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The Second Born

Chapter 11: Destiny

Ice Mountains

Far east of Konoha, beyond the Mist Village, two dark figures could be seen walking through a heavy snowstorm. The snow and ice in the air pushed against them, and they struggled until they reached a cave which they entered, sheltering them from the snow.

One of the two figures threw his straw hat to the side and turned to his partner in irritation.

"How much longer must we travel until we reach our destination?" he hissed out, angered.

The second cloaked Akatsuki took off his hat as well, and with a hand-seal, it disappeared.

"Have patience, Itachi!" he said, smirking at his partner. "We will travel through this cave upwards until we reach the village. I'm surprised that you are showing any emotion; you have become famous within the organization for being completely emotionless, along with our leader, Pain."

Itachi ignored the remark.

"This little mission of ours really seems mindless. I'm surprised Pain even allowed you to go on this trip! How much does this sword mean to you?!"

Sub-Zero smirked again and walked forward through the cave.

"It will become as great to me as your Mangekyou."

Lin Kuei Village

After the Lin Kuei had escaped from Kiri, they had fled east and into the mountains where they would no longer be bothered by Kiri's military. The 'Bloody Mist', during the rule of their dark Mizukage later to be known as Madara, had banished and killed all those who had a kekke genkai. The powers of cold…the Lin Kuei were the first targeted by the Kage.

Now, the Clan lived in peace in the mountains, having their own large compound/village, (much, much larger than the Hyuuga's) in a valley. Snow blanketed the area and mountains surrounded them, providing them with an ideal territory for their living. Food and supplies were shipped in through carts and by boat through a simpler way, but the two Akatsuki wished to enter the compound through a secret entrance.

Sub-Zero deeply inhaled as the sense of nostalgia passed through him after seeing his home. He had departed from the village years ago, taking his younger sister back to Kiri so that she would have a better growing environment. He no longer really cared where she was now or if she was alive. For all he knew, she could've grown up not even being a ninja at all, which was what most likely happened.

Itachi with his Sharingan activated, was somewhat shocked at all of the powerful chakra signatures he saw.

"All of your clan members are capable of activating your doujutsu, correct?" Itachi asked his partner.

The doujutsu he was referring to was the one he discovered when he first saw Sub-Zero alongside the true Leader of Akatsuki. He had glared at him with his Sharingan activated, hoping to cast a minor genjutsu at him, but the casting had failed miserably and it merely seemed to reflect off of Sub-Zero's hardened eyes.

Sub-Zero had that doujutsu activated right now. It didn't really serve as an attacking doujutsu; it was purely defensive. When activated, no genjutsu would affect the user. Also, it covered the user's eyes in a light blue color; the color of ice.

"Yes, all ninja of my clan have the doujutsu."

Itachi frowned thoughtfully. While he indeed knew a lot of ninjutsu and his taijutsu was excellent, he truly excelled in genjutsu. But this clan had prospered into its own minor village! There were so many ninja; would he be able to fight them all without using genjutsu?

"Very well," Itachi said, stepping forward. "Let the slaughter begin."

Secret Village Hiding Place

While Itachi was outside, still defending himself against all of the Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero had slipped into the secret clan hiding place, which he of course knew about. When he had left the village, he hadn't been strong enough to kill his father and take the guarded sword. Killing his own father had taken all of his energy and before he could steal the sword more ninja had come to attack him at the time.

But now, he was much stronger.

As he walked through the tunnels, he came upon the one room which contained its own shrine, dedicated to a Legendary Elemental Sword. The Ice Fang.

The sword was a wider than a regular katana, and it was slightly longer. Its handle was completely black, and the cross-guard came up into two points alongside the blade.

The blade itself was completely made of ice, though it was harder than steel. Sub-Zero's eyes widened as he reached up to take it…

But right before he could, a person entered the room behind him.

"It's you!" the intruder claimed, pointing at Sub-Zero. He was wearing the same outfit that Sub-Zero was wearing under the Akatsuki robes.

Sub-Zero smiled at the man.

"I see. You must have been nominated to be the new Sub-Zero, after I killed my father," he said.

The intruder nodded.

"Today you will die, Hyouketsu. You never earned the right to be the village leader; you never earned the right to be called Sub-Zero!"

Sub-Zero frowned at the mention of his real name, which he had not heard for many years.

"You are wrong, foolish leader. The title 'Sub-Zero' goes to the strongest ninja in the village, and by killing my father, the previous 'Sub-Zero', I earned that titled. And I certainly am stronger than you!"

With that, he grabbed the sword behind him, feeling the power and chakra of the sword flowing through him.

"Fear my power!"

Sub-Zero slammed the sword into the ground, and the village leader's eyes widened before he was engulfed in frost.

Naruto's House

Naruto sat down at the desk on which the scrolls had been placed on. He, Hinata and Sasuke had decided to first read the scrolls that had their names on them, before they moved on to the bigger scroll.

He carefully unrolled the scroll and he once again recognized the writing that was on the paper. And just like before, the writing wasn't long.


This is your older brother, Nagato, if you were unable to figure that out by now. I hope you know that I am proud of you for making it this far without me, and for becoming a Genin as well.

You are most likely asking so many questions to yourself, ones that have not been answered for many years. So let me start of with the most basic. Itachi, Konan and I did not kill the Uchiha Clan out of anger or anything else. There was a good reason as to why we left you in the village.

First of all, the Uchiha were the ones responsible for the death of every other Namikaze Clan member. When they were the Police Force, they ordered the Namikaze to be front line in the defense of the Kyuubi's attack. Not only that, but they had planned to perform a coup d'état and take over control of the village. We had originally planned to help you with your adventure in the future, but we were needed to protect the village. We were ordered by the Hokage to kill every Uchiha who was a part of the plan to overtake Konoha, and unfortunately, everyone aside from Sasuke was.

But that turned out to be some sort of a good thing. Because we will be banished from Konoha, we will be able to join the very group that you will end up fighting. We will join the organization Akatsuki.

You may have seen this organization by now, or you definitely will in the future. Or group consists of elite S-ranked ninja who were dark cloaks with red clouds on them. If you ever see one of us, I advise you to flee unless you are far above the level of a Jonin.

What is important about this organization is its leader. But you will find out about him soon enough in the scroll labeled destiny.

There is so much I want to say to you, like how I regret having to leave and how I wish I could be with you training you right now. But I do not have much time, and you need to know the basics of everything.

Hopefully by now you know that you are a Jinchuuriki. You are the jailor of the Nine-Tailed Fox, the Kyuubi. If you have not figured this out by now, don't panic and ask the Hokage about it. I'm sure he will tell you.

The Kyuubi is a Bijuu and a creature of immense evil. However, I will make sure that he will never be able to overtake youwhen I touch my finger to your forehead and activate your powers.

Naruto, you are the hero of legend, and it is your destiny to finally kill the Leader of Akatsuki. You have the Triforce seal on the back of your right hand, or at least you will, when you activate that power. If you haven't any control over that power than you must speak with the Kyuubi on how to activate it. In order to speak with the Kyuubi, you must meditate and clear your mind, and go into your conscious. You will learn more about the Triforce in the other scroll.

I also want you to know about your heritage. Our mother was a great woman. I have pictures of her in one of the scrolls on the wall in this room. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki of the Uzumaki Clan, until she married your father. Your father, and the Clan head of the Namikaze, was Minato Namikaze.

But you would know him better as the Yondaime Hokage, the one who sealed the Kyuubi into you.

I know you must be really shocked to hear this, but it is true. He has also left you a letter, and I placed it on the shelf.

I can't write any more to you now. Grow strong, and one day, we will meet again.

Naruto put the scroll down as he felt his emotions flowing over him. His brother left the village because he was forced to kill the Uchiha Clan! And his father was the Yondaime!!

The others weren't doing much better emotionally. Sasuke had his eyes closed and Naruto couldn't tell what he was feeling, and Hinata was openly crying after reading her letter.

After several minutes, when they were able to compose themselves, they shared with each other what was written.

"Y-You're the son of the Yondaime?!" Sasuke asked after Naruto told him. Naruto nodded his head. He was shocked as well. Hinata was astounded and she didn't know how to respond.

"I can't believe that the Uchiha planned to take over the village," Naruto commented. They all knew now as to why their siblings left. But while it was a good reason, but Sasuke was still infuriated that they had to go through such a thing.

After they talked about what was in their letters, they moved on to the large scroll labeled 'destiny'. Naruto picked it up, and slowly opened it, reading aloud what he saw.

Long before the ninja villages came to be, clans of ninja were scattered across the map. Clans with powerful bloodlines ruled over the smaller clans.

There were three types of beings that populated the land: Angels, Humans and Demons. The divinities made it that the humans were the weaker forms of life out of these main three. Angels and Demons battled with equal power until they separated themselves into different realms of living. The Angels fled to the kingdoms in the sky and the Demons retreated to the empires of the Underworld,

Sasuke and Hinata looked at each other with wide eyes.

"A-Angels?" Hinata asked, baffled at the idea that angels existed.

Naruto nodded.

"I have actually talked with the Kyuubi before, and what he told me sounds a lot like this. He said that angels exist."

Sasuke remained quiet and allowed Naruto to continue.

The divinities, seeing the unequal power between the three forms of life, breathed a second breath of life into certain humans, giving the select few bloodline limits to help them fight off the demons that remained on the earth. Soon, all of the weaker forms of demons fled to the Underworld, and only the Bijuu remained.

Naruto paused to explain more of this.

"I remember the Kyuubi mentioning this too. He also said that that was when the bloodline limit of the Senju Clan was created, to help fight off the demons."

At this time there were three bloodline limits that rose above all others. The legendary doujutsus in their purest forms: the Tenrai Rinnegan, the Kagai Mangekyou Sharingan, and the Shinsei Byakugan, all balancing each other out in power.

However, an evil king began to rise and he stole a new power. Using his new abilities which he somehow achieved, he spread his hatred across the land and he single-handedly started the first great shinobi war, causing all of the clans to fight each other in the name of good and evil.

Gyatso Namikaze, the man that was given the Rinnegan, quickly befriended the Uchiha and the Hyuuga in hopes that together they could defeat the evil king who had stolen an even stronger bloodline than the three. The power of the dark lord was so great that even the Bijuu cowered in fear before his awesome might.

Together, the three doujutsu users fought the king, and there were almost able to overcome his might. But in the end, they were not able to kill the man. Gyatso, realizing that they had failed and soon the world would be engulfed in evil, gave his life and using the legendary blade which he created, he sealed the evil king into an endless abyss with the new power that the divinities had given him, the power of the Triforce. However, he knew that one day the King would return to claim his throne once more.

