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Chapter Name: Battle of Power

Small summery of chapter:

Sesshomaru and his brother's gang along with the Other lords of the four corners of Japan have to change the out come of the battle before its to late. What's the old wolf leader hiding in the mountains that he is worried that will waken and seek vengeance? And why?

Enjoy! ^_^


The battle was at a point of no return. It was either they lose or win. Nuraku and his minions had the upper hand. Kagura's Dance of the Dead was enhanced by the Shikon No Tama in Nuraku's possession. With that they could revive any fallen man on their army.

Sesshomaru's army was hurting. His battalions are suffering and he knows that he will need all the help he can get.

He had only brought 5,000 soldiers. The rest were fight off the advance at home by the weaker demons that Nuraku had sent to reek havoc on the Lord's domain. It seemed that each Lord was having that problem.

He already has sent InuYasha to get the Eastern Lord, Kouga of the Wolves. They were in the wolf's territory and he knew that he had a grudge against the wind sorceress and the half-breed filth of Nuraku.

After that InuYasha had to get the other Lords. They were the only one's strong enough to help him.

Sure, he was Sesshomaru, Taiyoukai of the West, the Killing Perfection, but he also knew when he was over his head. He could admit that he could only have this victory with the Others helping him.

The Lords would come. They would leave a couple battalions and come fight the evil filth they all knew as Nuraku.

Sesshomaru looks around the bloody battle field. He sees dead men rising and killing once more.

'This has to end. Now' He thought as he watched his brave men fall the dead men's hands.

To one side he sees the demon slayer still fighting.

He smirks at the human slayer as she still stands even thought the exhaustion is eminent on her face. The monk, known to him as Miroku on her side has any man that loves his woman would. He too is tiring, but fighting still.

He raises tokjin once more to fire it's demonic power at a horde of pathetic demons coming at him.

'Do they not know who they are fighting against.' The Taiyoukai thinks to him self as he lets the power expel from his blade.

Dead or alive it didn't stand a chance against his sword.


Kagome and Kikyo let sacred arrows fly at many of the demons coming at the Lord.

Kagome dress as a miko should standing next to who she thought once as an enemy. Even though she was dead she was the one who helped her train.

Her training had finished just before the war broke out and she was itching to try out her knew powers.

"Kikyo" She shouted. "Let your arrow combine with mine when I let mine go!"

Kikyo nodded to show that she understood before she blasted about 15 to 17 demons in to oblivion with a arrow.

"Sesshomaru!" Kagome turned to the Inu as he was severing the head of an enemy.

"Let tokjin give off a blast of power towards the center of the horde. Me and Kikyo will follow with two arrow to combine!" She finished as she watched him drop the head and pick up his blade drenched in blood of the enemies before them.

Without a warning the two miko's watched as he let the blades power rip thought the army.

"Now!" Kagome shouted to Kikyo who had strung her long bow with a arrow charged with purification power. The same for Kagome and both let the arrows intertwine with Sesshomaru's demonic blast.

Half of Nuraku's army disintegrated before their eyes.

Nuraku laughed at his enemies determination to destroy him.

"Fools! You really think that you can defeat me!" He shouted at them as he emerged from the side lines in to the battle.

"Not you or any of the Lords can defeat me!" He smirked at them as he stopped at the front line of the army.

He looked upon them all.

"Only the gods can kill me, and I doubt that they will be willing to help you all." He threw his head back as he laughed at them all.

"We'll see about that!" InuYasha's voice was heard though the evil laughter. Everyone turned to she were it had come from.

There beside InuYasha was the three remaining lords.

Kouga of the Wolves. Eastern Lord

Shirotaro of the White Dragon Clan. Southern Lord.

Yorihisa of the Blood Inu Tribes. Northern Lord.

They had all brought their own armies. 5,000 men each. Which meant 15,000 men to fight Nuraku army of Live and dead demons.


Nuraku's eyes widened a bit as he noticed the four Lords of the Corners united. He smirked. ' This will be fun' he thought that he could kill them all know that they were together.

He thought that maybe he could kill them all at once.

