Hey is me! I haven't updated in about two years but I was wondering if you all wanted me to finish this up or leave it the way it is because I don't really like Twilight that much anymore. (Hence the reason I changed my name) I could probably manage to finish it off without it seeming to stop randomly but I do know. I've been working on more serious writing and not into writing fanfics and stuff. Plus I think my writing has matured since the start of this story to where I am now. Just tell me what you think please.

If you guys want me to continue writing this and finish it up then give me some ideas or something. One the reasons I stopped this story was because of me having a writer's block and that's mostly gone for now. It is really annoying. I'll put a poll on my profile so I can keep track of it easier but you can review to this note too. But don't do both or tell me if you voted when you reply to this chapter. I have 158 reviews and still getting them too. I just want to know how many people want me to finish it or leave is as it is.

Thank You again for even bothering to read this story. As I go back and reread my story I see so many mistakes, typos, and just bad grammar/punctuation in it. I can't stand reading this so I don't know how you all attempted to do so. Maybe I was funny (I don't see how I made this funny) and that was enough to ignore the horrid and immature writing of mine.

Ninja :P