Gyatso had one son, and through him spread the bloodline limit of the Namikaze. Hakoda Uchiha and Kyoshi Hyuuga did similar. The two remaining legends were curious as to why Gyatso's son didn't have the legendary Triforce on the back of his hand like Gyatso did. They were also curious as to why their own children didn't possess the seals of power that were on themselves: the Sharingan Seal on the back of Hakoda's neck and the All Seeing Eye seal on Kyoshi's forehead.

Many years later, just before the forming of the ninja villages, the evil king returned, just as Gyatso had foreseen. The vengeful king returned even stronger than before and all hope was lost as he started the second shinobi war allying himself with the evil clans. There was no hope for good to overcome evil, until another hero appeared seemingly from no where. He was a part of the Namikaze Clan and he had the special power that Gyatso had. The young man quickly mastered all of the elements and with the power of the god-given Triforce as well as his Tenrai Rinnegan and the Legendary Sword that Gyatso himself had used, he single-handedly faced the Evil King in mortal combat.

But it was too late, for the Evil King's power had grown too strong and the Namikaze realized that even with his Tenrai Rinnegan and Legendary sword, he could not defeat the Dark Lord. He had failed, just like the three legends before him and in the end all he could do was sacrifice his life to seal the evil king using the master of all swords which Gyatso once had done, knowing that the Evil King would return once more, even more powerful than before.

The Second Namikaze to possess the Tenrai Rinnegan as well as the Triforce was Namikaze Rinku. Once he died, the power of the Triforce went with him. But legend tells that just like the Evil King will return, the divinities will choose a new person to wield the power of the Triforce and the Tenrai Rinnegan.

From this point on, the original writing stopped and it appeared to now be Nagato's writing.


You are the hero destined to finally kill the Evil King, who is now the leader of the Akatsuki. With my Rinnegan, I was able to spot out the outline of the Triforce on the back of your hand, and I researched what I could find about the subject until I read this legend. After further research, I realized that Sasuke was the one to possess the Kagai Mangekyou Sharingan, and Hinata is the one who has the Shinsei Byakugan!

Sasuke unconsciously touched the seal of a Sharingan that was on the back of his neck. Ever since he first activated his Mangekyou, the seal had remained on his neck and shoulder.

"But then why can't we see the Triforce on your hand?" Sasuke asked. "And why can't we see a seal on Hinata at all?"

Naruto shrugged and continued to read.

The Sharingan seal will most likely stay visible on Sasuke if he is ever to activate his, though yours will not until you contact your inner being, which you will have to ask the Kyuubi about. Hinata's won't be seen until she activates hers and the Eye of Kyoshi will only be visible on her forehead when she activates it.

Hinata let out a small sigh of relief. When she was listening to the legend, she wondered what it would be like to have to walk around everywhere with a third eye on her forehead,

Also, in order to fully use your Triforce power and Tenrai Rinnegan, you must master all of the elements. Naruto, you will eventually have to leave Konoha and for this I am sorry. But you will have to travel the world and seek out masters of each element to learn from them. When you are done, you will completely be in control of your Rinnegan and Triforce and with Sasuke and Hinata you will be able to fight the Evil King.

Trust me, you will learn more about this, and when I meet you again I will clarify more things. I will talk with you again when you master the elements, Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata. I wish you three the best of luck.


When the three had come to terms that they were supposed to be the saviors of the world (they really hadn't) they walked around and looked around the secret library, trying to find something to take everything off of their minds.

Naruto had found the scroll that appeared to be written to by his father, and he kept it in his pocket and stored it for later. Other scrolls that seemed to be all for him on one shelf were about different and interesting jutsus. There was one large scroll that was merely titled 'Techniques of the Rinnegan'. When he opened it up, he was surprised to find the contents which listed four techniques:

-Shinra Tensei

-Bansho Tenin


-Shinra Kyuuzou

Naruto was ecstatic that he would be able to learn his brother's favorite technique, but he was unsure as to what the last jutsu was.

Sasuke found a scroll that was titled 'Secrets of the Sharingan', which he picked up and was sure to read later. Other scrolls included interesting fire techniques as well as an equal amount of lightning techniques for some reason. He also found a number of different genjutsu on the shelf.

Hinata likewise found a scroll labeled 'Shinsei Byakugan', and she picked it off the shelf.

The three then climbed down from the library, and they prepared to share the news with everyone else.

Day's Later

It was Gaara's day off from missions, but he still chose to go out to the many convenient training fields of Konoha to work on sand techniques as well as his taijutsu. And of course, Kairi went with him to help him out in the areas that she could.

However, Gaara today was somewhat aggravated that his sand techniques were so limited because of the new terrain around him. He also didn't have his sand gourd which had previously been the main source of his defense and attacks.

"Well, can't you just make yourself another gourd?" Kairi asked him as they were walking back to their home. "There wasn't anything special about your old one; all you did was add your chakra to it."

Gaara nodded as he thought about the idea.

"Yeah, I guess I could. But I want to try to make a better gourd than before. My last one way too big and way too heavy, and it screamed out "this isn't a regular ninja". I want something that can be much better, but I don't know what I could make."

Kairi thought about it for a moment before an idea came to mind.

"What about Naruto's gigantic seal library?! I'm sure that there could be a special seal that he could put on a gourd to make it much better!"

Gaara nodded again and together they headed to their house to meet up with Naruto.

Naruto's House, Afternoon

For the past couple of days, Naruto and his two other friends had been spending a large amount of their time, nearly all of their free time, in the libraries of the Namikaze. Naruto had been spending the most time. He had been learning new things every day!

When he had returned to the library for the second time, he had looked for the letter that his father had written to him. When he had found it, he read it and his eyes filled with tears at what his father had wrote.

In summary, his father apologized for having to seal the Kyuubi within him, and he talked about how much he would miss his son. He told Naruto that he believed in him and he thought that Naruto would make a great Hokage one day. It hadn't been a well written letter, and it had been clear that his father had been rushed, but just reading something that his own father had written caused Naruto to overflow with joy.

Not only that, but his father put pictures of their family in their. There were pictures of the Yondaime when he was Naruto's age, pictures of his mother when she was young as well, and pictures of Nagato. Some were single, while others were with them all together. The last picture of the entire family was a picture were Minato was smiling at the camera with his wife, placing a hand on her very pregnant belly, with Nagato smiling nearby. After that, Nagato had added pictures of Naruto growing up, along with Konan and Itachi. The last picture in the album was one where Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke were all huddled together with Nagato, Itachi and Konan.

Naruto's thoughts were interrupted when the door to the library opened and Gaara and Kairi walked in.

"Hey guys," he greeted, turning away from his scroll. "What's up?" he asked, wondering why they both came up to him.

Gaara walked up to him and went straightforward.

"I'm making a new gourd for my sand and I wanted to see if you have any helpful seals that could make using the sand stronger."

Naruto leaned back in his chair and thought about the question.

"Sure, I could look through my memory! I already look through all of the scrolls, and the seals have been burned into the memory of my Rinnegan, so let me look."

Naruto closed his eyes, and he activated his Rinnegan. Eyes still closed, he looked through all of the seals that he memorized, much like credits rolled across the screen after a movie. There were at least a hundred seals that he saw, so it took him about two minutes to find a seal that looked promising.

Seal of Creation

The title of the seal sure was interesting when Naruto had first read it, and the seal itself had a long description to it. It had several purposes for it. One useful purpose was that it could be used as a summoning seal. Naruto could summon animals without having to go through any hand-seals, which would be useful. Too bad he didn't have any summons…

But the seal of creation also allowed for the conversion of chakra into an element. For example, this seal could be placed on a sword, and if the user of the sword pushed chakra into the sword, the sword would be covered in flames and double its damage, if the user had fire chakra.

Or in Gaara's case, if the seal was placed on his gourd, he could make his own sand if he used his chakra!

Naruto explained this to Gaara, who in turned was fairly surprised that such a seal existed.

"If that's the case," he responded, "then I can create myself a gourd that is not heavy nor big, and still it would hold a nearly infinite amount of sand in it!" Even the stoic Jinchuuriki began to get excited over the idea.

"Yeah, now all you have to do is make a gourd," Kairi put in. "But where would we do that?"

Naruto frowned for a moment as he thought about it.

"There's that weapon shop here in Konoha that I showed you which has a really great owner who knows what he is doing. You could probably go there and see if he could give you what you have in mind!"

Gaara nodded, and after thanking Naruto, he turned to leave.

"Great. I'll come back with the new gourd and you will be able to administer the seal upon it."

Weapons Shop

Gaara and Kairi walked into the shop, and went up to the desk, where they saw a girl their age at the front cashier.

"Hello! My name is Tenten; my father is the owner of this shop!" she said. "Is there anything that I can get for you two?"

Gaara nodded and walked up to her.

"Yes. Does this establishment accept personal request for weapons?" he asked.

Tenten gave him a funny look.

"Do you mean does he make weapons on request? Yes! It cost extra, but if the weapon of your choice is not on the shelf, he can make it for you!"

Gaara nodded again.

"Excellent. May we see him now?" he asked.

Tenten nodded and motioned for them to follow her.

"Come on! My dad's in the back working on new weapons!"

She then led them to the back of the shop, behind several doors, where surely enough the blacksmith was working on a sword by the looks of it.

"Dad! This guy here wants you to make a weapon for him!" she said. Afterwards, she went back to the front to wait for other customers. On her days off, she enjoyed working in the shop with her dad after all.

A man in his middle ages turned to them and put his hammer down, which he had been smacking the blade with, and he carefully put the blade in a container of water, which immediately sizzled. He sighed and wiped the sweat off of his forehead before turning toward the two.

"Hey there! What can I do for ya?" he asked in a nice tone.

Gaara spoke up for both of them.

"Hello. Is it possible that you could create a special scabbard?" he asked, hoping that it didn't sound too strange.

The man huffed and puffed out his chest.

"Why of course! All I need to know is the size of the sword and I can make if for you! Did you bring the sword you want the sheath for?" he asked, looking for where Gaara would be holding the sword.

Gaara shook his head.

"I don't need it to actually hold a sword. I want it to be a scabbard with a cap on top that can be removed. The scabbard is not meant to hold a sword…I need it to hold my sand."

The blacksmith nodded in understanding and placed his hand on his chin, thinking about what he could make.

"Well, how big do you want this thing to be? If I make it the regular size of a sheath, it won't hold that much sand in it," he explained.

