I was the first to pull into dad's driveway, I was glad to be home but at the same time I was sad because we were no longer in Texas. There was something about Texas; that just let you forget about everything going wrong in the world, sadly though that wasn't possible in my world at the moment. I had a vengeful red-headed bitch after me because of Fuckward, let alone I still had to deal with him and the pixie bitch. I just didn't have time to worry about them at the moment; I only had time to worry about one at a time. "Hey daddy, how was your week?"

"It wasn't as fun without you and Jasper around, the boys were antsy the whole time. Well minus Paul, who seemed to be smug all week for some odd reason." Dad sounded confused by Paul's behavior, but I knew why Paul was so smug. The bastard was going to be sorry for that later, I'm planning on scarring him shitless. I had only talked to Paul the whole time I was gone, and he knew for a fact if the pack knew they'd throw a fit. Don't get me wrong, I love Paul with all my being. And that's because he understands why I'm willing to give up everything human for Jasper.

I hoped he found his imprint soon, because even though he is an ass most of the time he deserves to find his soul mate as much as the rest of the pack. I think I'm the only one to know, that he's had a crush on Rachel Jake's older sister. Rachel and I were close when I was little, and she was gorgeous from what I remember. Jasper was the first one to pull in behind me, soon after it was Char then Peter. I had them put contacts in a town back so Dad wouldn't question why they're eyes were red. We didn't need to worry about explaining that to him right now; not even if I was sure I was going to tell him yet, because I was afraid that he'd have a heart attack if he knew. "What did you do all week?"

"Sue feed me per your request; she said it had something to do with you telling her that I can't cook worth shit. Do you know anything about that?" He asked after he hugged me and shook Jasper's hand, but he had kept his eyes trained on me. I could see his amusement in his eyes, but Jasper projected Char and Peter's surprise about how dad and I talked to each other. It was a relationship we had when I was younger, just without the curse words because if I had cussed when I was younger I would have probably been whooped in the ass.

I smirked at my dad, because I knew quite well what Sue was talking about. Dad and I both knew that he couldn't cook worth shit, and when he tried to make anything other than eggs and bacon he practically burned down the house. He was good at being a cop, my dad, drinking beer and watching sports. I guess I could add, flirting since he hooked Sue into dating him. "Of course I do old man; we both know this house wouldn't be standing if it weren't for my cooking. All the grease you ate, I'm surprised you didn't have a heart attack way before I moved back into this place."

"Too true, but you watch what you tell Sue about me. She wants me to watch other things, other than ESPN every night." Charlie grumbled playfully, and really I knew he'd watch something other than ESPN when Sue was in the room. Besides she liked sports too, she just didn't watch them like it was a religion. My father was a sports fanatic, and no one and I mean no one is as bad as him about watching sports. "Charlotte and Peter it's a pleasure to meet you, and I know none of you are staying long since the boys are waiting for you at La Push. Just make sure you watch out for my girl, she can be a firecracker."

"Oh believe me; we know just how much of a firecracker your daughter is. Peter here got on the wrong side of her, and let's just say he lost some of his manhood for trying to mess with her. When he should have known better, but my Peter here has a hard time filtering his mouth." Char said with a chuckle, as Peter grimaced at the thought of his balls not being back with him yet. Dad chuckled even though he really didn't know what Char had really meant about it, but things were better off that way.

"Well Peter, you sound a lot like Paul it seems. I'm willing to bet you two will get along just great, when the two of you meet. Just watch out, he has quite a temper that one. Bells seems to be the only one, who can rein him in when absolutely necessary." I snorted at my dad's assumption; the only thing that reins in that ass is by threatening him with none of my cooking. Paul along with the rest of the pack, were addicted to my cooking which they were all very upset over the fact that they wouldn't be able to have it after I left for college unless they visited. Hell Paul even said he'd follow Jasper and I to Dartmouth, and live with us just so he could continue to eat my food.

