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Naruto: What's with the Female Orochimaru bit.

IgnikaKanak: The answer is right there.(Points at a random spot occuppied by a figure)

Naruto: (Looks at the spot)

In the spot was a woman with paper white skin, long black hair, with F-cup breasts. The woman also has light purple masscera like lines around the eyes and golden yellow eyes with snake slit pupils. The woman also was wearing a black bikini with white snakes on it. If any one hasn't guessed yet, its a female verson of Orochimaru, and if you didn't guess, slap yourself.

Fem. Orochimaru: Hi, Naru-kun. (Winks a Naruto)

Naruto: (Passes out from nose bleed.)

Kevin: Wow, I never thought it was possible to knock someone out with a hologram alone.

IgnikaKanak: Um, funny thing about that. Demyx accidently fried my hologram projector last week. This is really the female version of Orochimaru from an alturnate world.

Real Orochimaru: Damn, I look sexy as a woman. Is there a chance I could-

Fem. Orochimaru: Not one chance you gay pedophile verson of me.(Leaves the room)

Kevin: Okay, that is strange and I was going to borrow that projector.

IgnikaKanak: Okay, hit it. Plus I'll have to fix that damn projector.

-Story start-

Ben Tennyson, weilder of the Omnitrix and defender of earth, walked into his room and looking under his bed. Finding what he was looking for, Ben slid a box from under the bed. 'I can't believe that it's been five years since not only the Vilgax incident, but also that incident.' Ben thought as he opened the box. The box was filled with pictures, some gadgets, Sumo Slamer cards, and other items. One item in particular that Ben picked up was a blue headband with a metal plate on it. The plate had a symbol on it that looked like an leaf.

'This brings back so many memories. Even when I told mom and dad about the Omnitrix recently, they were worried about my health because of this.' Ben continued to look at the headband. After a while, Ben put the headband back in the box and hid it under his bed. 'I better head to the smoothie shop, Gwen, Kevin, and Julie are waiting for me.' Ben left his room to meet his cousin, sort-of-girlfriend, and friend, while on the way, he thought of what happend so long ago.


13 year old Naruto Uzumaki was fighting Sasuke Uchiha at the Valley of the End, the very same spot the first hokage and Madara Uchiha fought. The fight had continued to the point where Sasuke had gone to the second level of the curse mark. Naruto had tapped into the power of Kyuubi no Kitsune, and created a veil of chakra in the shape of a fox.



The two shouted as the two now ex-friends jumped to attack with their strongest attack.



The two jutsu collided in each other, resulting a dark purple/near black sphere of chakra. The unstable chakra turned into an explosion, knocking out Sasuke and Naruto was also knocked out. Kakashi Hatake luckly made it in time and carried the two genin back to Konoha. 'You did it Naruto, I had greatly underestimated you.' Kakashi had made a shadow clone to pick up and carry Sasuke, as he carried Naruto.

-At the Konoha gates-

Sakura, Ino, and Hinata were waiting at the gate for Sasuke and Naruto to come back. "I hope that baka Naruto brings Sasuke-kun back. "Sakura said rudely. "S-s-sakura-san, i-i-it's n-not nice t-t-to belittle N-n-naruto-kun like that." "I agree with forehead, Hinata. Besides, if anything Sasuke would be the one saving the baka."

Hinata frowned at the lack of faith in Naruto, she knew that Naruto had more strength than he showed. Hell, he beat her cousin and the fate red wood stick out of his ass. "N-Naruto-kun is stronger than you think." Hinata said.

Ino and Sakura rolled their eyes, not believing a word Hinata said. Then the trio of girls then saw Kakashi come back with a clone, both carrying Naruto and Sasuke. "Sasuke-kun!" Sakura and Ino shouted as the ran to tend to Sasuke's 'injuries'. "How dare Naruto-baka harm our Sasuke-kun." Sakura shouted as pulled out kunai and attempted attack Naruto.

