Edward left and the only things that were keeping me together were my music, David and Millie. Now I know your wondering who all these people are, and I'm going to tell you. See my story is a long one, but I'll take you through a shorter version. There's something's I can't tell you, but the things I can I will, besides the ones I can't tell you will be revealed soon enough I promise. It's all in the story, so pay attention. Let's begin, on the tale of my life, where to start.

My name is Sophie Isabella Marie Swan, but most call me Soph or Bella. Nowadays, my name is just Isabella Marie Swan; I had taken of Sophie when I moved to Forks, Washington; to live with my dad who is Chief of Police Charlie Swan. Before I moved in with my dad, I lived in Phoenix, Arizona; with my mom Mary Rice-Swan. See my mom died protecting me and my half-brother David, who she had abandoned when he was five; see my mother had been married before she married my father, to William Rice David's father. I would have never known I had had a brother, if he hadn't come to our home in Alaska, to confront our mom about the reason why she abandoned him in the first place.

Later on, my mom and I had found out I was special in away, and she had finally told me why she had left David so long ago. See David and I share the same gift, and since then I've made sure I never use said gift. Once we found out I had the same gift as my brother, she moved us to Phoenix as soon as possible. On my 15th birthday, David visited me in my room when he thought I was asleep. To leave me a few birthday presents from him and Millie his girlfriend, whom he had told me about when I had caught him in my room that night. He caught me up on his life, and gave me the gifts that they had bought me. He made sure I opened each one, while he watched so he could tell Millie my reaction to it all. Millie got me designer things, wither it be clothes or other things. David usually got me snow globes from across the world, and trinkets of jewelry that have a history to come along with it. That night I had caught him up on my life, and told him that he and I share the same gift. He was surprised to say the least, and he was worried about our mom finding out. I had told him that she knew, and that was why we moved to Phoenix to get them of our tracks.

That same night, mom had come into the room. She confronted David and me, telling us she was going to make sure we stayed safe. She couldn't stand to see us hurt; she and David had talked through everything. They had begun a relationship, though it was later then they both would have liked. He had hugged us each goodbye, telling us he couldn't stay much longer or we'd all be in trouble. So he finally left, and promised to see us both soon. He kept his promise, only this time he brought Millie with him. They had come Christmas to drop off presents, and so mom and I could meet Millie. I didn't need introductions; I ran straight to her and hugged her tightly. She hugged back, I finally felt apart of a true family, a family that was starting to heal in certain aspects. It went like that until Mother's Day, when David had popped in quickly without notice to drop of mom a present, he had been followed and it led to us. The next day we found that, David had been traced to our house by certain people who didn't like our gifts, and wanted to kill us.

I had been the one to find our mom; I had just come home from school, and she was there in her office, behind her desk. I walked up to her to great her, and there was no life in her eyes. I had called the police after I came out of my shock, and I knew who had done it. David wasn't able to come to her funeral, but those who wanted David and me dead were; though they didn't know that I was gifted as well. They had wanted to recruit me into their team, but I had refused and went home with my Aunt Renee, she was my dad's sister, David had already been in my room. I could tell because there was a black rose, and a letter signed by him and Millie on my the nightstand of the bed I was sleeping in.

David had started to blame himself in the letter he left me, they had left a P.O. Box so I could write to them if need be; they would check it everyday in case I needed help at any time. I had written him as soon as I finished reading his letter. Mom had left me a letter, telling me it wasn't David's fault. That they had figured out that she was protecting him, by covering his tracks. That she didn't want him to blame himself, because she did it to keep him safe. Soon after I mailed off that letter, I had gotten ready for bed, since I would be staying for a few months, before moving back to Forks, Washington.

When I moved to Forks, I had to start playing a role of sorts. I acted extremely clumsy, which really wasn't as farfetched as it seemed. I was clumsy, I just made it seem worse then it really was. I changed how I dressed; I no longer wore the designer clothes that Millie had bought me, and wore something similar to the style I had before Millie came into my life. Which wasn't much different from what Millie bought me, it just wasn't designer made. When I moved to Forks, I just thought I would be a regular teenage girl, but that wasn't in my cards. I had to find Edward Cullen and his family there.

