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Chapter one:Sora

It was always hard for me. I always had an alone feeling lurking around. My mother died when I was so young, and my father is off in a war over seas. I live here in this house with my brothers, Roxas and Riku, and our butler, Francis. I'm close with my brothers, but theres always a sense of detatchment. Riku was 17 and the oldest,I was 16 and Roxas was 15.

We live off the large ammount of money our mother left for us in her will. She was some kind of special soldier when she was young, and fought in a great war. She saved our islands with the last ammount of power she had, and put a shield spell around them,so they would never be attacked again, or at least that's how the legends go. All she left us was the money and three necklaces for each of us. They were keys, but I don't know what too.

I woke up in Friday morning in a sweat. I was having dreams again. I rolled out of bed and yawned. I made my way to the bathroom which was locked. Of course.

"Riku let me in I gotta get ready." I moaned.

" I'm not done yet, Sora. And Roxas already called it after me anyway."


I slowly trudded down the steps to the kitchen, where Francis had breakfast ready.

"Goodmorning, " he said in a pleasant voice.

"Hey Francis, whats up?How was your sleep?"

"Nothing much. My sleep was great, sir"

Lucky him. I ate my breakfast and looked at my watch. I was going to be late if Roxas and Riku didn't get their butts out of the bathroom. Our house was on the smaller side but next spring we were planning on expanding it so we had another bathroom. I couldn't wait.

I walked back upstairs after eating and pounded on the door again.

"Roxas get out of the bathroom"

"I'm still in here" said Riku's voice.

"Oh my god Riku get the Fuck out of the bathroom" I yelled. I was getting pissed now. I got dressed and got ready as much as I could when I finally heard the bathroom door open. Riku stepped out and smelled like cologne and hair jel.

"Riku you're such a girl" I said

"No,no,no. Silly Sora you don't know the first thing about getting girls do you?" he winked and ruffled my hair.

"Shut up." I shoved him and went into the bathroom.

"Hey,its my turn" moaned Roxas.

"We're going to have to share."

I brushed my teeth hair and face and I was off.

We arived at school barely on time. I was in a bad mood today.

"Dude, perk up." Said Roxas as he nudged me. I sighed. Riku was already around womanizing and it almost embaressed me. I loved my brother, but everyone thought he was a huge Dick because he took a different girl home every night. He only had a few close friends, and I felt bad for him. But he chose to be a dick a use girls. Just then I sensed something coming and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Roxas snickerd.

"Hey Sora, hey Roxas." Said a voice that made my heart feel like it melting.

"Hey Kairi." Said Roxas with a smile in his voice. He knew that I had it bad for Kairi. Really bad. I gulped.

"Hi Kairi."

"Sora you look red today is there something wrong?Are 'ya sick?" she put her hand to my head. It made my insides churn.

"Nah I feel fine. Whats up?"

"Ah same old same old. Hey I was wondering, do you wanna go to the island today? We haven't been in so long and I miss it." She giggled.

"Sure!" I said and smiled wide. Kairi had been my best friend for so long, but it was only recently that my feelings had gotten deeper for her.

"What about you Roxas?" she asked.

"Nah I gotta a lot to do today. You and Sora go and have fun."

Thanks Roxas.I'd have to like pay him or SOMETHING later.

The day was going by smoothly. I couldn't wait to be with Kairi after school. I was such a loser, I doubt she felt the same towards me. Luch eventually rolled around and I was starving. Roxas was already sitting down with his best friend Axel, Olette, Selphie, Tidus, and Namine. I took my spot next to Roxas and glanced over to where Riku and his best friend Hayner were sitting, surrounded by girls.

"Wow how does he do it?" sighed Tidus. Selphie punched him in the shoulder.

"Ow!!What was that for?" he whined. Selphie stuck her tounge out at him.

"Be nice Selphie." Came Kairi's voice from behind me. I stiffened up as she took her place next to me. Roxas and Axel laughed. I shot them a look. Namine giggled.

"So who finished that assignment on the gateways to other worlds?" Asked Axel.

"Oh my god I tottally forgot to do that." I slammed my head on the table. I'd had so much on my mind lately that I forgot to do my homework. Kairi put her hand on my back.

" Its okay just say you weren't feeling well and you couldn't finish it." She said in her soothing voice. My cheeks were getting hot so I kept my head down. Namine looked at me and then at Olette and whispered something to her. I swear if she tells Kairi that I'm obviously head over heals in love with her I will make her pay. And Namine and Kairi were cousins which made that even MORE likely to happen. I was way to over stressed. Axel and Roxas got up and dragged me with them. Once we were safely on the other side of the room they let me go.

"What are you guys doing?!?!" I pulled away.

"Dude you need to chill around Kairi. You're going to blow your whole cover." Said Axel.

"I know,I know." I shook my head and put my hand over my face.

" But I can tell Namine knows I like Kairi and I think she just told Olette and its just getting ba-"

"Dude shut up." Said Roxas, cutting me off.

I sighed.

"Today when you go to the island with Kairi, make your move."

I sighed again, glancing over at the table. Kairi stood out. Her beautiful red-brown hair. Her beautiful figure. Her beautiful everything. I turned back to my brother and Axel.


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