Naruto: Kitsune Tales III




-chapter 9-

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Ginji was nervous, make that very very nervous. She was nervous because she was to be married in a few hours.

"Calm down Ginji…"


The person covered his ears. "You didn't have to yell so loud…"

"Oh sorry Kasai."


At last, it was time for the wedding. The people that Ginji and Kenji visited in other worlds were there as guests, including Goku, Yoda, and even Lan.

"Do you, Kenji, take Ginji to be your wife, through richer and through poorer, sickness and in health…do you part?"

"I do."

"Do you, Ginjitsune, take Kenji to be your husband, through richer and through poorer, sickness and in health…do you part?"

"I do."

"If there're any objections to the marriage of these two, speak now or forever hold your peace."


"In that case, I pronounce you man and-"


The man who yelled that quickly unsheathed some sort of an enchanted blade, called a Zanpakutou.

"Synthesize, Aoarashi!" (Green Tempest)

The blade known as Aoarashi became a curved green katana. Unseen by everyone, the blade had tiny teeth at the end, signifying it as a Key Blade. With one swing from Aoarashi, a leaf blade came out and hit the hollow, but it did minimal damage. Everyone of the guests that could summon a Key Blade summoned their Key Blades.

The cloaked stranger wielding Aoarashi made another leaf blade, and sent it on its way to the hollow. Cries of "Grand Firaga!" and some jutsu were thrown, but the hollow evaded them all. In a counter attack, the hollow swiped his claw at the cloaked stranger, ripping off his mask.

"Leaf gale!"

A whirlwind of leaf blades appeared as the man swung his sword. They spun toward the hollow, dealing a critical hit to the monsters forehead, killing it instantly. Aoarasahi became the basic Zanpakutou again, but with one, very noticeable, KEY difference.

After all the Key Blades were unsummoned, Naruto walked up to him, but the man had his back turned to him.

"Thanks for the assistance. I noticed that you have a Key Blade-"

"It was a Key Blade, but now it's a Zanpakutou."

"Right, anyway, may I ask your identity?"

"It's polite to give your introduction first."

"Oh sorry. I am the Rokudaime Hokage. My name is Namikaze Naruto."

'Naruto?! It can't be!' The stranger turns around.

"If you are really Naruto…"

"I am!"

"Then meet your maker-"

Naruto summons his Key Blade.

"I meant your father."


"Yes, my name is Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage and Soul Reaper."

"Soul Reaper?"

"My job is to send dead spirits to the afterlife, and to destroy hollows. I came here to see my grand daughter's wedding."

"Uh, where was I? Oh yes. I pronounce Kenji and Ginjitsune man and wife."

"The weddings over? Guess I better head back…"

"Wait dad, why don't you stick around for a while?"

"Hmm, maybe I will."

"Besides," Naruto summons his latest Key Blade, the Oathkeeper. "I've always wondered who is stronger."

"I see." Minato summons his Zanpakutou. "Prepare yourself!"

Naruto and Minato battle, with Naruto noticeably losing. 'Man, I'm getting old…Tear? You there?'

A red fox with nine tails appears in Naruto's mindscape.

"Yes I'm here."

'Lend me your strength!'


Tear floods Naruto with her chakra. The chakra strengthens Naruto, and he, as a girl, fights back. The Soul Reaper appears that he is losing, until he yells out.

"Synthesize, Aoaraashi!"

The battle between Yondaime and Rokudaime escalated to new heights, with the two pulling out every stop, hereby accidently destroying the chapel.



The battle appeared to be a stalemate.

*pant* *pant*

"Good battle dad."

"You too, son."

Suddenly, Konohamaru yelled. "Cool! I want a Zanpakutou! Screw the Key Blade!"

A vein on both Naruto and Minato's forehead twitches.


"Actually, Key Blades and Zanpakutou are of equal strength, unless one were to awaken their Zanpakutou. Then it is many times stronger, especially if you were to achieve Bankai."

"That was a fine battle, but who is to pay for all of this damage?"

Naruto and Minato look around, and sweat drop at all the destruction that they caused."

'There goes my gama-chan.'

'Do I even have any of this realms money?'

Two identical cries of Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and about 100 Naruto's appear, and about 100 Minato's.

"Get to work!"

While they are cleaning up, Minato asks a question.

"Say son, how would you like a job as a Soul Reaper?"

"I'm not dead yet."

"Point taken, when you die, I'll send you to Soul Society, and if you want, you can train as a Soul Reaper."

"What about Hinata?"

"She could be one too."

"I'll only be a Soul Repear if Naruto-kun is one."

"Then it's settled"

"But, what about our children?"

"Oh them? They can either live in soul society or stay here."

"Can we see soul society first before we make our decision?"

"Sure, I'll be back when-"

"Hold on, dad. Want to see Tear?"

"Who's Tear?"

"I'll show you. TEAR!"

A nine tailed fox appeared, making Minato jump and summon his Zanpakutou, before slapping himself and unsummoning it..

"Relax dad. Tear is not an enemy. In fact she never was."

"It's been about 50 years. I forgot what made me attack. I think that Orochimaru brainwashed me."



While Minato and Naruto were battling, Ginjitsune and Kenji sneaked into a room, where their lust for each other became too much to bear and Ginji pounced on Kenji.

Ginji leapt onto Kenji, and he fell onto the bed. Ginji then proceeded to kiss him very deeply and passionately. Kenji closed his eyes in pure bliss, and started to kiss her back. A low moan escaped both their lips as they continued kissing. Eventually breaking for air, Kenji took hold of Ginji's top and pulled it off. This lead to a chain reaction where clothes and underwear were tossed off, and Kenji's member grew hard, while Ginji grew hot around her privates.

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Ginji was pregnant with her first child, and was on her way to tell her father, when she received horrible news.

"Your parents are dying."


Is this a cliffhanger, or the end of Kitsune Tales? Well if it is, it's been a good run.