Fortunately, Hinata use her gental fist taijutsu to knock out Sakura, and Ino just incase. "Great, now we have to take Sakura and Ino to the hospitle." Kakashi said as he made two more clones and carried Ino and Sakura to the hospitle, with Hinata following them on foot.

-Flash back end-(More later in the chapter)

-at the Mr. Smoothie Shop-

Gwen, Kevin, and Julie were sitting at a table, waiting for Ben to arrive. "So today is the fifth year of you and Ben finally defeating Vilgax, nice." Kevin said after taking a drink of his smoothie. Gwen nodded. "Yes it is, but something has Ben's in his thoughts alot. I'm not sure it's about Vilgax, it could be something else." Gwen told the two. "It must be something important to him, I know there are a few important days for me." Julie said.

Ben finally arrived after purchasing one of his favorite smoothies. "Hey guys, whats going on?" Ben asked. "Not much, DNAlien activity is still pretty low, the only thing that was sort of out of the ordinary was a silver haired man, pink haired woman, and a raven haired man looking for some kid that should be their age." Kevin said like everything was normal. Ben's mind froze. 'It couldn't be, could it?'

"Why are they looking for this kid?" Julie asked. "Don't know, but I do know the raven haired guy looked like he wanted to kill said person. The odd thing is that the kid they're looking for is spikey blond haired boy with fox like wisker marks." Kevin said.

Ben scratched the top of his head. "It must be hard to find him then, there are alot of blonds here." Gwen finished her smoothie. "We could help them, I can track his energy easily if they have some thing he had." Ben mentally slapped himself for forgetting that, he was so screwed.

Before the conversation could continue, the three people Kevin described came to the smoothie shop. "Oh it you again, I didn't know you came here." The silver-haired man said. The pink-haired girl looked at Ben. "Excuse me, but have we met before?" She asked Ben.

Ben shook his head. "No, we haven't met." Ben lied, his left eye twitching slightly. The only ones that noticed it were Kevin, Julie, and Gwen. The pink-haired girl said. "Sorry, you just remined me of some one. Any way, have you seen a teenage spikey blond boy with fox like wisker marks." Everyone shook their heads. The silver-haired man sighed. "Sorry for taking up your time." The trio left.

"That was weird, well for us." Ben said. "I didn't even get to offer to help them, and Ben, why did you lie to that pink haired girl?" Gwen added. Kevin laughed. "She got you there. Your eye still twitches when you lie." Ben slapped his forehead. 'I gotta get that fixed.' "Can we talk about this at home with mine and Gwen's parents." The others wanted to know why Ben wanted his and Gwen's parents there.

-Later at Ben's house-

Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Julie made it into Ben's home. "Hey mom, dad, we have a problem." Ben said to his mother, Sandra Tennyson, and father, Carl Tennyson. "What is it honey and why are your friends and cousin here?" Sandra asked. Ben sighed. "It involves that incedent from before summer five years ago." The parents eyes widen. "I'll call Frank and Lily , hopefully they'll be here quickly." Carl left to get the telephone, Sandra went with him. "Ben, what's going on?" Gwen asked.

Ben looked back at his friends and cousin. "My past sort of came back to haunt me, I'll explain later, I have to get something." Sandra came back with some drinks and snacks. "Please have a seat, this may take a while. And Gwen, your parents should be here shortly." Sandra said. "Excuse me, Mrs. Tennyson but what is really going on?" Julie asked. Sandra knew she couldn't hide it forever, but Ben desereved to tell them. "It's something that happened before summer vacation and only me, Carl, Frank, Lily, Verdona, and Max knows of. I don't know what caused this to come up, but Ben will tell you."

-In Ben's room-

Ben got the box he hid under his bed. 'I never thought I would have to reveal my past this early, and as expectid, Sasuke wants to kill me.' "(Yawn) What did I miss?" a familiar Kitsune voice asked. 'Oh not much, me shrinking to a ten year old after you teleported me, gaining a alien device that can hold ten thousand alien forms and facing an untold number of aliens. Oh and can you fix a twitch in my left eye, it happens when I lie.' Ben thought sarcasticly then seriously. "Whoa, I must have missed out on something big. How long did I sleep?" 'Check my memories, oh and just to get it out of the way, one of my forms became pregnant and gave birth through me. Go ahead and laugh now.' Indead the unknown kitsune creature was laughing its ass off.