Soon enough Dad; left for work and we made our way to La Push. The pack would be at Sam and Emily's place, just like they always were. Sam wasn't exactly happy about Char and Peter being human drinkers, but I gave him my word that they wouldn't hurt anyone on the rez so help me god. I told him how they feed only on the criminals in the world, and though he still felt uneasy about them killing humans he was glad that they just weren't innocent people. He trusted my judgment on this, considering they were helping us with taking care of Victoria and her army of imbeciles. I was more than positive that Em and Rose were coming as soon as they can get information from the pixie and fuckward, and I could say the same for Carlisle and Esme. I just wasn't so sure that Forks and La Push was ready for them to come back, but if they were willing to help they might just need to put their differences behind them until this was all over.

I knew that Jake would have the hardest time, because he hated them all for leaving me. He should really only be pissed at two of them and he knew that, but he is trying to protect me even if it's sometimes from the wrong people or vampires in this case. Jake still wasn't willing to talk to me alone according to Paul, but that was okay but I wasn't about to be asked to choose between who I love with my whole heart and a family that can only ever just hold me together. "JJ when will I be able to get my balls back?"

"Whoa Whoa, what is he talkin about Bells?" Paul and Quil asked at the same time, standing on Sam and Emily's front porch waiting for us. Jasper and I were chuckling while, Peter scowled at the boys. I climbed off my bike, and ran up to them tackling them onto the ground. I missed my pack, but I knew they'd always have my back no matter what. I could hear Jasper laughing even harder, but there were others laughing from above me. I quickly got off of Paul and Quil, and hugged Sam and Emily than Kim and Jared. I didn't see Seth, Brady or Colin; so I assumed they were out patrolling with Jake.

I knew Jake wasn't going to be here when I got here, because he still believed that I was making the wrong decision to become a vampire when I felt the time was right. Though no one in the pack was completely thrilled about my decision, they stood behind me knowing that I wouldn't be able to live without Jasper like I was able to when it came to Fuckward. "Shit I don't know how Paul and Quil are going to handle it, when you go off to college girl."

"Oh they'll just have to visit more often, won't you boys." I winked at Paul and Quil, after replying to Kim's statement. Sam would probably let them come to visit every once in awhile, as long as there wasn't any real threat to the rez. I wasn't sure when I was going to be ready to be changed, but I definitely knew that it was going to be within the next few years. I was turning nineteen this fall, and Jasper is frozen at 20. I don't think waiting another year would be too bad, or even being changed after spring semester would be bad.

It would have to be something Jasper and I would have to sit down and talk seriously about, but it wasn't going to happen until after Victoria and her imbecile army were taken care of. I will be fighting in this battle, and though I know Jasper doesn't want me to I have too. I have to know that the bitch is dead with my own fucking eyes, because if I don't I'll always be looking for her everywhere I fucking go. "Is someone going to tell us, what you did to this vamps balls?"

"My darling husband decided to talk before thinking, and in turn got his balls taken away from him. I ripped them off; because Bells refused to touch them herself and jumped them somewhere I don't even know where." Char answered Paul's question, and soon everyone in the pack including the girls were laughing at Peter's expense. Paul lifted me off the ground, and swung me around laughing like a hyena. Peter didn't look happy in the least about Char giving that information out freely, but really eh brought it on himself. Jasper and I had warned him that the pack had super hearing just like he did; it was not our fault he hadn't listened about keeping his shit quite if he didn't want them to know.

Sure I would have told Paul eventually at some point, and then everyone in the pack would have known to long afterwards. I knew I was acting like a bitch sort of at the moment, but I was just glad to see the pack again. We had things to go over, and training to start. I wasn't about to let this bitch hurt or kill anyone in my family, and I had a big fucking family if you look at it from my point of view. I had the pack which held thirteen including imprints, my human family and my vampire family. I was lucky enough to know that Victoria didn't know about David and Millie, because at least I knew I could keep them safe from this. I don't even want to tell them about it coming up, and I probably won't tell them till it's over with. "JJ when am I getting, my damn balls back?"

