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Chapter 8

Ella PoV

Ok, so I was nervous about going to a new school, but try stacking your own fears with those of the entire flock's fears. Now let me tell you I had an idea that they were paranoid, but I had no idea that they were that paranoid.

I couldn't really distinguish whose emotions they were, but all I felt was fear, excitement, anger, and dread.

I'm sure that Angel or Nudge was the excitement. But I have no idea who is angry or dreading school.

Even though I was extremely curious for the time being I tried to focus on only my own feelings.

Once we were all ready we headed out. After we dropped off Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel, we came to Southshore. A.k.a; my new school.

When the two of us took a look at the school grounds,we saw that it was exactly like I expected:

All the jocks were making out with the cheerleaders, nerds huddled around a computer, emos sitting around, not really doing anything. Nothing special about Southshore yet.

Iggy and I made our way through the crowds to the front doors and into the principal's office.

Iggy was the first to speak up, "Hey, Xavier Michaels. Sophomore."

I was shocked, speechless even. The principal and Iggy had a conversation about Iggy's background, but I didn't listen. I was too busy trying to figure out why the hell Iggy dropped a grade. At the end I got three reasons why:

Iggy got confused with what Jr. and sophomore is.

Jeb thinks that Iggy is my age.

Max was paranoid.

Once I cleared that up a little…not at all, I found that Iggy had told the principal Anchr (the "r" is silent) my name because she was apparently looking through 20 folders muttering "Ella Daniels" before handing one to me.

When we were almost out the door, when Principal Anchr called out, "Oh, and Xavier, your locker mate will help you find your way to class along with Ms. Daniels."

I felt the annoyance flame up in Iggy when she said this, and I gently touched his hand to try to cool him off, and it did work because he wasn't annoyed anymore, but once our hands touched, I got butterflies in my stomach. Weird.

But I forgot about that once we turned the first corner and were out of earshot of the principal. That's when I rounded on Iggy.

"Ok, so now you gotta tell me why you dropped,"

"Now I see the resemblance between you and Max. You both have the same-"


He opened his mouth, took a breath, and closed it. After a minute, he sighed, "Okay. You wanna know why I dropped?"


"Well, ya see… the reason is that… Max was paranoid that you would get hurt. Just in case of an emergency I hve to protect you."

"And how come I was never informed of this?"


"We aren't done here. But for now, we have to find our lockers and get to class in 15."

So together we took off down the hall trying to read the locker numbers as I passed.

Finally I spotted mine: locker 462. I told Iggy I found mine and we stopped to get my books before taking off again to find locker 620.

As we looked I sneaked a peek at my watch to see that we still had a solid 10 minutes left.

This time it didn't take long to find Ig's because it was fairly close to mine; just around a corner.

By this time, students had started filling in so when we found Iggy's locker we also found his escort/ locker mate. Principal Anchr said her name was Liz.

3rd person PoV

Trying not to look to obvious, Ella tried to get a good look at her face. She saw Liz was a petite young girl with brunette curls that would have fallen down a little past her shoulders if her hair wasn't always in a ponytail. Her eyes were a light hazel, and she had freckles scattered sparsly on her nose.

Liz also had black glasses that had a few wisps of white smoke decorating them. The unusual frames complimented her slightly tanned skin. The girl wore common blue jeans with a flared bottom, a t-shift with a few peace signs on it, worn out track shoes that she seemed to hide under the trim of her jeans. She didn't seem like the type of girl who like to wear any jewelry.

Curious about this girl, Ella used her empathy powers to sense what she was like, and came back with a mixture of excitement, happiness, sugar, and a mostly all around positive attitude.

Ella then tapped Iggy five times on the back of the wrist, their signal if someone new was good that they had made right before they left Anne's house. But once a little posse of girls passed, one of whom seemed to be leading, all of Liz's good energy left and was replaced by anger.

The change was so fast that it rocked Ella so much that she actually jumped backwards, barely missing the lockers that were in back of her.

"Whoa! Are you ok?" Liz asked.

Holding her head, Ella answered, "y-yeah, I'm fine." She lied,, really her head was pounding. "WE should get to class."

"Yeah, good idea. C'mon Xavier," Liz said, motioning with her hand for Iggy to follow her.

Iggy looked taken aback, "Come where?"

"Didn't the principal tell you? I gotta take you to class."

"I don't need an escort," Iggy said through gritted teeth.

"Oh yeah, I know. Really. You even got out all of your books you needed, and you're dressed nicely. And your hair is combed, like, perfectly. So I kinda figured you didn't need me," she took a breath. "But our principal is delusional and doesn't see that, so I have to be around when she is. No one ever knows when she's lurking around corners, just waiting for someone like you to walk around the corner so she can eat ya!" When she ended she jumped slightly at Iggy.

Iggy took a half step back, "Wha-?"

Liz laughed, "I'm just kidding."

Iggy actually thought this girl may not be so bad. Everyone else he had met in the past had always taken pity in him. They thought that him being blind was a disability, but that wasn't the case. He could do anything they could do, sometimes even better.

This girl was different. She didn't see he was bind and want to help. No, she looked at the details that her he was totally capable of doing everything by himself.

"Um, before you go, Liz, can I have a word with Xavier?" Ella asked.

"Oh, sure. I'll be waiting at the end of the hallway." And she walked off.

Once she was out of earshot, Iggy said,

"I like her. Any vibes? Bad ones, I mean?"

"They were all good, like I told you, but when a group passed, all of her emotions went straight to anger. It was really weird."

"So what does that mean? Do you think she's good?"

"Yeah, I think she is. But keep an eye out, just in case."

"Okay, will do. See you second period?" Iggy asked, walking backwards down the hall, facing Ella.

Ella smiled and answered, "I have no choice. I'm your other escort, remember?"

Iggy laughed, turned around, and walked the way to class with Liz.

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