-With Team 7-

Kakashi and Sasuke were keeping an eye out for their former blond commrad from the hotel window. Sakura on the other hand was preparing dinner for the three of them. "Hey Kakashi-sensei, do you think Naruto will forgive us?" Sakura asked. Kakashi was completely unsure if Naruto would, if he remembered them atleast. Being away from some where for five years can do that to you. Sasuke scoffed. "Like we need the dobe, I should be the one to become Hokage."

Kakashi glared at Sasuke. "No Sasuke, Naruto is actually more worthy of the title. That and Tsunade chose him as the next Hokage and would not let anyone else take the position." Sasuke scoffed, he hated the dobe for years and wants his revenge on him before killing his older brother.

-Back at Ben's home-

Frank and Lily had quickly arrived like Carl expected. Ben also came out of his room with a box that looked old. "Okay, whats with the box? Bunch of souvenirs from the trip five years ago?" Kevin asked. Ben shook his head. "Different box, this box holds a darker secret. One I hoped to not share for a long time."

"Wait, then how come we weren't told this earlier Ben?" Gwen asked. "Because Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha aren't sepossed to be here, oh and Kevin, you hit the 'the raven haired guy wants to kill the blond guy' right on the nail." Ben answered.

"Okay nice to know I was right and how the heck do you know their last names?" Kevin wanted to know what Ben did during the five years. "First Gwen, we should let you know that Ben isn't really your cousin." Frank said. "He was adopted five years ago by Carl and Sandra, there are a few reasons, but one of which we're going to tell you is because Ben really needed a home." Lily added.

Gwen was some how not surprised. "Okay, but that still doesn't answer Kevin's question." Julie was thinking until if hit her. "I think I know why Ben knows those three, he's got to be that blond boy." Gwen and Kevin looked at Julie like she grew a second head. "Julie's right, to be more accurate, I used to be Naruto Uzumaki. I came to this side of the world because of a special ablility ninjas use called ninjutsu." Ben started explaining, catching th attention of the three teens.

Ben continued. "to make this short, I was a blond haired, blue eye boy that had three wisker marks on each side of my face. I was, like I said, named Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi of Konoha. Konoha is a secret ninja village that is not well known with the rest of the world. I wasn't well liked the village because-" Everyone that knew winced. "I was really born 18 years ago on October 10th, the day the demon fox known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune attack. It was sealed away inside an infant, me. I never got to choose if I wanted it or not. Everyone that thought I was the demon tried their pest to hinder my growth. When I became a shinobi, I went through even the toughest of missions that genin were sepposed to have. Up to the point where I had to retreave the Uchiha's sorry butt from defecting to a enemy village and got banished for succeding."

Gwen was shocked, Julie was near tears, Kevin was with Gwen, only his mouth was hanging open. "If I was anyone else, I wouldn't believe this story. But how come you 15 instead of 18?" Gwen asked, still soaking the explainaiton. Ben picked up the same headband that the group hand. "Because when I used the teleporting jutsu, it turned my age back by three years by accident. The way I look know is because of the fox I told you about."

"You know, if the Forever Knights knew this, they would try to destroy you." Kevin pointed out. Ben chuckled. "Not really new to me, the only ones that will have a problem is them, I can make shadow clones, which is why I have an easy time of duplication with Ditto and Echo Echo, and fight with them. I also made some jutsu of my own, speaking of which, time to call my old teammate back." Ben said as he let out alot of his chakra, giving him a golden aura glow.

-With Team 7-

The Team 7 had just finished arguing and started eating their food until they felt an emence amount of chakra. 'That power, it should belong to me.' 'Is that Naruto's chakra? Kami, I never though he would get that strong' 'Please let this be Naruto.' The team thought differently. Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura quickly finished and left the room to the source of the chakra burst.

