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Also, I'm going to use 'nii-san' for older brother. 'Onii-san' is what is being said when I look it up on google, yet when I hear it in the anime I only hear what sounds like 'nii-san'… also 'otouto' is little brother, 'nee-san' is older sister, and 'imouto' is younger sister for those who didn't know.

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Important: I've decided that ninja's ninjutsu ability for elemental attacks will be restricted to whatever two elemental chakras they have. That means a Jonin with Earth and Water chakras won't be able to perform any fire jutsus, just like a Chunin with lighting chakra will only be able to perform lighting jutsus. I believe this makes more sense. This won't apply to the Uchiha's and the Namikaze's and it will be explained more in later chapters why. You will learn more about the Rinnegan's ability in my story later as well.

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Let's Begin

The Second Born

Chapter 2: Childhood


One year ago

"Water Style: Water Stream Jutsu!"

6-year-old Naruto never even had a chance. He screamed as he jumped out of bed, his face soaked. "Nii-san!!" he yelled, pointing and accusing finger at his laughing older brother. After a few moments of Nagato avoiding punches, Naruto calmed down. "Naruto," Nagato said in a happy tone, "stop playing around. Dry up and let's go downstairs to the kitchen. Breakfast is almost ready."

Naruto whined as he made his way to his bathroom. "Nii-san, you suck at cooking!" he complained as he dried off. "Yesterday you burnt everything and you forced me to eat it up!" he continued.

Nagato sighed. "Naruto, you know one of my mottos is 'Never Waste Food'. I just wasn't hungry." He finished making Naruto's bed for him, and he put the child's clothes on his bed. He turned to the bathroom and yelled to his brother; "By the way Naruto, Konan came over today. And she's the one who's making breakfast!"

A muffled scream of joy could be heard in the bathroom. Nagato laughed to himself. His little brother sure was a handful, and he was no parent. But he played the best role of an older brother that he could, and Konan was always there for both of them by being an older sister. Itachi also helped them a lot and was considered a brother to Naruto. Naruto had been raised knowing that he was a Namikaze, though it was kept secret from him and the village that he was the son of the Yondaime, as well as a Jinchuuriki. Those of the older generation that knew of Nagato as the first born of their past hero were able to add up the facts and concluded that Naruto was the second born, but they were unable to say anything about it as it was categorized as an S-class secret. Most people believed that Naruto was a normal Namikaze, and that Nagato was watching over him because they are both of the Namikaze Clan. It was also assumed that Nagato was forced to watch over the 'Demon Child' because of the Hokage.

Some in the village who know about Naruto's parents still hated him for having the Kyuubi within him, thinking he was the Kyuubi. Those who voiced their complaints or put them into action didn't tend to live long, and they were reminded that the child had a powerful older brother who was protective.

Nagato made his way to the stairs going down to the kitchen. He was really blessed to have such a nice apartment, and for it to be paid for by the Sandaime. Six years ago, a day after the Kyuubi's attack and Naruto's birth, the Hokage had purchased this nice apartment room for them. It was meant for wealthy travelers passing by, or maybe for royalty staying for the Chunin Exams. It was fairly big, almost big enough for the bundle of energy that was Naruto.

Nagato had decided to leave the Namikaze Clan estate and go to this apartment instead. While his father was Clan Head, he wasn't ready to go back to where he was raised with his father and mother; the memories were too fresh…

He breathed deeply in an attempt to calm himself down. He had promised himself that he would never be depressed around Naruto or his friends, for they had all suffered like he had and it was unfair for him to act like such.

Konan saw him coming down and smiled at him. Her blue hair was grown out; it nearly reached her mid-back. She seemed really happy. "Nagato!" she chided in such a beautiful voice… "What did you do to Naruto this time?" she disciplined him with her hands on her hips. "I heard him scream! What did I tell you about your little pranks on the boy? One day he's going grow up and pull pranks on you, just to get even!" she concluded, giggling.

Nagato flinched. He didn't think she would hear them. He was saved from having to explain what he did as Naruto came crashing down the stairs. Nagato and Konan just watched as little Naruto made his grand entrance by tumbling down as he collapsed and lay still when he finally hit the bottom steps.

Nagato flinched again. "Naruto, I told you to slow down in the house…" he tried to explain for what seemed to be the millionth time. Naruto just jumped up and stood there looking embarrassed. "Hehehe…" he laughed nervously.

Konan laughed at him. "Naruto, one day you'll be better than Nagato at making entrances, I'm sure of it!" she told him.

"I agree," Itachi stated, appearing out of nowhere and placing his hand on Naruto's shoulder. "You have potential kid," he finished.

Naruto screamed at the sudden appearance of his other 'brother' and fell back down again.



The four sat down to eat the breakfast Konan had prepared. The food, as usual was amazing. Konan's cooking was one of the reasons that Naruto loved her so much, and why he always wanted her to come over as much as possible. But he was too busy stuffing himself and glaring at Itachi to complement her food. Nagato, however, was able to contain himself.

"Konan, the food is delicious!" he said while taking small portions of it. She blushed at his praise. Itachi agreed. "He's right Konan. And Naruto seems to think so as well," he stated, bringing the three's attention to the small boy who was eating the most. He didn't even notice the special attention he was getting.

The conversation at the table was light, relaxed and easy as everyone seemed to relax and enjoy each others company while they were eating. Once Naruto was finished, the conversation turned to him. Nagato pointed out that he had begun training Naruto in taijutsu, chakra control, and kenjutsu (sword style) for a year now. Itachi and Konan were impressed.

"Naruto, it's good to know that you are planning to become a ninja," Konan told him, smiling. "Hopefully you will become powerful one day!"

"Ya!" Naruto shouted out in enthusiasm. He had somehow managed to get on top of the table. "I'm gonna be stronger than nii-san one day, and I'm gonna be the strongest Hokage!" he claimed with confidence.

At this statement Konan visibly twitched and Itachi raised an eyebrow because of the irony. Itachi chose the moment to speak up. "Oh?" he asked Naruto. "That's nice to hear. I'm curious though as to why you want to become a Hokage."

Naruto stuck out his chest and answered Itachi's question. "People always look at me with mean faces and either yell at me or ignore me," he began. Itachi and Konan visibly saddened, and Nagato noticeably became angry. "I used to want to become Hokage so these people would acknowledge me and no longer treat me like that. But recently nii-san has helped me come up with a new reason," he continued, happy to have everyone's undivided attention on him. "I'm going to be the Hokage so I can protect all the villagers and ninja under me. I have to be willing to give my life up for the village. Then I will truly be a good leader, and people will acknowledge me as the unbeatable best Hokage!" he finished.

Nagato looked to his little brother with pride. Naruto didn't have any friends. Every time he took him out to the park, none of the children would play with him because of their foolish parents that knew of Naruto's prisoner. They warned their kids to stay away from Naruto, though they did not tell them why.

But Naruto was still able to love the village that scorned him, and vow to protect it. He truly was a worthy leader. Father would be proud… he thought.


Training Grounds, Later

Naruto was impatient. "Nii-san, let's go!" he yelled to his brother who had taken the opportunity to take an afternoon nap. "It's 1:00 already! We're late for my training!" he complained.

The duo was in the middle of a training field, with Nagato trying to persuade his little brother that he didn't have to train yet. "Come on Naruto," he tried to tell him, his eyes still closed. "I'm tired; we just finished our lunch break from morning training!" he finished. When he heard no response he assumed he had persuaded the boy to go elsewhere.

Naruto had other plans. After being shocked awake with a blast of water to the face several times, he had taken the time to see what hand-seals were required to complete the jutsu. He knew the seals by heart now. While he had never performed ninjutsu before, he figured now would be the time to practice. Nagato had told him the princibles. Complete the hand-seals and then push chakra into the jutsu.

Naruto, however, at age 6, had chakra reserves that would make a Chunin furious with envy. He formed the hand-seals and forced as much chakra possible into the jutsu.

Nagato, upon feeling the sudden immense chakra, sat up in alarm.

But he was too late.

"Water Style: Water Stream Jutsu!" he yelled at his unsuspecting brother.

Instead of the intended small, low powered stream of water, Nagato was painfully hit with a stream that more resembled that of a fire hose.

After several minutes of scolding Naruto, Nagato finally agreed to begin training him. Konan had arrived at the training grounds as well to observe Naruto's training.

"You know," Nagato tried to explain, "most kids your age would rather play around than train." He told the ecstatic child who was bouncing around. Naruto visibly saddened. "I don't have many friends to play with, nii-san," he replied with a sad face. Nagato mentally smacked himself. 'Of course that's why he prefers to train!'

"Alright Naruto," Nagato began. "You're already warmed up from this morning's training, so let's skip straight to the fun part."

Naruto was less than happy. Nagato had training methods that would make some tortures from Ibiki seem preferable.

Nagato formed the serpent hand-seal. Earth Style: Earth Rampart!

Nagato was then lifted up in the air as a giant wall of earth lifted him up about 150 feet in the air. But he wasn't done yet. He formed a ram seal and continued.

