A/N Okay this is basically just a short funny little fic, that makes fun of Twilight, me and my friend Martha cracked up as we were writing this! So I'm sorry if anybody gets offended, because I have friends who like Twilight, and no offense to you. So please don't flame me, or do if you wanna, it won't really matter to me!

Disclaimer: Thank God I don't own Twilight! And I don't own Naruto either.

"Hi, I'm an attractive pale man with pretty much no personality." Sasuke greeted the new guy Naruto with no emotions.

"Oh, I'm a really clumsy guy, and I'm new here. I think you're like super, super attractive!"

"Okay go jump in front of that car and I'll save you so we can fall in love."

"All right attractive sparkly man!" Naruto proceeded to run, flailing his arms. Of course Sasuke saved him with his vampiric pizzazz!

Naruto awoke in the hospital to find Sasuke hovering over him.

"Oh God, Sasuke you ran way to fast when you saved me, so of course I'm going to assume you're a vampire!"

"El Gasp! You caught me, now I must tell you that I have an undeniable thirst for your blood. I must have." Sasuke said robotically.

"Oh, that makes me love you soooooooo much!!!!" Naruto said cheerfully.

"Ya well...now we should go meet my family because they're all vampires too."

Suddenly Kiba burst through the door, to tell Naruto about his undying love for the blondie.

Naruto became confused of who he loved most (though he really didn't know either of them) ran out of the room screaming.

Sasuke turned to Kiba, "I hate you."

"I know, but I...er...love Naruto and he loves me. So back off!!" Kiba shouted.


"But he loves me more because I'm a fun loving werewolf mister dumb sparkly vampire!"

Sasuke who always had to have the last word huffed, "Whatever," and proceeded to run after Naruto using his super amazing vampire powers while also sparkling cause you know that totally makes since.

Kiba was so angry he punched some trees!