Chapter 1

It's been about a year since we took down the Itex headquarters in Germany. In the last few months, with the help of my Voice, we have taken down most of the other major buildings.

In between this task, we-as in me, Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel, and Total- have been staying with Dr. Martinez (A.K.A. My mom), Ella, and, get this, Jeb. Yeah, yeah I don't like that idea either, but he is only staying with us until Itex is all taken down.

A week after we sent out to go take down a new branch in New Mexico, and we did, we were headed home. There was about two more hours in our flight until we crossed the border back into Arizona, when the enevidable happened. Though, not from the person who you would expect, actually, it was quite the opposite.

"Max?" Angel asked. "Max!" She asked again after I didn't answer. "Max!! Hello? Are you there?"

"Max please, just answer her! She's busting my ears!" Iggy was next to her.

I sighed, "Fine. Angel, what is it?" I tried to keep at least some of the annoyance out of y voice, but by the glare I got from Fang, I think that I had failed miserably.

"Um, it's nothing really. Never mind," Angel replied sheepishly. This just confirmed my theory above, and apparently was enough to scare Angel.

"C'mon, Ange, what was it?" I pressed.

"Um, well, you see Iggy dared Nudge that she couldn't talk during a whole flight," Angel explained. "So now that she can't talk, her mind is racing and it's starting to give me a headache, so can we stop to eat?"

Iggy was practically beaming when Angel explained his plan. He must have felt me slightly glaring at him because he said, "What? I feel it was a pretty good idea. We have never had a flight where it was this quiet. I kinda like it this way. No offense, Nudge."

"Hey, guys!! There's a McDonalds!" Gazzy yelled, apparently he was hungry too.

Inside the restaurant, the cashier looked way too bored to care about our extremely large order to care. However, this didn't stop the other customers from staring as we walked, with multiple trays each, to our table. After an hour and many refills later, we left and took off behind the restaurant.

About 5:00 we landed in Dr. Martinez's yard. Ella was in the front yard practicing for her new soccer team. When she saw us, she ran over to us screaming, "Oh my godsh!!!! MAX!!" When she reached us, which didn't take long, she hugged each of us. We all burst out laughing when she got to Fang though. He just stood there and looked like he would rather die then hug her back. Once I finally gained a little composure I asked Ella, "Okay, so where's mom?"

"Oh! She's in her office keeping busy. She was so worried, but I knew you guys would be fine."

This house was all too familiar, so I knew that the office was right down the hall, next to the bathroom on the left.

On my way there, I saw Ella, Nudge, and Angel running upstairs, rambling incoherently about… something. Iggy and Gazzy ran into the hangout room, next to the office, and they were talking very proudly about how their latest bomb had blown up Itex. Fang walked into the living room to watch TV.

When I walked into the office, Dr. Martinez sighed in relief, "Oh, Max! I saw what happened on the news. They said a 'research lab' was accidentally blown up and I didn't know if you got out."

I smiled at that, "We made it out, after we tied all the scientists to trees, when we were in the sky Iggy decided it would be funny to see if the building was flammable,"

"Well, I'm glad you're safe. Go relax now," With that I walked out and took a seat next to Fang.

After we ate, I sent the kids to bed, and decided to relax a little while longer with Iggy and Fang. After a half hour of watching some crime show, I fell asleep on the couch. My nice sleep didn't last long, as I was abruptly awoken by a window crashing, and a high-pitched shriek.

Fang and I both jumped up and ran to the room where the scream had come from: Ella's room.

When we finally reached it, we found Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel holding their own against about 80 flyboys that had apparently broken through the window. Without a single thought, the three of us jumped into the fight, forming a semi-circle around Ella, who was hiding in the corner. We almost had them beat, with about 20 more to go when they jumped out the window in retreat.

"Report! Ella, how are you?" I asked when I was pretty sure that they completely left.

"I-I'm fine. Just a little scared," she replied, she was literally shaking.

When Ella had calmed down, with a little help from Iggy, Jeb came running into the room.

"What happened? Are all of you okay?" He looked like he was actually concerned.

"Where did you come from?" I demanded. Isn't it strange to anyone else that he suddenly shows up right after we were attacked?

"I was doing research when I got word of an attack here trying to capture Ella for experiments. They wanted to see if they could figure out more about Max through her. When I heard this, I drove as fast as I could to get here, but I guess I'm a little late."

The next morning, Jeb and Dr. M called a family meeting. When everyone was there he started, "Okay, I am positive everyone knows about the recent attack on Ella, correct?" This was met with are-you-really-that-retarded looks from the flock.

"Well, this means that Itex has found our location. We must relocate immediately."

"Okay, if we did relocate, where would we go?" Fang asked skeptically.

"Well here are only a few states we know for sure there is no Itex. These states include," he stopped and looked at his clipboard and then continued, "New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Alaska, Main, Nevada, Virginia, Texas, Kansas, Delaware, Washington, and Wisconsin," he looked back up at us.

"Well Texas has way too many tornados," Iggy said firmly.

"Yeah there in Kansas, too," Gazzy agreed.

Nudge took a deep breath. Here we go. "Nevada sounds like fun, I always wanted to see the bright lights of Vegas. Then again, it would be very crowded, just like New York. Oh! New York has bright lights too! Though, we all get pretty claustrophobic when we are in crowds so we probably shouldn't go to either one of those places," She stopped to breathe and Fang took advantage of the opportunity, "Yeah, I agree with Nudge. Nevada and New York are out."

"Angel, what do you think?" I asked, knowing she had something to say.

"I heard Wisconsin makes a lot of cheese. I don't like cheese, it's too smelly," she looked thoughtful. "Main would be fun. We could go to the beach, but then there are supposed to be a lot of lobsters there. They could bite us while we are in the water. I don't want to go there,"

Now it was my turn, "All I know is that New Mexico has way too much publicity right now," I glared at Iggy, "because of the huge explosion people are trying to figure out," He just grinned.

"So I think that our best bet is Virginia," Jeb decided, "We are going to leave tonight."

Fang and I exchanged looks. The last time we had gone to Virginia, Fang and I got in a huge fight. I did not want to re-live that thought.

We argued for hours, but got over ruled 7-2. Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel, Jeb, Ella, and Total wanted to go.

I guess we're going to Virginia then. Kill me now…