Water Style: Waterfall Basin Technique! With that a giant stream of water flew out underneath him and down the earth wall, collecting in a rather large pool of water at the bottom, forming a lake. (A/N: This part I don't understand in the anime, which is shippuuden episode 55. Yamato uses these jutsus as a presentation for Naruto, but when the waterfall was formed, how did it continue to keep coming? Where was all the water coming from? Where was it going? I'll try to explain it, but I don't really think I can…)

If one would look closely, they would notice that a portal was formed both under the lake of water and behind the waterfall, on top of the wall. Water was going down from the lake, and seemingly was transported on top of the waterfall again, creating a flowing system.

Nagato jumped off of the top of the waterfall to the side, on top of the wall once more. He went through several more jutsus before he was satisfied with his work. He turned and shouted down to Naruto. "You know the drill!" he yelled to his brother who was looking up in amazement.

The drill was not fun, nor was it meant to be. It tested endurance. Naruto had to walk behind the enormous wall to start the work-out. When Nagato gave the signal, Naruto began. The drill consisted of only of the earth wall, the waterfall and the lake beneath the water fall.

First Naruto had to jog up the entire earth wall. He could start running, but he needed to save his energy for later. The fact that he could already use chakra in his feet to climb walls was quite impressive. Nagato training Naruto for a year was showing results, as most kids his age would be unable to focus their chakra so well at age 6. But since Naruto was from the Namikaze Clan, he had an easier time learning to do so.

Once he had reached the top of the high plateau, he had to wade across in mud that had been created by Nagato. The mud went all the way up to his waist, making it very difficult to move. Naruto managed to get across the majority of the top of the plateau by forcing chakra into his legs, giving them more power and making them move faster in the mud more than humanly possibly. He cleared the mud pile in about one minute, which was an extremely fast time considering the length.

When he stepped out of the massive mud-filled area, he jogged a few yards to where he saw the water rushing out of the ground, forming the waterfall. It was flowing quite fast; it would be difficult to get on it, but that was what was necessary. Placing chakra in his feet, he jumped onto the flowing water and carefully ran to the edge. He stood still on top of the rushing water for a moment to look down the waterfall. The drop was fairly big. He took one step back then ran forward and jumped off of the waterfall.

This next step was tricky because it played onto your fear. For a ninja it was usual to jump down from high heights because sometimes it was necessary to jump high heights with chakra. But to actually look down and dive head first was tricky. But that is what Naruto did as he jumped off. Flipping forward head first, he perfectly dove into the water from the ridiculous height of the earth wall.

Next, after rising above the water from the fall, he had to swim across the lake, without using chakra. This would build muscle and it was a lot harder to do it this way.

Normally it would really hurt to dive from such a height, but Naruto had surrounded his body with chakra before he hit the water, completely protecting him from the impact.

Once Naruto swam the distance of the lake, he climbed to the surface of the water and pushed chakra into his feet so he could stand on the water. Now he ran across the surface of the water, until he reached the bottom of the waterfall.

Here he jumped up onto the flowing rapids of the waterfall and began sprinting up the water. This part was the hardest for Naruto because it was sprinting the entire distance while focusing chakra into his legs. It was especially hard to connect your feet to the falling water, and if he were to slow down to a jogging pace, the water would push him down.

After what seemed like forever, he reached the top of the waterfall and jumped onto the earth wall, panting. This time he used chakra to run on top of the muddy landscape. Doing this was different than water-walking and climbing the earth wall, as the surface was much different. Also he had to do it in a full-out-sprint. It wasn't really needed, but sometimes during his training Nagato placed a genjutsu on Naruto, and when his nii-san placed a genjutsu on him it became quite necessary. Once he reached the other end of the cliff, he took hold of the summoned zip line and slid all the way down to the beginning of the course. This zip-line, however, was not straight. The line itself was made out of a strong crystal, courtesy of Konan, so that it wouldn't break under weight. The line spiraled in circles and waved up and down somewhat resembling a roller-coaster that only went downwards. The line was built so that the user would always be traveling down so the acceleration of gravity would keep them moving. There was even a point in the line where there was a short free-fall. It was very difficult to hold on the entire length, and it took about a full minute and a half before Naruto reached the bottom.

Nagato looked on from a birds eye view, impressed. He had been watching the show from on top of a summoned earth pillar on top of his earth wall. Every time Naruto did the exercise he seemed to get faster doing it. He shouted out to Naruto who was panting from exhaustion. "Only 4 more times, Naruto!" he yelled down to him. He went through a few hand-seals and activated a genjutsu on Naruto. In his opinion, doing the endurance training was always fun when it seemed like you were in the middle of a shinobi war.

Naruto nodded and began the exercise again, this time dodging kunai and explosions.



Kenjutsu training was always easy, well considered to the endurance training. Many times to Naruto, it involved him being repeatedly beaten with a stick. Nagato had decided, against Naruto's will, that they would be training with wooden swords, instead of real ones covered in a protective chakra. He had told him that once he had mastered the basics, he would give him a real sword. And when he became even better, he would give him an even more powerful katana.

Naruto would work on the basic forms of kenjutsu. Nagato had also told him that once he chooses a specific style of taijutsu, Naruto would be able to choose a kenjutsu style that complements it.

The warm evening sun shone upon the two brothers as Nagato continued to train Naruto in the ways of kenjutsu. There was a soft breeze rolling across the training ground. The training ground that they had chosen was large enough that the earth wall Nagato had previously created was off to the side, the sound of the crashing water swaying in the wind. Nagato had chosen the moment to stop training and call it quits for the day. "Otouto," he said to his younger brother, leaning on the metal staff that he was currently using to train Naruto, which was around the same height as Nagato. Nagato had always preferred to use staffs as his weapon. He had even taught Naruto the basics for it.

"Let's stop for today. You've done a good job. Your really learning fast!" he complimented to Naruto. Naruto blushed a little at the praise and laughed while he put his hands behind his head. Naruto's relationship with his brother was not one where he constantly tried to become stronger than him, but a different one where Naruto would only try to prove himself to Nagato and earn his praise.

Konan then appeared in the right next to them. She greeted Nagato and Naruto kindly. "Hey, Nagato-kun! Hey Naruto-kun! How are you guys doing?" she asked her two friends. Nagato responded. "Naruto and I just finished our training and we were about to eat dinner at Ichiraku's, would you care to join us?"

Konan laughed and replied "Of course! Itachi will be here in a few moments. He was just finishing training his little brother, Sasuke."

At this Nagato became a little irritated. "Since when did Itachi ever want to train Sasuke?" he voiced his complaint. "He's just trying to get Sasuke stronger than Naruto! That's all he's trying to do!" Nagato yelled, furious. He turned to Naruto. "Otouto, I guess that means that we're going to train twice as hard as before!" Naruto surprisingly jumped up in excitement at the thought of training more.

"I assume that Naruto wants to go to eat ramen again, so let's go." Itachi said, once again appearing next to Naruto, scaring him.

Naruto was furious that he seemed to be the only scared at Itachi's sudden appearance. With that, they walked to Ichiraku's.


Ramen Stand, Later

Naruto was happy slurping down his ramen at a rate worthy of just sitting and watching in amazement, which several customers were doing. Nagato and his teammates were sitting next to him talking about their missions. Nagato was on Naruto's left, while Itachi was on Naruto's right. Konan was at the left of Nagato.

A few bowls later, Nagato brought up that fact that Itachi was now training Sasuke. Itachi was chill and didn't seem to care. "Actually," he clarified, "I've been training Sasuke for almost half a year now. Soon he will have mastered his first ninjutsu." Itachi said to the group.

Nagato was furious. Ninjutsu! He was going to save that for after Naruto learned more kenjutsu and taijutsu, as well as having better chakra control. But once Naruto finds out that Sasuke…

Naruto had overheard. "Nii-san," he complained. "If Sasuke can perform ninjutsu, then why can't I?" he began to ask to his older brother. Nagato sighed as he realized that Naruto would be asking him this over and over again until he got his way. He sent an evil glare at Itachi, who was smirking as if he did that on purpose. Itachi continued to push them. "Naruto, there is no hope of you beating Sasuke in the future," he told the 6-year-old. "Uchiha's advance at a rapid pace, one that you will never be able to keep up with." he finished.

Nagato interrupted before Naruto could say anything. "Is that why I am still much stronger than you, Itachi?" he asked his annoying friend. Itachi only smirked more. "What I said before still stands," he explained. "The gap between you and me, Nagato, it grows smaller every day. Soon I will become far more powerful, and then…" He was never able to finish and Nagato had turned around to Konan and began talking to her about something else that made her giggle. Itachi pretended not to care and he turned back to his rice-ball that he ordered.

A little while later, Itachi came to a conclusion. "Nagato, how about tomorrow I bring Sasuke over to you and Naruto and we can all train together?" he slyly offered. "Both of the kids would improve if they shared a friendly rivalry, wouldn't you think?" he finished.

Nagato merely sighed and responded with "sure". Naruto jumped up and down with the thoughts of training with another person. Konan frowned.

"I feel so left out," she explained to her friends. "Nowadays, all you two talk about is your brothers and whatever their doing. Being an only child is annoying," she said to the group. Naruto tried to help her out. "I'm your little brother," he innocently said to her.