-Ben's Home-

Ben walked outside. "Ben are you sure about this? You don't have to face your team again." Sandra asked. "Sandra, Ben's doing what he thinks is right, all we can do is support him all the way." Carl told his wife. Ben had stopped dead center of his front yard and waited. "What did Ben exactly do?" Kevin asked. Gwen shrugged. "I don't exactly know, he released a energy thats simlar to mana, only in a different color."

After a while, Team 7 arrived at Ben's front yard. "Okay, now meeting you again cannot be coincidental." Kakashi said. Sasuke scoffed. Ben smirked. "I called you here to ask you why you were looking for me." Sakura rose her eyebrow. "We weren't looking for you, we-" Ben cut off Sakura. "Yeah you are, Sakura-chan" Ben said the last thing sarcasticly, making the team's eyes widen.

"Naruto, is that really you?" Kakashi asked, not believing Ben. "In a way, yes but its Ben now." Sasuke thought this would be the perfect time to kill Ben for stopping him from defecting to Orochimaru. "DIE DOBE, CHIDORI" The chidori went full active, chirping like one thousand doves.

Ben quickly activated the Omnitrix and turned to the hologram of Chromastone. 'Here it goes,' Ben thought as he pressed down on the watch and was enveloped in a green light. Sasuke was temporary blinded from the green flash but continued. Sasuke saw in Ben's place was a violet diamondlike creature with one green eye and a hour glass symple on the center of the chest. "Chromastone" Sasuke scoffed. "Ha if you think a simple henge will save you, then your mistaken." Sasuke ran at Chromastone and used the Chidori charged hand. What suprised Sasuke was that his hand didn't pierce Chromastone's body.

"That's not going to work, I'm an electrical conductor in this form." Chromastone explained as he sent the Chidori's energy back at Sasuke and knocking the Uchiha out. "You do not know how long I've wanted to do that." Chromastone laughed alittle before turning back into Ben. "Naruto, we need your help." Sakura started pleading. Ben shook his head. "I told you, it's Ben now. I'm not Naruto Uzumaki Namikazi, I'm Ben Tennyson." Ben said irratatedly, shocking both Kakashi and Sakura that he already knew his hieratage.

Sakura felt the urge to cry a bit, was it too late to bring Naru-er Ben back to Konoha? Kakashi hoped that wasn't the case as he thought the same. "Na-er Ben, Konoha needs you. We're all sorry for what we did to you." Kakashi stated. "Are you following this, because I'm lost." Kevin asked, Julie and Gwen shugged their shoulders.

"Why would a village that treated my son/nephew so poorly, want him back?" Lily and Sandra asked at the same time in a protective tone. Kakashi shivered at the tone, it fell like a kiss from death itself. "The village want's it's clan heir and most powerful shinobi back, and we want him to become our Hokage." Sakura answered in a non-backing down tone.

"Like Ben would go to your village, the same one that banished him because he hit the brat your village likes so much." Carl asked. Kakashi flinched. "It was the council's fault, they were too arrogant and ignorant to know the difference of the jinchuuriki an the demon's they contain." Sakura learned of Ben's condition through his medical records when he was still Naruto.

"Okay Ben, mind telling us what the heck you are talking about." Kevin still wondering what is going on. Ben sighed and offered Kakashi and Sakura in and tied up the Uchiha so he would attack again. He also taped the Uchiha's mouth shut.(I know I would.) "I'll explain over a snack."


Kakashi and Sakura were sitting on the couch, feeling glares at them from Ben's family members, only Gwen, Kevin, and Julie wanted to know what was going on earlier. "So Ben, are you going tell us what just happened?" Gwen asked. Ben nodded. "Right, my former teammates wanted me to come back to the leaf village. I used to dream of being the Hokage, the villages leader and the strongest shinobi of the village. But I was banished from the village before that dream could happen, plus saving the world from evil aliens is much better than leader of a ninja village."

Everyone had to agree there, well except Kakashi and Sakura. "Um Nar-er Ben, theres no such thing as aliens." Kakashi said. Ben scratched his head. "Oh right, aliens probably don't visit the ninja area because they think everything there is barbaric and primitive." Ben explained.

