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Naruto: Kitsune Tales 1



"Tear speech"

'Tear thought'



5 years ago, a powerful demon, the Kyubi no Kitsune, came to Konoha, and started to attack the village. Many shinobi were sent out to battle or delay this titan. The shinobi were dying quickly, outmatched by the giant kitsune.

"We need to hold on until the Fourth Hokage gets here!" Screamed one of the many Jonin participating in the battle. "Where is he?" Asked one of multiple Chunin, also participating in the battle.

Suddenly, a gigantic toad appeared on the scene, and on its head was none other then the Yondaime himself, Namikaze Minato. Before him slept his recently first born son, Naruto. Uzumaki Kushina had died due to complications after giving birth to Naruto. The infants name came from his Godfather's first book. Minato began some seals in order to seal the Kyubi into his son. As the fourth Hokage of Konohagkure, he wouldn't ask anybody else to sacrifice their child if he was unwilling to do the same.

"This is it. The Kyubi's rampage will stop here. Shiki Fūjin!

The Shinigami appeared in all of his deathly glory. The Shinigami did its job by impaling Minato with his hand and grabbed the soul of the Kyubi no Kitsune, who screamed in anguish, as the yang half of its soul slowly started to be absorbed into Naruto, while the Ying half of its soul got absorbed into the belly of Minato. The Third Hokae of Konoha, the Sandaime, arrived just when the Kyubi vanished, and he heard Minato's last words.

"Sarutobi Hiruzen, please take care of my son, Naruto, for me,, but don't tell him who his father is, until he is ready. I want him to grow up like a normal boy. I want the village to see him as a hero." At those words, the Sandaime knew that he was too late.

"I am sorry that I wasn't here earlier, to take your place. But I promise you that Uzumaki Naruto will be treated like a normal boy and as a hero. Namikaze Minato, the fourth Hokage, farewell." Naruto, as a result of the Kyubi being sealed into him, became a kitsune hanyou. The last sight that Minato saw before he died was a tail, beginning to protrude out of his son.

"This…might complicate his treatment just a tiny bit." Minato uttered sarcastically, before saying, "I love you, my son." Minato then died.

The Sandaime was speechless. What faced him was Naruto, evidently growing hanyou features. "I promised that I would take care of him. Wait a minute, where are his hanyou features?" Naruto's hanyou features had disappeared. "Oh well, this does make it easier to transport him to my home and keep his hanyou features hidden, for now, so I am not complaining."

Chapter 1: Enter the kitsune hanyou.

-5 years later, October 10-

Naruto was sleeping peacefully, when he suddenly woke up. He looked around confused, because he was not in his room in the Hokage tower. He was in a place that he had never seen before. Glancing down, he was ankle deep in water, yet, he was not wet.

"How did I get here?"

Naruto starts to explore this dungeon, or whatever it was. Eventually, he came across a large cage, with a piece of paper that had the kanji for SEAL on it, but he couldn't see who or what was in it.

"Kit, come closer to the cage. I promise that I won't bite."

"I'm not a kit. I don't even know what that is. I'm just a child!"

From out of the shadows of the cage stepped out the most beautiful woman that Naruto had ever seen, but then again, he only saw the ANBU, who always had their mask on, and the Sandaime. She had silver hair that fell past her shoulders that seemed to shine in the light. She was wearing a red kimono that went past her knees. She was wearing a simple pair of sandals. She had light, silver eyes with a red iris that expressed no bloodlust or killing intent, but a gentle look, almost like love, not that Naruto would recognize it. However, what surprised him the most were her ears that lay on top of her head, and her nine tails swaying softly in the nonexistent wind behind her. The tails were blood red, with silver tips, while the ears were red with golden tips, the same shade as Naruto's blonde hair.

"Who…who are you? And where am I?"

"I am the Yang half of Kyubi no kitsune, but you can call me…"

"Wait a minute…KYUBI? You…you were the one who attacked the village 5 years ago, and killed my parents."

"I'm sorry, kit, but let me continue. As I was saying, I am the Kyubi no kitsune, but you can call me Tear, a vixen. We are in your mindscape. 5 years ago, I attacked Konoha, but not willingly. I was under control by a madman named Uchiha Madara. When the fight ended, my Yang half, that is, my light, was sealed within you, so that is why I am here."

"Kyubi, no Tear, you are in my body, so let me ask you a question." With a nod from Tear, Naruto continued. "Why haven't you tried to escape?"

"Even if I wanted to, I can't. This seal keeps me in you. Besides, I find it peaceful in here anyway. I don't want to leave, and even if I did forcefully break the seal and leave, it would kill us both."