See I didn't know what they were, but I knew there was something different about them. Soon I figured it out, and I confronted Edward about it after many incidents were he had to save me, and when I mean save me; I really mean save me from using my gift which was more dangerous then being squished by a van or, being harassed by drunken idiots on the street because I would have gotten myself out of those situations. He had confirmed that, he and his family were vampires when I had told him my last and final theory. Alice had become my best friend, Edward and I had fallen in love. Esme had become another mother to me, which I truly needed. Rosalie hated me for an unknown reason, at least to me. Emmett was another big brother for me, and I loved his wacky self; he treated me like his little sister, and to him I was his human little sister. To Carlisle, I was another daughter, just as Esme had seen me as. Carlisle was also a doctor at the hospital, so he had become my regular doctor whenever I came into the hospital. Jasper kept his distance, though at times I could feel there was a connection there between us, but I never got to explore that connection.

I had never told any of them of my gift, I didn't to keep them safe. If I had told them, I would have had to prove it to them by showing them my gift, and I just couldn't do that. Which made me extremely glad that Edward couldn't read my thoughts, that my mind was blocked from his mind-reading power. However, when I thought of telling them, and was arguing with myself in my head. I could see Jasper look at me strangely, and I knew I had to keep my emotions in check before Jasper got to curious and actually asks me what I was thinking about. In fact, they didn't really know much about my life, before I moved back to Forks to live my dad. They knew my mother had died, and that I had lived in Phoenix; but not that I had lived in Alaska. They thought I hated the cold and loved the warmth, but really, it was the complete opposite.

Living in Alaska for most of my life did that, I was use to the cold, and the few warm months that we got a year. Soon dangers had followed; James a tracker vampire had found my scent appetizing. Not that the Cullen's didn't themselves, but they were 'vegetarians'; so when James tried to kill me, Jasper and Alice were the ones to watch over me. When I had received a call from James, I had to use my gift for the first time since I learned I had it back in Alaska. I had gotten away from Alice and Jasper, to meet James in my old ballet studio in Phoenix. He had gotten a hold of Renee my Aunt, who he thought was my mother. However, once I got there, I found out it was just a video of her taking me to that same studio when I was little.

He had almost killed me when Edward had shown up, and had tackled him off of me. Once Carlisle had informed Edward that I had been bitten by James, he left James to Alice, Jasper and Emmett. Edward had sucked out the venom; making sure to keep me from turning into a vampire. After James was taken cared of, Alice had informed me that she had seen me as one of them, even after Edward had sucked the venom out. Edward argued that it wouldn't happen, but Alice had told me after Edward had left for a hunt once that it would still happen.

See Alice had the power to see the future, but it could always change when a person had changed their decision. Therefore, my thought was maybe Edward wasn't the one who was going to change me. It was no longer Edward's choice, but I didn't voice those thoughts. When Edward insisted that he take me to the dance at our school, I had dug up a dress Millie had bought me once; that I had never gotten a chance to wear. I wouldn't let Alice get me ready that night, which made her unhappy but I told her I wanted to surprise her and the rest of the family. I had learned how to keep Alice from seeing by not making any set decisions, until last minute so she couldn't see the outcome even if she tried.

They were all surprised at how I looked, and Alice praised me for not messing anything up, and picking a beautiful designer dress. That night, I told Edward I wanted to be changed. So that I could be with him forever, but instead of biting me he had just kissed me on the neck. When my eighteenth birthday came along, let's just say David thought I was slightly crazy for getting myself into so much danger. He complemented me on only using my power once, and he was upset about why I did so though. Millie argued with him that was he not the same person who risked his gift being known and almost dying in his attempt in saving her. He couldn't argue with her, Millie had told me to try to stay out of so much danger. They gave me my gifts, and we talked about what the year has held for the three of us.

Let's just say that, David has named me Danger magnet, and he was hoping I didn't live up to the name. When he had found out about the almost getting smashed by a van, he wanted me to tell him who was driving so he could go teach him a lesson. Millie and I just rolled our eyes, at his over protectiveness as an older brother. He wasn't happy about almost losing me, and he hated it even more that in less then a year since his heard from me, that I've almost gotten killed several times. Once they left, I had gotten ready for my party at the Cullen's house. Edward had given me the morning to spend with my dad, which we had breakfast, which was the only thing he knew how to cook. Right after breakfast, I had meet David and Millie in my room for my presents and stories. Edward was already in my room, when I came back from the shower fully dressed for today's activities. I wasn't happy about having a party; the only good thing was that it was only the Cullen's and I. I had accidentally cut my finger with the wrapping paper, when my life started turning upside down. They don't think I saw how everything happened, and really, I don't know how I did either. It was like in slow motion, when in reality it was inhumanly fast for human eyes.