"When I feel you deserve them back you fucking prick, now get that stick out of your ass so I can introduce you to my family Petey. Char and Pete this is my pack and imprints, here you have Sam and his finance Emily; Paul who's too much of an asshole to have an imprint; Jared and his girl Kim, Quil and the little girl is his imprint Claire and don't even think to crack any jokes Petey or ill keep those balls of yours longer. We have Embry, Seth and the bitch Leah last. Jake and the twins aren't here, so I'm assuming there out on patrol making sure the redheaded bitch isn't following us here or something. Boys, Imprints, and Le-bitch; I'd like to introduce you to Charlotte and her ball-less husband Peter Whitlock." Introduced them all, while Jasper took me from Paul's arms, we stood to the side and watched what they'd all do.

I could see from where I was standing, how badly Peter wanted to make a comment about Clair and Quil. I had been dead serious about what I had said about him not getting his balls back, if he made fun of them for it. It was something they couldn't control, and I would be damned if Peter made fun of them for it. Char was the first to stick her hand out, and say hello to the other half of my family. Leah and I weren't that great of friends, and I could probably care less about her attitude but she knew not to piss me off about the vampires I thought of as family. We didn't particularly like each other, but we got along for our parents because we saw how much they loved each other. She was nice when she was around her mother and Charlie, but we really did just tolerate each other. "You know they don't smell too bad either, Bells. I did want to know, what the ball-less one meant by calling you JJ."

"Good to know Paul, but don't go starting shit you can't finish either. Apparently I'm the female version of Jesse James, but so much more bad ass." I said with a laugh and wink to Peter, who gave me a small smile. Char smiled proudly along with Jasper from behind me, as the pack mumbled in agreement with that assessment. "So anything interesting happen, while we were gone having a blast?"

"Not much bells, just keeping the patrols up. Stupid boss man, doubling them up too; hoping we'd catch the bitch while you were gone so you wouldn't have to worry about her. I tried to tell him, you'd want a piece of her ass, but you know one listens to me." Paul growled out in frustration, that's why we were so close. Because I would always listen to what he'd have to say, and he'd make sure I was never bored or depressed by being the ass he is.

I nodded my head, and looked at Sam. He looked a little sheepish about the whole thing, and though I knew he was looking out for me like a big brother would. I didn't need or want him going after Victoria and her army on their own with me or the others there to help out. "Well Sam Paul is right for a change, which I know is surprising in itself. If anything would have happened to any of you, I'd feel responsible, not that I would even if I was here and was fighting against you. I love you for wanting to protect me from that bitch, but she's after me so we'll be doing this together as a team and no lone ranger shit."

"I think we should all go out in the back, and have this conversation Miss JJ. We don't some human folks, overhearin' our conversation or nothin'. That and I want a damn bonfire, cause I got your guitar and you're damn well playin' JJ." Peter spoke soon after me, and I turned to look behind us seeing a few rez people getting ready to walk by. I nodded in his direction, and walked hand in hand around the house with Jasper. This would be the first time; I'd hear how things were going to go even if Peter didn't know all the specifics. He knew enough about what was going to happen, that we'd be able to plan out our counterattack.

I don't know when it happened, but I had started thinking in strategy. It might have been, when I had started reading the war books my great uncle had given that was passed down to family to family member. Jared and Paul quickly grabbed to extra seats for Char and Peter, though I knew it wasn't needed for them to sit I was glad the boys took the initiative. We all sat down and got comfortable as we could get, which wasn't hard for most of us. I was sitting on top of Jasper's lap, on our usual seat in the backyard when Peter started up on what we were up against. "If we're going to win this, we need to know get past any problems that any of you have against me and Char for drinking from humans. We don't drink from just random people; we drink from those who truly deserve to die for the crimes they've committed. There's a lot of shit this bitch has going on, the one thing we have on our side is that the newborns she's creating aren't in a hell of a lot of control. Meaning she isn't an expert on building newborn armies, and that she doesn't know how to keep them from killing each other off."

"Do we know how many there will be?" Sam asked getting into his Alpha mode, quickly getting that this is beyond serious and dangerous. Sam had made it a point that the imprints, should know what we were up against since they were going to sit at home worrying at least they had the same facts that we did. I had agreed with that assessment, because at least them they'd know what we were fighting against. They'd also know what to have ready for us, when we came back from the battle.

