Title: Warmth
Author: Enkidu07
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.
Challenge Word: Shudder
A/N: A special drabble in honor of Soncnica's birthday. I hope it was a good one!

Companion piece to Mad Server's: "Shiver"


A quaking shudder ran through Dean's shoulders.

"You're shaking," Sam observed in surprise.

"No shhh-it Shhherlock," Dean stuttered, wrapping arms around himself. "It's freezing."

Sam watched from the shallow grave. "Want to dig for a while?"

Dean's face wrinkled and then he shrugged, "Sure."

Quick work, focused, finishing the job while Sam watched his back.

Back at the hotel a hot shower and dry clothes weren't enough to ease the shivers.

An hour of restless sleep before Sam's heat settled close. "Stay on your side, Sam."

Sam's voice, soothing, "Shhhhh, Dean. Sleep."

Dean awoke to warm sun on his pillow.