"Tear, I have another question."

"Ask away."

"How come you don't want to leave?"

"Sigh…over the years, I have taken a liking to you. I almost see you as a son. I don't want to leave you, especially since I, indirectly, killed your family."

"Well, kaa-san..."

"Wait, you think of me as your mom?"

"Yes, since you think of me as your son, it's only fitting to refer to you as my mother, or at least, a mother figure."

Tear had tears in her eyes (ironic, no?), but Tear knew that Naruto needed a motherly figure. "I am honored that you think of me as your mother. There are…certain benefits for having me sealed in you. Observe."

Tear makes a hand seal, and Naruto feels very strange. Subconsciously, Naruto scratches the back of his head, and he is met with something that feels strange. He turns back to Tear and she holds up a mirror, saying "Happy birthday!" Naruto stared at his reflection. He only looked different. His eyes became silver and slanted, like a fox. The iris was blue. His hair, from being blond before, now had traces of silver high lights. On top of that, it seemed longer by half an inch and covered his ears completely. Naruto could still hear, on account of two ears sticking on top of his head. The ears, about an inch long, were red with golden tips, just like his mothers. However, what shocked him beyond belief was the tail that was swishing back and forth behind him, red with a silver tip, just like his mother's tails, although he only had one.

"Nani? What did you do to me?"

"When I was sealed within you, Naruto, an unexpected side effect occurred. That is your side effect, but I managed to hide it by suppressing my chakra thus keeping it dormant within you. You can do the same thing to hide it, simply by suppressing my own chakra, so you can continue to live a normal life, or as normal as it can get for you. Now, if you don't have any other questions…"

"For now, I don't."

"Then I shall return you to your world. But if you need to talk to me, I'll always be in your mind. Just think about what you want to say, and I'll respond as soon as I can, although I may be busy."

Naruto is zipped back to the real world, where it was almost noon. After being awoken, he got up and heard a knock on the door.

"Naruto, are you awake?"

Forgetting about his hanyou features, he replied "Yes I'm awake. You can come in."

The Sandaime walked in, and greeted Naruto.

"Good afternoon, Naruto, and happy birthday. I hope that you slept…Naruto, what happened?"

"Nani? I don't see anything…"

The Sandaime walked Naruto into the restroom, where he pointed at the mirror.

"Oh that. Those were birthday gifts from…someone."

"And who might that be?"

"My…mom gave them to me."

"Your mom? No one has seen her since the Yondaime died."

"Not my maternal mom, my other mom, who is inside me."

Sarutobi realizes that Naruto was talking about the Kyubi. He was shocked. Sandaime thought that the Kyubi was a male. To think that it could be a mother figure. He shuddered.

"Naruto, are you talking about…the Kyubi?" 'I'm not supposed to talk to him about that yet. Curses!'

"Yes…and no. I see the Kyubi as my mom, but she would prefer it if I called her Tear or kaa-san."

The Sandaime practically face vaulted due to shock. But he quickly recovered.

"You shouldn't trust her. She may backstab you."

"I'm aware of that." Replied Naruto.

"Anyway, I was going to tell you, that for your birthday, I have secured you an apartment, but you can't go looking like…"

Before Sarutobi could finish, Naruto had suppressed his kaa-sans chakra, giving him the looks of an ordinary 5 year old boy. He looked exactly like a five year old should, abit a little short for his age, but the only difference was that he had highlights of silver in his blond hair. It was barely noticeable.

"How did you do that?"

"Tear said that if I wanted to look normal, then all that I had to do is suppress her chakra."

"I see, well, in that case, you can go like that to your new apartment. Here, I'll show you where it is."

Nearly ten minutes later, Naruto stood in front of his own apartment. Sandaime gave him the keys, and he turned to leave.

"Oh before I forget, here is some money. Happy birthday again, Naruto."

"Thanks, oji-san!"

The Sandaime nearly face vaulted again, but then laughed it off, and walked away.

Naruto, upon opening his apartment, was staring at pretty much nothing. The apartment was completely bare.

"I guess that is why old man gave me some money…"

Naruto left in search for what he needed, which was pretty much a bed, clothes, and food. After he got what he needed, (And being overcharged, but he didn't know) he delivered it to his new apartment. He set up his bed, cooked some ramen, ate then went to sleep.

-In Naruto's mindscape-

"Tear, I noticed that my nose picked up a lot of strange scents. Did you have anything to do with it?"

"I forgot to mention, since you are essentially a kitsune hanyou, you have improved senses. For instance, your eyesight will be improved. You'll be able to see farther away then normal. On top of that, you have an acute sense of hearing and smell. You'll be able to hear things that you normally can't, and you'll be able to sniff out anything, similar to an Inuzuka, but surpassing them. Is that all, kit?"

