The Misadventures of Bella And Emmett!

Chapter 1: the Fun begins . . . for Emmett

Disclaimer: I do not on the amazing book Twilight. Or any of its characters.

Em's POV

Tic… tock… Tic… Tock…Sigh Tic … Tock… Tic… Tock…

I glared at the grandfather clock. Toc … Tock… I clenched and unclenched my hands in tight fits in annoyance.

It is no fun when your brother forces you to stay home and watch his girlfriend. Just because I hunted the day before and didn't need to go, it got me the occupation of babysitting. Tic... Tock… It was 11:00 at night. Tic... Tock… Edward swore that if Alice saw me bugging Bella in the middle of the night. He would have me a mountain of ashes in a second. Tic... Tock…

Tic… tock… Tic… Tock… Tic … Tock… Tic… Tock…

This is the last straw. I snarled at the clock. I seized the closest thing to me, which happened to be my football, and chucked it at the clock. Crash! Slam! Clank! The giant clock toppled over and cracked into two. Glass littered the wood floor and shimmered on the floor.

"Esme I going to kill me," I groaned.

Hopefully Alice didn't see that.

Now I'm stuck here just begging to be in trouble. I bounded up and kicked the clock causing a massive dent in the wood. I was already in enough trouble so I couldn't get into a worse. Unless. . .

~Alice's POV~

I bulked in mid-stride and tripped slightly. A vision washed over me.

Emmett was about to crack under annoyance. The clock ticked one more time before he finally crashed and burned. He snarled wickedly at Esme's prized Grandfather clock. He groaned and said, "Esme is going to kill me." Emmett got up and kicked the clock.

The vision went black and I couldn't find anything. I snapped out of the vision. Edward started cackling. He stumbled and crashed into the ground. Quickly followed, Jasper exploded out in laughter too. Humor fueled the air and we all started laughing. We all limped over in pure bliss, excluding Edward who was on the ground.

Our laughter soon receded into silence besides the howling wind. Jasper was still grinning like a mad man from the past humor in the air.

"What was even funny in the first place?" Rosalie Asked suddenly breaking our silence.

"Emmett," Edward and I explained and said at the same moment.

Another round of laughter rang out through the forest. Swiftly silenced when Esme and Carlisle appeared by us.

"Hey Carlisle," I called out trying to sound casual as if nothing happened. In return he gave me a stern glare and that suddenly made me shut up.

"What happened?" Carlisle asked.

"Nothing," well all chorused at the same time.

"Oh please. We could have heard you a mile away if we were humans," Esme cried out

"Emmett," I sighed finally after a few minutes.

~Bella's POV~

"Bella!!!" A voice screamed right into my ear.

I jerked up right and smacked my head into something cold and hard. I was dazed for a few minutes. I sluggishly fluttered open my eyes. I came face to face with a pale face. Emmett.

"Edward is going to be so furious!" I shrieked at him. My face felt flushed, and my head ached painfully.

"Don't worry about him or Alice." Emmett said calmly.

"She'll see this and Edward will come running back." I insisted.

I heard a snicker of laughter from behind Emmett. Who . . . Emmett moved and gestured with his hands to Seth. The one and only Seth. Oh glorious Seth, one of the few Alice couldn't see in the future. He was grinning like an idiot and shaking his head in laughter.

"Why the heck are you here?" I cried out.

"He promised me food and a year supply of clothes." Seth said like it was nothing.

"Okay. . ." I trailed off, "Emmett why is he here?"

"He is here because Alice can't see him and we are going to have some fun with you. And we can't let little Eddie know can we now. He'll be a party pooper and you know that," Emmett said that like it was so evident and I was a dim-witted tiny human.


Emmett's cell phone went high-pitched beeping off as somebody tried to call him. I was about to retort if it wasn't that.

"Seth shut up. I'm going to put it on speaker," Emmett muttered.

I was forced to up and I was standing beside Emmett in a second. His large arm draped around my shoulder and his cold hand positioned over my mouth. I tried to bite him hard but my attempts were fruitless.

"Hey Alice." Emmett said in a bored tone. It was droning on gradually.

"Where in the world is Bella!?!?!?" Alice half screeched and half hissed.

Seth wordlessly and silently clamped his hand over his mouth to delay his laughter. I struggled to open my mouth to yelp out a plead for help. But Emmett's hand secured his hold on me.

"At her house. Why what's wrong," Emmett asked hurriedly perfectly acting as if he didn't know already.

"Yours and Hers future disappeared." Alice exclaimed believing Emmett.

Oh how I wanted to scream at Alice for being so dim-witted. How could she believe what the idiot I called my brother had said? Ugh! I hated Emmett and his stupid super strength. Why did have to be here and in charge of me. This sucked.

"What my baby sister is in trouble?!?!?!" Emmett said in a horrified tone. His eyes went wide, just to annoy us. Well more like me.

"I don't know. I can't see her fu-," Alice was interrupted on the phone was muffle of noise.

"Get her and bring her to our house now. I don't care about Charlie. Make her write a note saying that you two are having some bonding time or something. I don't know. Then never let her out of your sight. Tell her I won't come because she'll say no don't let me ruin it." Edward cried out almost too fast for me to understand. The other line was silent and Edward hung up.

Emmett released me and Seth blow up laughing. I grumbled something incoherent under my breath. Emmett grinned like an evil mad man.

"What's so funny?" I questioned him paranoid.

"C'mon we are leaving." Emmett seized me around the waist and carried me like a football. Seth followed behind us still grinning like an idiot.

"Where are we going?" I cried out being sleep deprived had its grasp on me now. Before you know it I would go crazy.

"Any where but here. I was thinking Montana, some where but not here," Emmett replied as if nothing had happened.

"Why?" I asked him my eyes started drooping.

"We don't want Eddie to stop us from having fun do we?" Emmett explained easily.

"I do." I murmured.

"Yeah right. You never get to do anything fun. Eddie also clearly stated that he wanted you to have more human experiences remember? The more you do the less you have to wait to become a vampire." Emmett said a matter of fact.

"What!?!?" Seth exclaimed loudly.

"I'm joking okay Seth," Emmett replied.

Emmett opened the back car door of his jeep and let Seth climb into it first. He tossed me in and Seth caught me easily. Emmett slammed the door shut and jumped into the front. He revved the engine and pretended to crack his neck like the do in movies.

"The chase begins," Emmett yelped.

"Sure does," Seth said excitedly, "What's on our list of things to do first?"

I heard Seth say that before I passed out from sleep deficiency. . .

A/N: I hope you like this story. I wasn't going to write it till it was bugging me enough. I got this idea awhile ago but never thought I'll actually write it. At first I had a vision of how it was going to be like, but it changed . . . a lot.