The men went at each other like wild animals. Blood was shed though out the day as Nuraku's men were killed. To fast for Kagura to reawaken to fight again. Nuraku's army was losing men too many men for his liking. Each time that the dead would try to rise they were brought down once more. Kagome, Kikyo and Miroku combine holy powers to fight the horde of dead.

Shirotaro called out to Nuraku who was making his way back to the end of the men.

" You say only the god's can kill you" The eldest lord of them, Yorihisa asked.

Nuraku stopped when he heard the leader of the Blood Inu tribes call out to him.

"Then let that be an invitation to have your head as a trophy." The Lords low voice cut threw the blood soaked field. "The god's of our lands will have your blood Nuraku!"

With that the lords stood where their lands were.

North to South.

East to West.

Nuraku noticed this. He know what they were going to do. He thought that its was all myth but even there is truth in the myths of long ago. They were going to summon the oldest gods of them all.

The Black Beast Of the North.

The Scarlet Phoenix of the South.

The Azure Dragon of the East.

The White Tiger Of the West.

All Four Animals. Four Gods. The Four Original Lords of Japan.

He knew that he and his army wouldn't stand against the power that the could obtain from the gods.

Power surged though out the lands and hit each lord. The power was strong that the land trembled and wind moaned.

Animals fled the site and the tress shivered as the power built. Weak demons where thrown on to the ground and many were crushed under the enormous pressure. Blood spilled on to the ground.

The soaked dirt seemed to spit it back up when it hit the ground.

InuYasha had the group in the barrier that the Tessaiga put up. Sango and Miroku dropped to the ground. This little rest was what they needed. Both though were bleeding profusely. They both had cuts and gashes long their bodies.

Miroku's robes were unrecognizable and so was Sango's slayers out fit. Her outfit made Miroku smile even though he was in so much pain. Hurt but still perverted as hell.

"Will you hit him for me InuYasha" Sango said as she glared at Miroku when he took in her form that showed though the ripped fabric of the black cloth.

"Sure thing Sango." InuYasha smiled as Miroku howled in pain when he was flicked on the long gash that he had along his torso.

Sango just smiled also.

Kikyo and Kagome started to heal them both. Kirara was also hurt but her wounds were starting to heal already. Though she was worried about her mistress's well being. InuYasha looked out the Barrier as his brother and lords prepared to do some sort of spell thing.

"This ends now!" Sesshomaru's voice cut though the moaning of the wind.

The Four Lords let the energy blast fly at the hanyou. The energies were shaped as the gods forms.

The Tiger, The Phoenix, The Dragon and The Snapping Turtle.

The four energies ripped though the battalions. Ripping their enemies to bits and shredding them to unrecognizable carnage. Nuraku had the Shikon put up a barrier with Kana and Kagura. The energies hit the barrier but disappeared as the energies departed.

The Lords dropped to their knees as the spell dissipated. InuYasha was amazed to see that the spell had actually brought down the proud Taiyoukai's of the four corners to the ground.

'That must be one hell of a spell.' He thought a he ran towards his brother and other Lords.

"That knocked the wind out of me." Kouga complained as he tried to get up with the help of Kikyo and Kagome. InuYasha helped Sesshomaru to get back on his feet. The other man helped the two remaining lords up.

Yorihisa spoke first.

"It would be best if we made camp *unnnn* for now and re..regain our strengths" Everyone agreed with him. They all knew that Nuraku was still alive. Hurt but alive. He was going to need to recuperate just like they needed. Their numbers went down drastically. From 15,000 men to about 9,000 men. Even the Celestial Blast affected some other numbers.

They chose a spot to make camp. The men set up every thing from tents to a small fort. They even set up a tent to have the wonded in. Kikyo and Kagome where there to help. They helped the healers that were brought a lot. They were kind old men that knew aolt of herbs and engery healing.

Kagome whispered to Kikyo as they crushed some herbs and water to make an ointment.

"They must be like hundreds of years old." Kikyo just smiled and nodded. One of the elder healers just chuckled and nodded his head. His smile was big and warm. Even though he had some missing teeth.

"We are almost a 6 thousand years old child." his voice was crackling and hoarse. They couldn't help but smile along with him.