Peter seemed deep in thought, and I knew he wouldn't be able to give us the exact amount. He didn't have a gift like Alice's, he just knew facts and tidbits of information he doesn't know absolutely everything. We would have to explain his gift as good as possible, so they'd understand we couldn't fully rely on what he knew. I didn't want us going into this, without back up plans in case things turned out different then what we knew from Peter's gift. "Fifteen to Twenty, really it depends on how many kill each other off."


"Look Sam before we go any further, I want to make sure you understand that we can't completely rely on what Peter knows. The way his gift works, isn't like the Pixie shit that Jasper and I told you about. Peter doesn't see visions, he just knows shit. Like the fact and possibly the statistics, so we're going to have to look at this at all and every fucking angle. We'll have a plan working around everything Peter knows, and I think we should have a plan or two in case we come upon different scenarios while were in battle." Bella spoke up before anyone could say anything, and I was shocked she had such a strategic mind about all this. She was thinking like a soldier in war, and working the best possible plans on keeping everyone alive. This is our crazy messed up family, and she was going to make sure everyone was fucking ready for all possibilities if it was the last thing she ever did.

I looked at Sam from my spot behind my mate, and I tasted his emotions. They were of shock and admiration for my mate, and I honestly couldn't be more proud of her. Then all too soon, I could feel the packs confusion. They were confused by the fact; that it sounded like she was going into this battle with us. I could already see who was going to disagree with it, and who was going to stand by her. Paul was going to be all for it, but he was definitely going to be worried about her. Jake was going to outright refuse, when he heard of these plans or even know depending on where he was patrolling at the moment. "Bells, what are you talking about? It almost sounds like; you plan on going with us to this battle."

"That's cause she is goin', this is as much as her fight as it is all of ours. In actuality this is more her fight, then anyone else's here minus the Major's. She's gonna be goin' into this knowing absolutely everything she can, and we will definitely be working with her on controlling her jumping with vampires. She will need to know how to fight in this kind of battle, just like the wolves will need to train for something like this. You aren't use to fighting in battle like this; you're use to one or two vampires at a time maybe. This is where you're going to be taking care of two to four at the same time, and we need you trained as well as possible in the next month and a half." Peter told them, and I was glad that we had time to really train. I wanted to make sure we had time for Bella to train to her best ability before going into this, and I wanted to make sure the wolves really knew what they were going up against. After we were done talking about this, we would have to talk about when the Cullen's were going to be coming back to Forks.

I'd much prefer that Bella didn't use me as a test dummy, though I would do it if Bella honestly asked me. I would honestly feel better, if it wasn't someone who was immediately apart of our family. I was thinking we should ask the Denali's if they'd help us, and if they did I knew not to expect Irina to join us in the fight against Victoria. I knew she was mated to Laurent, and she is still extremely angry at us for killing him. Bella nor I held it against her, but at the same time we hoped she saw the truth about her mate and not join Victoria in wanting Bella killed. We'd be happy to let her take her anger out on Alice and Edward; because they were the ones to give Laurent the information he needed to find us. "Hell yeah, Bella's going to kick some real vampire ass. I mean come on, they've been after her. I think it's great that now that she has somewhat of an advantage, she can go in this and take some of their asses out."

"Paul! Shut it, I don't know what you're all thinking. It's too dangerous to let her be there, let alone to fight alongside us." Came yelling from the woods, and we all turned to see Jacob come running towards with him just pulling his shorts on. I held back a growl, while Paul and Peter got up and growled at him. Bella got up from my lap, and I knew right away that another fight was one the way between the two friends. I couldn't even tell you if they really were friends, because from what I gather neither of them have talked the whole week. It has only been, Bella and Paul who have been talking. It almost seems as though, Paul is taking the place of the wolf best friend.