"It doesn't need to have to hold that much sand," Gaara explained. "I want it to be the size of a regular scabbard."

The blacksmith clapped his hands together with the thought of a new project.

"Alright then! I will make that sheath just for you! Is there anything else that you two might want?" he asked, looking at Kairi now.

Gaara thought for a moment and looked Kairi beside him.

"Well…I think we will be alright."

The blacksmith nodded.

"Great! Let me right up a receipt for how much this is going to cost and when I'll have it ready! I'm actually done with all of my other projects, so if your lucky I'll have it for you tomorrow morning!"

He took a receipt out of his pocket as well as a pen and wrote down some numbers and handed it to Kairi. Kairi's eyes slightly widened at the sight of how much it was going to cost.

"Gaara-kun! This is a lot!" she claimed, showing him.

Gaara merely shrugged when he looked at the price.

"The price means little. When I left Suna, I took a considerable amount of money with me from the bank. I knew that my father had died, and convincing the bank to give me a lot of his money wasn't that hard. Paying for this will mean little to me."

With that, the two left the shop and went back to their house.

The Next Morning

Gaara had left alone that morning to return to the blacksmith with some money to see if his scabbard was ready. When he entered, the blacksmith saw him behind the cashier and motioned for him to come over.

"Ah! You've returned! The sheath I made for you turned out rather nicely!" He reached behind the counter and pulled out a metal scabbard that was neatly done.

"You didn't really request what color it should be or any designs on it, so I decided to be creative and do it myself. What do you think?" he asked, handing it to Gaara.

"It's perfect!" the red-haired boy claimed, surprised at how light it felt compared to his gourd. The scabbard was black in color and instead being in an oval shape to fit a sword, it was more in the shape of a small rounded cylinder. It had random designs carved into it which made it look nice. The blacksmith also handed him a strap which he could use which was black as well, and when Gaara fitted it around himself he smiled. He then reached his hand over and reached to take off the top.

"In order to take off the cap," the blacksmith explained, "you have to twist it to the side, and then pull it off. This way it won't just fall off while you're walking or something."

Gaara nodded and twisted the cap to the side. There was a small, nearly inaudible click, and then he was able to pull it off. Afterwards, he put it back on and gave it a twist locking it back in place.

"Thank you. Here is the appropriate amount of money which you asked for," Gaara said, handing him the money.

The blacksmith smiled in return.

"Thank you for your business! Is there anything else that you would be interested in? I have a pair of tonfa that are really nice and I'm selling them for a discount this week. Would you be interested in them?" he asked.

Gaara was about to say no and leave, when he realized that Kairi didn't have a weapon of her own.

"Actually," he said, "I would like to purchase those tonfa."

The blacksmith's eyebrows rose up at him accepting the offer, and he went in back to hand Gaara the black tonfa which had silver lining.

Gaara paid the correct amount, and after thanking him again, he left to return home and experiment with his new weapon.

Naruto's Sparring Room

In Naruto's house, Gaara, Naruto, Hinata and Kairi were all sitting together waiting for Naruto to place the seal on Gaara's new gourd. Well, except for Kairi. She was running around the room, playing with her new tonfa.

Naruto held Gaara's scabbard in his hands, and he concentrated his activated Rinnegan on it. Finding the image of the seal in his mind, he projected it forward to the scabbard.

Sure enough, the seal appeared on Gaara's scabbard for a short time before it disappeared from sight.

"Here, try it out," Naruto said handing the sheath back to Gaara.

The red-headed boy used the strap to hold it across his back. He then pushed chakra into the scabbard to see what would happen. Just like Naruto had predicted, sand began filling Gaara's gourd until it was completely filled up.

Gaara reached behind him and twisted the cap before pulling it off. He then allowed the sand to flow out and circle around him, testing out his control.

"This is perfect," he said. Suddenly a question popped into his mind. "You said I can use this seal to create as much sand as my chakra will allow, right?" he asked Naruto.

Naruto nodded.

"Well then how will I return the sand that I created back to my gourd?"

Naruto shrugged now.

"I'm not sure. Try creating more sand and then try fitting it back into your gourd to see what happens."

Gaara pushed more chakra into the scabbard and sure enough sand began to flow out of it, joining with the sand already circling around him. Then, Gaara tried to fit all of the sand back into the gourd, knowing that there was too much sand.

But surprisingly, all of the sand fit it, and he was able to put the cap back on. He looked confusingly at Naruto waiting for an explanation. However, Hinata was the one to speak up.

"Wow! All of the extra sand that you put in there was converted back to chakra and it went back into your chakra system!" she exclaimed.

Gaara's eyes widened.

"Really? All of the extra sand that goes in becomes chakra? That's great!"

Gaara thanked Naruto and then left with Kairi to go out and train with their new weapons.

Now, Hinata was alone with Naruto in the dojo. The shy girl nervously poked her fingers together in bad habit as she waited for Naruto to say or do something.

But before he could, Sasuke entered the room, holding a scroll that was titled 'Sharingan'.

"Guys, look at this!" he said, excitingly. "You won't believe what I learned from this scroll!"

"What is it?" Naruto asked, becoming excited from hearing good news.

Sasuke showed the scroll to Naruto and Hinata. On the page was a picture of a strange Sharingan, where the iris was colored black and the Sharingan design was colored red, in the shape of a star.

"This is the Kagai Mangekyou Sharingan, the one that I have!" he said. "Look at how powerful this thing is!" he exclaimed, reading aloud.

-The Kagai Mangekyou Sharingan is the most powerful form of the Sharingan. All other Mangekyous are only weaker forms of the Kagai. Only one person in the world can have it at a time. Only Hakoda Uchiha, the founder of genjutsu, has been known to possess this ultimate technique.

This Sharingan has nine special techniques to it. A regular Mangekyou has only two special techniques. There are 4 ways to achieve the Mangekyou Sharingan, and each result holds a different unique power. There are 2 evil ways to achieve the Mangekyou and 2 pure ways. The quickest way to achieve the ultimate Sharingan is to evil…to kill your best friend.

Sasuke stopped reading at this.

"Itachi wrote to me that he had to kill Shisui, his best friend, because Shisui attacked him and he would have ruined their plan! That means this was how Itachi got his Mangekyou!"

The two powers that are achieved from this way are Amaterasu, the ability to call forth black flames as hot as the sun with the ability to destroy anything, and Tsukuyomi, which upon eye contact, can make the enemy go into a world were the user controls all of reality for three days, while only a second goes by in the real world.

The second evil way to gain the Mangekyou is to kill your most loved one; like a wife or a husband. This will grant you the technique Kizu, which sends out a horizontal chakra slash at high-speeds which would kill the person upon contact and destroy any defenses. The second technique granted is Kutsuu, which upon eye contact can make the enemy experience excruciating pain like none before, which is enough to kill depending on the mental capacity of the enemy.

The first pure way to activate the Mangekyou is to have your Sharingan activated for a complete 72 hours, without sleep. This will grant the user two powers. The first is Kamui, which is a space-time technique with ability to send any object into an alternate dimension. The second is Youkai, which is the ability turn intangible and have objects faze through you, as well as the ability to faze through objects. This is a much more advanced technique than the Assimilation Technique.

The second pure way to activate the Mangekyou is to copy over 2000 ninja techniques with it. This will unlock two powers for the user. The first is Fuzen Maboroshi which is mind reading abilities and the ability to control another person and give them your thoughts. The second technique is Shourai Genzou, which is the ability to see into the future of yourself, or those who you make eye contact with.

The Kagai Mangekyou is the only Sharingan to posses all of these powers, as well as one more. The Kagai has its own unique power, Kokugen Soujuu. This power is the ability to slow down time (not including yourself) in a certain area around you for as long as your chakra maintains it.

In order to gain the Mangekyou, these four ways must be met. However, there is another way to receive a special Sharingan, known as the Eternal Mangekyou. To have this eye, a brother must take the Mangekyou Sharingan of his other brother, and then implant them in his own body. This will grant the user four special powers; the two powers of each brother combined. Madara Uchiha is the only known person to ever achieve this Mangekyou.

To activate the Kagai Mangekyou Sharingan, the ultimate Sharingan, a special requirement must be met. This Sharingan can only be activated, like the Eternal Mangekyou, between brothers. One brother must activate his own Mangekyou Sharingan, and it must be the one that unlocks the power of Tsukuyomi. The other brother must not have his Sharingan activated at all.

The brother that has the Tsukuyomi only achieved it by going through the immense emotional pain of killing his best friend. And for the other brother to activate the Kagai, he must go through a greater pain. The brother with the Mangekyou must activate the Tsukuyomi on the other brother and make him suffer extreme mental pain. Not only that, but he must kill their entire family and everyone else precious to the brother and then make him relive it with Tsukuyomi. Only then will the Kagai Mangekyou reveal itself.

Sasuke stopped reading for a moment.

"When Itachi used his Mangekyou on me, he made it seem like everyone around me had died; my family, and even you guys. He only did this so that I activated my own Sharingan!"

The Kagai Mangekyou will activate itself and the Seal of Heaven, the seal in the shape of a Sharingan, will appear on the neck of the brother. That seal will activate itself whenever the user activates it. It will boost the power of the user immensely, making him stronger, faster and give him a stronger chakra.

The Kagai Mangekyou is an evil eye, and it will attempt to take over the user three times…

The Next Week, Hokage's Office, Morning

Life went on for the three friends and now Team 7 was standing in front of the Hokage's office, waiting for the next D-ranked mission to be assigned to them. Ever since the Hokage placed Hinata on a different team, Naruto hadn't talked to him, and instead he glared at the old man with a fierce a look. Sarutobi was hurt by his actions.

"Team 7," the Hokage said as custom, looking at their previous missions. "It seems that this team has completed the most missions; more than any other team. That's quite impressive! Let me see what I can give you three for today…Ah! It seems that the Fire Lord's wife's cat has escaped again! You three-"

"No!" Sasuke shouted out, surprising everyone in the room. The elders and Chunin sitting with the Hokage all looked in shock at the Uchiha.

"I'm not going to go on another stupid mission that is a waste of time! This team is too good for that anyways! The entire purpose for those pointless missions is to create teamwork between Genin as well as community service. But we already have great teamwork! Even though it's not nearly as good as it would've been if Hinata was on our team, Team 7 is ready for much more!"

Sarutobi leaned back in his chair and sighed as all the elders began to yell at Sasuke for interrupting the Hokage. The boy was right for one thing; Team 7 was ready to handle more than D-ranked missions. Even Sakura, who had been dead last in the Academy, was improving at an alarming rate, due to the influence of the two boys. Maybe…

"Enough!" Sarutobi said, silencing the room. Everybody looked at the leader and waited to see what his reaction was. "Kakashi, what do have to say about your student's outburst?" he asked, looking at the lazy ninja.

