Chapter 22: Sora

As soon as Cloud got back to the meeting spot with the potions and elixirs, we were off to the clock tower. The orangey light of the town had turned to a dim maroon, then to a blue. The sun was almost totally hidden behind the horizon when we made it to the clock tower.

"Alright everyone, now this is really important." began Zack in a hushed voice. "We must all hold hands so that Aerith's power can run through us. It will keep us off Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz's internal radars like I had said before."

"How are we going to get up there without actually being seen?" I asked. I was eager to make it to the top to save my brother and whoever else up there. Hopefully Kairi was with him.

"We'll go through the train station and hopefully find some stairs or something inside that will lead us to the top." Said Cloud.

"Well how would that make sense? Wouldn't they just leave if there was simply a door at the top of the tower?" Aerith suggested. There was silence.

"We'll do it the way Cloud said. The captives might not be leaving out of fear. They know they're being watched." said Zack, not losing his 'in charge voice'. I looked at Riku and Axel. Riku looked like he might collapse from exhaustion and Axel looked like a nervous wreck. I knew Axel was hiding something. Something big. He knew the things Zack and Cloud knew. Maybe even more.

"Come on." Zack said, offering his hand to Aerith. She took it and grabbed Cloud's hand who grabbed Riku's who grabbed Axel's who grabbed mine. Why did I have to be on the end? The chain began moving into the train station that was closed that day. We found an unlocked door and entered the building. It was dark and there was a steep staircase. One by one we took each step slowly and carefully, hoping not to make any noise. I felt a holy energy flowing through my body and I assumed it was Aerith.

We climbed stairs for what seemed like centuries. Axel's hand tightened around mine, indicating he knew I was getting anxious. Which I was. Until I finally cracked.

"Can we go any faster?" I said in a somewhat loud voice. Riku violently shushed me.

"We're almost there." I heard Zack say. I couldn't see him because he was at the beginning of the pack in the dark stairwell. How would he know if we were close or not anyway?

Finally, I heard someone reach the top. We all stopped climbing. There was a pause.

"Are you guys ready? We're at the top. Remember to stay hidden from the silver haired freaks' sight." said Zack's voice. Everyone stayed silent in mutual agreement. I heard the door creek open and felt a gush of cool air. One by one we exited the stairwell out into the night. We were most likely hidden from sight, but we all kept out hands connected.

And that's when I saw three. Sleeping soundly together up against a nearby wall. Three, cuddling close together to keep warm. Three prisoners. Three.

One with fiery hair and red tattoos.

One with hair the color of white wine.

And one with spiky, honey colored hair.

Relief and grief washed through me. One person was missing.

"ROXAS! RENO!" Axel gasped in a hushed voice. His voice was filled with hysteria, and sure enough when I turned to him, he was crying.

"We can let go of hands, guys. I think if we just stay close enough to Aerith, we'll be fine." Said Zack. Axel broke away from Riku and I and dashed over to my sleeping baby brother who was holding Namine in his arms and resting his head on Reno's shoulder.

"Roxas…" Axel's voice was filled with relief. We all walked up close behind the scene. Roxas's eyes opened slowly, finding his redhead best friend nose to nose with himself.

"Ax…" And before Roxas could finish his sentence, Axel was kissing his lips forcefully. Everyone remained quiet, and no one seemed surprised of this public display of affection. They all knew that Axel was in love with Roxas.

Axel's hands were clamped down on Roxas's shoulder, as if to make sure that the boy was really there. Roxas's eye's widened for a moment, then closed slowly in a dazed fashion. He allowed his friend to kiss him for a long time, until the redhead finally pulled away.

"I'm…so sorry… About letting you get kidnapped like this." said Axel, biting down on his lip.

"Axel, don't even start that with me. It wasn't your fault at all. All that matters now is that we're together again." said Roxas with a smile, taking Axel's hand slowly. The two gazed at each other for a long time before Riku made an awkward coughing noise, bringing them back down to earth.

Axel stepped back and looked down at his sleeping brother who was sitting next to Roxas. The pony-tailed red head was sleeping like a baby, not even stirring once in his sleep.

"Its been years since I've seen Reno." Axel informed everyone. I was anxious to watch how the reunion would play out. My heart was still cold, when every two seconds I realized that Kairi was not with the three captives.

Axel slowly crouched down infront of his brother, taking a deep breath before touching his shoulder lightly.

"Reno…" Axel whispered. Reno slapped Axel's arm away.

"Two more minutes!" He groaned, his eyes still closed.

"Reno, its me." Axel said, smiling. Reno furrowed his brow, then slowly opened his eyes. His jaw dropped open slightly, displaying his state in awe.

"Axel… You…" Reno scratched his head in a confused way.

"You're here? Am I dreaming?" He asked. Axel shook his head.

"And you're okay. After all these years you're still alive." He stuttered. Axel nodded his head. A broad smile painted itself onto Reno's face. He took the spiky haired red head in his arms and hugged him tightly.

"I thought I'd never see you again." Reno sniffed, trying to hold back tears. Namine was awakening now, smiling to all the people that had come to her rescue but not ruining the beautiful scene before them.

Axel nuzzled his face into his twin's shoulder, like a little child.

After a few minutes the twins turned to the party of people, and Reno brought himself to his feet to greet the people in his alliance.

"Zack, Cloud, Its been a long time."

"That it has." said Cloud, shaking Reno's hand.

"Never thought I'd live to see you guys again." Reno laughed.

"Well you did, and that's all that matters, buddy. Now we just have to get you guys out of here." Said Zack. Reno's face fell.

"Its not gonna be that easy. Sephiroth's minions are out there, and they'll kill anyone who tries to leave." Reno said. There was silence.

"But we have numbers on them!" Said Riku, finally speaking after a long time. Reno nodded.

"And we also have all three of the legendary keyblade bearer's sons here." Said Reno. Roxas, Riku and I all looked at him with confusion in our eyes.

"You guys should learn a few things. I better get explainin'." Reno said, and just as her was about to give them their explanation, a dark portal opened on the Clock tower.

"Surprise." said a serpent-like voice. It came from Kadaj, who was followed by Yazoo and Loz. In Kadaj's arms was a struggling red headed girl.

It was Kairi.

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