Turles Rising


He ran about the dim corridors of hell, narrowly escaping his torment for seemingly the millionth time. It was always the same. Doomed and damned souls like himself, filled with bitterness and hatred. They beat and assaulted him repeatedly, those whom he had killed in violence. Now that same violence was perpetrated on him.

Turles thought he'd go mad. There was no relief, no escape. Debura saw to that. The demon lord had a particular distaste for saiyans, since he blamed them for his temporary defeat at the hands of Buu. From every circle of hell they came, shades who died by saiyan hands.

Turles cursed, racing up a sheer rock cliff. There was no reasoning with the hate filled mob.

"Get that bastard!"


"Kill him again!!"

_Dammit, I've got to get away._ Turles pressed against hard hellstone, eyes wild. His time in the afterlife hadn't been kind. He was bruised and battered, sick of mindless fighting.

The shrieking mob thundered up a broken rock bridge, insanity fuelling their rage. Many carried huge stone shards as weapons. They bounded up the flat ledge, pressing the harried saiyan in on all sides. Boiling lava pits bubbled below, beckoning a careless slip.

Turles wasted no words, dark eyes clouded in anger. "If I change, you cretins are history!!"

An old man spat at him, teeth rotted. "You won't get the chance, monkey. We've seen how you do it. There's no moon on this horizon!!"

Turles snarled. "Then I'll just beat the shit out of you all again!"

With a deafening cry, the mad mob converged. There was a thunderous crash and blinding bolt of light...

and the object of their hatred was gone.

Turles Rising Old beginnings

"He did WHAT??"

"You heard me, Chi Chi" Piccolo sighed. "Bulma says Goku stopped by earlier to borrow the dragonball radar."

Chi Chi blinked in astonishment. "But why? What's he up to?"

The namek looked out a kitchen window. "I wish I knew. He hasn't exactly confided in me lately."

Slim fingers tapped the refrigerator impatiently. "Why in the world would Bulma give him the radar like that? Who knows what Goku is doing!"

"He said nothing to you?"

Chi Chi closed her eyes briefly. "No. We're just going through the motions now anyway, for Gohan's sake."

Piccolo squeezed her shoulder. "I'm sorry. You can't reconcile?"

Chi Chi sat at the table. "Not the way he is now...I've tried to understand this new 'saiyan', but it isn't working out. I want my old Goku back!"

Piccolo folded his arms. "Is it really that bad?"

"For the most part no, but on a personal level...I just can't deal with it!"

"I didn't mean to pry, Chi Chi."

"You aren't" she smiled sadly. "You've always been a good friend, Piccolo. I might not have said it before, but I realize it now."

The namek gave a rare smile. "I'm always here if you need me. How's Gohan holding up?"

Chi Chi clutched her head. "He thinks his dad is 'ultra cool' now."

Piccolo chuckled. "Well he is part saiyan."

"And part loony. Maybe if I go to sleep and wake up, this will all start over!"

Piccolo poured himself some tea. "We can't change the past, Chi Chi. Goku can't help being what he is."

"Where does that leave me?"

Piccolo fell silent. He had no answer.


His heart raced, his blood pounded. Like a shot, Goku flew for the fifteenth latitude towards South America. He had a hot date with an even hotter prince. And then there was the matter of a wish...

The others awaited him eagerly, anxious for his success. Goku arrived at the keep within the hour, landing gently through shaded jungle. Vegeta was on him immediately, eyes flashing in excitement.

"You have the radar!"

Goku hugged his fragrant prince. "Did you doubt me?"

"Never." a sticky kiss.

Raditz and Nappa nearly bounded into the open glade. Raditz grabbed Goku in a bear hug.

"You've returned, Kakarot. And successfully, I see!"

A thick tail waved happily. "Hai, brother."

Nappa pulled the fat coil. "Ai, it must have been some story you told that Bulma woman!"

Goku laughed. "It wasn't easy...she'd heard about what happened here, and suspected my motives."

Vegeta eyed him warily. "And?"

Goku smirked. "I gave her the sad eyes routine."

The ouji snickered. "Sly dog..."

Goku made a mock display. "After all, I couldn't let the radar land in the wrong hands...saiyans might want the dragonballs!!"

The group laughed wildly. Vegeta tugged a muscled arm.

"Come, koi. We've a delightful meal prepared here at the keep. Surely you're hungry?"

Goku patted his stomach. "Hai. All that flying leaves me empty!"

Raditz chuckled. "Ever and always a bottomless pit."

Nappa palmed the radar thoughtfully. "Amazing to think all our plans rely on this small device."

Goku shook his head. "We could locate the balls eventually using our senses, but it would be tedious and take much longer."

Vegeta coiled his tail around Goku's thigh. "Come. Time enough to discuss the implementation of our plans. We eat, and then..."

Goku nuzzled spicy skin. "Then?"

Hot velvet eyes looked up. "What do you think?"