Bella got out of bed like it was any normal day for her. But it wasn't. It would never be a normal day again until she had her Edward back. Bella and Edward used to be the best of friends. That is until high school came around. Sure, things were fine for the first couple of months, then Edward decided that he wanted to join the football team. So he did. Sophomore year he made captain as a quarterback. They never talked that entire year. Bella still talked to Alice, Edward's twin sister, but it just wasn't the same as when she hung out with Edward.

Edward had changed when he joined the football team. The other guys always wanted to hang out as a team which meant no Bella. It was hard at first, but over time she got used to him passing her in the hallways and not acknowledging her. And when he did acknowledge her it usually involved the words "ugly" or "geeks". Bella knew she wasn't pretty, but she didn't think that she was that bad looking. She just thought she was plain.

Well, now it was junior year, and Bella did a lot of growing up over the summer. She actually had curves, and she learned how to style her hair so it fell perfectly over her shoulders. Bella was going to show Edward Cullen what he had been missing those past two years. And with Alice by her side, none of the boys at Forks High School would be able to resist her.

Bella's POV

"Well, here goes nothing," I whispered as I climbed out of my truck on the first day of my junior year.