When everything started to settle down, Edward and Carlisle had taken me to the kitchen to take care of my injuries. Since Edward had pushed me away from Jasper, and into the glass table. Alice started apologizing for Jasper's behavior, and when I tried to argue, they all just told me to leave it. I didn't argue with them, thinking everything would turn back to normal. I was most definitely wrong, three days later they had left me. Edward had taken me for a walk in the woods, and told me he no longer loved me, nor wanted me. That they were leaving and that they weren't coming back, he left soon after kissing me one last time on the forehead. I had tried running after him, but to no avail, I had fallen and just sat on the forest floor sobbing, and that was how Sam Uley had found her. I soon came to find out that Sam was a werewolf, in pack with my old friend Jacob.

When David and Millie came to see me on Christmas, I was just a shell of myself. They had taken one look at me, and sat me down to tell them what happened to make me the way I was. I had told them the story, and they told me they'd be right back. I didn't know where they went, but they were back as fast as they had gone. They couldn't stay long, and I knew that, but they wanted to make sure I was okay. David had told me that I should put all my emotions into something creative, instead of keeping them all bottled up. When I told him, that I didn't know how to do any of that. Millie had handed me a very nice guitar case, when I had opened it; I saw the most amazing Hendrix guitar I had ever seen. I had always wanted to learn how to play, and they had told me that they signed me up for lesson at the local music store in Port Angeles. We exchanged more gifts; Millie had given me some expensive designer leather pants and a biker's leather jacket. I looked at her like she was half-crazy, but I thanked her because they were in my favorite colors. Black and blue, just like my guitar. The next gift I opened was once again from Millie, she had bought extremely sexy black leather high-heeled boots to go along with the outfit. Though the outfit was gorgeous, I was starting to wonder when I would ever have the chance to wear it. Right as I thought that, David had plopped all his gifts in front of me. I quirked an eyebrow at him, because he never bought me more then 3 or 4 gifts, but he had 6 boxes in front of me. I took the larger one, and found a very sexy dress that I never would have thought he would have bought me, let alone want me to wear something like it outside. I went to open a square box but he pulled it and a very smaller box away from me, saying he wanted me to open those last. The next gift I opened; had my snow globe in it, this time though it was of Egypt. All my snow globes were in my closet on a shelf in the back corner, they all played music and they were all classical. The first one he had ever gotten her was the one on the top shelf, it was of Italy and it played Claire De Lune.

He had told me, that mom played it for him when he was younger before she had left. She had done the same thing with me; she always said it was so we knew how it all started. I was more into the alternative rock scene, and sometimes soft rock; but I still listened to everything. Quickly adding it to my collecting, I sat back down on my bed to open the rest of the gifts waiting. The next gift was a medallion of a lion attached to a thin leather cord; David had told that the history of it was supposed to be protection. Go figure, he got me something to keep danger away. The forth gift was special to me, it was a charm bracelet. He had already added 4 charms to it, and each one represented something. A heart for my kind heart, a book for how I loved the old classics, a motorcycle for the bike I use to love, but left in Phoenix when I moved here.

The last charm was a circular pendant with an engraved boy and girl, with the lettering of brother and sister. I hugged him, once he finished clasping it. He was so special to me, of course, my dad was important but dad wasn't in as much danger as David was. Millie was family in every sense of the word; I was waiting for the day David proposed to her and make her officially apart of the family. Finally, he let me have the smaller box he made sure to keep for last, and I opened it slowly for a dramatic effect. He sighed in annoyance, while Millie and I laughed at his impatience. I finally opened and looked in the tiny box, to find a set of keys. I looked at him confused, and wondering what he had done and if I were going to get in trouble for this gift.

