Just a short drabble from Emmett's point of view. Cuz, really. There aren't enough stories about Emmett and Nessie. :]] Enjoy it.

"Uncle Em?" a small voice from behind called.

"Yeah kid?" I replied, turning around.

"I'm booooooored." Nessie whined, her face scrunching up with frustration. I couldn't blame the kid; she'd been stuck with Alice all morning playing dress up.

"Why don't you find your mom?" I asked.

"Her and Daddy are locked away in the guest room. They won't let me come in. They said they're playing games that only adults can play." she said with a pout.

I grinned. I knew exactly what Edward and Bells were doing. And I knew exactly how to mess with them. "Nessie, come on. We're going to have some fun."

Her face lit up. "YAY!"

"Okay kid, here's the game plan. We're going to knock on that door until they open it up. Then, when they come out, here's what you're going to say. 'Mom. Dad. While you two were having SEX, I got married to Jacob.'"

Nessie giggled, no doubt at the idea of marrying Jacob, and then suddenly she stopped. Her eyes got all big and filled with curiosity. "Emmett, what's sex?"

I smiled widely. Edward was going to murder me. "You can ask your parents that, Ness. They'd be more than happy to explain it to you."

We walked up the door and started knocking. I heard feet shuffling from behind. "Go away," Edward's voice called from the room.

"But DADDY, I've fallen down and I need you to kiss my bruise," Nessie said in the cutest little voice. I smiled. The kid was good. If that didn't get her parents to open up, I'd be surprised.

A minute passed, then Edward came out of the room, followed by Bella. I looked at Nessie and nodded.

"Hey Mom. Dad. While you two were having SEX, I got married to Jacob." she said proudly. God damn, this kid was priceless. With her little pink dress and her tiny pink shoes, this was classic.

I glanced at Edward and he looked pissed. I was positive if young Nessie weren't here, he'd be attacking me. I smirked at him. "What's wrong, Eddy?"

He had no response. Probably too filled with rage. Then Nessie, bless her soul, spoke up.

"Daddy, what's sex?"

This was too amazing. I started laughing.

"And mommy, why is your shirt on backwards? What sort of game were you two playing, anyways?"

"Yes Edward, what sort of game were you playing?" I chimed in.

"And daddy, is that your underwear on the floor?" Nessie asked, peeking into the room.

Oh damn. That kid is getting one hell of a gift for Christmas. If Edward didn't kill me, that was.

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