Kakashi was silent for a moment, but he looked up at the Hokage with a fierce look in his eye.

"I agree with my student. Team 7 is ready for more."

The elders looked on in shock at the Jonin's risky statement. Sarutobi however nodded and trusted the judgment of the ninja.

"Very well. I will assign Team 7 a C-ranked mission."

The elders now turned to look at the Hokage with mixed reactions while Naruto cheered. Sasuke smirked at his accomplishment, and Kakashi allowed himself to eye smile.

"But there is one condition," Sarutobi called out, interrupting the celebration of Naruto. "I was originally going to assign this mission to several Chunin, so your Genin team will not be enough; no matter how prepared you believe you are. I will assign this mission as a 'group' mission, meaning that you will be teaming up with another Genin team. I will assign the next Genin team which has the most amount of missions completed. Kakashi, meet with me in half an hour and I will describe this mission to you. This meeting is over, you may all dismiss yourselves."


"What is the meaning of this meeting?" Kurenai asked, standing next to Kakashi in front of the Hokage. The old man sighed, hoping that this would turn out better than he thought. Kurenai was a powerful woman, and this would require her consent…

"The true meaning of this meeting is revolved around both of your student's, particularly Hinata…I am deciding whether or not the girl's true place should be on Team 7 instead of Team 8."

Kurenai was quick to retaliate.

"What?! You can't put her back now! She's my student and she will remain my student unless I say otherwise!"

Sarutobi nodded. The Jonin sensei did have control of her student after Hinata was assigned to her. However, the Hokage had other plans.

"Yes, I know that. That is why I have devised a sort of test," he explained, trying to get at this slowly. "This test will decide whether or not Hinata belongs on your team, Kurenai. Should she pass this 'test', then she would be replaced with Sakura, who-"

"Hold on!" Kurenai interrupted. "Whether or not Hinata belongs on Team 7 isn't the only factor in this at all. Even if she did, by having that Sakura girl on my team would only serve as having a non-functional search team. You would be helping one team, but hurting another!"

The Hokage nodded.

"Yes, that is why I put a lot of thought into this. If any of the teams should ever be changed, then Hinata would have to show skills capable of placing her on the Attack team, which is currently Team 7, and Sakura would have to show skills placing her on a search and retrieve team, which is currently Team 8. Also, you Kurenai, would have to approve of this trade."

Kurenai was about to immediately object when the feeling of guilt crept up in her. What if Hinata did really belong on Team 7? The look of sadness every day that she saw on her was bad enough…Should she really agree to this?

After several moments of silence, she finally spoke up.

"And how would you plan to test these skills?"


An hour later, Kakashi had told the team to meet together in the front of the village, near the gates. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were all waiting patiently for their sensei to explain what the mission was going to be. After all, he had told them to pack everything that they would need as is they were going on a trip to another village. They all had backpacks strapped across their backs, holding all sorts of tools.

"Here's what's going on, guys," Kakashi began. He didn't seem to be carrying any backpack with him. "We have been assigned a C-ranked mission, as you know, with another Genin team. This mission is a search and destroy mission, so the Hokage assigned Team 8 to work with us."

Naruto's and Sasuke's eyes went wide with realization. Hinata was on Team 8!

Just at that moment, Kurenai and her team walked up to the gates of Konoha, all looking ready to travel. Upon seeing her two best friends, Hinata happily ran up to greet them.

"Naruto-kun! Sasuke-kun!" she shouted in excitement, standing in front of them. All three of them were happy that they would finally get to go on a mission together, even if they were going as separate teams. Both Kiba and Shino also greeted their two friends as well, being happy to see them.

Kakashi allowed the three to talk for a few moments, but then he spoke up to gain the attention of everybody.

"Listen up!" he said, causing everyone to look at him. He gave a silent nod to Kurenai and he made sure Kiba and Shino were paying attention.

"The Hokage put us together because your team," he said, motioning to Kiba, Shino and Hinata, "is the search and retrieve team, which will be needed for this mission. This is the mission we were assigned:"

With that, he pulled out something from his back pocket and he showed it to the group. It was a photo of a rather aggressive looking man with dark hair and dark eyes, and the man was labeled as 'Rugetsu Mamori.'

"This man is classified as a low-ranked missing nin who abandoned his village, Kusa, a while ago. There is a fine on him and we are supposed to bring him back dead-or-alive to the Hokage, so that we can collect the money for the village. The man was last seen in the River Country, in a small town, so the Hokage thought that it would be appropriate to send us. He is said to travel in gangs of bandits, so we should all watch out! Alright everybody, we'll head out immediately!"

Everybody nodded and with that, the two teams left Konoha to begin their first C-ranked mission.

Half and Hour Later

Kurenai sighed as she watched Hinata smile and laugh with her two best friends who were walking ahead of her. The girl did seem so much happier when she was around those two, especially Naruto, who caused her cheeks to glow with a healthy pink color nearly all the time. She then turned to Kiba and Shino, who were walking slightly behind Naruto. They seemed to enjoy his company as well.

Sakura, however, wasn't talking with the group and she seemed to be walking by herself. Realizing her opportunity, Kurenai sighed again and walked up to the pink-haired girl, initiating the plan.

"So, Sakura," she said, gaining the girl's attention. "Kakashi told me that you were able to form a solid clone in the form of a bird the other day. That's pretty impressive! Usually genjutsu forms tend to not be solid; it takes talent to actually form a solid illusion."

Sakura slightly blushed at the praise as she thanked the woman for praising her.

"Anyways, since we're going to be traveling together for a while now on this mission of ours, and I happen to be one of the most talented ninja regarding genjutsu in the village, would you like to train with me when we have the chance? Who knows; maybe this transformation technique of yours can turn out to be really powerful!"

Sakura stuttered with herself before she was able to respond. One-on-one training time with a genjutsu specialist?! That was amazing!!

"H-Hai, Kurenai-sensei, I would appreciate that!"

Kurenai nodded to herself.

"Good. Then the next stop we make I want to assess your abilities and work with you while Kakashi works with the others."

Back with Naruto, he was just explaining to Shino, Kiba and Hinata how he and Sasuke tricked Kakashi with their 'scarecrow jutsu'. Kakashi had walked up to the two and patted them on the heads, only to find an explosion of hay waiting for him. The group found the story funning and they all laughed at it.

"So how long do you think it will take before we are able to find this guy?" Kiba asked, placing his hands behind his head. Akamaru, who was resting in his jacket, yipped in agreement.

Shino was the one to respond.

"It will take another three days to reach River Country, and then another day to reach the town which Kakashi says the man was last seen in. After that, we will use our abilities to search for this man which might take up another day. It would be safe to say that we have at least week, unless everything goes perfect, which doesn't usually happen."

The group continued walking for a while, until Kakashi appeared in front of them and signaled for a break. They were in the middle of a grassy clearing surrounded with trees.

"We'll rest hear for the day. There's no rush, and I want to get camp set up before the sun begins to go farther down. Also, this spot will be a great place to train. Don't think that this is just going to be a vacation because you're on mission!"

Everybody nodded, and listened to what the Jonin instructed to start up camp.


Kurenai had pulled Sakura aside in the woods before dinner so that she could privately train her for an hour. She decided to start with the basics.

"Sakura, have you ever heard of the tree-climbing exercise, where you use chakra to climb up trees?" she asked, wondering how far along the girl was.

Sakura nodded.

"Yeah! That was one of the first things Kakashi-sensei taught me when we first started out. I actually got it really quickly without trying hard!" she said, hoping not to sound too arrogant.

Kurenai nodded, glad that she was that far along.

"Good! How many genjutsu do you know?" she now asked.

Sakura shrugged and thought aloud what she could remember.

"Not much but basic transformations and bunshins. Kakashi hasn't really taught us any genjutsu."

Kurenai nodded. She would start with the basic genjutsu and then work on Sakura's ability to transform into animals. Maybe this girl could be a good addition to Team 8!

Unknown Location

Suigetsu and Karin fell over on the ground, panting in exhaustion. Koutetsu stood in between them, heavily breathing but still standing. He glared at the man in front of him, wondering how powerful the man actually was.

"Good, good! You three are really improving, due to my teaching skills! I knew that the Leader would choose to make me your sensei! After all, I was the one to train Pain, Itachi and Konan when they first came to Akatsuki!" he bragged, huffing out his chest.

Tobi walked forward so that he wasn't so far away from the three anymore.

"Alright! Now it's time for the critique. Koutetsu, your lightning techniques as well as your kugutsu (puppet arts) are amazing! You are also quite the strategist; you almost got me when you replaced yourself with your puppet! Your only problem is that you take too much time to form your jutsu. All we have to work on is your hand-seals and such and I really think it will make a difference!"

He then turned to look at Suigetsu, who was now in the sitting position drinking a bottle of water.

"Suigetsu! Your water techniques are amazing! Not only that but you were able to form your body and make yourself stronger with the water. I think you just have to work on a bigger variety of jutsu as well as kenjutsu. You also shouldn't underestimate your opponents. I have no doubt that you will eventually become as strong as your brother!"

Suigetsu 'hn'ed and Tobi then turned to Karin, the last student.

"Karin, when you first came here your only ability was your kekke genkai which allows you to have an incredibly perfect chakra control along with chakra sensory abilities. I'm glad you're working on some of your genjutsu as well as taijutsu, you're really improving!

"Now, about your teamwork; Suigetsu, you are water natured, and Koutetsu, you are lightning natured! Together, I think you two would make a great attack force while Karin-"


The four of them turned to the entrance of the room where Sasori, in his Hiruko puppet, had just entered.

"Ah! Sasori-senpai! I was just training our students! Actually, I think I should start calling them my students because you never train them besides Koutetsu, who you give private kugutsu lessons. I think when they really get strong I should take all of the credit because-"

"Shut-up!" Sasori fiercely shouted out, causing Tobi to comically flinch back. "I have just come back from speaking with the Leader. He is allowing for my plan to go forth."

Tobi looked at his partner curiously, wondering what he was talking about.

"Ano, what plan are you talking about?" he asked, voicing the opinions of his three students as well. If Sasori's plan didn't involve them, he would have told them to leave immediately to talk with Tobi in private.

Sasori grunted in response.

"This year Konoha is holding the Chunin Exams for all of the villages. I was extremely pleased to hear that we wouldn't have to wait any longer, as I hate waiting. You three will be participating in the exams, which will start in several months."