"Then you must know a lot that has happened here, right?" Kagome asked one of the elders. "The lands have changed and so have it's people, we have seen these lands come together and fall apart. We just hope to live long enough to wittness the new arrival of a new era. The new dawn that will bring pace to our minds" One of them said as he worked. His voice was raspy and as well wise with wisdom of long ago. All Kagome and Kikyo do was stare at his fragile body, a body that once might have held them with great pride and grace. Their minds floated way to their thoughts trying to figure out his words.


In another tent the Four Lords and their generals were there along with InuYasha.. They were all discussing new battle plans for the upcoming war between them and Nuraku.

It wasn't a battle any more. It was war.

They may have won the battle but the war wasn't over. He was still out there and was a great threat for all of them and their lands.

As they all talked they senced a precenced not far from there. The peresence was very light and they couldn't make it out very well. But something urked them when it disappeared completely. It wa thought as if it wasn't there to begin with. They were all puzzled as the all looked at each other.

"Oi, you guys think it was Nuarku?" InuYasha asked the Lords standinmg next to him. They looked at each other but couldn't say a yes or a no.

The arua that they felt was strong. Very strong. It would seem as if it were Nuraku but something felt different and odd. Who ever this thing was, it was born with that power not gained by an object.

"I don't think it's him" Lord Sesshomaru voiced his opinon on what they all had just felt. "This, whatever we just felt seems as if it born with power not like Nuraku who gained it with the Shikon No Tama."

"Then who could have that kind of power?" Yorihisa murrmered to himself. Everything was becoming a puzzle. Nuraku, the gods celestial power not working, and now this! He didn't know what to think. He was the oldest here in this council he was almost Two Thousand years old he sences should be more advanced.

They all pondered who could be this mysterious force.

"My Lords, the Chief Elder of the White Wolf Clan of Northern East and his Grandaughter Ayame." a soldier anounced startling everyone out of the thoughts.

With that the Elder was ushered in with his grandaughter in tow. The elder was a very old demon with much wisdom. But no one really knew how old he really was. They all bowed respectfully to just smiled at them and bowed to them. Kouga shout as goffy smile at her that didn't go unnoticed by Lord Shirotaro. He just chuckled at both of them when they were caught glancing at each other. They were both blushing.

It also didn't go unnoticed by the Elder.

"Elder, what brings you here to our camp grounds?"Kouga asked.

"I came to ask of you all to leave these lands" the Elder stated. It shocked everyone. The Elder had come to ask for them to leave the Northern East.

"And why should we do that, if we may ask?" Sesshomaru cold voice cut though the silence that had fallen upon them. His golden eyes looked like two golden coins that shind with the sun. but at the same time they were cold as the winter in the mountains could get.

The Elder didn't looked fazed. Ayame knew this could get ugly any minute so she had to draw the attention away from each other.

*Cough* "Well, ummm…It's just that these Mountains aren't safe anymore. And for your safty and those of your army, well it's best if you leave." Ayame said in a serious tone but respectful enough for the Lords that stood before her.

"And may we inquire to what reason that is?" Lord Shirotaro Asked the young demoness. His warm light blue eyes gazed at her. She blushed. She didn't know hoe handsome he was but know she knew why they said he could rival Lord Sesshomaru. His platinum wite hair and a blue tint that matched his light blue eyes. His body was lean and well built. He was also tall. Shorter that the Lord of the West and Lord of the North. But was around the same hight as Kouga. So he was tall.

"Uh..Ayame-chan?" kouga's voice brought her out of her trance. "Are you ok?"

"Yes I'm fine, forgive me but that's not my place to give out any information upon the situation at hand. But all I can say is that it's very dangerous to be here at this time."Ayame answered. Her tone told them that something was going on but they couldn't really get anything more out to the red head.

"Ayame, your weren't even suppose to tell them that much." the Elder chaste her. He let out a sigh and looked towered the ground. He eyes looked towards them.

"Leave, ask of you." He asked them once more.

InuYasha looked at Sesshomaru. They both had meet with the Old wolf and knew that he would only ask them for this is something way really going on. The Inu just looked at him with a blank expression. InuYasha looked to the other Lords. The Faces showed nothing of emotion.