He helped me up from my sitting position on my bed, and walked with him and Millie down the stairs and out the front door. What I saw in front of me, was a Kawasaki 2009 Ninja ZX-6R. Which wasn't even out in the states yet, it was in Metallic Diablo Black with Candy Surf Blue lighting designs in it. It was my dream motorcycle, and I miss having one; I started looking between David, Millie and the bike in front of me. I was sure I was drooling, over the piece of heaven sitting in my driveway. My dad might have a heart attack when I tell him it's mine. I wasn't sure if he knew I had one back in Phoenix, but there was no way I was giving up this beautiful bike to anyone.

I watched as Millie elbowed my brother in the ribs, reminding him of the last gift for me in his hands. He smiled smugly, and handed me the medium sized square box. Inside was a helmet that matched my leather outfit that Millie had given me, and the bike. Everything pieced together in my mind, and I had a huge smile on my face that hadn't been on my face for months. I tackled both of them in a group hug, and we ended up on the ground since they had both lost balance. We were lost in hysterics, soon enough we caught our breath and I thanked them for making my Christmas amazing.

They left soon after, and I found the papers that had come with my guitar. My first lesson would start, when I walked in. I grabbed my guitar and my keys to the truck, and drove to Port Angeles. I had left a note on the kitchen table for Charlie, incase I wasn't back before him. Once, I made it to Port Angeles, I caught sight of the music store quickly. I parked my car outside of the store, and looked around for someone who looked like they worked there. I didn't have to look far, a guy with black hair and ear piercings came up to me from my left. He taught the basic chords, and I caught on fast according to him. Soon enough I was playing, Hate Me by Blue October; it was a song that I felt resembled how I was after Edward left, and it felt good to play.

After that lesson, I had gotten in my truck, because it was starting to get dark outside. I drove back home, before getting into the house I took the bike cover out of its hidden compartment. Where it holds my helmet, when I don't bring it with me where ever I go. You wouldn't know it was there, unless you knew the bike inside and out. I had studied this bike, even before it came out in Japan. Walking into the empty house, she ran up the stairs to put my guitar away.

Present Time

I was in the kitchen cooking dad and I dinner, when he came home. He had looked confused by something when he came in, and I had an idea of what he was confused about and it was outside. "Hey Bells, you here?"

"In here dad, I'm cooking dinner." I said in return, finishing dinner exactly when he walked in. Taking out two plates, and silverware for us to use. I set them on the table, and went back to the stove to get my homemade mashed potatoes and country fried steak. I loved cooking, it was something I had missed doing back in Alaska. Mom had made sure we had a massive kitchen for me to cook in, when I was old enough; but when we moved to Phoenix we couldn't find a place with a kitchen I really liked.

Charlie walked into the kitchen, and sat down at the kitchen table in his seat at the head of the table. He kept taking quick glances at the front door, before turning back to face me while I was putting food on our plates. "Hey Bell, um who does that motorcycle belong too?"

"Me, why?" I asked nonchalantly, waiting to see what he said about it. He knew I had a half-brother, but he thought we never saw each other. We sent gifts to each other for birthdays and Christmas, but we haven't talked over the phone.

Charlie nodded his head, and was lost in thought for a little while before answering me back. He picked up the ladle to my white gravy, and poured it onto his mashed potatoes and steak. Picking up his fork and knife, after he had cut a piece and got some mashed potatoes he chewed slowly. "Um, where did you get the money for it? And where did you get it, from?"

"I didn't buy it, David did. It was part of my Christmas present from him, and his girlfriend. Do you mind, that I have it?" I questioned uncertainly, hoping he didn't have a problem with it.

Charlie had shaken his head no, after he nodded his head realizing that David had gotten it for me. He had a slight smile on his face, which confused me because I didn't know why he would be smiling. "I think it's great that you're getting back into bikes, Bell. I always wondered why you never got your bike sent here, when you moved back here with me. I also see that your different from the last few months, you look happy."

"You knew I rode bikes, why didn't you tell me? And I am happy dad, David made me realize some things and he lightened up my mood." I told him with a big smile on my face, that wasn't forced for the first time towards him. He noticed and smiled back, and we ended up laughing at my new mood.