Konan giggled and reached over to ruffle his hair. "Yeah, but there is not much that I can teach you, as my Crystal Style jutsus are unique to me, and my other Water Style jutsus won't help either because you are Wind natured, and you haven't activated your Rinnegan yet. While those of the Namikaze Clan posses all elemental chakras, you would still only be able to learn the simplest of jutsus as you have yet to develop your other chakras" she explained.

Nagato tried to think of a way around this. Most Jonins were able to develop only two elemental chakra affinities. However, Namikaze shinobi had a special bloodline that allows them to posses all elemental chakras, but they would have to develop them over time. Using the Rinnegan was the quickest way to do this; otherwise the ninja would progress as slowly as any other ninja in developing another chakra. The Uchiha were another special case. While they themselves possessed Fire chakras, their Sharingan allowed them to copy and use other elemental jutsus. As long as they had their Sharingan activated, they could have just as many elemental chakras as the Namikaze's. Konan would not be able to train Naruto in Water Style attacks yet because his main element was Wind, and Naruto was too young to develop another chakra. Nagato then spoke to Konan. "All Hyuuga's have Water elemental chakras, just like all Uchiha's have Fire elemental chakras, right?" he began to explain. Konan nodded. "Then why don't you just take on an apprentice from the Hyuuga clan that is around Naruto's and Sasuke's age?" he recommended.

Konan thought about this for a moment before responding. "There is one girl who is on my mind," she began. "This girl is already training to become a kunoichi, as all Hyuuga's do at a young age. The only problem is that she is of the Main Family, and her father, as head clan may not allow me to train her." Nagato thoughtfully nodded and responded to her. "The Namikaze's have always been friendly with the Hyuuga's, and my father was a friend of the current head of the Hyuuga Clan. Konan, you're also a famous prodigy of the Hyuuga clan, I'm sure we will be able to convince him. Let's talk to him tomorrow, okay?" Konan nodded again.

With that said, the four enjoyed the rest of their meal together.


Streets of Konoha, Night

It had quickly gotten dark out while the three had eaten at the ramen stand. The friendly owner had said goodbye to his favorite customers while they paid and left. Itachi had said good-bye and then taken off to return to the Uchiha compound.

Now, Nagato and Konan were walking home together, with little Naruto bouncing around them. The walk was enjoyable, and the two enjoyed the silent walk home. Well, it was silent besides Naruto talking about how he was gonna learn ninjutsu and taijutsu and kenjutsu…

When they reached home Naruto stood bouncing at the front of the apartment. The apartment building was all theirs, as no one had wanted to share a building with the 'demon child'.

With Naruto impatiently waiting, Nagato turned to Konan, her face visible in the moonlight. "We'll see about that Hyuuga heir that you were talking about earlier tomorrow, probably after Naruto trains and goes to the park. I promised him that every Tuesdays and…"

Whatever he had planned to say was stopped short as Konan stood up on her tip-toes and kissed him lightly on the lips. Nagato stood there shocked, staring at her as if he had just seen her for the very first time.

Konan blushed and said good-night to the two, and before Nagato could say anything she jumped away into the night.

Nagato stood there looking after her while Naruto had to replay the events of what just happened. "Nagato! Why did you just kiss Konan-neesan?" he asked, staring at his older brother.

Nagato just then seemed to snap back to reality and turned to Naruto. "She kissed me," he said dead-pan, hiding any emotion in his face and voice. "And if Itachi ever finds out about this Naruto, I am making the earth wall 500 feet taller, and you're going to have to do another 100 push-ups in the morning. And then no more ramen for a month," he threatened. Naruto was near tears at the thought of the absence of his ramen. Oh wonderful, precious, savory ramen! He nodded quickly and they both entered the apartment building.


Next Morning

Water Style: Water Stream Jutsu!

Revenge felt great to little Naruto. Nagato had to wake up early every morning to take care of Naruto, but today he was sleeping in late. Naruto had decided to wake him up with his own style. Of course Naruto still hadn't gotten any better at it, and once more the blast that hit Nagato resembled that of a fire hose. Nagato's entire bed was now soaked with water. Nagato was distracted from the events from last night and he failed to set an alarm for the morning, which was why he hadn't woken up already. And now he was pissed.

He immediately sat up, in a white t-shirt with an orange spiral in he middle and comfortable white shorts, and with one hand he formed the half-ram seal (A/N ram seal with only one hand, where you stick you index and middle finger upwards together while you hold your other fingers with your thumb.) With his other hand, he pointed his palm at Naruto, his Rinnegan activated. He shouted one of his favorite jutsus,

Bansho Tenin!

Naruto, who was all the way across the room now, trying to escape, was immediately lifted up in the air, as if Nagato's hand was somehow holding him from the far distance. The Namikaze clan was famous for the two gravitational techniques that had been developed by them: Bansho Tenin, which gave the user gravitational control to lift an object up in the air using chakra, the bigger the object the more chakra needed to use it,and Shinra Tensei, which was a forceful repel. With it the user could repel any object or attack no matter what the mass or size of the object. Nagato, being the prodigy that he is, was able to master both techniques by the age of 12.

While Naruto was still being held in the air by an invisible force, Nagato flicked his wrist and the windows of the room flew upon. He turned to Naruto, who was swinging his arms around in the air, trying to get down again. To Naruto, he felt was as if he was weightless, floating in the air. Nagato was also experienced in the technique and holding Naruto up with his chakra required no effort. A noticible glow of blue chakra was glowing around his Naruto's body. "Naruto-otouto," he said in a calm voice. "Today we will work on your ninjutsu, but until then, you are forbidden to use that Water Style jutsu, understood?" he asked. Naruto never had the chance to respond because Nagato never gave him one. Still forming the half-ram seal, he shouted: Shinra Tensei!

Naruto was immediately forcefully repelled out the window, audibly crashing to the ground outside. They were on the second floor after all. With that done, Nagato began to dress in his normal ninja attire, which was the ANBU training gear.


Training Grounds, Later

Nagato and Naruto were at the same training grounds as yesterday. The waterfall was still flowing freely in a continuous cycle. It was a truly beautiful morning. The fresh air smell was currently in the air.

The two Naruto clones that were standing next to the original pathetically fell to the ground. They didn't even look like him! Naruto once again was furious that he was unable to perform a simple bunshin technique. Nagato nodded his head in understanding. He decided to explain to Naruto today why he was having trouble performing some simple jutsus.

"Naruto," he explained. "Because of your 'special situation' you have a massive chakra circulatory system." Naruto showed a face of confusion. He was curious as to what a chakra circulatory system was. Naruto never did pay attention well when it came to this sort of stuff. Nagato had been training him academically as well, and he was still improving. As for his 'special situation', Nagato had told him that there was something special about him, which was why the villagers hated him. Nagato said that he would explain it to him later when he was ready for it.

Nagato sighed before he explained more. "You have a lot of chakra…" A light bulb went on in Naruto's head and he understood. But he was still confused. "Nii-san, if I have a lot of chakra, then why can't I perform the technique?" he asked his older brother.

Nagato responded. "No, Naruto, you don't understand. You have a lot of chakra. You've probably got more than a Jonin and you're only 6-years-old now. By the time ninja reach the rank of Jonin, they know how little chakra it takes to perform a bunshin. By then they know how to limit their chakra to perform the technique. This will be different for you." Nagato explained, "So I will teach you a new technique, one that is forbidden for most but just right for you."

Naruto jumped up and down with excitement. The closest Nagato had ever trained him regarding his chakra was control exercises. Sometimes they would spend entire afternoons just sitting down meditating and working with chakra. Naruto was getting a lot better with chakra now, which is why he was able to walk on water and climb walls with his chakra.

But now they would be learning real jutsu! A forbidden one too!

Nagato continued to explain. "There is only one seal for this jutsu. Watch carefully." With his left hand, Nagato formed the tiger-seal and he did the same with his right hand, except he adjusted his right hand to form a cross with his left hand.

Naruto who was watching did the same. "Alright Naruto, good job," Nagato said. "This is the hand-seal for the Kage Bunshin technique." He continued to explain to Naruto. "The 'Shadow Clone' technique will allow you to create exact replicas of yourself, just like a bunshin. But these replicas will be solid!" Naruto nodded as he followed along. "This technique is forbidden because of the amount of chakra that is required to perform the technique. It will divide the user's chakra into whatever is needed to make the clones, which could eventually kill the user with extreme chakra depletion. But due to your 'special situation', I doubt you will have any problems with this.

"Force chakra through the hand-seals and then perform the technique the way the hand-seals formed them." Nagato showed Naruto the result and a shadow clone of Nagato appeared next to them. Naruto nodded again and forced an extreme amount of poorly formed chakra through his hands and produced two sickly versions of himself.

Nagato sighed as the clones ran off into the bushes and began to make retching noises.

"Alright Naruto, we will be working with this until Itachi comes." Nagato said.



Naruto dropped to his knees in exhaustion, with a smile on his face. After working with this jutsu for 2 hours he had managed to make 10 solid clones of himself. Nagato was really proud, and he began to explain more to Naruto.

"Naruto listen up," he began. "The Kage Bunshin has another special attribute to it. Whatever your clone experiences in its lifetime will be passed on to you when it disperses, do you understand?" Naruto frowned as he thought about it. Nagato sighed again. "It would be better if I showed you. Use your chakra to create just one clone." Both of them did so. The clone of Nagato turned to the clone of Naruto and said, "Naruto clone, come with me"

The two clones began to run off into the village. Naruto became bored as they waited for the clones to return. Suddenly, he started laughing as the memories of the clone came back to him.

