Reminisce of Amorousness

the three-shot

Part One

April 22nd 1932

Many people look down upon many things. One of the things many people look down upon is me. Yes, they call me a 'thing' like I'm a piece of wood on the road, forgotten. Yes, they look upon me with disgrace. I don't appreciate the looks, the way they talk about me behind my back.

Even my pals have turned their backs on me. They're not usually the ones called backstabbers. But, my world has changed since they were the first people to know. They were first people to know why the whole wizarding world, or should I say Hogwarts, frown down on me.

Although I must say I shouldn't think it started when I spilled my guts to them, all of this started when I got into the situation I am in today. Some people say I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not. Am I going to hell for what I did? Should I really be taken away from the school I call home? I don't know, but I know one thing and one thing only: I am at the breaking point, at the tip of the ice berg.


April 22nd 1932

6:25 p.m.

Walking down the painting filled corridors of Hogwarts was different from the last time I walked them. I felt alone even though I wasn't. People who were so called my pallies or my classmates pointed, looked, and talked behind my back as I walked with Defense Against the Dark Arts book against my breasts.

I was striding towards Headmaster McKinley office. I had committed a crime and I had to suffer the consequences. Maybe, I won't… if only I confess. But I'll get thrown out. No, I can't do that. And I if I don't confess, I'll get my accomplice, who was part of the whole thing – but basically a good guy– in trouble. He would never be able to show himself to the magical community again.

I blew my dark brunette bangs out of my eyes as I thought (like that helped). As I pondered on the situation, I couldn't help but feel stuck. I was… I was… I was stuck. I continued to strut through the halls of the second floor with my head held high. I was ready for whatever that was going to get me in the end, even though I wasn't.

6:28 p.m.

My pace quickened as a crowd began to besiege me like an entourage. I still had my head held high and my hair the way he likes it. My bangs were almost covering my eyes, and my hair about two inches past my shoulders. Straight, silky, different it was.

It was the early to middle 30's. You were supposed to be happy and saying stupid slang that was unknown to correct English. Dancing with your hair in curls as you dance to a swell beat. Snap to the little jazz band; not I. I looked at this as just a phase of the world; a contagious and vexatious fad that spreads from muggle to wizard.

I resisted you see. My friends gave in to it so easily; they broke down and became what I despise today. Since I declaimed against it with my individuality, he saw it as strength in me, in a woman. Of course, I'm only 16 and three months shy of 17, and people almost never call that womanhood. But, I see it as womanhood when a man loves you.

You have to think about this though, who can resist love, your true love? Answer me that gal? I never thought a look could've turned into something more. One smile, one wink, one grin, one touch, one kiss, one intimate moment could lead you to a sentence of mercy.

6:31 p.m.

Damn. I'm late. One minute late. That minute can cost me more than life it self. I needed to be there in less than a minute for them to hear my plea. I ran. I was on the 3rd floor and I needed to get to the 5th. I clutched my book closer to my chest as I raced the clock. People looked at my robes as it swayed in the wind that I was making with my jogging as I passed them. I was like lightening, striking every corner the school's architect designed.

Finally making it to the fifth floor, I bumped into my number one enemy beside the Headmaster. I glared at her, not even saying her name. I passed her without touching shoulders, heading towards Headmaster's office. I appeared in the front of the statues that guarded the office within 30 seconds. Like I said, I was like lightening. I stood in front of the stone figure trying to calm myself; regaining my normal breathing and heart beat.

I never thought of ending my education this way, or ending my education at all. How was I going to become a teacher now? I was an 'O' student and I loved all my classes. It's funny how I only go to my classes to watch the teachers teach and their teaching styles.

I just stood there in front of the statues not ready to go in. How was I going to do this? I took a deep breath and said the password. The two statues moved as though they were alive and there waiting for me was a stairway. They led up to the office where I was to go next. I started to walk up the circular stairs and headed towards my damnation.

At last, I had made it to the top and knocked on the door, hesitantly. I continued to knock on the thick wood door until a male's voice answered: "Enter Miss McGonagall." I took one everlasting step, or so it felt, and entered…


Once I stepped over the threshold of the office, my breathing ceased. There I saw him. The one I love… the reason why I'm in this trap. I looked into his ocean blue eyes. They had a little twinkle in them. The kind of twinkle that said, "Don't worry, we'll get through this." You know that kind of twinkle that made you melt.

I quickly looked away from him trying to hide my blushed cheeks. I know I am being a child, a stupid adolescent, but just the thought of him… I took a deep breath and looked at the Headmaster. He's not really the Headmaster, just the temporary replacement. For the past two months he's been filling in for the real Headmaster. Although I think he should be one; he has all the ignorance of one. I have sworn to keep my mouth shut about how I feel about him. I have sworn to keep quiet on my opinion.

