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The day progressed like any other could. The Lords and KidaKadash stayed in the tent discussing battle strategies. And for once Lord Yorihisa and her spoke civilly about the best ways to take down Naraku.

"So what do you think about the mountains as a way to protect those that are defenseless?" Lord Shirotaro asked as he looked a t the map in his hands.

"I would think it is good but the miasma Naraku, can it soak in to the soil?" Kouga nodded. "Well then, the mountains are a bad choice. He would know and send it in that direction to kill everyone." Her voice was soft and the accent made them smile.

"So how are we going to protect them? Our people and the humans under our rule have a right to be protected. The look up to us as their guardians." Kouga looked at the woman in front of him. She stared at him. Her eyes mad him flinch because of their intensity.

"There is a way, but it takes much energy to execute it." KidaKadash looked to them. "It is a charm I learned in order to protect my city, long ago."

"And what can this be?" Sesshomaru was intrigued with her. He wanted to learn much about her and her ways. What made her one of the greatest rulers of her country.

"It surrounds the city with a barrier that protects everyone. Human or Demon. You just have to agree and I will cast it." The Lords looked as if she had just grown two heads. "You will cast something that will most likely drain you, one cities that have no ties to you?" Yorihisa stood and walked to her, towering over her small stature.

" I gave you my word as a warrior that I would help anyway possible." She stepped forward. "And that also means doing what I think is best. If that means that charm then I will do it."

Turning from him, she began to gather the maps and scrolls. "I will takes these with me. I see three possible ways but I must insure that they will cause as little blood shed on you part and the destruction of Naraku."

With a curt incline of her head to them she stepped out side in the night fall that had just fallen. The moon was climbing the sky, a full moon. The light bathed her as she walked to the small tent that they had given her.


"Do you really believe that she can help? One of the generals asked. "I think she can." the Southern Lord replied as Sesshomaru nodded to show that he agreed.

"But she has no ties to us." InuYasha spoke up from the back. " She does to the clans." Kouga retorted. "Ties that no longer hold stability between her and her grandfather. She was banished remember." Yorihisa looked up from his pensive thoughts. "She wishes to reclaim her honor, this is one way to do it you do remember right.?" He had no idea where that had come from but he didn't know why he was defending her.

"Let us just all rest. Tomorrow will be another day and we will speak more of it later when we actually can keep our thoughts together." Shirotaro nodded to them once and left along with his general. The others soon left also to rest, seeing as night had just fallen.


KidaKadash sat at the small table with a candle only to light the dark. Parchment was everywhere along with scrolls and maps. He had taken the liberty to write every little detail down in Old Egyptian and Persian. Later making a copy for the Lords in Old Mainland language. Knowing that they would understand it.

Her sight blurred from the lack of rest. Sure she had 'slept' for, the gods only know how long, but the wounds from the last battle with the Romans and yesterday were taking a toll on her. Her brother had put her in a freezing spell instead. Freezing her healing. Now she was sore and stiff. Pain was just a dull reminder of what had happened long ago.

Putting everything away, she laid down to rest a bit. Keeping her senses open to any attack.

She wasn't paranoid but she was in enemy territory. Her grandfather to specify.

Drifting off a bit memories came up. Not wanting to she slipped in to a semi-conscious state.

The clash of metal hitting metal rang in her ears. Opening her eyes she saw smoke gather around her. Blood red eyes darted from one side to another, taking in what was happening around her. Men were shouting and fighting to survive. Romans and Egyptian falling her and there.

A war cry got her attention , turning she saw the large Roman coming at her. Bringing his sword towards her as she lifted her to block. The clash made the swords ring and shake in there masters hands. Bringing the other that was in her hand to thrust into the mans chest. The sword went , making the man groan in pain as he fell to the ground. She watched as his last breath was taken.

She looked up to see that battle play out. Slowly everyone moved as there faces twisted in agony and pain. Anger and fear permitted the air thickly, as she breathed. Blood was flowing around her the red spray of life covered her.

Looking down on her self she could see the extent of the gore. Her armor was sprayed with red, making it look as if it were bronze metal work instead of the gold and silver that was beat to make the armor.

Her clothes underneath were soaked in the liquid, making the black skirts and top darker then it was before. Her weapons coated in red liquid of her enemies.

The sun, Ra mocked her sending a blinding heat wave as she fought once more. Sweat mixed with blood came down her face and went in to her mouth. The tast of iron and salt mixed as she brought down both swords in to the neck of another man. His face frozen in time. Staring up at her.

Someone shook her shoulders startling her and thrust a small dagger in to the stranger.

A groan of pain was let out and she knew who it was. Her brother.

Quickly she spoke in there old language. "What are you doing here?" As she stood away from him. Gathering the robe at the foot of her cot she put it on, all the while watching her brother as he concentrated on healing the wound.

Chuckling he answered. "What is the deal with you stabbing me with every chance you get.?" Wiping the blood on a small cloth he turned to his sister who was standing a couple of feet away. Keeping the cot between them.