Nagato managed to smirk as well as his clone's memories came back. He turned to Naruto. "So, tell me what happened to the clones Naruto." Naruto stopped laughing and responded, "We went into the Hokage's office and threw a bunch of eggs at him! Oh, the look on the guards face's as the Hokage was covered in eggs…!" Naruto fell over and began laughing again.

When he got up he turned to his brother who was smiling.

Itachi had thought it was funny as well. "Nagato, you and Naruto are always causing trouble." Naruto, of course, was surprised at the random entrance of his friend and fell over again.


Park, Later

Naruto ran circles around Nagato as they walked to the park. Nagato sighed as he spoke to his brother. "Naruto, were just going to the park to meet Itachi's younger brother, Sasuke…" Naruto didn't listen. He was too happy at the thought of making a new friend. He could count all of his friends on his one hand, and just thinking about meeting another got him really excited. Nagato, Itachi, and Konan were his friends, as well as Kakashi-niisan, who visited every now and then. Also, the owner of the ramen shop was pretty nice to him as well…

When they arrived at the park, the duo saw Itachi leaning against a tree, with a young boy next to him. In Naruto's opinion, the boy looked exactly like Itachi, only younger. Naruto ran forward and introduced himself. "Hi, Itachi," he greeted before he walked around him to the boy who looked his age. "Hi! My name is Naruto, what's your name!" The boy smiled at him and introduced himself as well while he pointed his thumb at his forehead. "I'm Sasuke Uchiha. Want to play with me?" Naruto nearly squealed in excitement. Another boy his age who wanted to play with him?! The two ran off to the playground and began to play around together.

Nagato walked up to his friend, Itachi. "Well that was a lot easier than I expected," he proclaimed, "Sasuke is a lot different than we were. Here I was thinking that Naruto would have to whoop his ass in a sparring match before they became friends. I think this way is better." Nagato laughed at Itachi. Itachi had a serious look on his face. He closed his eyes and spoke to Nagato.

"Nagato, there is said to be four ways to activate the Mangekyou Sharingan. Shisui and I have been researching this topic for quite some time now. Once we find a way to activate the ultimate Sharingan, then I will fight you, and I will…"

Nagato had lost interest in the conversation and was sitting on a bench, talking with Konan, who had apparently been waiting at the park for them. Itachi fumed in anger as he realized he was talking to himself and he jumped back to the Uchiha compound to get his girlfriend.



Things were going well with the two young boys who were playing together. They shared a lot in common, mostly that they trained to be great shinobi, and that they were hard workers. They had just finished playing around the park and they had decided to play 'ninja' with the other kids. These were the kids who normally avoided Naruto, but once they saw Sasuke playing with him, they guessed that he was alright. They allowed the two to join their group.

The game consisted of all of the children playing pretending to be ninja. It was really more like a game of tag. Whoever was 'it' had to throw light wooden shuriken at the other children. Whoever was hit became 'it', and once you were 'it', you had to throw the shuriken at whoever wasn't it. The kids gave Sasuke and Naruto a bunch of wooden shuriken, and then began the game. Since the two kids just came, they were 'it'.

What happened next was the fastest game of 'ninja' the kids have ever played. Both Naruto and Sasuke eliminated all of the children in a matter of minutes, finding them and hitting them with the shuriken. They weren't 'it' for the rest of the day.

Nagato meanwhile was enjoying his company with Konan, while Itachi had returned with his girlfriend. She was a pretty Uchiha kunoichi who was a year younger than him.

Nagato turned to Konan and spoke to her. "Konan, let's go to the Hyuuga compound and see if you can get that girl to come and train with Naruto and Sasuke. Itachi, you supervise the training between Naruto and Sasuke." With that, he and Konan stood up and began to walk away together.


Training Grounds, Later

Itachi stood alone with his brother and Naruto at their training ground. Itachi was impressed as he looked at the waterfall in the center of the large training ground. It was…massive. "Naruto," he spoke to his little friend, "show me what you do to train everyday with Nagato. Sasuke will then join you."

As Naruto began to explain the procedure, Itachi paled. The endurance training the Nagato made Naruto go through was…frightening. He knew that Sasuke would be unable to complete it. He would have to strain himself to complete it. Damn that Nagato for training to hard…

"Naruto, why don't you go through it slowly with Sasuke?" The two boys were thrilled. Naruto would have someone to do the course with him! Sasuke would be able to train and then become stronger than his brother!

The two ran over to the back of the earth wall where the training started. Upon seeing the back of the wall, Naruto stopped and turned to Sasuke. "Um, Sasuke," he questioned the boy who was nearly jumping with excitement. "Do you know how to climb walls with chakra?" Nagato had told him that it was a skill for Genins to learn, and if Sasuke didn't know how to do it then…

Sasuke laughed. "Of course!" Naruto laughed as well. "Then let's start!" Naruto took off his shirt, and Sasuke followed example. They both began to walk up the wall, slowly, pushing chakra into their feet. It took a few minutes before they reached the top of the large plateau-like wall. About half-way through Sasuke began to realize about how tall the wall was. While most children would have pissed themselves if they looked down while walking up the wall, Sasuke became more excited.

Once they reached the top, Sasuke looked at the immense mud-filled area on top of the wall. "Wow!" he shouted in enthusiasm. Naruto stepped into the mud, and together they waded through the top of the earth wall. Itachi was now watching from the pillar of earth where Nagato usually sat on top of the wall. He was impressed that Sasuke was able to go through with the training.

After the two boys waded through the water, they walked to the edge of the cliff, walking on top of the flowing water. Naruto turned to Sasuke who was beginning to show his first signs of fear. "Now we dive over the waterfall. Make sure to cover your body with chakra otherwise when you hit the water it kinda hurts…" Sasuke gulped and nodded. He had dived in the lake in his back-yard, but from up here the lake looked more like something as big as his hand.

Naruto was pumped. "You ready? We'll jump on three! One. Two! Three!!!" Naruto leapt over the wall, with and unwilling Sasuke behind him. He would prove himself to his brother! If he couldn't dive over a waterfall, then how could he ever overcome his brother and impress his father?

The fall was long, but like Naruto said, it didn't hurt to hit the water when he covered his body with chakra. That's not to say he didn't scream a little while they were falling.

When the two surfaced Sasuke was about to have a heart-attack. His body was now pumped full of adrenaline. Naruto spoke to his partner. "Now we swim across the lake. Don't use chakra though! This is supposed to test our muscles!"

With that said, the two swam across the lake. When they reached the end, Sasuke was exhausted. He turned to Naruto. "W-What's…next?" he asked through panting. Naruto responded. "We run back across the water and then up the waterfall, and when we reach the top we…"

Sasuke was baffled. "Up the waterfall?!" That was insane! But if Naruto could do it, then so could he! A few months ago, Sasuke wouldn't even have been able to make it half way up the wall, but with his own brother's intense training, he had dramatically improved. His brother had finally been giving him the attention that he always wanted.

It took Sasuke several tries of running and then falling down the waterfall, but eventually, he made it too the top. He fell over in exhaustion of having to repeatedly sprint up the waterfall, which was extremely different. Naruto pumped his fist in his hand. "Right! Now all we have to do is run across the mud and then zip-line down the wall. This part is probably the easiest when you don't have nii-san using genjutsu on you." The last few times Naruto went through this part of the training, it went particularly hard. Nagato sometimes overdid it a little as one time in the genjutsu he made the three-tailed turtle demon appear in the muddy swamp. Naruto had difficulty getting across… Another time he made the genjutsu so that when Naruto went in a free-for-all sprint to the zip-line it seemed as if a volcano was erupting behind him. Naruto barely made it to the zip-line in time before the lava burned everything in sight. Whenever he landed at the bottom of the zip-line, Nagato would cancel whatever illusionary technique had been placed on Naruto. That's not to say that there weren't times when Naruto didn't make it through, and get caught by the genjutsu. When this happened, his would suddenly appear behind the earth mountain and have to start over again. It was sort of like a game, where if he died in the genjutsu he would have to 'start over' again.

Sasuke took the second zip-line behind Naruto and jumped down behind him. Together, with Naruto in front, they slid down the long zip-line. Sasuke had to force chakra in his hands, which was necessary, so that he wouldn't fly off the handles. This part was scary!

When they reached the bottom Sasuke immediately collapsed and nearly puked from the ride. Naruto was on his knees helping his newly made friend. Itachi stood by them, truly impressed that his brother was able to keep up with Naruto.


Outside of the Hyuuga Compound

It was a warm late evening and the sun was soon to complete its eternal journey across the sky.

Nagato and Konan were talking together as they left to get something to eat.

"Konan-chan," he said to his close friend, wanting to start a conversation. He only used the 'chan' suffix when they were alone. "It's seems that Hiashi has come to agreement with us and will allow us to train his daughter."