Koutetsu's eyebrows rose up with mild amusement as he heard this. Clearly the three of them were much stronger than Chunin, and Koutetsu himself was already as strong as a Jonin, so why would they be taking the exams? There must be a deeper reason…

"What the hell?!" Suigetsu screamed out, not being as reserved as Koutetsu. "Why would we need to take the exams? I thought we were supposed to stay hidden and work with Akatsuki?"

Sasori didn't respond and began to walk out of the room. Before he could leave, however, Tobi gasped from behind them and shouted out,

"Awesome! My students get to enter the exams! Does this have anything to do with you killing Kabuto, your old apprentice? I've been wondering..."

He was cut off as a large metallic scorpion tail popped out of the ground underneath him, quickly wrapping around him. Before Tobi could do anything, it lifted him into the air and slammed him into the wall.

"How did you know that I killed Kabuto?!" Sasori screamed out, looking at Tobi with venom in his eyes. The actual poisoned tip of his scorpion tail wasn't touching Tobi, but the bladed edges of it were, cutting into his skin as it held him.

"R-R-Relax!" Tobi stuttered as he struggled under the grasp of the tail. "I just figured out that since he used to be your apprentice, and the way that he was poisoned to death, I thought it would relate to you!"

Sasori frowned from the inside of his puppet as continued to hold Tobi up in the air. He released his hold on him and let him fall to the ground.

"Whatever. I will talk to you about my plan later, Tobi. I believe that you would be an interesting ally in the future…"

Tobi scoffed at the mysterious remark and he brushed his arms that had been cut from the scorpion tail. Sure, he could have easily avoided the attack, but now he had an excuse to go and see Rin, the medic nin of Akatsuki!

"Look at all these cuts! I guess our training session is over, guys, I'm gonna have to go and get these checked out."

Sasori chuckled as he turned around again to leave.

"Another excuse to see that medic nin? Honestly Tobi, I was surprised when I actually grabbed you with my tail. I was told that you were once the second-in-command here. I'm beginning to wonder how powerful you actually are."

Tobi sheepishly smiled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"It can't be helped I guess! I'm always getting beat up by some Akatsuki member, so I have to visit Rin all of the time. Just the other day thief almost managed to steal my heart!"

Sasori grunted in response.

"You should learn to be more respectful to other members. One of these days, I'm actually going to use my poison on you if you keep annoying me. Hah! We'll see if that useless medic whore can heal you then!"

He was about to make another comment when Tobi suddenly vanished from sight. The masked Akatsuki suddenly appeared in front of Sasori, with his orange mask raised, revealing the face of a young looking man in his twenties, though it looked like he was still eighteen.

Sasori was surprised to see the face of his partner; after all, Tobi wore his mask more than Sasori stayed in his puppet Hiruko, which was impressive. Sasori had begun to think that Tobi was missing an eye or something, because there was only one eye-hole on the mask.

However, Sasori was also surprised to find that Tobi's right eye, which was the one that usually saw through the mask, was closed, and it was the left eye that he was now looking into. Even though Sasori was only looking through the eyeholes of his puppet, he instantly recognized the shape of the eye he was looking into. His own eyes widened for a moment when he realized that it was too late to look away.

Suddenly, the world around him began to change and the entire room that they were in turned into red. The other students that had been in the room weren't there anymore, and when Sasori looked out the window, he saw that the rest of the world had turned crimson and black as well.

"This is my world, Tsukuyomi," Tobi commented. Sasori was frightened when he realized that it wasn't in his goofy regular voice, but instead it was in much more serious one that didn't sound like it belonged to him. He also realized that he was no longer inside his puppet but he was instead actually standing in front of Tobi.

"In my world, I control reality. Three days can go by here, but in reality only a second will go by."

Sasori looked up at Tobi, with a slightly shaky voice.

"W-Why did you bring me here?!"

Tobi now smiled at him evilly.

"Just to share with you something that I didn't want to show in front of my students. Listen carefully, the next time I remind you this it will be before I kill you."

Suddenly, the room around him burst into black flames, surrounding both him and Tobi. Next, Sasori made the mistake of looking back into Tobi's eyes.

"I won't keep you here for long. If I did, you might end up dying in real life. Please understand that you will never again insult Rin in front of me, even if it is some sort of joke.


Sasori fell to his knees and clutched his head in agony as he let out an ear-piercing scream. The most pain that he had ever felt in his life began coursing through his head and his body. He had been punched, stabbed, cut up, and he had also experimented on his own body, but this pain shunned all before it. For fifteen seconds he screamed on the ground, curling his body up. How was this happening? He had replaced all of his non-needed body parts so that he wouldn't feel pain! How could his entire body be hurting?!

Tobi frowned as he released the technique. The last time he had seen the technique in action, it was when he used it. Kutsuu made the Hyuuga's activated Bird Cage Seal seem like mild headache. It was not fun having to watch a repeat of his memories, but he would do it to someone mocking Rin.

Suddenly, the black fire faded away and the world returned to its normal color. Sasori, inside his puppet once again, allowed himself along with the puppet to fall over in pain and exhaustion. Before anything else could happen, he shunshined away to recover.

Koutetsu, Suigetsu and Karin looked at Tobi in confusion. One moment, he had reappeared in front of Sasori, and the next moment Sasori fell over!

Tobi, who once again had his mask on his face, shrugged again sheepishly at them.

"I wonder what happened to him. He must have been tired or something! Anyways, you are all dismissed! I have to go to Rin now so she can heal all of my wounds…"

With that, Tobi disappeared from sight, leaving the students to wonder what the hell has just happened and how strong their sensei really was.



Konan nodded as she held an origami flower toward him, smiling like a little girl.

"Yeah! Origami was always a hobby of mine! I think that I can also make it into some sort of special ninjutsu! How great would that be?!"

Pain nodded as he considered the fact. Paper style ninjutsu, which he had never heard of, did have the potential to be powerful. Still…the idea of turning a childhood hobby like origami into ninjutsu was strange.

"You seem rather childish at times," he said stoically, looking at her with his Rinnegan eyes.

Konan smiled at him as she recognized the compliment. Both Itachi and Nagato had begun to hide their true emotions so that they could deal with the pain that they felt inside. But she refused to do that! She still found time to smile and laugh and be happy around Nagato. If Nagato was just her friend, and nothing more, then she would have probably turned out like everyone else. But her love for him and his love for her allowed her to stay positive and maintain a happy relationship with him. By calling her childish, he meant that she acted like she did in their childhood, which was certainly something that Nagato had liked.

"Nagato-kun! You can be mean sometimes when you try!" she scolded him, giving him a hug. "My paper jutsu is going to be really powerful! But what about your newer technique? How is it coming along?"

Pain's Rinnegan eyes shot forward toward a wall as he had just sensed a sudden flash of powerful chakra. He was one of the few Akatsuki members still staying at the main base, as most others were out with various missions. Metal Earth and his partner were actually assigned to choose the locations of several other bases, and then he would actually build the base. Tobi and Sasori were probably the only other members here in the hideout, and he wondered what was going on…

"What is it?" Konan asked to him, curious as to why he had suddenly looked away.

Pain shook his head and went back to his demonstration. He held up one seal and closed his Rinnegan eyes in concentration. He located the correct seal in his mind, and he projected it to the ground…

Suddenly, clouds of smoke appeared around him, blocking Konan's view for a moment. When the smoke cleared, five clones appeared next to him. Konan's eyes widened for a moment when she realized that each of the clones…had a different colored hair.

Blue, brown, red, white, yellow…each clone had a specific hair color which matched its Rinnegan.

"W-Why do these clones look different than you?" she asked, looking back and forth between the clones and the real orange haired Nagato. Everything about the clones were identical, except the hair color.

Nagato nodded at the question.

"I have succeeded in mastering this technique. It allows me to make real shadow clones, which bleed and die just like I would. Because of our Rinnegans, I can see through each of their eyes, as well as connect my thoughts to them. I have divided my chakra into six separate parts, water, earth, fire, wind, and lightning, keeping force and all of my favorite techniques to myself. Each of these clones of mine can be summoned, and each of them all contain enough jutsu and abilities to make them S-ranked ninja. I am now not just one S-ranked ninja, but six. I have become a Sage of Six Paths, just like Gyatso and Rinku were before me. With this technique I have proven my mastery of my Rinnegan."

Konan didn't know what to say as she finally figured out how powerful her love had become. Six S-ranked ninja? There was no way that anyone could possibly beat him now!! He could have his own organization by himself! He could destroy armies and villages…

She stopped for a moment as she noticed another difference of the clones.

One of them, the one with white hair, had a large grin on his face, looking like he was about to laugh. Standing next to him, the red haired Pain looked like the exact opposite. He was deeply frowning with a scowl on his face, almost as if he was somewhat angry.

Turning to look at the other clones, Konan noticed other differences. The one with yellow hair seemed to be smirking coolly, and the one with blue hair seemed to almost look as if he was worried about something. The last clone with brown hair didn't seem to be showing any emotion, and he seemed to resemble Nagato the most.

Konan couldn't help but smile at the different looking Nagato clones.

"Wow! Konan-chan, you look really beautiful!" the white haired one said in a cheery voice that certainly didn't belong to Nagato, throwing his hands up with exaggeration. Konan blushed at the comment while the real Nagato looked at his clone with slight annoyance. But before he could say anything, the Pain with yellow hair, which resembled Naruto to a certain extent, due to the fact that the two were brothers, stepped up and smiled coolly at Konan.

"Don't pay attention to that loser," he smoothly said, messing up his hair to try and give himself a better look. "But he is right about one thing…you certainly are a babe! How about you and me get some alone time and-"

"Um, guys, I'm not sure we should really be talking to Konan-chan like that," the blue haired clone interrupted in a somewhat nervous voice. "After all, she is going out with the original."

The red headed one spoke up next with a fierce voice laced in power.

"You should just all shut up and stop being so damn annoying. If we weren't all on the same team, I'd obliterate all of you!"

The yellowed haired one seemed to be annoyed with this statement.

"Ya right! I'd like to see you try, hot head! My lightning would beat out your fire any time, any day!"

The argument continued on, with all of the clones putting in their opinions here and there, except for the brown-haired clone, who closed his Rinnegan eyes and shook his head in boredom, amusement, or indifference.


Despite their differences, all of the clones stopped talking immediately as they obeyed their creator.

Konan couldn't hold back her giggles as she found the situation terribly funny.