I feel a little sad that in a way I was taking Bella away from her best friend, but at the same time I think it was bound to happen eventually. She didn't like being told what to do, and it seemed as though Jacob was doing a lot of that for her. She fights a lot with him, because he wants to control what she does. "I don't know who you think you are Jacob Ephraim Black, but you sure as hell are not one of my parents. Even if you were, I believe I am old enough to make my own damn decisions. I've had enough of people thinking they can make decisions for me, and it's going to fucking end here damn it. If anyone else has a problem with me fighting in this battle, then all of you can just fucking get over it."

"Are you insane Bella, are you trying to get yourself killed. You know what you probably are, seeing as you're willing to become a fucking leech. You have people here who fucking love you, and you're giving everything up to become the un-dead. I could give you children, but all he can give you is an unfulfilled life." Argued Jacob and I am seconds away from tearing him apart, but I knew he was somewhat right. I couldn't give her children, but I would everything in my power to fill that void with anything I could if she wanted. I wouldn't stop her from leaving me if that's what she wanted, but I would never be able to leave her. I'd always be in the shadows watching over her, because I was too selfish to ever completely let her go.

Before I knew it Paul's fist was connecting to Jacob's face, and I was honest to God shocked that he would do something like that to his pack brother. I could see Quil shaking right next to Paul, and wondered if he was going to drag him away or attack Jacob as well. "Thank you Paul, but you can step back some I got it from here. You don't know shit about anything Jacob Black, because even though Jasper can't give me children. He gives me so much more, he loves me for everything that I am and doesn't care that all of you are my family. He respects that I make the choice on who's in my life, and that if he disrespects any of my choices he's in the proverbial dog house. I don't know who you are anymore, because the best friend that I had before would have just been happy that I was happy.

You're being spiteful, because my feelings for you could never be what you wanted them to be. Whatever feelings I had for you, are now nonexistent. We are no longer best friends, and you sure as hell are no longer my brother. Maybe sometime in the future when you get whatever it is that got stuck up your fucking ass removed, we could reevaluate our friendship but it isn't going to be in the foreseeable future. Now I will be fighting, so let's get on to making a training schedule before Jacob starts losing body parts." I felt bad for being one of the things to break them apart, but I was seriously proud of Bella for standing up for what she wanted. Paul and Quil stood by her, silently agreeing with her. I wondered silently how they felt, about Bella be turned into a vampire eventually. I'd ask them about it, when we had some semblance of privacy.

The training plans were set for every afternoon after school, and we'd all meet at the old baseball field that the Cullen's and I use to play. Peter feels the fight happening there, so it be best to train there. We'd have a bigger advantage, by knowing our surroundings and where we could hide and get a few sneak attacks. I was worried about Bella over using her jumping abilities, but I'd just have to make sure she rested a lot after our training sessions. Soon we were all in the clearing; Char had taken Bella to train, and though Bella wasn't going to be using a lot of our fighting techniques she needed to know our weakest points. I won't lie and say I'm not worried about her getting hurt in the fight, but I had to stand by her decisions if I wanted to keep her.

Paul and I had started sparring with each other, and I had to say for someone who has a horrible temper he sure isn't that bad of a fighter. I was finding it hard to care, that Peter was beating the crap at of Jacob at the moment. Jacob had no real skills, while Peter had had centuries to perfect his. Paul and I stooped after awhile and watched as Peter continued to beat Jacob, and see how angry Jacob had becoming each time he lost against Peter. "How exactly do you feel about, Bella changing into one of us?"

"I think if that will make her happy, then she should do it. I won't be standing in her way, because I know it won't change who she is on the inside. Bella will always be Bella, but less breakable and more fun knowing I can't break her without seriously trying. Bella is to caring to ever want to kill a human being, and I know she can be trusted and she won't go killing our people." He told me and I knew what he had said is true, but I do worry that though she is to caring to want to kill a human that she might have her slip ups. Bella was going to have her hard times, and I planned on being there every step of the way when it happens.

I looked at Paul for a long time, trying to figure out when things had changed. He loves Bella I can feel it, but he isn't in love with her like I am. Leah was throwing off some anger towards Jacob and Bella, and I had to wonder why that was. What had Bella ever done to her, and why now when she had helped her out when Bella was getting ready for prom just a few weeks ago? "What exactly is up Leah's ass?"