She giggled at how serious he always seemed to be. She reached out her hand, slightly blushing, and took hold of his hand as they walked together. "This is just the beginning! Even though we're only 16-years-old and in the ANBU, we will soon settle down as Jonin and take on our own Genin team! Imagine how that will turn out…"

Nagato sighed. "My team of course would be the strongest. Naruto would probably be in it, with Sasuke and some other girl. Maybe even the Hyuuga we're about to train. Then Itachi, of course, would train his team with the sole intention of making his Genin stronger than mine. Your Genin of course would grow to be strong as well." She blushed at his praise. "In the end, we would create the strongest Genin teams in the history of Konoha, even stronger than we were, and come time for the Chunin exams we…"

Konan was holding on to his shoulder for support, laughing hysterically. He sighed again. He sure had been sighing a lot recently…

Konan calmed herself and after Nagato continued to stare at her she explained why she was laughing. "Here I was thinking about how serious you try to be, and then you go and completely and specifically answer a rhetorical question!" She giggled again. Nagato sighed again, but at her giggling he allowed himself to smile.

She looked up to him. She loved it when he gave one of his true smiles. He used to be more carefree, but after his parents died and the Kyuubi was sealed in Naruto all in the same night, he changed. It was relieving in a way to see him relax every once in a while.

Together the two ate dinner at a nice restaurant together, speaking of how training the young Hyuuga heiress would go.

After the meal, Nagato and Konan sat on a bench in the nearby park, enjoying each other's company. It was peaceful outside, and the moonlight shone upon both of their faces.

Nagato, however, was not peaceful as he had a burning question that had been on his mind recently. He turned to look at his friend sitting next to him.

"Konan," he began. She turned to look at him as well. "Last night, when I was about to go home, you…kissed me. Why?"

Konan looked into the eyes of her closest friend. Nagato was a genius in just about everything he did. He even was proud to say that he could read every emotion of his best friends because they were so close together. Konan agreed with him, except for one aspect. He was completely clueless when it came to romantics. How could she say this to him? How could she confess her love without ruining their friendship?

But she needed to say this. She couldn't go on without saying. She looked deep into his eyes as she decided just to tell him as simply as possible.

"Well that's easy Nagato," she began to explain. "I kissed you that night because I love you," she clearly said while still looking at him.

Nagato looked at Konan once more like he had seen her for the first time. Love…


The Next Day, Hyuuga Compound

6-year-old Hinata Hyuuga had woken up eagerly. She had not slept well that night, as she was too excited to peacefully fall asleep. Yesterday her father had sternly told her that she had been chosen to become trained by the renowned Konan Hyuuga! Konan was the pride of the Hyuuga, and while only a branch member, she was part of the Legendary Three, who were becoming more famous than the Sannin! But why her? Her skills had always been lacking, and while her father never mentioned it to her she thought so. Her mother believed differently. She had always been kind to her and encouraged her, and also kept her father 'in check' all the time. She was the only one who was able to soften up Hiashi Hyuuga, Hinata's father and head of the Hyuuga Clan. Hinata loved her mother very much as she was one to always make others feel better, which was the type of person the young Hyuuga needed.

Today Hana Hyuuga was going to take her daughter to the park and enjoy some time outside of the Hyuuga compound.

Hinata had never been a social one, and was shy around everyone. Hana had thought that it was because of her growing up in the cold, 'Hyuuga Environment", as she put it. But whenever she took the young heiress out to the park she would never go and play with the other children. Her father was a born leader and she herself was very confident. How had her daughter become so shy? She laughed to herself as she thought about Hinata. Oh, that girl was a mystery.

Hinata, after eating a breakfast prepared for her by her mother, left the compound with her to enjoy the morning before she would have to meet Konan-sensei. She was extremely nervous as she walked along side her mother to the park. What if she wasn't good enough for her new sensei? What if her sensei didn't like her? Would she ever be good enough? Hinata visibly saddened.

When they entered the park, Hana took a moment to enjoy the beauty of it. It was quite large; there was a big section for where the kids could play, a section with a large lake a trees nearby where one could have a picnic, a section of benches where one could sit and relax, and more. It was truly beautiful. There was even a large fountain in the middle!

As she was walking down a trail to the park section with benches, with Hinata hiding behind her for some reason or the other, she saw a man walking toward the area with bright orange hair, followed by a boy with bright yellow hair. They were a strange duo and they earned themselves a few mean glares as they walked by. Both of them seemed not to even to notice extra attention they were receiving.

Hana Hyuuga was no fool, and she immediately recognized the two. Who couldn't, after all? The one with bright orange hair that wildly stood up on his head was Nagato Namikaze, known by her to be the son of the recent Yondaime Hokage, peace be with his soul. He was also a renowned shinobi known around the villages for his skills and was the team leader of the Legendary Three, known to be stronger than the Sannin themselves. He was particularly famous around Konoha as being the brother of the 'demon child', who of course was the small yellow-haired boy walking next to him, laughing about something.

She was unsure about what to think of the yellow-haired-boy. He was the second born son of her friend, the Yondaime, rest his soul, and though many called him a demon she had never met the boy and did not know what to think of him. Well, this would be the perfect time to find out. She walked over in their direction, with Hinata close behind, still hiding for no apparent reason.

Nagato, being ever the prodigy, instantly noticed the duo approaching them. One was clearly a Hyuuga just because of the graceful and elegant way she walked, and because of her dark blue hair color and her pale pupil-less eyes. Well, that's what most people said about the Hyuuga eyes, but Nagato disagreed. How could one see without pupils? He concluded that their pupils happened to be the same color as the rest of their eyes, which is why people where unable to see them.

Ah, she seemed to be Hana Hyuuga, wife of the head of the Hyuuga Clan, he noticed as she come closer. And that must be her daughter hiding behind her, the one that he would soon be training.

Naruto continued to talk to him about whatever he was talking about for the last minute, and concluded with: "Nagato-niisan, when are we gonna learn more ninjutsu?" he asked his older brother. Nagato sighed in response. "Naruto, most kids your age wouldn't care. Why don't we just enjoy some non-training time bonding at the park?" Naruto pouted and crossed his arms.

When the pair of Hyuuga's approached them, Nagato started off by being polite.

"Good morning Hyuuga-sama." he stated to the oldest of the group. She smiled and nodded her head in response. "Good morning Namikaze-sama." she responded in a friendly way.

Nagato shrugged off the respective name. "Please drop the 'sama'. I never liked respectful endings and it makes me feel old." He smiled at her.

Hana once more curiously looked at the Namikaze. This was supposed to be one of the most powerful ninjas in the village, in the world! Yet he seemed so relaxed and comfortable, yet serious at the same time. Perceptive is a good word for him. Yet he also seemed… bored? How could this possibly be one of the Legendary Three?

While she puzzled over the mystery that is Nagato, Naruto shrugged the woman off as she had yet to greet him. Suddenly, he saw some movement behind her. He walked around her to see what it was. Lo and behold he stumbled upon Hinata, who was clutching to her mother as if she was standing before the Kyuubi itself.

"Hey! I'm Naruto!" he kindly greeted to her, to get her attention.

In response, she yelled 'eep!' and dove deeper behind her mother, if possible.

Hana Hyuuga nearly stumbled as her daughter almost tackled her, and she turned around to her. "Hinata dear, be polite and introduce yourself."

Hinata faced Naruto but stared at the ground and pushed her index fingers together as she spoke to our favorite yellow-haired kid. "H-H-Hello I-I-I'm H-H-Hinata H-Hyuuga," she barely managed to stumble out.

"Cool!" Naruto yelled out in response. "Wanna go play?" he innocently asked the young girl.

Hinata was shocked. Play?! No one had ever asked her to 'play' before. In fact, she had never 'played' with any other children! She was just too shy. What if they didn't like her? What if she didn't know how to play? What if she was no good at playing and brought shame to her family? Thoughts like these plagued her life every since she could remember. But now this boy was asking her to play!

She looked up to her mother with hopeful eyes. Hana laughed a little as she watched the scene before her. She smiled and nodded and response to Hinata and in turn Hinata nodded at Naruto. Naruto jumped up in the air with enthusiasm. "Yay!" he yelled. He took her hand and ran off to the see-saw first. He had always wanted to try that with someone his age. Sasuke and him never got to it, and Nagato had tried but he was too big and Naruto would always be thrown into the air. But now he could! This was great!

Hinata was busy blushing at the sudden hand contact to think properly.

Hana turned to Nagato in hopes of explaining her daughter's behavior. "She's really shy, and because of it she doesn't have any friends," she explained. "She never has the courage to ask anyone to play with her, or join a group."

Nagato nodded, barely paying attention. "Naruto doesn't have any friends either, but for different reasons," he explained with a frown. "Perhaps they will be good for each other. I'm sure they will meet again though, as Konan will soon become her sensei and we all train together."

Hana nodded in understanding.



Naruto and Hinata had been having the times of their lives. Naruto was actually playing with a friend, and he was having a great time! For Hinata, she was enjoying herself even more than Naruto. She was having so much fun just playing at the park with someone her age, and he was so nice to her…

Nagato called out to the two to come back to them. They ran over to Nagato and Hana who were sitting on a bench talking about something.

Wow, the time had gone fast! It was nearly lunch time! To Hinata, it felt just like they had began playing! She didn't want to leave yet, but she knew she had to go and meet her sensei and begin her training. She wondered if Naruto would like her anymore if he knew that she was somewhat powerful…

Hana stood up and walked over to the two. Nagato had remained seated, as he found more interest in the clouds above them than meeting Hinata.