"It seems each of my clones has taken on a different personality of mine. Wind is free going with a happy spirit, water is indecisive and adaptive like his element, fire contains some of my less happy attitudes, lightning seems to be cool but dangerous, and earth seems to be calm and collected. But they all seem to harbor an affection for you," he said in a monotone voice, showing neither happiness nor anger.

Konan was now laughing and it took her a while to calm down. Pain, all the while, kept a serious look on his face, even though he enjoyed seeing his girlfriend this happy.

The five other Nagato clones disappeared and the real orange-haired one walked up to Konan.

"Only when Naruto reaches this state which I have obtained will he be able to face the Dark Lord," he said, causing Konan to look serious again. "But there is no possible way that he will be able to achieve it in a short amount of time. Rinku, the past hero, had disappeared from the world to train in the 'sprit world'. He disappeared for seven years to master all of the elements as well as his Rinnegan. Naruto does not have that amount of time; the Dark Lord will have recovered by then, and he will be at full strength."

Konan looked worriedly at Nagato.

"But then how will he have enough time?! What can we do?!"

Nagato sighed as he told Konan of his plan. She wouldn't like it, and she wouldn't agree with it, but he would have to make a sacrifice for the sake of the world, just like his father had done before him.


The large group came to a stop as their destination came into view. They were currently in the River Country, and they had traveled to the middle of it to find the town where Rugetsu Mamori had been last seen. The town seemed rather full of activity, and they could hear the chatter of people from the trail far away.

"Alright everybody, let's head into town," Kakashi instructed, moving forward. "From now on, everybody be on your guard. This guy might know we're coming for him, so be prepared for any sort of attack."

Everybody nodded and they continued to walk forward on the trail to the town.

In the town, they asked around to see if anyone recognized the picture of Rugetsu. Little information actually came from the townspeople. Eventually though, at a bar, Kakashi had discovered that there was a bandit camp nearby the village that Rugetsu was apparently the leader of.

They regrouped with this information and Hinata used her Byakugan to try and locate the camp.

"Ano…I think I see some sort of large camp east of the village, nearby a river and some large hills," she said.

Kakashi nodded and began moving forward.

"Alright then. Everybody, we're heading toward the camp!"

Outside the Fortress

Naruto hid behind a tree as he used his Rinnegan eyes to look into the camp, trying to see all that he could. He was currently alone, as Kakashi had told them all to surround the camp to find the best way to infiltrate. Naruto had used the opportunity to create about ten powerful shadow clones which had the Rinnegan, so he could communicate with them mentally as well as see through there eyes if the time called for it. He could also replace himself with one of his clones if needed be. The possibility of shadow clones went on and on, and he promised that he would look into it later when he had the time.

"Number 7, what do you see?"Naruto mentally asked one of his clones, trying to get a better look at the situation.

"Nothing special," came a response, "actually, I think I-"

"Chief!!" one of the clones shouted out loudly in his mind. He instantly recognized it as a clone that he had sent to guard Hinata while she was taking surveillance.

"What is it?" Naruto asked back, wondering what was going on.

He gasped suddenly as the memories of the clone were sent flooding into his mind.

Hinata had been captured!

He immediately ordered all of his clones to tell the others of the situation as he rushed to meet up with the teams himself.

"What do you mean?!" Sasuke asked him rather loudly, even though they were trying to still hide behind coverage.

"My clone was watching Hinata while she looked for Rugetsu with her Byakugan, and suddenly someone grabbed her out of nowhere, and then she disspeared with the person. I think they dashed back into the camp, but I wasn't able to see much," Naruto reported to everyone that was present.

Sasuke cursed as he thought of what he could do. Suddenly, Shino, who was kneeling beside them, spoke up.

"It seems that both of our sensei have disappeared," he said with somewhat of a confused and worried voice. "I tagged both of them with one of my special bugs that allowed me to keep track of them, and now I can't sense any of them."

Naruto frowned as he wondered what this meant.

"We'll worry about that later. Right now, we need to focus on retrieving Hinata and Rugetsu…Shino, did you happen to tag Hinata with that type of bug you were talking about before?" he asked, hoping that he had.

Shino nodded.

"Yes, I have. And if I am not mistaken, whoever took Hinata seems to be traveling away from here at a quick pace. If we don't make a move soon, I don't think that I will be able to track her, and Kiba's sense of smell doesn't last that long, even with Akamaru."

Kiba nodded and Akamaru barked from beside him.

Naruto nodded as he closed his eyes and tried to develop some sort of plan. After several moments, he had an idea.

"Our mission was to capture Rugetsu, but things changed once Hinata was captured. Shino, you, Kiba and Sakura will follow after wherever Hinata is going and retrieve her. Sasuke and I will infiltrate the camp and cause hell and try and capture Rugetsu. Sakura…what do you want to do?" he asked her, leaving the choice up to her. She could either back him and Sasuke up, or go help Shino and Kiba find Hinata.

The pink-haired kunoichi seemed to be thinking deeply for a moment before she looked up with confidence at Naruto.

"I'm going to turn into a hawk and fly from above, keeping sight of the kidnapper and attack when the opportunity presents itself, just like what I did with Kakashi. Once we get Hinata, we'll head back to you two and back you up!" she said, surprising everyone with how sure she sounded.

Naruto nodded before swinging his arm to the side.

"Alright! Move out!"

The group didn't hesitate for a moment and Shino and Kiba dashed out of the trees headed toward where Shino had directed, and Sakura quickly transformed into a hawk which quickly flew high into the air above Shino.

Naruto then nodded at Sasuke and together they charged to the fortress.

Both jumped over the large wooden doors of the bandit fortress, and they were surprised to find at least fifty bandits seemingly waiting for the two to appear.

Without warning, they charged and ran forward at the two, forcing them to engage in combat.

Naruto took the initiative ninjutsu and clapped his palms together, shouting out,

"Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm!"

A large gust of wind erupted from in front of Naruto, blasting away the first few bandits that had come to attack them.

Sasuke, from behind Naruto jumped up into the air, releasing several fireballs down toward all of the enemies. When he landed, he tried to release a new fire jutsu which he had learned from a scroll in the library of the Namikaze. He flew threw several hand-seals before he landed on the tiger seal, his Sharingan now spinning rapidly.

"Fire Element Art: Racing Flames!"

A ring of fire quickly surrounded him, coming up from the ground, before it dashed forward in two lines, quickly obliterating the bandits that had been targeted.

Not finished with the technique, Sasuke made the lines of fire circle around the thirty or so bandits, until there was one large ring of fire around them. The bandits looked at the fire around them warily as it rose higher, effectively blocking their view and esacape.

Suddenly, Naruto appeared in the middle of all of the bandits, with his hands in a palm seal, and his Rinnegan eyes glowing.

"Wind Release: Heavenly Air Vortex!"

Naruto spun in a complete circle with his palms outward as he converted his chakra into wind, causing a circle of wind to appear around him. This attack threw all of the bandits around him into the wall of fire, but that was not the intention of the technique.

Naruto pushed the wind outwards so that it was caught by the fire, instantly creating a large tornado of fire. This move had been an organized repeat of what Naruto had used against Sasuke when they sparred in the beginning of the academy. The remaining bandits were picked up by the large currents of wind and fire and they were thrown into the inferno.

When the technique was finished and the tornado died out, Naruto was found panting around a large pile of unconscious and badly burned bandits. Nodding at Sasuke, they moved further into the fortress trying to find Rugetsu.


Whoever had kidnapped Hinata threw the now tied up body of her to the ground as masked person stopped to momentarily rest. She didn't have much time though as she sensed two people coming toward her. She was told that she was supposed to kidnap Hinata, and that there would most likely be a retrieval team sent out find her.

But how had they gotten to her so quickly?!

Sure enough, Shino and Kiba jumped out into the clearing and landed next to a stream that was nearby, facing their opponent.

The kidnapper prepared for a battle of the two, though she failed to ignore the hawk flying down above her.

Forcing chakra into her momentary talons, Sakura easily cut through the bindings that were holding Hinata. The moment the Hyuuga was released, she hopped up and formed her own fighting stance, while Sakura returned to her normal state.

The kidnapper looked around at the four ninja surrounding her, before she smiled and accepted defeat. She took off the mask that was hiding her face, causing everyone around her to gasp.

Sasuke and Naruto had just walked behind the fortress on a hill, where they saw two ninja standing, waiting for them. One of the attackers was masked, while the other was smirking down at them, showing them his face. This was Rugetsu! All they had to do was knock this guy out and then the mission was over with!

"Ha! Do you think you two puny wimps will be able to beat me, Rugetsu Mamori?!" he said rather loudly, revealing his name to the two. "I've seen stronger looking whelps in a nursery!"

Naruto and Sasuke ignored the remarks as they prepared for battle. This person wasn't supposed to be any higher than a Chunin rank, so they should have an easy time working together to get both of them.

But before either of them could make a move, the masked ninja on the side of Rugetsu flew through some hand-seals, landing on the snake seal.

"Earth Release: Earth Flow River!"

The two enemies happened to be on a hill, so it was an inconvenience to Naruto and Sasuke as a large earth river flowed down rapidly to them, threatening to engulf them.

Both however will able to jump aside to avoid the attack, and they ran upside the river to engage the two in taijutsu.

The masked ninja's eye's seemed to widen for a moment before he jumped back, trying to avoid Sasuke who was running toward him. This caused the Uchiha to smirk.

"This guy is clearly a long-ranged fighter! All I have to do is get close to him and I got him!"

As Sasuke pursued the masked ninja, Naruto pulled out both of his katana from his back and dashed forward with a burst of chakra, trying to catch Rugetsu off guard.

The enemy ninja seemed to have seen it coming, as he was able to block the swords with a kunai of his own, before he jumped back a bit. Before Naruto could attack again, Rugetsu held up a hand-seal and looked deep into Naruto's eyes.

Naruto was surprised as he found himself unable to move.

"Temporary Paralysis Technique," he said with a large smirk, "Isn't it great! You can't even move!"

Rugetsu then pulled out a kunai, and tossed it forward lazily at Naruto, so that it would hit him in the chest. However, when it hit him, he was surprised to find that Naruto had exploded into a cloud of smoke.

"Shadow clone, huh?" Rugetsu said, scanning around him for where Naruto could be.

Sasuke continued to evade the numerous earth jutsus that the masked ninja continued to throw out at him. Sure, this guy is supposed to be Chunin, but he apparently had a hell of a lot of chakra!

"Earth Flow Divide!!"

