could do all the dishes later.

I wasn't much for cooking, but there was one dish I was very good at. It was double chocolate cake, and Mello loved it. To celebrate the day we met, I was going to make it now. He'd be home before it was done, but that was fine.

I cringed as the measuring cup slipped from my fingers, scattering flour all across the floor. The only downside to me baking was that I always made a huge mess.

By the time I was putting the cake in the oven I could hear Mello's steps in the hall. I didn't turn, instead licking the batter from the spoon. Not bad at all.

"What's all this for?" I heard. I turned to face Mello, who was standing in the doorway looking amused but curious. I moved forward, offering him the spoon which he took.

"This is the day we met, five years ago."

He paused, surprise flicking across his face. "I didn't know that. We never really celebrated before this. How did you even remember that day?"

I simply smiled, wrapping my arms loosely around his neck. "It was the first day anything important ever happened in my life."

He blushed slightly. I felt proud of myself that I could still make him blush years later.

The spoon came up, tapping me lightly on the cheek. "You're too sappy."

"Ew! Mel, that's gross," I exclaimed as the sticky substance smeared across my cheek. He laughed and I turned, grabbing a handful of flour from the tipped over bag and throwing it at his face.

He just stood there a moment, looking completely shocked. I laughed as he slowly reached up, wiping the flour from his eyes. I jumped backwards as he lunged at me. He paused then, grabbing the bag of flour instead. He smirked evilly at me as he advanced towards me. "Mel no…you don't want to do this," I said. His smirk just widened and he ran at me.

I turned to flee, but he tackled me to the ground, dumping flour over my head. I coughed, closing my eyes against the assault. What a great time to leave my goggles in the bedroom. I grabbed whatever flour I could from the floor and flung it behind me, hoping to catch him at least once.

I must have, because he backed off a bit. I quickly moved on the offensive, continuing to throw the flour on the floor around me at him as he scrambled backwards. I stood, scooping some residue cake batter in my hand and running towards him, smearing as much as I could across his face.

"Matt!" he shrieked in disgust, making me laugh. His hand searched the counter, furiously throwing whatever substance he could in my direction. I was pelted with sugar and several eggshells before I retreated. I realized my mistake a moment too late; the cake bowl was within his grasp.

He grabbed it. He had disposed of his gloves some time ago. I turned, hoping to escape the kitchen, but his hand, covered in sticky batter, grabbed the collar of my shirt, smearing the batter not only across my shirt, but my neck.

I tried to pull away, but it only led to us both falling to the floor, him on top of me. "Mello stop! No, Mello don't!" I pleaded. He had that evil look in his eye. I was pinned under him, and before I could attempt another escape he was smearing the batter in my face.

We were both out of breath by now. Mello was laughing above me and I laughed too, even if I hated the feeling of that batter all over my face. My eyes were closed, to protect them from the batter, but I heard him set the bowl down. Mello lied across me, still laughing breathlessly. I felt this fingers gently brush the batter away from my eyes and allowed them to flutter open.

Mello still looked cute, even when he was a mess. There was cake batter smeared in his hair and across his cheeks. Flour coated his hair and clothes, but with that relaxed smile, he looked amazing.

I was probably a sight, covered in the same mess he was. I reached up and tenderly wiped off a bit of batter from him forehead. He leaned down to capture my lips for several moments before laying his head on my chest.

He just stayed there for several minutes. I was content to wrap my arms around his waist and hold him to me.

I loved that we could have days like this. It was hard to imagine that I had been so miserable for so much of my life. It was hard to comprehend that one person could make everything perfect.

Mello shifted on top of me. "I need to take a shower. I need to get this batter out of my hair."

I laughed. Typical Mello. Ever since he had gotten used to bathing regularly, he couldn't stand to have his hair messed up.

He stood, offering me a hand to pull me up as well. He didn't let go, instead pushing me against the counter and leaning close. "Care to join me?" he asked seductively.

I was very tempted, but managed to contain myself. "I'd love to, but I can't let your cake burn. It wouldn't be good if we let the apartment burn down."

He pouted (which was absolutely adorable) but didn't ask again, instead licking what I assume was some batter off my cheek and moving towards the bathroom.

I shook my head at his antics and grabbed a washcloth, getting it wet and wiping as much flour and batter off my face as I could. I'd have to take a quick shower later to get the flour out of my hair, but for now it was fine.

I finished just as the timer went off, and quickly removed the cake from the oven. I set it to the side to cool and smirked to myself.

Maybe there was time to join Mello in the shower after all.


By the time we were both (finally) clean, the cake was cool. The day had passed quickly and it was early evening. Mello prepared dinner as I began to frost the cake. It was always my least favorite part, because it was hard to get the chocolate frosting to spread evenly, and because Mello always tried snatching the frosting if I wasn't paying close enough attention.

I grimaced at the frosting all over my hand, but that problem was soon fixed when I felt another hand take my own. Mello slowly took my finger in his mouth and sucked on it. "Mm Mello…come on I'm still tired." He smirked and licked the last of the frosting off before going back to cooking dinner.

I rolled my eyes and quickly finished frosting the cake. Mello was almost done with dinner by the time I was done and we enjoyed a nice meal before I was forced to do all the dishes ("You never did the breakfast ones Matt!").

Mello was kind enough to share a slice of cake with me (it was too much chocolate for my taste) before bed. Normally I might stay up late playing games, but in honor of our first day meeting, we turned in early together.

I turned off the light then crossed the room, crawling onto the bed besides Mello. I got comfortable beside him, leaning in for a long, romantic kiss before getting comfortable beside him.

Five years…it had been so long. I couldn't imagine my life without Mello. He meant more to me than anything. I had worried early on, but now I was sure nothing could ever break us apart. We were in love, and nothing would change that.

Because we were everything to each other. I had thought at first he was only helping me, but I had helped him. We belonged to each other. We were each other's saviors. We were each other's guardian angels. We always looked out for each other, even at the expense of ourselves.

With Mello I was safe and happy. With Mello I didn't worry about the outside world. I could care less about the outside world as long as Mello was in my world.

"I love you," I murmured into his chest. His arms tightened around me and he placed a gentle kiss to the top of my head.

"I love you too," he echoed.

That's all that mattered. The past, our families, the competition, none of it mattered compared to this love we had for each other. I could never go on without Mello. There was no me without him. There was no life without him in it.

Mail needed Mihael to exist.

Matt needed Mello.

We were a team, the two of us, and nothing could ever tear us apart.

All the hardships were worth it, to get where I was today. I had a loving boyfriend who completed me, and he was all I needed. He was more than a savior, or even an angel. He was everything to me. I wouldn't give him up for anything in the world.

And the best part was, I wouldn't have to.

He was all I wanted, and all I needed.

My savior and my guardian angel.

My one and only.


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