"Of course I knew, I wanted to get you a bike instead of that truck. However, I wasn't sure if you'd want one, after your mom. I didn't want to bring back bad memories if you had any, but I'm glad you're back to your old self." Charlie replied to my question, and we continued to talk while we ate dinner. When I first came back, we never really talked, while we had dinner afraid to say something that would bring back sad memories of mom. I was glad we had gotten passed it, and acted like father and daughter at dinner. "You do know where you get; you're fascination with bikes from don't you?"

"No, mom never told me. Though she said I reminded her, of good times when I first brought home my first bike." I replied curiously, wondering if he knew the answer to my question that I've had for so many years. I always wondered if it was him, but I had never seen him or pictures of him with a motorcycle.

Charlie nodded in understanding; he motioned for me to finish eating quickly. I did as he asked, and took our plates to the sink; I washed them quickly; when I was finished, I met him in the family room. He had a photo book out, sitting in front of him on the coffee table. He patted the seat next to him on the couch, instructing me to sit next to him. I sat down next to him, and waited for him to say something. He set the photo album in my lap, and motioned for me to open it. "You got it from me, that's what actually got your mom to notice me for the first time. I was the bad boy when I was younger, but once we got married and found out, you were on the way I hung all that up. I started working at the police station, soon I became the Chief; sometimes I think I should get another one now that your older."

"Why don't you dad, I mean you've been here by yourself for a few years. I mean from the look of these pictures, you loved that Harley." I told him, from looking at his pictures he put in front of me, he looked so alive, and I would love to see that on his face. As I kept looking through his pictures, I came across pictures of me, with my midnight blue motorcycle I had in Phoenix. It looked like I had just pulled into the driveway, because I still had my helmet on and my kickstand wasn't down yet. They next few, were of me sitting on it smiling at the camera, and others of me looking like a grease monkey tuning my bike.

Charlie looked over my shoulder, looking at the same pictures I was. I saw a brilliant smile, creep onto his face. I never knew he had pictures of me, with my bike, but I'm glad that they put a smile on his face when I wasn't here. He looked like he wanted to ask me a question, so I stayed silent till he came up with the nerve. "Bell, where did you learn to tune bikes, exactly?"

"My friend Onyx back in Alaska taught me, when he came to visit me in Phoenix once. He was the one who came with me to get the bike, but I had already known what I wanted. I just didn't think they would have taken me seriously, so I brought him along." I answered his question, and then laughed out loud at the face he made at my friend's name. He ended up laughing out loud with me, and for as long as I can remember; I had never seen him laugh like this.

We said our goodnights soon after, and we went to our separate rooms. As I got changed into my nightclothes, I had gotten a brilliant idea. I went to the laptop that Millie had bought me for my birthday, and looked up my bank account to see how much money I had in my savings. I had gone to my desk drawer, and found my motorcycle magazine. It had articles on the best motorcycles coming out for the New Year coming up, and she flipped to Harley-Davidson best bike of the New Year article. When she found it, she put the name in the search engine on her computer. If I saved my next three paychecks, I'll have enough money to but my dad, the perfect bike for him. I'll see if Mrs. Newton can give me a few extra hours a week, so I can make the money faster.

I finally got into bed, looking forward to going to work for the first time really. I had only wanted the job, so I had gas money. Now I had the chance to ride my brand new bike to work, and show it off to people. I still needed the gas money, but getting a present for my dad, that I know he'll absolutely love it; would make my year even with Edward gone. Finally, sleep came to me; I had no nightmares like I normally had. My nights had finally become peaceful, and I was happy for that. I woke up to my alarm clock, and grabbed my toiletries to go to the bathroom. I took a shower, and walked into my room to get dressed in my new outfit Millie bought along time ago. I put my Newton's shirt on, I made sure it was the more tight fitted one so my jacket could zip-up. I put on my skinny leather pants over my work shirt; I have my Catherine Malandrino Cropped Motorcycle Jacket. I walk down the stairs with my Andriano Diagi Leather high heel lace-up boots.

"Morning Bell, um where did you hide that outfit?" Charlie asked me, who was sitting at the kitchen table with his morning eggs and bacon he cooked. He watched me as I walked over to the fridge for the orange juice, and a glass from the cabinet.