"I asked first so answer." She stated.

"I came to check on you. As I got near I heard whimpering." Mathayus told her. "What were you dreaming about?"

She shot him a deadly glare. " You know what I dream about Mathayus. You better then anyone know what comes up in when you sleep." Nodded once to show that he understood.

"To answer yours, It is just to easy not to. You put yourself in these situations." Smiling a cruel smile, she walked to the small table and relit the candle she had.

"What do you want now. You know why I was whimpering no, you can leave now." Her brother was annoying her and she wanted him out.

Mathayus sighed at sat at the table. Criss-crossing his legs as he sat at the pillow chair, looked up to KidaKadash, he motioned her to sit down too. She looked skeptical but did as he did.

"I wish to explain to you what happened That night." KidaKadash's face was blank. Nothing showed as he began he tale.

"That night was two thousand years when they attacked. I don't know how they figured out that, that you would be at your weakest but they did and they attacked the palace. They killed them by the lot Kida, they had no sense to leave the women and children out of it." KidaKadash stood and walked to her cot and sat down.

"War is brutal Mathayus" Her Crimson eyes locked in to his. "We do what we must in order to survive, if it isn't war that kills us it is the Masters we are tied to if we dare to disobey." Silence enveloped them as the looked at one another. "Why didn't you help me brother?" Her voice was barely audible to his ears. " Do you detest me that much?"

Her eyes pleaded for answer, an answer that he could only give. "Father prohibited anyone to help for you. Grandfather also agreed to it, punishment for not giving an heir to the Courts."

"I told you I was!" Her voice was cold as the winter that never reached Egypt.

"You should have done it when you were asked to! You know that Father and Grandfather's orders are to be followed not disobeyed. You more then anyone that you can't defy their orders. Their word is absolute!"

Mathayus stood and towered over her form. "You can't blame anything on me. I was only following orders like you should have."

"Then what happened home, the war and the people lost, leave it alone." KidaKadash harshly pushed him out of the way and walked outside in to the night. Looking up to the moon she closed her eyes as she was bathed in gentle light.

" Kida" Mathayus walked out and stopped as he watched her peaceful face. "Please leave me in peace Brother. Leave and never look for me again, after this I will be leaving these God forsaken islands and never look back on to them or Egypt again." A without even looking at him.

"What about those that are loyal to you still?" KidaKadash's soft laugh flowed to his ears. "What people? No one will believe me and no one will remain loyal to someone who they believe deserted them Mathayus."

"Leave please." Again she pleaded.

"No, I wont leave you. Not again." KidaKadash laughed harder. "You will go against them Brother? If they call you to drag me back to them like a good little soldier, will you do that against my will?" Tuning to him she waited for him to answer.

He stared at her but couldn't answer.

" Heh, I thought so." She walked in to the inner camp were she saw that some weren't asleep. One of them was the Northern Lord.


Yorihisa noticed someone sit by the fire, across from him sat the daughter of the woman he loved long ago and still loved here very much to this day.

"Is there a reason to why you are still awake?" His deep sultry voice reached her ears. Looking up she could see him staring intently at her.

"I could ask you the same." Reaching over she grab his sake and drank all the while staring at him. His eyes held hers as she drank the whole content of the gored.

"You can get light headed that way you know." She smirked as she it down. "You know I can hold my drinks down. You don't need to warn me."

Silence over took them both as they looked in to the fire. The lord was the first to speak. "I am sorry of how I have acted towards you yesterday and today. It is just seeing the similarities between your mother and you, it stirs up emotions that I have buried long ago."

Her hand slowly came up stopping him. "There is no need to apologize to me. What Anaya did was unforgivable, I understand your resentment towards me. I look like her and that makes your blood boil to see her instead of me."

A sad smile graced her rose lips. "I just wish that you wouldn't attack me on every chance you get." A chuckle left her. "It gets a bit tiresome after a bit."

He gave a chuckle. "I give you my word. I will try not to attack you but I promise nothing."

"That is all I ask for." Giving him a small smile.

"How old are you anyways?" The Lord asked. She looked at him curiously. "Honestly I wouldn't know now. My brother just told me that I was suspended in time for two thousand years. Before that I was about to reach a millennium. So it would make me about three thousand years? I don't know. If from hat I have seen from my body, I haven't aged."

He was puzzled. "How can you tell you haven't aged?" Showing him her arm he could see a long deep gash on it. "This is what I got from fighting before my brother came, it hasn't healed."

Both were pensive. Neither spoke for they didn't wish to break the silence between them.

Neither noticed as the sun rose and the campsite was filled with life.

Both looked at each other and parted ways. Leaving with the comfort that they could at least be civil to each other when it was needed of them.


She walked to her tent, she noticed that her tent was alone. 'So, he left?' Her head shaking side to side.

She noticed a sent coming her way. Walking towards the flap of the opening she opened it to see the Miko that dared to point an arrow at her.

"What is it you want." Her voice cold that made Kagome falter in her steps.


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