The enemy then slammed his palm into the ground, surprising Sasuke. The ground between him and the enemy immediately began to rip apart, as if there was an earthquake beneath them. Large chasms appeared, and it was about to reach Sasuke, but the Uchiha was once again able to avoid the attack by jumping in the air.

Next, Sasuke surprised the ninja by performing a difficult in-air shunshin, appearing right in front of the enemy. Sasuke reached back and pushed chakra into his fist, preparing to punch the surprised ninja in the face.

However, right as his fist was about to collide with the ninja, Sasuke's hand was stopped short by…sand?

Sure enough, a shield of sand had intercepted Sasuke's fist, to the Uchiha's great surprised.

Before Sasuke could pull his arm back, the sand gripped him hard and threw him back, causing him to roll all over the ground.

When he finally stopped, Sasuke looked up at the enemy with confusion. Since when did anyone besides Gaara control sand? His thoughts were cut short however when sand quickly enwrapped his feet, quickly encasing his body in a large prison of sand, much like the technique Gaara usually used.

Sasuke began to fear for his safety. If this technique was anything like Gaara's, then he knew what was coming next.

However, the enemy ninja was unable to complete the technique as Naruto appeared next to him, releasing another wind palm technique at the enemy.

The masked ninja was unable to avoid the attack and maintain Sasuke's prison at the same time, and Sasuke fell to the ground unharmed. Naruto was just as confused as Sasuke as to how the ninja was using sand techniques. They didn't have much time to think though as the sand ninja disappeared in a swirl of sand, and Rugetsu appeared in front of them, preparing to battle again.

But this time, Naruto and Sasuke were ready for whatever this guy was going to dish out.

"Hm! You two kids don't seem half bad!" Rugetsu complimented. "It's a shame that I have to kill you! Maybe you two could've-"

Whatever he had planned to say next was cut short as he was blasted forward toward Naruto and Sasuke, falling on his face in front of them.

Behind where he was just standing, Hinata was still holding her palm which was glowing blue with her chakra.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto happily called out to her, glad to see that she was alright. She waved at him as well, smiling at her two friends.

Rugetsu, who was lying on the ground, moaned as he held his back in pain.

"Ah…damn it! That actually hurt, Hinata!" he called out, surprising everybody that he knew her name.

Suddenly, Kakashi and Kurenai appeared next to them, with the silver-haired Jonin eye-smiling at his students.

"Hey guys! Congratulations, you all passed!" he said, confusing them even more. However, they weren't really confused until 'Rugetsu' dispersed in a cloud of smoke, to reveal an unhappy looking Anko.

Later, Late Evening

"What?!" Sasuke, Naruto and Kiba shouted out, causing Kakashi to flinch back a little. They were currently in the woods, deciding to camp out for the rest of the day, seeing as how everyone was exhausted. Anko, Gaara, Kairi, and Sai were all sitting with them around the campfire.

"Yep! This was all just a test planned out by the Hokage! He wanted to test out each team, and specifically, Sakura and Hinata," he explained as he held everyone's attention.

"The Hokage was debating whether or not Hinata should actually be placed a search team or not, and so he devised a plan. 'Rugetsu', or actually Anko, would hide out at a bandit camp and wait for us to arrive. Kairi would quickly kidnap Hinata, so that she would be taking her out of Team 8. Then, we would test to see how good Sakura's skills are, and to see whether or not she could possibly belong on a retrieval team. Sure enough, Sakura was able to replace Hinata's Byakugan by her new special animal transformations, and she basically led Shino and Kiba to Kairi.

"Then, Anko herself tested out the skills of Hinata by seeing if she could belong on a special attack team. She didn't really have much of a chance to fight, but she was able to get in close to the enemy while Naruto and Sasuke fought from afar, which is basically what she is supposed to do when fighting a real enemy.

"This was a test for not only you guys, but for Anko's Team as well. Gaara was able to practice his earth jutsu, and Kairi was able to practice her stealth. Sai didn't really need to be tested because Anko already knew him well enough."

Still, after the explanation, Naruto was confused.

"Um, what why were we being tested? What was the point of all this?" Naruto asked, not connected the dots yet.

Kakashi eye-smiled again as he responded.

"When we go and report this to Sarutobi, he is going to change the teams up a little bit. When we return to Konoha, Hinata will officially be apart of Team 7 and Sakura will have replaced her on Team 8."

At this, Naruto's, Sasuke's, and Hinata's eyes all widened in surprise.

"Yatta!" Naruto shouted in excitement, jumping up, grabbing Hinata and spinning her around, to her delight. "Hinata-chan, can you believe it!? You're gonna be on a team with me and Sasuke!!"

Hinata blushed with happiness as her dreams came true. All she had ever really wanted for the past few weeks was to be on a team with Sasuke and Naruto, and now she finally would! She would be spending so much more time with her two best friends and Kakashi-sensei! So much more time with Naruto…

Sasuke wasn't jumping around with Naruto, but he was just as happy in his own way. Sakura wasn't at all sad for moving on to a different team. She realized that she didn't really fit well with Naruto and Sasuke anyways; with her low levels of chakra she was more useful for genjutsu, and she was more appropriate for a search team anyways. Also, she would be able to learn genjutsu from Kurenai herself, who was probably the best in Konoha since Itachi wasn't there any longer!

Kiba and Shino also accepted the fact that Hinata would be better off on Team 7, and after what Sakura had showed them today, the pink-haired girl wouldn't be that bad to have on their time. Actually, Kiba thought that she could look kind of cute…

The group happily talked amongst themselves for the remainder of the day, planning to head back to Konoha in the morning. Kakashi smiled in satisfaction as he realized that he would finally be able to be the sensei of his desired team. Team 7…it was destiny that allowed a second set of Genin teams to consist of the Rinnegan, Sharingan, and the Byakugan. Not only that, but Kakashi had a feeling that this legendary team was going to become even stronger than the last.

Unknown Location

"A-A-A-O-Ow-Ow-Ow!" Obito complained as Rin continued to heal his wounds using her medical green concentrated chakra. "Rin-chan, you're being to rough with me!"

"Come on, Obito!" she sighed in exasperation, tired yet still amused at hearing his yelps of pain. "Stop being a baby! The other members don't complain at all when I heal them, and I'm trying to do my best with you!" she said, continuing to travel up and down his body. He wasn't wearing a shirt so that she could see all of the cut wounds that Sasori had inflicted upon him. They were currently on a roof of the hideout in the mountains so that they could have some privacy to themselves. The view was rather stunning, as they had the mountains before them and the valleys below.

Obito shook his head at her request.

"All the other Akatsuki members are freaks! They actually like the pain!" he said, his eyebrows rising up. She couldn't help but agree with that statement and giggle a little at it.

Obito wasn't wearing his orange mask; there was no need to wear it around Rin. After all, the two were best friends, and she had grown up seeing his face, so there was no need for him to mask it.

After several moments of him yelping in pain, and her healing him, she sighed and wiped a little sweat off of her forehead.

"There! All done! Usually I would tell you to stay out of trouble so that you wouldn't keep getting injured in the first place, but I guess that's impossible for an idiot like you," she said, sighing at him and crossing her arms in a sitting position.

Obito gave her a foxy smile in response.

"Ya, but I'm the idiot that you really like!" he said, knowing that it couldn't be a bad thing.

Rin could only smile in agreement. While she did like Tobi a lot, she knew that he actually loved her. She knew that all this time, ever since his first accident from which he lost his eye. He had told her that he loved her, and since then she had followed him away from Konoha.


She didn't really know. She didn't want to think that she could possibly love an idiot like Obito, put she couldn't help it! His always friendly attitude and his goofy smile that he always wore…It didn't help that she had spent so much time with him.

But, she still didn't confess any feelings of him…yet. She would always tell him that he had to wait for her to confess her feelings, which he patently did. But that didn't stop him from always trying to make advances on her which she found harder to resist every time.

"Whatever Obito! You're still an idiot!" she said, scolding him while still smiling.

He frowned in mock hurtfulness, and after he put his shirt back on he scooted next to her so that they could look out at the scenery together.

"I had to use his eye today," he eventually said after about a minute of silence. Rin looked up at Obito in concern, wondering why he had to.

"Why?" she asked. "What happened?"

Obito looked back into his memories as he appeared to be thinking thoughtfully.

"Hm…Now that you brought it up, I can't really remember!" he said, always making up ridiculous and unbelievable excuses.

Rin sighed again.

"But I didn't bring it up!" she complained, "You were the one to just say it!"

Obito frowned again as he thought about what she said.

"Good point…what were we talking about just now?" he asked, scratching his head.

Rin sighed and turned away from him. Obito was just so irritating sometimes! He got her worried by saying something like that, but then he said he couldn't remember why!!

"Oh! There are two really important things that I wanted to tell you!" he said, after he had an epiphany. Rin sighed again (she sighs a lot around him) and looked up at him, not even expecting him to 'remember' it.

He surprised her when he slung his arm around her should, pressing her against him.

"First of all, I wanted to tell you that you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and that I love you, and that I want you to be with me forever!" he said, not embarrassed in the least.

Despite him telling her that nearly everyday, her cheeks still heated up a little bit at how open he was with her.

"B-Baka!" she stuttered out, though she still let him keep his arm around her.

"And the second thing I wanted to tell you is that I'm going to go to Konoha soon, and I'm going to meet up with everyone." He said this sentence as if it wasn't really important, and as if it wasn't as nearly as important as he first statement.

Rin, however, looked up at him in surprise.

"Really?! Why?!" she asked, shocked as to why he would go back there.

"Well, Sasori-senpai has this evil plan where he wants to send my three students to the Chunin Exams, which is being hosted in Konoha. I'm going with him, and I'm going to pretend to be their Jonin sensei! How cool is that?! I'm taking my team to the Chunin Exams!!"

She looked at him with disbelief and shock at what he had just said.

"Not only that, but I researched a little, and I found out that Kakashi has three students who have recently turned Genin, and if they were good enough to past his bell test, then he'll probably put them in the exams! I'm going to go up against Kakashi's team!"

Rin now looked at him in even more disbelief. Tobi would be going to meet with Kakashi…there other best friend and old teammate…

"Now, I have some good news and some bad news," he said. "Which one do you want to hear first?"

Rin shrugged, noticing that his arm was still slung around her.

"How about…good news?" she asked, wondering what he was going to say.

"Alright! The good news is that I'm going to try and convince Sasori to allow you to come along with me. The bad news is that you're so beautiful, that I'm afraid everyone is going to try and hit on you."

Rin ignored his last comment as she squealed in delight and hugged him tightly. She would have a chance to finally return to her home village! That would be amazing!! When she calmed down, she blushed a little after realizing that she was hugging Obito so tightly, and she asked him a question.