"Jacob imprinted on her, and she imprinted on him but he's denying it and she's pissed over the fact that Jacob just admitted he loved Bella. It's something entirely fucked up, because we've all been telling Jacob he can't deny the imprint. Bella wouldn't want that even if she wasn't with you, because she believes imprinting is a sacred thing and it should be embraced. He has this crazy thought; that once Bella see's that he can fight off the imprint, that she'll leave you and be with him." Paul told me without hesitation and I could feel my anger building, and Jacob was pissed off over the fact that Paul had told me what was going on. He is determined to talk to Bella, and no matter what I had faith she'd always pick me. Our love was something entirely different to compared to Jacob's love for her. I knew Bella only ever loved Jacob as a friend and a brother, and I was starting to think that Jacob needs a good swift kick in the ass.

Soon we were on our way back to La Push for a quick dinner for Bella. I carried Bella on my back, because I could feel how tried she was. We'd have to call Emmett and Rose when we got home tonight, and before we do that we'll have to talk to the pack about them coming back. As quietly as I possibly could, told Bella of what Paul had told me. Bella's anger skyrocketed before we even made it to Sam's house, right as we got into the yard she was out of my arms and off into the house with a mission in mind. "What the hell is wrong with you? Making Leah go through more pain then she already has, isn't it bad enough that she's gone through a relationship where imprinting had torn them apart. I'm never going to love you like you want Jacob, so stop being a stupid fucking teenager and accept the fucking imprint. It's never going to change anything between us; you're never going to be everything I need so get it through your fucking head. Or I'll take it off, and stick it somewhere for everyone to fucking see."

"I'd gladly help by ripping off your tail, just so we can see what it is that would come off." Leah added on after realizing that Bella wasn't truly a threat it was all in Jacob's head. I was starting to think all wolves were fucking stupid, but I couldn't because Sam could see Bella was right. He felt sorrow for hurting Leah and I don't think that will ever go away, but he was angry that Jacob was willing putting the woman that was practically made for him through torture for nothing but his own insane ideas. Sure Jacob loves Bella, but under the surface you could feel the repressed love he had for Leah. The boy was in for an awakening, and it was going to be one hell of an awakening.

All the guys in the pack shuddered at the thought, and I could only guess what they had imagined with Leah's mind. I was so glad I was neither Jacob nor Peter at this moment; because it was just a feeling I would really like not having to feel something like that. Bella walked away from Jacob who looked like someone had kicked his dog, while Bella wrapped her arms around my waist burying her head in my chest. "Bells…"

"Just don't man, I think you've done enough damage in the short week she's been gone. She's right by the way; you're the only one besides Leah who doesn't approve of what Bella and Jasper have. The rest of us can see it, but you're too blind to see it and Leah is too much of a bitch to care about anything but herself. We have more important things to deal with, then the petty shit the two of you need to deal with." Sam said cutting off Jacob from trying to talk to Bella, which Bella and I were very relieved about. I was pretty sure she couldn't handle anymore from Jacob tonight; she was too tired and didn't need the added stress.

I could feel Leah and Jacob's anger rise at Sam's words, and knew they were getting ready to argue with him over what he said. I honestly didn't care, as long as it didn't directly involve Bella getting into the middle. I could hear Sam sigh as he saw the verbal attack coming; he pointed me towards the couch so I could get Bella to rest. Kim was quick to get a plate of food for Bella, while Seth came bearing gifts of southern comfort for Bella and me. A bottle each apparently, and I think Bella was more than ready to drink both of them off to try and forget about the events about to happen or the ones that already did.

Paul was sitting on the other end of the couch, and placed Bella's feet on his lap. Bella ate her food while we all watched what was going to be said by Leah and Jacob now. It was something that everyone knew was coming, because Leah had an even shorter temper then Paul. "How fucking dare you Sam, this isn't some petty shit. That bitch you're trying so hard to protect, shouldn't even be allowed to come on our land. If it wasn't for her, we would be wolves and we would have to be fighting in this stupid war that doesn't even concern us."