I walked over to my seat that had my plate of eggs and bacon in front of it. I put down the juice and glass, while pulling out the extra chair to sit at an angle to my seat. Sitting down I pulled one of my legs up, and started putting my boots on before I answered my dad. "It was in my closet, it was a birthday present from David's girlfriend. Is it alright?"

Charlie laughed at my unbeknownst joke, of the matter. It wasn't revealing, it was just tight in certain places and the boots were high. He watched as I finished putting on the last boot, and started eating again once I had started on my breakfast. "I'm going over to Billy's; we're going fishing for the weekend. Think you can stay out of trouble for a few days?"

"Of course, got no one to get me in trouble. Besides I'm working all weekend, I might be working late tonight so if you call and I don't answer don't worry to much." I told him with a smile, he has left me at home for weekends for the boys plenty of times. I was hoping to be working late, so I could get extra money.

He nodded his head, and picked up his newspaper. I finished my breakfast, and realized that I had left my bag, iPod, and helmet upstairs in my room. I ran up the stairs two at a time, and I heard Charlie tell me be to be careful. I smiled at his concern, and grabbed everything I needed. My helmet came with a plug-in for my iPod, and I wired it up on my way down the stairs. I put the bag over my shoulders, and walked back in the kitchen to bid my goodbye to my dad. As I looked up from my helmet in my hands, I saw a bright flash. "Dad, warn a girl next time. You might blind me doing something like that, sheesh."

"Ha ha, can you let me take a picture I want to add it to my album." Charlie said with an innocent smile, and I knew it wasn't a complete lie but he wanted to show me off to Billy, Harry and the rest of the guys down at La Push. I posed, leaning against the wall; with my helmet under one arm, and my head tilted to the side.

After dad got the picture he wanted, I zipped up my jacket and gave him a kiss before making my way out the door. I noticed him following me outside, and I laughed silently at him. Knowing he wants a picture of me with my bike, wanting to show off how good looking it is with me on it. I had taken off the cover I had placed over it last night, and Charlie finally saw what it really looked like in the light. I heard dad whistle, and ogle it from a far. I placed my helmet on the right handle bar, and swung my left leg over to the other side of the bike and sat down. I kicked up the kickstand, and made sure I was balanced on the bike. I looked at my dad, and he took my picture just as the wind was blowing; which made my wavy hair blow with the wind. He took multiple pictures, as I was putting on my helmet and started my bike. I'm not sure when he stopped taking pictures, because I was to far away to see him through my side mirrors.

I loved the feeling of riding, and I couldn't have been happier when David had taken me outside to show me the bike he bought me. He had never actually bought me anything like this before; Mille was usually the one who spent stuff on things she didn't need to. As I rode through Forks, I had many people stare at me. Not knowing who the girl on this motorcycle that they had never seen before, with brand new Washington license plates; as I sped by I swore I saw Tyler Crowley in his car. He was staring at my leather clad ass, wouldn't he feel like an ass if he came into Newton's today. I could just see Mike's face, but I didn't care.

As I pulled into a parking spot near Newton's Sporting Goods, I took off my helmet, which started a collective sound of gasps around me. Everyone in town new me as Chief Swan's daughter, I'm sure they never pictured me as a badass motorcycle girl with leather pants and extremely high heeled boots. I ignored them all, and turned off my bike, as I kicked the kickstand down. Swung my right leg over the bike, and stood up straight shaking my hair out of it's helmet hair, and placed my helmet under my arm and walked towards Newton's.

Entering the first one I see was Mrs. Newton, and she saw me and smiled big as she noticed me. "Bella, you look amazing. I'm going to assume that motorcycle I saw ride by, was yours?"

I smiled sheepishly, and nodded wile unzipping my jacket so people could see my Newton's shirt underneath. "I got it as a Christmas present; you don't mind how I'm dressed do you. Because if you do, I have a pair of jeans in my bag here."

"Oh sweetie, you're perfectly fine. If you have any trouble with Mike, let me know I'll send him to the warehouse to work there for a few days. You know you're dad use to have a motorcycle way back when; he used to be the bad boy of the town. I always thought he should have gotten another one, to bad he hasn't I think he'd be his old chipper self." Mrs. Newton had told me, and I found it a surprise that she knew my dad when he had a bike of his own. She was in her own thoughts, so I decided that I'd put my things in the back, before I forgot. I clocked in once I was back in the showroom, and walked back over to Mrs. Newton.