"We can't just leave like that. We need something that gives us proof that we are in mortal danger that we need to flee from these mountains to protect ourselves from what ever is out there." Lord of the North reason. His voice had little or no emotion at all. His red crimson eyes showed nothing like a void of empty space. His crimison eyes were what attracted many to stare at him. His blood eyes were a trait that showed his relation to the Blood Inu's of the North. A ruthless clan of inu's that no one wanted to mess with.

And here a old wolf, Elder wolf to be exact was here glaring at the War Lord. Sesshomaru just knew that this pathetic excuse of Elder had a death wish for how he stood up to them all.

"Forgive us Elder, but with out a real good reason beside being in danger, we can't really leave." Kouga reasoned out. All the other agreed.

"That right" One to the general's said. Making the Elder sigh even more.

"Fine" He said. His voice gruff and annoyed "Stay and face the emminent danger that has to come." With that the Elder Wolf left the lavish tent. Ayame took a short bow and followed her grandfather.

Kouga and Lord Shirotaro just looked at each other.

Kouga ran after them.

"What going on?" He asked as he grabed the young carrier of the Iris Flower.

Her green anxious eyes looked at her grandfather for help. But the old wolf just kept walking.

"Ayame look at me not the Elder!" he was made. The girl that he learn to love over that years was hinding something from them and wouldn't tell him. He thought that after they had made love there would be no more secrets between them. But he could see that he was wrong.

"Im sorry I just can't!" she yelled at pulled her self from him. Her face started to show anger and guilt.

For Kaim's sake he was the one suppose to show anger not her.

The outburt cought the attention of those who were inside and out. They all went to see what the comotion was about. But the young Hime started to struggle to get away from them.

"Please let go! I beg you!" As she struggled he held on stronger. Ginta and Haku looked at the struggling Hime in their leaders hand.

"What going on? Let go of...." Before the elder could come and ask that his grandaughter to be let go of, a pulse of energy was felt though out the campsite and lands. The tress trembled and the wind moaned louder as it picked up. The earth shook with such great force that the warriors couldn't stand and most fell on to each other.

Kagome and Kikyo held on to each other for support and the Lords just tried to steady themselves. InuYasha drew tessiga and used it to steady himself.

Just as the eath stopped shaking there was an explosion that scared every one. It sounded like an explosion that would come from a volcano eruption, like Mount. Fuji. That's what everyone thought at least. The great Mountain of Fire may had erupted and caused all of that.

That looked to where the Elder was when they senced something was off. The Elder just stood there, breath coming in short and fast. Before anyone could aske what was wrong he took off running in the direction of the Mountains. Everyone was puzzled and the Soldiers started to talk amongs themselves. Ayame started to struggle even more.

"What going on!" They asked her. Just as she was going to say something another earth shattering explosion was heard and felt. Far more worse than the last one.

"No no no NO!" Ayame keeped chanting. To herself. "this wasn't suppose to happen this wasn't suppoes to HAPPEN!"

The Lords drew out their weapons. So did everyone else. The red headed girl just looked at the Moutains and wept. They all looked at the girl with caution. Something was going on. What ever they had come to warn them about it had started.

"Ayame" Kagome's voice was heard though out the Lords and the gang went to gather around the confused wolf Lord and the redhead.

The pretty wolf just looked at them all with a sad smile. Her words shocked them as she kneed Kouga in the gut and with the heel of her palm hit him on the chin. Leaving him a bit dazed and out of breath. She freed her self and jumped away from them was InuYasha and Kikyo helped Kouga regain his breath back.

The girl ran the same way her grandfather did.

"You 5, go and follow them. Bring them back with force if you have to!" Lord Yorishia yelled to some of his men and they obeyed immediately.

The words that the girl had said were haunting them as they all looked at each other. It gave them shivers just thinking about the way she had said it. Her voice was hollowed and filled with such grief and resent ment towards what ever it was.

The wind still carried the words to their ears.

"It has awakened and once more if will walk these lands to bring death and revenge upon those who wronged it."

The Four Lords didn't wast time following either the others also wasted no time in following them either.

What they didn't know is that they would be thrusted in to a cold war going on for 2 and Half Millennium.

They didn't know that they would all be thrust in to a world far more dangerous and corupt than there own. Or feel the bitter sweet hate between family and see the need for revenge to an extreme level they never knew.

Or what could make someone hate the world to the point that they may never come back from the tainted darkness in one heart.


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