Trunks' Interesting Adventure

An Elkian-DBZ Production

Chapter one: Would you please…

It was Trunks' first day of eleventh grade. He felt pumped, and ready to take on the annoying school system. Last year he'd been all alone in the concrete building, Goten too young and Gohan too old to understand how a high schooler thought. Their respective fathers, of course, were no help, and the mothers had long since graduated. And, of course, his grandparents were completely out of the loop.

But not this year. THIS year, Goten was old enough to attend, and had managed to finagle his parents into letting him go to the same place.

He turned to his buddy and smiled. "Nervous?"

"Not a chance!" The brunette teen grinned broadly, looking even more pumped than his childhood pal. "I'm gonna get some sweet high school skirts!"

GONG~ Trunks put away the monkey wrench. "Save that for the second week, idiot!"

"BING-BONG, BING-BONG…Would all the students please enter their classrooms, school is now in session…."

"OH XXXX! We're late!" Trunks grabbed Goten's wrist and dragged him to the freshman building, wished him luck, and dashed to his science classroom, where untold mayhem was being perpetrated…

Trunks barely undid the Super Sayajin Transformation (from here on SST) before the uproar reached his ears.

"What the…?" He trailed off as he neared the door. "What's happening-?"

He caught the tail-end of and enthusiastic 'I WILL!' and a somewhat feminine voiced coming back with 'I don't want YOUR genes anyway!' and the whole class 'OH~'ing; then the door slammed open.

An attractive brunette girl leaned out, caught sight of him, rushed over, clasped his hands, and asked with most serious look on her face as was possible:


Trunks blushed brightly and stammered, "What, right here?!"

She returned him with a serious gaze, "Of COURSE!"

He fainted dead away.

What Trunks had NOT been exposed to was roll call. The lean, slightly geeky teacher, Mr. Manwise, had always been popular with his female students, but had never been asked out (See jerk syndrome), much in the same way as Trunks. So when he got to one of the last names, Taijiya Hessian, he was immensely surprised and quite a bit gobsmacked when the pretty girl leant eagerly over her desk and propositioned him.

Having already derailed the class, she went on, after his stammered refusal, to ask many of the attractive male members of the class for their, ahem, DNA. One less than savory character volunteered, she shot him down, the class OHed, and she fled to find a more suitable suitor.

Enter Trunks.