I started to help her, stock the shelves when we heard a whistle from behind us. Did I forget to mention we where stalking the lower shelves, yeah so when we turned around we saw Tyler and Mike. "Hey Mrs. Newton, is that offer to send Mike to the warehouse for today still open?" I watched as Mrs. Newton, pulled Mike aside and sent him to work at the warehouse on the other side of town. She quickly walked back, before Tyler could move any closer ten he already was. Soon they boys left, and we continued our work. "I was thinking about my dad, and it was similar to your thoughts about him getting another bike. Well I found this bike I think is perfect for him, but I'd need extra hours to work to get it for him."

"Oh, that's wonderful; he'll love that he can ride with you. I have something for you, I know you've only been working here a few months but this is your holiday bonus. If that still isn't enough just tell me how many more extra hours you'll need, and I'll give them to you." She handed me an envelope, with my name written perfectly on the front. I knew right then, that it was her handwriting. I opened it slowly, trying to figure out her expression but I didn't get anything but excitement.

One I looked at the check, I realized that I'd be able to get my dad's new Harley soon then I thought. With the extra hours she was willing to give me, I would be able to keep some money in my account. I would have to find a second job during the summer for college, but it was worth it if I could get my dad this bike. "I'll still need a few extra hours these next couple of weeks, thank you so much."

"You're welcome sweetie; it's the least I can do for such a wonderful girl like you. You're dad's proud of you, and I know this is the first time in awhile that I've seen you this excited about anything." She replied to my thanks, I was grateful for her generosity. We continued to work after that, since it was the day after Christmas we had many sales going on. As they day went by, I got more and more excited over being able to get my dad's Harley before his birthday.

It was finally time for me to get off; I had worked a double shift, which was to help with my extra hours. I had just zipped up my jacket, when I was walking out the front door. Reaching my bike, I slid on kicking up the kickstand. I slid my helmet on, and started the engine. Then I was off back to home for a quick dinner, and a maybe a movie before I went to bed.

After New Years

I had just been coming back from the Harley dealership in Seattle, and dad was out fishing with Billy and Harry since yesterday. He wouldn't be back till late this afternoon, with the many fish he caught to be put in the freezer. His Harley wouldn't arrive for another hour, so I decided to get ready to present it to him. He was always back before nightfall, just to ease my mind mostly. I had started cooking dinner early, so I could keep it warm while he looked over his bike. When dad had come home from his fishing trip last time, he came back with a big grin and many words from the boys down at La Push. Mostly comments about me owning a bike, and how the younger boys including Jake wanted to ride it. I told him I refuse to let any of them touch it, and if they even came close I'd make sure they didn't have a hand left over.

We laughed for awhile, and he called Billy up to relay the message. Billy was laughing so hard, when Jacob had asked what was wrong. Jacob scowled over the fun, when Billy finally was able to relay the message back to him. Jacob had asked about our old friendship, that didn't it mean anything at all. I told Charlie that the bike was my baby, and there was not going to be anyone but her going to touch it. All four of us laughed over the phone for a long time after that. I heard a truck pull up in front of the house, and when I looked out the window I saw dad's Harley. I smiled at the guy, who asked where I wanted it. I was going to hide it on the farther side of my truck, where dad couldn't see it when he pulled up. After that was settled, I went back inside and finished off dinner.

Just as I was taking the food off the stove, dad walked in with two full coolers of winter fish. I smiled at him, as he piled them into the freezer. "We had a good weekend, and Jacob asked before I left if you had changed your mind about him tuning up your bike."

"Ha, as if. Over my dead body, will he be touching my baby. After dinner, I have a surprise for you." I told him as he sat down, and I put his plate of food in front of him. He would ask me questions, but I would just change the subject. Most people would have just given up, but not my dad, at least I knew where I had gotten my stubbornness from.

After I had taken my time, I had finished my dinner making my dad fidget in his set with excitement. I had slowly cleaned the dishes, while he tried to rush me. Finally wiping my hands of the water on my hands, I leaned back on the counter, and looked at my dad with a smirk on my face. "You ready for your surprise?"