"I'm sick of your shit Leah, we've all had enough of it. You don't like me, whoopee dee fucking doo. I could care fucking less what you think of me, but let's get one thing straight. The way you waltz into this house, and treat your cousin is fucked the hell up. Fine she has Sam and you don't, but really if the two of you were fucking meant for each other then he would have imprinted on your fucking ass the day he saw you again. You have the fucking option to fight in this battle or not, and honey I won't be the least bit hurt if you decided to sit your ass at home. You don't want me here or to even see me, find another place to be because until I'm told I can no longer be here by Sam or the other elders my ass is going to be here as long as I fucking want it to be. Get over your shit, and then maybe others will want to be around you." Bella stated from her spot on the couch, not even moving from my chest. Her voice was calm, but it was a deadly calm that made sure you knew she meant business.

Paul whooped and high fived Bella along with Jared and Quil, while Seth was trying to fight the smile that was spreading across his face. I know he loves Leah, but he loves Bella like a sister in the same way I love Rosalie. I'm pretty sure Rose would beat Leah in the bitch category, and I couldn't wait for her to get here. Leah was silent from shock, but the glare she was giving Bella had me glaring back at her. "That's enough Leah, if you don't want to help you know where the door is. I really don't want hear it Jake, so if it has anything to do with how you want to break up Bella and Jasper you also know where the door is. We have actual business to deal with, and I don't this crap from either of you. Jasper is there anything, you wanted to talk about?"

"I think it would be a good idea, if I call the Cullen's and ask for their help. I know for a fact that our brother and sister would join us, along with our parents. It also wouldn't hurt to have Carlisle here, for any injuries any of us might happen to get during the fight. We could also call in a few other friends, if you were willing to have other vampires in the area. They don't have to come on the reservation, and we'll make sure they feed away from Forks." I went ahead and put it out there, while Leah was debating about what she was going to do. Jacob obviously decided to stay and listen, but I don't know if his fight for Bella was over with yet.

Sam was thinking about it hard, and I didn't blame him in the least. I was asking for a lot, and that meant danger for his tribe no matter what I told him. He risked the chance of making others phase, but it was risk he was either going to take or we were with the less amount of people we have fighting on our side. I was looking at this from both angles, and the best option is to have as many people on our side fighting as we possibly could. "The treaty still applies for the Cullen's, and I expect the other vampires you bring in to follow by your rules. If at some point I feel comfortable with them coming on the rez, they will have at least one wolf with them at all times."

SPOV (Sam's Point of View)

"Now that is settled, why don't we all just relax. Bella can sing us all a song, and I'd sure like to see what you got hidden under that jacket of yours JJ." Spoke the dirty blonde vampire with red eyes, the contacts had dissolved soon after him and his mate had gotten here. I was right when everyone but Leah and Jacob could see how well matched Bella and jasper were. They completed one another, in a way that Jacob would never be able too. I wasn't the most excited over the fact that Bella was going to become a vampire, but it was something she was obviously destined to become.

Bella had got off of Jasper's chest to slide across the couch to talk to Paul in a hushed tone that no one but Paul could hear. It was obvious she had spent a little too much time around the super hearing variety of mythical creatures, if she knew how low she needed to speak to have a private conversation. Jasper didn't seem all that bothered over the fact, of how close Paul and Bella were. In fact it almost seemed as though they had gotten so close, that Paul was taking Jacob's place as her best friend and confidant. Paul agreed to whatever it was she asked him to do, and they were off to the backyard with Bella's guitar in Paul's hand.

Everyone followed them out into the backyard, and grabbed their seats. We all watched as Paul grabbed a stole, and place it right where Bella was standing. She moved away from him unzipping her jacket, to let us see that she was wearing a black satin asymmetrical vest. I had to say that my sister looked fucking hot in the top, along with those skin tight skinny jeans. "Hold this for me, cowboy."

