Instincts of a Black Cat

Load. Focus. Shoot. Load...Focus...Shoot.

Adrenaline pumps throughout my body as the next prey falls to the floor. Body after body after body. It's the same every day. I dart to the left and begin my dash down the narrow hallway, only appearing as gust of wind or black blurred shadows to the untrained eye. My hand raises high above their heads. My quick movements unseen by the guards. My hand, holding my dear Hades, comes crashing down upon their unsuspecting heads as I hit their vital points, just accurately hard enough to knock them unconscious for a few hours. Their limp bodies droop to the floor. Easy pickings. They were no match for me anyway. But they aren't the ones I'm after. They aren't my Mission.

My swift body gracefully comes to a stop at the end of the hallway whilst my amplified sense of hearing easily singles out the rushed footsteps of my too-eager-to-die tailers. Suddenly they burst through the doors and charge straight for me. Naive fools. Do they really think they can kill me? The atmosphere was seemingly alight with excitement and tension. The surrounding walls were all but filled with silence except for the nervous fumbling of the guards and the ricocheting doors off the walls.

I took no time hesitating. In a couple of seconds I was across the room and preparing to launch my attack. As my feet left the floor, gravity was no limitation in my flight through the air.

Guard and Eraser met each other's gaze for the last time.

As I stared into their terror-filled eyes I felt my lethal orbs widen and glisten in eagerness and my lips curl up into a menacing smirk. One, two, three fall to the floor. Pitiful. They aren't worth my time. Unfortunately for me they have the uncanny habit of appearing where they are not wanted. But no matter. No one can stop me.

It's time. The stage is set. Torneo Rudman, your time is up. You're simply a dead man walking.

My inaudible footsteps creep tantalizingly toward the soon-to-be final resting ground of my Mission. Opening the door, I glace around the room for the first and last time. I spot my target instantly. Cowering pathetically in the corner. He screams as soon as he hears the door opening, desperately seeking aid but by that time it's already too late.

Before he could blink I was there in front of him. The end of my gun pressed to his sweating forehead.

"You...You're one of them! You're one of the Chronos Numbers aren't you?!"

"I've come to deliver some bad luck"

My finger, wrapped around the trigger, tightened.

BANG! The gunshot echoed throughout the silence of the room.

Blood flecks splattered onto my cheeks but I paid no notice to them. My entire being was focused on the lifeless shell of Torneo Rudman. His eyes, now permanently glazed over, stared lifelessly back at me. My maniac grin foreverly etched into my face. My hand stared affectionately at the blood covered bringer of death and sorrow.

As I stare at my late Mission, I feel nothing.

My hearts feels like ice. Ice carved perfectly to fit my cold and heartless body. My mind and soul a truly devious match for this nimble and cat-like body.

I turned away from the bloodied corpse and jumped through the window. A 7 meter drop. Easy.

I started my walk down the back alley of the deadly silent building. My long, black coat fluttering in the evening breeze was the only sound. Even my breathing was too quiet for average humans to hear.

As I stared at the full moon in the midnight blue sky my solemn face turned sinister and malicious as I thought to myself...

'The rest have the same fate. No one escapes the Black Cat!