"Bell that's evil what you have been doing, you know I want to know what my surprise is." Charlie exclaimed at me frustrated, and I knew I couldn't keep him from getting his bike any longer. I was starting to get nervous, wondering if he'd like it or not. I took his hand, and dragged him out the door. I left him on the doorstep telling him to close his eyes, until I tell him he can open them. Once I was sure he wasn't going to peek, I walked to the other side of my truck and pushed his brand new bike in front of him.

As I got it right where I knew he couldn't miss it, I walked back over to him and whispered in his ear to open his eyes. The look on his face when he saw the bike, made me the happiest I think I had ever been. He looked like a child in a candy store, who was just told he could have as much candy as he wanted, no matter the cavities he could get. "So, do you like it?"

"Do I like it, I love it. Bell, how did you afforded this, I mean this had to be expensive." Dad requested from me, and I just didn't have the heart to care. He loved it, and I was so happy I could get this for him. To make that brilliant smile on his face appear, that was all that mattered to me.

I shook my head and hugged him, before I answered him. I watched as he examined it from front to back carefully, he looked inside the hidden compartment in the back and found his helmet; which was the same vivid black, which was the same color of the Harley. "It's a Harley-Davidson VRSC V-Rod Muscle, in Vivid Black. 6, 500 RPM; and how I got the money. Well let's just say I've been saving up, and I still am for school. Mrs. Newton gave some extra hours, and a Holiday bonus which gave me the extra money to get you, you're very brand new motorcycle."

We left for a Sunday drive, and we enjoyed our ride together. Halfway along, dad decided to take his bike to La Push. I told him that since I had school tomorrow, that I would go back home to sleep. Once I was back home, I had gotten ready for bed. On my way back to my room from the bathroom, I tripped on a loose floorboard. When I moved it, to find the few things, which brought all my pain back. I had gotten better, but seeing all the pictures, things all the Cullen's had given me sitting there brought back everything I had worked so hard to break through. The reminder of a family that I was apart of, that I wouldn't ever be apart of again.

As I looked over each thing, pulling out one item at a time, I realized I was crying when I was holding Emmett and Jasper birthday present that they had given me in my hands; I fought to control the sob that wanted to erupt out of my chest. I couldn't let it affect me again; I couldn't lose myself inside of me again. I couldn't do that to Charlie, David or Millie. They had stayed with me through everything, and David and Millie had made sure that I had everything to be myself again. Not be the weak girl I was when I first came here, I had something to fight for. Therefore, I got up from where I was sitting on the floor, picked up my guitar and sat on the floor leaning against my bed with all the reminders sitting in front of me. All of a sudden, lyrics just came to me, as I strummed the guitar in my arms.

Louder, louder
The voices in my head
Whispers taunting
All the things you said
Faster the days go by and I'm still
Stuck in this moment of wanting you here
In the blink of an eye
You held my hand, you held me tight
Now you're gone
And I'm still crying
Shocked, broken
I'm dying inside

Where are you?
I need you
Don't leave me here on my own
Speak to me
Be near me
I can't survive unless I know you're with me

Shadows linger
Only to my eye
I see you, I feel you
Don't leave my side
It's not fair
Just when I found my world
They took you, they broke you, they tore out your heart

I miss you, you hurt me
You left with a smile
Mistaken, your sadness
Was hiding inside
Now all that's left
Are the pieces to find
The mystery you kept
The soul behind a guise

Where are you
I need you
Don't leave me here on my own
Speak to me
Be near me
I can't survive unless I know you're with me

Why did you go?
All these questions run through my mind
I wish I couldn't feel at all
Let me be numb
I'm starting to fall

Where are you?
I need you
Don't leave me here on my own
Speak to me
Be near me
I can't survive unless I know you're with me

Where are you?
Where are you?

You were smiling

I felt a presence near me, I could smell with the wind from outside blew in through my now open window. I opened my eyes slowly, as I finished the song, and I was surprised to see Jasper. I had prayed that it wasn't Edward, because I didn't want to fall all over again. Somehow, I knew that he wasn't mine any longer, but also that someone else was hurting because of the game he played with me. I took a deep intake of air in shock of seeing Jasper sitting in front of me on the floor. "Jasper?!" I whispered only just loud enough to hear me, and I knew that everything that I had worked for wasn't lost just yet.

To Be Contiuned