"Yeah, that is all for now. Good night, kaa-san."

"Good night, Naru-chan."

-The next morning-

After having a quick breakfast, Naruto set out. When he stepped outside, he was immediately greeted by words, words such as "Demon child", "Kyubi reincarnate" and other negative comments. Ignoring all that, he went to the park. There were many kids at the park, but he didn't want to introduce himself yet. Somehow, he knew that if these kids find out about the Kyubi, that they would hate him. However, as he turned to leave, he bumped into a girl around his age, causing them both to fall over. Hyuga Hinata was the heiress to the Hyuga clan, but Naruto didn't know that yet. Now anxious to know her for unknown reasons, Naruto began to introduce himself.

"I'm sorry about that. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Here let me help you up to your feet. What's your name?"

"H…Hyuga…H…Hina…ta. Who are you?"

"Me? I'm Uzumaki Naruto. Future hokage who is going to be greater then the Fourth. Believe it!"

"Ano…I want to believe you." 'Nani? I'm not stuttering! What does that mean? And why am I blushing?' Naruto didn't notice the blush, because he was fighting back his own.

"Hinata, as my first friend, do you want to go to my house, er apartment?"

'I'm his first friend? He must not be popular. Come to think of it, where did everyone go?' Hinata thought as she glanced around. "Hai, Naruto-kun, I'd love to." They left to Narutos' apartment complex.

"This is your home?"

"It's actually an apartment given to me by the old man. It's mine now."

"Why is it so bare? Where is everything?"

"I only need a bed, food, and clothing, right?"

"Not really. You need other things, like a chair, some cookware, some dental ware, and a lot of other things. If you want, I can come with you to buy these things."

"Sure, I could use some company. For some reason, the shop owners overprice me, or don't let me buy anything. With someone as cute as you going with me, I shouldn't have any of these problems, right, Hinata-chan?"

'He just called me Hinata-chan! And he said I'm cute! Does he like me? That's impossible. No one likes me.'

"The villagers overprice you? How much money do you have left?"

"I have this much. I never learned to count, so the villagers seem to take a lot of money, which is why I think that they're overcharging me. I don't even know how much money I have left."

Hinata checked Naruto's money, and nodded, satisfied that he had enough.

Hinata and Naruto leave Naruto's home, to buy everything else that he needed. Most of the stores refused service, but upon sighting the Hyuga, quickly allowed him to buy the product in question. Some people would call this a first date, since Hinata was one of Narutos' first and only friends. In Naruto's mind…

'Way to go, kit.'

After Naruto and Hinata had got everything that he needed, and after Hinata had shown him a thing or two about money, it was evening. The Sandaime had arranged Naruto to attend the ninja academy next year, and Hinata went home. Naruto changed into his pajamas', and fell asleep, where he had a chat with Tear.

-In Narutos' mindscape-


"Yes, Naru-chan?"

"I met this girl today. I found her to be extremely cute, but I don't know why."

"Looks like my little kit has his first crush!"

"Mom, what's a crush?"

Tear face vaulted out of shock, but quickly recovered. 'He doesn't know what a crush is, but I suppose that it is understandable. After all, he was isolated most of his life, and he only met one other girl besides Hinata, me, but if I have anything to say about it, that will change.'

"Naru-chan, a crush is when you like a girl very much, and you blush when you go around her."

"Nani? I have a crush? OK, I admit it. When she blushes, I have to admit that it is kind of cute."

Tear was thinking. 'You had better not become a pervert, like most men that I know. I'm looking forward to seeing how Naruto and Hinata will turn out.'

Miles away, a certain pervert sneezed.

"Naru-chan, I think that it is time for you to go to bed. While you are sleeping, I shall be teaching you some kitsune arts and the basics of chakra. You will remember and be able to do them when you wake up."

"Hai. Good night, mom."

"Sweet dreams, Naru-chan."

Naruto goes to sleep, and Tear starts to teach him some of the kitsune arts. But first, Tear manupilates Naruto's dream, so that Naruto has a very good dream about Hinata. Suppressing a giggle, she continues teaching Naruto things like the basics of chakra, some common sense, and a lot of other things. One such thing was implanting the mindset of girls and how they think and behave when certain boys go around them, making Naruto have the mindset of a girl, although that part of his mind was dormant. Having finished, Tear went to sleep.

END CHAPTER! So, what do you guys think? I think this rewrite is far better then the original draft. You should know the drill by now. If not, R and R. Laterz

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