Kakashi and Sakura kind of agreed, the technology here was more than all of the shinobi continates. "But how come we never saw any aliens here if the were real?" Sakura asked. Kevin smirked. "Well you met your first alien when Ben here transformed into Chromastone. And me, Gwen, Ben and Gwen's fathers are part alien. The only thing is that aliens are not the small bodied, big headed, green skinned kind of aliens people think they are." Kevin said.

"Right, but we still have to take Ben back to the village to become Hokage and the village deperatly needs him." Kakashi said. Ben wanted to know why. "How come I'm needed back at the village?" Kakashi flinched at Ben's tone, he heard distrust in it. "Oto threatens to go to war with Iwa and Kumo as allies. Mizu is neutal, and Suna, Nami, and Snow are our only allies. Ben, the council thinks your the only one that can turn the tide of the war."

Ben scowled, he hated the council.

-Flash back 2-

Naruto was standing infront of the council after fully recovering from the fight. "Naruto Uzumaki, your here because of the charges of attepting to sabotoge the retreaval of Sasuke Uchiha, attepemted to kill a remaining clan heir, and attempted to release the Kyuubi." A fat civilian said. "I was not trying to any of those things, I brought Sasuke back." Naruto argued.

"Silence Demon, we will have you executed by morning." the same fatcivilian said. "You can't do that, the council has no control over shinobi matters." Tsunade was furious, the council made up false charges to execute Naruto because of the fox inside of him. "She is right, we can't execute him, but we can banish him anyone against the banishment." Danzo said. The only ones that rose their hands were Jiraiya and Tsunade, Naruto wasn't allowed to vote. The rest of the council voted for the banishment, thats the best they could do.

"Then it is settled, Naruto Uzumaki is banished and must leave the land of fire within a weeks time." Koharu declared.

-Flash back 2 end-

"The council doesn't want me back, they just want to use me like a tool again, then dispose of me when they no longer need me." Ben explained, knowing the council's manipulating habits. Kakashi knew what he was talking about. "I know, but atleast come back to prevent this war and make your friends happy to see you again."

Gwen, Julie, and Kevin wanted to see where Ben really grew up. "Why don't we help them Ben, they sound like they ne-NUHG." Gwen collapsed on to her knees and cluched her head slighly. Sakura ran over and attempeted to start a medical jutsu when a projection appeared, showing an image of a female blue and black alien with green eyes. "Gwen, if your getting this, we need Ben's help." The alien was about to say more, but the image disappeared.

"Okay, we have Helen and Konoha." Ben said. "I'd say we help the other plumber kids, this way we can get warmed up for a war just incase. Plus I noticed abnormalites in the Null Void a while ago, meaning its deteriorating." Kevin said. "Plumber kids? Why would you help kids that uncloge drains and toilets when a alien need your help." Sakura practicly started scolding.

"Sakura, there are two different types of plumbers. One is the kind that you said, the other is really a galactic polce tp prevent any disastures caused by aliens that want to disrupt the peace." Ben explained. "Oh, sorry. I'm just trying to understand things here." Sakura was embarresed. "Its alright, besides it's not everyday that you save the earth. I mean I did save the earth a few times and the galaxy once, but I right now, I have to save the Null Void. It holds alien criminals in there, as well as a bunch of DNAliens in there."

"DNAliens?" Kakashi and Sakura asked. "I'll explain later, right now I have to save the Null Void." Ben, Kevin, and Gwen ran off. "Where are they going/" Sakura asked. Julie giggled. "Trying to help their friends in a pocket dimension, though I really don't know a whole lot of it." Kakashi looked over at the tied up Uchiha. 'If you didn't try to defect, then Naru-er Ben wouldn't have done the things he did atleast have a decint childhood. i don't know whether to attack you or thank you.'

Sasuke started wrigling around and screamed through the tape, though it was muffled. "Mhhff mhff msfhf" no one knows what he was saying.

-End of chapter-

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