"Say goodbye to your friend Hinata, it's time to go prepare for your training." Hana said to her little daughter, who was at the moment slightly blushing and pushing her fingers together.

Naruto was shocked. He turned to Hinata. "Hey Hinata…am I your friend now?" he eagerly asked her. Hinata once more looked up to her mother with hopeful eyes. Hana smiled and nodded down to her. Hinata quickly turned to her new friend and repeatedly nodded her head in rapid succession.

Naruto jumped up and yelled in excitement. Wow! Another friend? This was amazing! He looked at his hand and counted off: Nagato-niisan, Konan-neesan, Itachi-niisan, Kakashi-senpai, Sasuke, Hinata… He stared in amazement at all of the fingers that he was holding up. Incredible! He had never imagined that he would need not one but two hands to count off his friends! He turned and ran to his brother who had somehow managed to fall asleep on the bench. "Nii-san!" he yelled, shaking his brother's shoulders. Nagato merely opened his eyes. "Do you think Hinata can come over and play with me sometime?" he hopefully asked his brother. Nagato sighed for the millionth time and responded. "Sure." With that, he fell back to sleep. One needed as much sleep as one could afford when being the sensei of Naruto. You never knew when he would come to you, asking you to train…

Hinata was overjoyed upon hearing the news. As she and her mother said good-bye to Naruto, she walked back home, nearly skipping in joy. This was fairly amusing to see for her mother, who had noticed that Hinata had come to the park nearly in tears, and now she was jumping in enthusiasm.

"Hinata," she asked her daughter who was happily humming. "How did you like your time with Naruto?"

Hinata seemed to look nervous while she responded. As usual, she pushed her index fingers together…and was she blushing?

"H-Hai. I-I like him," she responded to her mother. "He's nice, and funny, and h-he m-makes me h-happy," she truthfully answered.

Hana had no doubt about it now. Hinata was blushing. She was always nervous around other boys her age, but she never blushed. Hmmm, she thought


Training Grounds, Later

Naruto was jumping around, happier than usual. His occasional cries of joy would fill the air with the roar of the nearby waterfall. Konan thoughtfully frowned as she prepared the picnic. She turned to Nagato, who was once again sleeping against a nearby tree.

"Nagato!" she yelled playfully to him. He moved not an inch, and opened his eyes. She continued. "Why is Naruto so happy today?" she asked him. Nagato sighed. "He has a new friend." Unwilling to continue the conversation, he fell back to sleep. A shinobi could never have enough sleep. You never knew when you would have to use up all your energy and train Naruto…

Konan sighed at her teammate's laziness. Itachi's personality of laziness seemed to be rubbing off on him.

When she finished preparing her picnic, she called Naruto over to her and told him to wait for her return. "I'm going to pick up our guest now, so sit here, and don't eat anything!" she chided him like an older sister might. "And remember to behave when my new student arrives. While she is your age, I need to make a good first impression on her!"

Naruto smiled and nodded. He was curious as to who it would be that Konan had decided to train. Most Hyuugas, in his opinion, were cold and distant and emotionless. They are the type of ninja who wouldn't laugh if they saw the Sandaime Hokage getting pummeled with eggs. He snickered at the re-surfaced memory. He hoped this new student wouldn't be so bland and emotionless…

"Don't worry Konan, I'll keep and eye on Naruto," Itachi said, appearing out of no where and ruffling Naruto's hair. Konan laughed and turned to walk away as Naruto screamed at the sudden appearance of Itachi, and Nagato slept through all of it while sleeping a few feet away.



After a failed assassination attempt on Itachi, Naruto sat down and pouted as he waited for Konan to return. He was soooo hungry, and Itachi was eating food right in front of him! Every time Naruto would try to steal some of the prepared food, Itachi would take his hand and throw him all the way into the nearby lake of the waterfall. This happened about three times, with Naruto being creative. Once he sent a shadow clone (he finally got the hang of the technique!) in a henge looking like Konan, telling Itachi that it was time to eat. Itachi activated his Sharingan and sent Naruto into a genjutsu full of burning ramen. Kuso!

Suddenly Itachi stuffed the remainder of his roll in his mouthed and quickly swallowed it. He gathered a bunch of bread crumbs that he had made and threw them at Naruto. Naruto looked on in confusion at the sudden action.

Just then, Konan walked into the clearing with a small girl behind her, hiding for no apparent reason. When she walked over and looked at the food all over Naruto, she sent him a quick death glare. Itachi was innocently smiling.

"Alright everybody, it's time to introduce yourself to my new student and our soon-to-be friend." Konan announced. She turned to Hinata who was clutching her from behind in attempts to hide herself. Naruto was really curious as to who the new student was. Itachi couldn't care less. Nagato was peacefully sleeping and enjoying the few and rare moments that he wasn't training Naruto.

Konan lightly pushed Hinata in front of her. Hinata stared at her feet in a nervous habit. Here she was standing before the Legendary Three! They were the most renowned ninja in Konoha! And she was just a shy little Hyuuga that…

Hinata was interrupted from her depressing thoughts. "Hinata?!" Naruto asked, bewildered at the sight of his newly made friend.

She was just as shocked as she looked up for the first time to see her newly made friend.

"N-Naruto-kun!" she yelled out, happy to see him here and embarrassed to have added the 'kun' suffix out loud.

At her saying 'Naruto-kun', Itachi raised an eyebrow, now interested in the conversation. Nagato opened his eyes, sat up and gave his full attention to the newcomer.

Hinata now gave an 'eep!' to the attention that she was receiving that the wanted to avoid.

Konan gave a light giggle and walked next to the shy young girl. "Let's all sit down together and introduce ourselves before we eat, okay?"

As the five sat on the picnic rug that was placed on the floor, Konan took out the prepared food in the baskets. Hinata sat by herself until Naruto stood up and sat next to her, much to her pleasure.

When the food was prepared, they all uttered 'ikadakimasu' and began to slowly eat. Konan began by introducing herself. It wasn't really necessary, because they all were pretty famous, even Naruto being a jinchuuriki. But she did anyway. "Alright, how about we all introduce ourselves," she recommended to the group. She was responded with silence, well, except Naruto eating. She sighed and sweat-dropped.

"Alright then, I'll start!" she offered to the group. "My name is Konan Hyuuga, and I am of branch family member of the Hyuuga Clan," she began. "I like training to become a strong kunoichi and spending time with my friends, Nagato-kun, Itachi-kun and Naruto-kun. I also like cooking. I dislike families being separated, like how the Hyuuga Clan is separated into two families," she explained. Hinata, who was sitting on her knees, quickly nodded her head in agreement. Konan continued. "My dream is to grow old and become a strong shinobi with Nagato-kun and Itachi-kun, and to watch Naruto-kun grow up and become a powerful Hokage." Naruto blushed a little at the praise and put his hands behind his head. "My hobbies are being a shinobi, and well… cooking I guess. Oh! And being an older sister to Naruto!" she finished. Konan expectantly looked at Nagato. Nagato sighed and began his introduction.

"My name is Nagato Namikaze, head of the Namikaze Clan. I like training, I guess, though not nearly as much as Naruto-otouto. I too like spending time with my friends. And I like ramen as well, though not as much as Konan's cooking." She blushed at the praised. Nagato went on. "I like learning new jutsu and being a leader. I dislike fools who judge people before they get to know them, as well as arrogant fools who don't have any respect for their opponents. My dream is to…well all I worry about now is raising Naruto-kun like a good brother. My hobbies are training myself and Naruto," he finished. Hinata nodded as she took all of his personal information in. It was nice how he cared for his brother…

Itachi went next without being told to. "I'm Itachi Uchiha. I like a lot of things, while at the same time I dislike a lot of things as well. I especially hate those who think that they are superior just because of what clan they are from, or what bloodline limit they posses. I will become strong, obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan and then utterly defeat Nagato in combat." Itachi just stopped there as if he lost interest in continuing and he stared up at the sky.

Naruto jumped up and went next. "My name is Naruto Namikaze! Remember that name! I like ramen, Konan-neesan's cooking, my precious people and training! I dislike arrogant people as well as shallow people who are unable to think anything through. I'm gonna grow up and become the strongest Hokage and protect all my people and all those precious to me! My hobbies are training and going to the park every now and then with Nagato-niisan and Konan-neesan." Konan blushed at the comment of her cooking.

Hinata understood Naruto's dream, and she hoped that he accomplished it. She was curious though… "Naruto-kun, who are your precious people who you wish to protect?" she asked him, now that he was seated again.

Naruto smiled at her. "All those who accept me and mean something to me. Nagato-niisan, Konan-neesan, Itachi, Kakashi-senpai, and now Sasuke. Oh! And now you are one of my precious people as well, Hinata!"

At this the young girl blushed a deep red that but Konan's to shame, who was still attempting to stop blushing.

The group later began to eat their lunch and they enjoyed their time together.