"H-How are you going to convince Sasori to allow me to come?" she asked, knowing Sasori to be a dark figure.

Obito smiled at her.

"The answer to your first question: I'm really good at convincing people and I won't give up! The answer to your second question: Obviously, you didn't."

She frowned in confusion.

"Um, I didn't have a second question?" she said, wondering why he said that.

"Obviously, you didn't."

"…Obito, you're such an idiot!"

He laughed as she punched his side, which still wasn't enough to get him to take his arm off of her. The two sat together for a while on the roof as they just enjoyed their time together.

"You know…I have a feeling that this upcoming Chunin exam is going to be the most dramatic one in all of history!" he said.

"Why do you think that?" she asked back, wondering where he was going.

"First of all, if Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata enter the exams, they will be the second team ever to have the Rinnegan, the Sharingan, and the Byakugan on the same team. Not only that, but I hear that Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata are all very strong. Next, my three students will be entering the exams, and they are all already above Chunin level. After that, Orochimaru is going to be going there as the impersonated Kazekage, and he will start a war with Konoha using Suna, as well as his own Sound. So yeah, it looks like things will turn out to be pretty interesting."

She nodded her head as she agreed with what he was saying.

"O-Obito, how do you feel that the Leader is allowing Orochimaru to attack Konoha? Don't you want to save your old village? I know that I do!"

Obito nodded.

"Don't worry! I talked with Nagato about this, and he said that he would be attending the exams as well to make sure that nothing too bad happens. I think he will also be taking Konan and Itachi with him. I guess that's another reason why these exams will be so interesting!"

Rin was rather surprised to hear this.

"P-Pain is going to go to the exams!? But what will he do when Orochimaru starts the invasion?"

Obito shrugged.

"I have no idea. But I know I sure as hell won't want to miss it!"


Itachi and Sub-Zero returned to main Akatsuki hideout, ready to report to the Leader. Sub-Zero had succeeded in taking the legendary blade from the Lin Kuei, and now they needed to report to the Leader to see what he wanted them to do next.

Together, after going through series of large rooms and hallways, they walked down the hallway of the medieval castle until they reached the large doors of the throne room. When they entered, they were surprised to see two other Akatsuki members kneeling before the Dark Lord.

Itachi and his partner walked up to the throne where the Evil King was sitting, and they kneeled before him as custom.

"You may rise," he said in a commanding voice.

Itachi looked over to see the two other members. It seemed to be Rain, and his partner Hanzo.

"Leader," Hanzo spoke up in a gravely voice, "We have successfully located the Three-Tails. It seems that the beast has been separated from its host, and it now resides in a large lake."

The Dark Lord smiled and nodded his head.

"Very good. I do not want the beast to be captured just yet, as my plans are not ready to use the beasts. Your team will remain on hold until I give you any other missions."

He then turned to Itachi and Sub-Zero. The ice-nin immediately spoke up for the two of them.

"We have retrieved my weapon as desired. We are ready for our next assignment."

The Dark Lord nodded his head again.

"Very well. There is a man whose powers interest me. He had originally declined my offer to join this organization. The penalty for his decision is death. His name is Zabuza Momochi, and he was currently last seen in the Mist Village."

Rain's head shot up at the mention of Zabuza.

"Ah! Zabuza Momochi! He is powerful indeed! He used to be the leader of my previous organization, the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He had assigned for us to kill Madara, the Uchiha who somehow became our Mizukage. Zabuza had something against the Kage, and since we all hated the new Kage anyway, we planned to attack him. In the end, we failed, and the organization disbanded as a few members were killed. Zabuza, Kisame, and I were the only survivors, due to the fact that we are all S-ranked."

Itachi was curious as to how Madara Uchiha had been the Mizukage and whether or not he was still living.

"Seven A-ranked and S-ranked ninja went up against Madara, and you still lost?!" he asked, wondering how powerful Madara was.

Rain was about to respond, when the Leader began laughing evilly but lightly.

"Ha! It doesn't surprise me that all seven of you were still unable to kill him! Madara was extremely powerful, enough so that he was able to challenge me in a battle. Around a hundred years ago, during the Second Great Shinobi War, Madara had infiltrated my castle and challenged me to combat with his Eternal Mangekyou. Even though the Eternal Mangekyou isn't nearly as powerful as the Kagai had been, Madara had been extremely powerful and he actually challenged me in battle! Near the end, when we were both tired from fighting, he managed to escape with his life."

Itachi's eyes widened. Madara had been strong enough to fight the Leader and live?!

"Is he still alive now?" Itachi asked the Leader, who was giving away more information than he ever had before.

The Leader shook his head.

"No. He was killed, ironically, by an Uchiha. There is a phrase that 'only an Uchiha can kill an Uchiha', and in this case, it was proven to be true. Obito Uchiha, who is now in our organization, was the one who finally killed Madara."

Now, all of the four members before him gasped in shock. Madara had been strong enough to fight almost equally with the Dark Lord, and Tobi had beaten Madara?! How strong was he?!?!

"Enough. Too much has been said already. Zabuza Momochi has rejected my invitation, and therefore he must die. Itachi, you and Sub-Zero will go out and kill this man. Be warned, he is S-ranked and quite strong. Locate him, and end him. Dismissed."

The four figures vanished before the throne, leaving the Evil King to go back to his memories.


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Omake: The Road of Life

Naruto's House

"Come on Naruto, let's leave now," Sasuke said as he stood by the door, motioning for Naruto to come with him.

Naruto pouted and crossed his arms, shaking his head.

"No way. You and I both know that Kakashi won't show up to the meeting place for up to three hours!"

Sasuke managed to smile at the comment, as it was completely true.

"That doesn't matter! This is gonna be our first mission with Hinata! Don't you want to come early? Besides, it's a good time to train while we wait for sensei."

Naruto still wasn't convinced. He was about to try and come up with another argument, when an idea came to his head.

"Go on without me. I'll catch up with you when I get ready; I have something that I want to try out!" he said enthusiastically.

Sasuke sighed at the blonde's antics but left anyway, heading toward the training grounds.

Naruto smiled when Sasuke left and he left shortly after, however, he was headed toward a different location than his friend.

Kakashi's Apartment

Naruto giggled with excitement as he prepared to ambush his sensei. He had several low powered water jutsu that he had in mind that would wake his sensei up real well. It serves Kakashi right! He shouldn't always sleep in while his students are waiting for him!

Naruto took a deep breath to calm down, and he went to reach for the door, only to find that the door opened itself up before he could touch it.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto said in shock, thinking that Kakashi had caught on to his plans.

The silver-haired Jonin smiled at Naruto as he eye-smiled.

"Yo, Naruto. What's up?" he asked, wondering why his student was standing outside his door.

Naruto improvised on the spot.

"Well, I was going to knock on the door to try and wake you up, so that you would show up to practice on time. After all, it is our first day with Hinata on Team 7!" he said, hoping that it sounded realistic.

The masked Jonin laughed at the masked Genin.

"I always wake up on time! Not once have I ever slept in!" he said, surprising Naruto.

"What? Really?! Then why are you always hours late?" Naruto asked, wondering what else his sensei could be doing. Surely all of those pathetic excuses Kakashi had made up were fake!

Kakashi only eye smiled at Naruto and closed the door behind him.

"Come with me Naruto, and I will show you the Road of Life!"

Naruto looked at his sensei with a confused expression, but her shrugged and followed him none-the-less.

Streets of Konoha

"You see Naruto," Kakashi explained as they walked toward the training grounds together, "I always head straight toward the training grounds! But, being as important as I am, important things happen all around me! Because of this, I have learned to walk the Road of Life."

Naruto nodded as he tried to absorb all of what his sensei was saying. At the pace they were walking, they would actually make it to practice in time!

Not a second later after he thought that, a young and rather beautiful looking woman in the streets a couple of feet away from them shouted out,

"Thief! That man stole my purse!"

Sure enough, a mysterious and guilty looking man ran directly by Kakashi with the stolen purse in his arms. But before Naruto could even blink, the Jonin stuck his arm out and clothslined the robber, causing him to flip over on the ground in pain.

Kakashi swept up the purse with practiced ease and he returned it to the woman.

"I believe this belongs to you," he said coolly, handing it back to her. The woman, who Naruto would refer to as woman #1, blushed and hugged Kakashi back in thanks.

"Thank you, oh thank you! What could I ever do to repay you?!" she asked, clutching him tightly.

With his mask, Kakashi might as well have been a super hero to her.

"Nothing, ma'am. It's my duty."

Naruto's eyebrows rose up as he was impressed, and he shortly after walked toward the training grounds with Kakashi once more.

However, it didn't take Kakashi three steps before another random accident occurred.

A potted plant, which was on a three story apartment building, fell off it's window sill, with a distressed young woman shouting: "Oh no!" as it fell to the ground.

Kakashi disappeared from the spot, and right before the pot hit the ground, he appeared next to it and grabbed it out of the air.

Shortly after, he walked it up the side of the building and returned it to misfortunate woman #2.

Naruto's eyebrows with up again as Kakashi repeated his phrase to this woman. When Kakashi walked down, the Jonin shrugged his shoulders and once again and walked forward toward the training grounds.

Two Hours Later

Naruto sighed as they walked out of the house of random attractive woman #57 and headed back to the streets of Konoha. They hadn't even gotten out of the main town yet!!

"Ah! Kakashi, you're just the man I was looking for!" Asuma said as he walked up to his fellow Jonin. "You see, I'm in a little predicament here, and I need your sagely wisdom regarding women…"

Naruto now smacked his head as he followed the two Jonin to God knows where.

Hour Later

When they finally arrived at training grounds, Sasuke immediately pointed at both Naruto and Kakashi in anger.

"Damn you two! Why are you so late?!"

Before Naruto could respond, he fell face first into the dirt due to exhaustion, leaving Sasuke and Hinata wondering what happened to him.

Kakashi merely laughed at the sight of his student and he reassured them that everything was alright.

"Don't worry! On the way here, we both go lost on the Road of Life!"

Sasuke fumed at this answer while Hinata kneeled next to Naruto, trying to see if he was alright.

"That's bull! What does the Road of Life even mean?!"

"One day, Sasuke, when you are old enough, I will reveal it to you. For now, you are far too young, and you might just end up like Naruto right here."

Naruto flopped around on the ground and twitched at the mention of his name, though he appeared to still be unconscious.

Sasuke shook his head in annoyance.

"Whatever. Let's just get on with this mission already."