You're gonna have to meet my mama
Gonna learn to say, yes ma' am
Gotta learn to call me hun

If you wanna be my cowboy
Gotta treat me like a lady
Get the door and hold my hand
Better tell me that I'm pretty

If you wanna be my cowboy
I ain't got no time for players
Ain't no one ride rodeo
Ain't got room for no heartbreakers

Giddy up, giddy up, go
Grab my hand and take me dancing
Show me off to all your friends
Rub my back and call me baby
If you wanna be my cowboy
Oh, ya ya

Better buy my favorite pony
Better learn my favorite song
Gotta lay some bling upon me

If you wanna be my cowboy
I ain't got no time for players
Ain't no one ride rodeo
Ain't got room for no heartbreakers

Giddy up, giddy up, go
Grab my hand and take me dancing
Show me off to all your friends
Rub my back and call me baby
Ya ya, oh ya ya

Saddle up and take me for a little ride
Lay me down on a blanket ya
By the river side, yeah, yeah, yeah

Come on boys
I ain't got no time for players
Ain't no one ride rodeo
Ain't got room for no heartbreakers

Giddy up, giddy up, go
Grab my hand and take me dancing
Show me off to all your friends
Rub my back and call me baby
If you wanna be my cowboy
Wanna be my cowboy
Oh, ya ya ya

All of us knew there was no way she was asking any of us to be her cowboy, because she already got hers. But I had to say that Country Accent she was working with, was hot and I know that might sound a little creepy coming from me. I view her as a sister, but really any normal guy could tell how fucking hot she is. Jasper is one lucky bastard, and I wished him the best with handling her for the rest of his life. "Damn Jasper, if she wasn't already yours I would have no problem being her cowboy."

"Oh shut up Embry, before I take that baseball bat and hit you in the head with it." Spoke Emily from beside me, and I remember that the love of my life was here with me. Knowing I'm probably drooling over one of her best friends, but is okay with it knowing I couldn't never hurt in any way possible. Jasper could feel all of our emotions, but I think he was too concentrated on Bella to care. Not that any of us blamed him all that much.

I was slightly worried about Paul, he loved Bella anyone of us could see that. I just hoped he didn't have any ideas of trying to break up Bella and Jasper, like Jacob was stupid enough to think is possible. He stands up for her, and though I know he was a naturally short temper it was different when it came to Bella. He stood up for her, hitting people first asking questions later. After Bella and the vampires left, I stopped Paul from leaving quite yet. "Do you think we can talk for a sec, I need to ask you something."

"Sure what's up, boss man?" I hated when he called me that, but it wasn't going to stop unless I ordered him too as his Alpha, and I wasn't going to do that I hated having to do that. He sat down in front of me in my living room, and Emily made herself scarce.

I took a deep breath in, hoping for the best and that Paul wouldn't hit me or even phase in my house. I really didn't want to re-build this place, even if I made him and the rest of the guys help me. "Are you in love with Bella?"

"What? No, why would you ask me that. She's my best friend, hell she's like the little sister I've always wanted but never fucking had. She keeps me in fucking line, and knows how to calm my ass down from attacking everyone in fucking sight. Look if the circumstances were different, and Bella didn't find her soul mate in Jasper then maybe I would have given her a thought as my future. I'm protective of her, because that's what big brothers do." I listened to him, he wasn't as pissed off as I thought he would be. Of course he sort of yelled a little in the beginning but as he thought about it he calmed down, and told me how it really was.

I believed him too, because we are all protective of Bella, even if she can take care of herself. I just worry that she'll get hurt, beyond any repair no matter whom or what we are. I agreed to Carlisle coming thinking about what he can do for Bella if something were to happen, and because if any of us did get hurt he'd probably be the best to know how to help us out. We also needed all the help we could get, just like Jasper said. I had to follow his judgment, because no matter what difference we have with vampires we know not all of them are bad. That and his fought in a war just like this, and he was also fighting for love of his existence. "Okay, I just wanted to make sure you were good."

A/N: I know I suck, because I haven't updated in two months. My life has just been so frantic lately, and I'm just getting back into having some piece and quite to write everything that's going inside my head. I know this might not be my best one yet, but I think it got all my thoughts I wanted across. There is a very strong chance of errors, but that happens with every story. Hope you all enjoy,


My Cowboy – Jessie James