Hinata had surprisingly fit in well with the group of close friends, and soon it felt like she belonged with them. Hinata had paled when she heard of the training that Naruto had to go through, and what she would be starting soon. First she had to control her chakra better and learn how to use it to walk on water and up trees. As she and Konan were working with her Jyuuken, Naruto and Itachi were practicing with their kenjutsu. Nagato was watching nearby on a tree branch, when a visitor stopped by. Kakashi Hatake, dressed in his ANBU outfit minus the mask, appeared on the same large branch as Nagato. He slumped down with his back against the tree trunk and he pulled out one of his orange books, after saying "Yo."

Nagato turned to the 20-year-old copy ninja, and greeted him. "Kakashi, it's been a few weeks since we last saw each other, what's up?" Kakashi groaned in response. "I just got back this morning from a 2 week long mission as an ANBU captain. A new ninja was put under my command recently and he went on the mission with me. His name is Tenzou." Kakashi reported while his eyes were still on his book. Nagato nodded his head in understanding. Tenzou was known in the village as the only Wood or Nature style user. He was a formidable ninja known in the bingo book.

As the two old friends enjoyed their company, Kakashi decided to catch up on how Naruto was doing. Nagato was proud to tell his friend how much his little brother was progressing. Kakashi was impressed when Nagato went over what Naruto knew and what typed of training he had to go through. A little while later, Nagato turned to his friend to ask him a serious question.

"Kakashi," he asked him, "If something were ever to happen to Konan, Itachi and I on a mission or something, I need…"

"Oh don't worry," Kakashi joked, "If any of you broke your fingers I'd be at the hospital with flowers and get-well chocolates."

Nagato shook his head in annoyance. "No. If Konan, Itachi and I were to ever die, or if we were unable to return to Konoha, I want to know if you would watch over Naruto."

Kakashi was currently suffering in a world that was cruel to him. Everyone who was close to him had died, or in Rin's case, disappeared. First his mother had died in battle, his father had taken his own life, Obito had died because of him and his inability to help him, Rin had disappeared and was presumed dead, and then the Fourth Hokage, the last close person to him, died sacrificing himself for the safety of the village. Fate himself had stripped Kakashi of any precious people to him. And now Nagato was offering for him to watch over Naruto?

Kakashi looked up from his book with a serious face.


The Next Day, Training Grounds

Naruto, Sasuke and Itachi were at the training ground in the early afternoon, training together. Nagato was off somewhere nearby sleeping or something.

Naruto and Sasuke collapsed on the ground in exhaustion. Sasuke was proud of himself. Keeping up with Naruto was no easy task, but surly enough he was keeping up. He knew that Naruto was never trying his hardest, but he was getting close enough to where Naruto would actually have to try against him in a spar.

Itachi spoke to the two boys. "Alright, no more sparring," he announced. "We have Konan's new apprentice, Hinata, coming over soon. I expect you two boys to behave and such… and…oh Kami what was it that I was supposed to tell you guys?" He looked to the sky as he thought of what Konan had told him. Wow, she could get mean and hurtful sometimes when she was mad! He'd better remember quickly…

Itachi had no more time to think as Konan came walking in the clearing, with Hinata walking beside her this time, holding her hand. Upon seeing Naruto, the little girl once again clutched Konan's side in a death grip. Naruto stood up from the ground where he was sitting next to Sasuke and ran over to his other newly made friend. "Hiya, Hinata!" She stuttered with herself for a moment before she could respond. "H-H-Hello N-Naruto-kun." Her greeting was much less enthusiastic, but it was all the shy little girl could manage. "Hey! Come and meet my other friend, Sasuke!"

At the mention of his name, Sasuke stood up and walked over, smiling. He had no reason to be grumpy, or secluded. His brother was giving him the attention that he had always wanted, and he was becoming strong! He introduced himself to the shy heiress. "Hey, I'm Sasuke Uchiha." Hinata looked up at him and at the smile she was receiving and she felt a little more confidence. "I'm Hinata Hyuuga," she managed to say without stuttering.

Naruto jumped into the air in excitement. "Yay! Now we can train together!"

Itachi lifted an eyebrow up and Nagato rolled over in his sleep, consequently falling out of a tree.


One Week Later

Tenzou had stopped by sometime with Kakashi to meet the legendary Nagato Namikaze. After introducing themselves, Nagato asked the ninja to summon a bunch of trees around in the clearing. Tenzou obliged, and shortly after the training grounds with the waterfall and small mountain was surrounded with trees.

Naruto and Hinata stood alone around the perimeter of the training grounds that now had many trees in it. Naruto had been assigned by Nagato (who was too lazy to train anybody at the moment) to teach Hinata how to use chakra to climb trees, under the pretense that it would help his leadership skills or something.

At the moment Naruto was kindly showing the Hyuuga heiress more tips on how to do it. They had been working on it together for about a week, and the Hyuuga girl was rapidly improving. She had great chakra control, and soon she will have mastered the technique. It turns out that she responds better to kind training rather than harsh training and scolding, shame on Hiashi.

Currently the girl had almost made it all the way up the tree. Naruto congratulated her. "Good job, Hinata! You're doing the exercise really quickly. You rock!" Hinata deeply blushed at the praise and prepared to climb the tree again. 'I will impress Naruto-kun,' she thought. 'I have to!' With that she ran up the tree, which was fairly tall and right when she was nearing the top she pushed too much chakra into her feet and she was repelled off of the trunk. The fall that would soon take place was long, and if she were to hit the ground at such a high speed…She screamed as she plummeted to the ground…Only to be caught by Naruto who had jumped up and intercepted her professionally.

She blushed even more as they landed together, Naruto carrying her bridal style. "N-Naruto-kun…" Naruto laughed as he put her down. "I figured that it would probably be better to catch you then letting you fall, like Nagato let me. That really hurt…"


One Week Later

Naruto and Sasuke stood beneath the back of the giant earth wall, where the endurance test began. The crystal zip-line was above them, spiraling down in different patterns. Nagato, Rinnegan activated, was standing next to the two had begun to explain himself. "Right, now that you have done this exercise many times successfully, Sasuke, it's time that you try it with a genjutsu placed on you." Naruto smiled and Sasuke nodded his head. "Alright," Nagato continued as he prepared to teleport on top of the earth wall. "Begin!" With that, he disappeared in an orange flash. Naruto and Sasuke nodded to each other as they jumped onto the earth wall.


Upon reaching the top, Sasuke nearly quit. Climbing up the wall was a lot harder when boulders were falling from the top and the wall began to crumble whenever you stepped on it. Now it appeared is if the duo were in the middle of the sky, thousands of feet in the air. The harsh wind blew across their faces as Sasuke looked over the edge and discovered that he couldn't even see the ground. He turned to Naruto. "What kind of genjutsu is this?" Naruto laughed in response. "Nagato put us in a genjutsu where he can change reality however much he wants to. This genjutsu is not really meant to hurt the user, as anything in the genjutsu that hurts us is not real and in reality it does no damage to us, mentally or physically. It was made so that the user could change the terrain to whatever fighting style suits them best. For example a water user could place the genjutsu so that the terrain changes to an aquatic landscape, or in the middle of the ocean or something. He is currently teaching me how to use it, and it is the only genjutsu that I know." Naruto was proud that he was able to repeat what his brother had told him when he asked the same question to him. Sasuke nodded his head in approval. He would have to learn this genjutsu as well…

The day that they were currently in was bright outside, and the wind blew across the top of the mountain which now seemed high in the sky. As Naruto and Sasuke made their way through the mud, Sasuke asked his friend a question.

"Naruto, what's your brother going to so now that we are in the mud?" Naruto looked around carefully. "Usually he doesn't do anything to me this time around, only on the free-sprint on the way back. But then again, one time he…" Boom!...Boom!...Boom!...

Naruto was cut short as both the boys heard a constant booming that seemed to be getting louder. Each booming noise rattled the entire wall and it made them stumble over. Sasuke was weary of the noise. "What could…" ROAR!!!

Sasuke now was cut off as a dragon flew above them and began roaring out fire and liquid magma from its mouth.

Naruto looked on in panic. Nagato had made him study summoning animals and their origins and dragons were among the ancient creatures. But there were many different types of dragons. This one had a long and thin body, and it seemed to be flying without wings, and its body seemed to be made of a burning stone An impressive mane of fire seemed to be coming from behind its head. This could only mean… "Sasuke… that's a SUBTERRANEAN LAVA DRAGON!!" Naruto screamed in panic to his friend. What the hell is a lava dragon doing so high here in the sky, so far away from its natural habitat…? Nagato and his genjutsu…

The dragon turned its rage and attention to the two boys and spit an impressive stream of fire down at them. The dragon itself had a gigantic body, almost as long as the top of the earth wall itself. Its eyes were nearly as big as Naruto's upper body! The fire stream that came out of its body was just as massive. Naruto, thinking quickly, grabbed Sasuke and jumped forward as far as he could. He then dropped his friend. The mud was making it difficult for him to move. "Sasuke, force as much chakra as you can throughout you body and run!!!"