'Headmaster' McKinley only stared as I looked at him with a determined facial expression. I showed no fear. He just sat there… Was he waiting on me to say something? We continued to be silent. I looked at the blue-eyed, blonde beauty. We looked at each other and nodded. "Yes, headmaster, I'm here so we can determine my – our – punishment," I said with a sure voice.

'Headmaster' McKinley replied yes and started to talk. More like babble though. I heard the words: punishment, waiting for the minister, how both of us are irresponsible, blah, blah, and blah. I wasn't really listening anyway, so who cares? I don't actually and I think my opinion is as good as sickles.

6:45 p.m.

The red flickering flamboyant flames violently changed into a lime green as a man with a long black beard appeared through them. The minister had arrived and fashionably late. Oh how a courteous of him, not. I just looked as the current Headmaster and Minister shook hands and said their hellos.

Finally, McKinley decided to introduce us to the minister, my love and me. I just shook the minister's hand and looked at him. I didn't say a word. He must've gotten the message that I didn't like him after a while of still shaking my hand.

"Well, ahem, nice to me both of you, but sadly I am not here to be jolly and such. We are here to discuss a very serious matter. Don't you think so Headmaster?"

"Yes, I do. To be exact –"

"He's not the real Headmaster, you know."


"What – I mean, he isn't."

"Gosh. Not now Minnie."

"Well why not? Someone –"

"Excuse me? Did I just here her call you Minnie?" the minister interrupted.

I wanted to say keep your nose out of people's business, but in this case, he has to. I sighed and my stomach churned. We were in very deep crap now and the conversation hadn't really got started yet. My mouth began to dry as my eyes began to water. The minister began to sigh.

"This is worst than we thought Malcolm. We have to make sure this doesn't get into the public -"

"Yes, yes, I know, I know. Portraits, don't say a word about this -"

"– We have to keep this hidden. We can't even have this in records anywhere -"

"- And I mean it. No student is to know about this, nor the ghosts. Especially that troublemaker Peeves."

"– Okay. Since we have that covered let's get down to business," they both said at the same time, "And now to you two. We have to settle this right."

I rolled my eyes as they stopped their ramblings to one another. I looked at him. Yes, that him. His eyes danced with amusement as he watched the two older men converse with one another in an odd manner. I smirk flirtatiously as I saw him look at them, trying to catch his eye. I did.

7:10 p.m.

"Ahem. We have come to the conclusion of your punishment, not only Miss McGonagall's, but Mr. Dumbledore's too. Today, April the 22nd, 1932, I hereby revoke Albus Dumbledore's teaching license. To clarify, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore can no longer teach at any of the English's Wizardry and Witchcraft Schools." Albus nodded and understood his punishment while I did not.

The minister turned to me, "Now, you Miss McGonagall. I am very disappointed at you. You have received top marks, if not the highest on your O.W.L.'s and you're planning on going into teaching, but you've committed this… this scandal. Even though I think highly of you," I snorted, "I have heard about your troublemaking here. Again, I am very disappointed."

"You've already told me that much," I interrupted, "So, if you think so highly, why won't you just let this go. Why won't you just let us go, and never to speak of this again? We won't get caught another time. Albus and I obviously kept this a secret for this long. And do you know why? Because we –"

"Miss McGonagall! There will be no more talking heard from you. I advise you -"

"No, no Professor. It is okay."

The crazy loon who calls himself the Minister of Magic looks at me and sighs.

"Minerva McGonagall, you are guilty for leading a teacher on –"

"What! I did not –" I jumped up instantaneously.

"– Please let me talk Miss –"

"– Let me explain first!"

I felt as though I was ready to pounce on him if he said anything else that wasn't true. I had my fists balled up to my side. Just as I was about to raise my fist to connect to his jaw, I felt someone grab me from behind and whisper in my ear. They were telling me to calm down.

"Ahem. As I was saying, your headmaster and I think it is best that you… that you…"

"Come on Minister. Say it. I know you are."

I looked at Albus confused as he let go of me.

"Minerva McGonagall you are hereby expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

7:30 p.m.

My heart is racing along with my legs. The walls, doors, corridors, are a blur, a fuzzy substance in my eye. The halls were deserted by now. Everyone had left from dinner and was now in the dorms. I am glad for that, but confused at the recent confrontation.

As I ran through the hallway after hearing my sentencing, I felt as though my world had crashed, my dreams were crumbling… and it finally settled to the bottom. I felt like as I stepped on the crumbled crash, I couldn't gather up the pieces that were under my feet. I knew my life was over, my education, and if this got out my social status would go lower than it already is.

I stopped in the middle of a hallway, more like a corridor. I have now come in tune with the surroundings. I am surrounded by darkness and my pupils can't seem to adjust to it. I keep blinking as my breathing try to come to normality. My legs are shaking and I feel them give out. I fall and hit the ground. I faint.