Sasuke didn't need to be told twice as the two boys ran through the mud, dodging fireballs and nearly avoiding death many times. When they reached the edge of the cliff where water was flowing down, both of them leaped without hesitation and dove over the cliff…

Only now the cliff was a lot higher then it was supposed to be, and the two boys fell through the sky. Sasuke didn't need to be reminded to but chakra in his body to comfort the inevitable crash that would soon take place… which soon did. The two crashed into the water and they seemed to go deep under the water. There was no way that they would be able to make it up in time to breathe…

When Sasuke faced the inevitable and breathed in the water, he was surprised that he didn't choke like he expected to. He turned to Naruto. Somehow he was able to speak underwater. "Sasuke, Nagato knows that we don't know any jutsu yet that would allow us to breathe underwater, so he just let us breathe naturally." He had done this to Naruto before. So the two boys swam through the underwater labyrinth…getting lost in the maze of caves…


When they finally found the way out, Naruto and Sasuke crawled out onto the dry land as they appeared in the middle of blizzard some where covered in snow. Naruto stood up on his feet and helped Sasuke up as well, who was breathing heavily, clearly exhausted. Naruto tried to encourage his friend. "Come on Sasuke, were half-way done. We can do this!" Sasuke nodded and stood up straight. Doing the endurance training was so much harder when Nagato was controlling the genjutsu.

The two ran across the lake and nothing eventful happened, which Sasuke was glad for. As they ran across the top of the water, they had time to appreciate the scenery. The blizzard had stopped, and it was dark outside. The winter-wonderland in the middle of no where was covered with snow and illuminated with the brilliant northern lights that seem to cover the sky. The night was silent and the only sound present was the sloshing footsteps of the two boys on the water.

When they reached the waterfall, the two boys prepared to sprint their way up. Before they were half way up, they heard a loud growling noise underneath them. When both turned they heads to look at what had made the noise, they wished they hadn't. A giant sea monster had appeared out of the water and had opened its large beak-like mouth showing the rows of teeth within it. Both of the boys nearly pissed themselves. Naruto immediately recognized the monster as the 'Kraken'. Nagato had explained to him that the Kraken was a summoning creature that could only be summoned in a large body of water, and was the most feared sea monster of legends. The summoning contract or jutsu that summoned the beast had long been lost and nobody knew where it lay.

Naruto and Sasuke now had new motivation as they ran up the waterfall. One slip-up, and they fall down to their certain deaths…

Right when they were about to reach the top, Sasuke didn't put enough chakra into his step, and his foot pushed into the water instead of pushing off of it. Just as he was about to fall, Naruto grabbed his hand and threw him up over the waterfall as he himself jumped up as well.

The landscape had changed as they had run up the waterfall, not that either of them had any time to realize it. Now it seemed as if they were somewhere in space. Stars glittered the sky and the same rainbow northern lights seemed to run across the sky here as well. Suddenly the earth wall beneath disappeared and they weren't standing on anything. They could see the crystal zip-line far away in front of them. Just then, an astral projection of a rainbow-colored path appeared before then. Naruto and Sasuke nodded to each other and began to travel down the path. It took a few minutes, as both had decided to walk and conserve their energy. When they finally reached the zip-line, they each grabbed hold of one, and then they slid down…


Sasuke fell to the ground and stared at Naruto, who was bending over in exhaustion as well. "Your brother…is crazy…" Naruto nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, sometimes. I think he only does it to get back at me though…


Three Weeks Later, Uchiha Compound

Itachi didn't understand why Nagato didn't like his friend, Shisui. Nagato would always say that there 'was something up with him', but he could never say what. Itachi had been friends since Shisui since young, and they had always stuck together.

Now they were underground the Uchiha meeting room, having found a secret passageway underneath one of the tiles. This was it! This had to be where they kept the ancient Uchiha scroll that held the secrets of the Mangekyou Sharingan! As Itachi and Shisui walked down the tunnel together by candlelight, Itachi wondered what secrets would be discovered in the scroll…


Itachi took the scroll away from his best friend. "I don't believe you, that's impossible!" he said in disbelief. The scroll had said that there were 4 ways to achieve the Mangekyou Sharingan, and each result held a different unique power. The scroll had stated that there were 2 evil ways to get the Mangekyou and 2 pure ways to get the Mangekyou. The quickest way to achieve the ultimate Sharingan was to evil…to kill your best friend. Itachi glanced at Shisui who had a strange look in his faced. He confirmed what the scroll said. But what was special was that the power of the Mangekyou could be transferred between brothers…this was beginning to get interesting. Itachi read on.


Several Months Later, Training Grounds

Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata had started training with each other soon after they had been introduced. Now, they acted like a well-oiled fighting machine. Each of them knew about the others abilities and disabilities and they were able to defend each other well. The Legendary Three themselves had to say that they were impressed at the three's teamwork.

Naruto meanwhile had nearly mastered the Kage Bunshin technique. He had also learned to use the forbidden S-rank genjutsu that Nagato usually used on him when he was training his endurance, though not to the same extent. For this he was extremely proud of himself. Learning genjutsu had been particularly hard for him, and he was proud to have learned the technique. He had also nearly mastered the basics of taijutsu as well as kenjutsu. Because of this Nagato had given him his own sword. The sword was plain and ordinary with no designs on it. Ninjutsu wise, he had learned how to perform one Wind style jutsu, which he began to use nearly as much as his Kage Bunshin technique. He had gotten to the point where he was making the jutsu itself stronger than it was meant to be, similar to what he was doing with the Kage Bunshin technique. No one had imagined that the user would be able to create so many copies of himself. As for chakra control, this is the area where Naruto excelled the most. Nagato constantly made him practice his control over his chakra since he had such a large amount. Many times the two brothers would just sit in the field and work with controlling their chakra, swerving patterns within their bodies as if the chakra were a flame. His chakra control was so good that he could already perform a perfect Shushin, which was the body-flicker technique. It allowed one to travel in a straight line at high speeds that the ordinary human would be unable to follow, making it appear as if the user had teleported a short distance. Speed was another strong point with Naruto. After all his endurance training that would make the Green Beast of Konoha put his head down in shame, he was extremely fast, and with his amazing chakra control, Naruto became difficult to spar with, even for Kakashi or Nagato. One could easily forget that Naruto was still 6-years-old, soon to be 7.

Sasuke had nearly progressed as much as Naruto. He was constantly trying to better himself to keep up with Naruto and then eventually his brother. His father immediately noticed his son's progress and had praised him as well! Sasuke, at age 6, had mastered two fire jutsus, as well as several genjutsu that could conceal him as well as confuse the enemy. He had also begun to learn kenjutsu, and though he was not nearly as talented as Naruto at it, he was formidable. His taijutsu, however, was rapidly increasing and soon he would be nearly at the same level as Naruto. The 'copy fist' style of the Uchiha taijutsu was difficult to go against, and Sasuke was excellent at it.

Hinata was truly the one that was improving the most. Well, mostly in her ninja techniques. While she had become more confident with herself, she still found herself unable to look Naruto in the face without stuttering or blushing. Her Jyuuken became impressive, enough that Hiashi, her father had praised her for her skill. She was almost considered to be on the same level of skill as her prodigy-of-a-cousin, Neji, and she hadn't even activated her Byakugan yet! She knew one water style jutsu, and was soon to master it. And while her chakra level was no where near as good as Naruto's, it was still impressive for her age. Her new ninja skills were improving at a great rate, enough so that the elders of the Hyuuga Clan began whispering about her more and more, almost like Neji… Outside of her shinobi skills, she had been spending more time with Naruto, occasionally going to his house. The two were bonding well. Also, Konan had decided to teach her how to cook, upon Hinata's request. She had seen how much Naruto-kun enjoyed Konan's cooking, and she thought that if she could cook that well, then Naruto-kun would…he would… Recently her feelings for Naruto had increased more than her skills had. Don't mistake her, she didn't have a silly young school-girl crush on Naruto, she down-right admired him. The way he always smiled at her, and encouraged her, and made her feel better, and…and…

She loved him.

She recently had been able to place a word for her feelings toward the yellow-haired boy. She loved him! At the young age of 6! Bless her soul! It was too bad that she was too shy to voice her feelings, and he was so dense that it would take nothing less than her kissing him for him to realize it. It was a shame to, as he was so sharp in everything else, and everyone in the village seemed to know of the girl's infatuation towards Naruto, well, except Nagato. Apparently, he was just as dense as Naruto when it came to romantics. Maybe it ran in the family? He had in the same situation as Naruto, someone loves him, who happens to be a Hyuuga, yet he had no idea. Now, it seems as if he realized it and they slowly began to get closer and closer. One could assume that he loved her too. However, the only difference between Naruto and Nagato in romantics is that Nagato has fan girls.

Currently, Naruto and his two young friends were currently in the woods surrounding the training grounds, and Sasuke was telling them of his plan.

"Now is the perfect time!" Sasuke began. "He would never suspect it!" Naruto nodded his head in agreement. "Alright," he said, "here's the plan then…" Sasuke and Hinata leaned forward as Naruto began to explain.


Itachi was currently standing in the middle of the training grounds, wondering why he was standing in the middle of the training grounds. What was he supposed to be doing now? Nagato was either napping somewhere or on a date with Konan, only he didn't know it was a date, and Itachi was here…Oh yeah! He was supposed to be supervising the three young ones. Where were they? Maybe he himself had fallen asleep standing while he was supposed to be watching them. He had done it before…

In actuality, Sasuke had used a sleeping genjutsu on his brother, who had been too happy to accept it. It was almost as is he had wanted to fall asleep…Now that he had woken up and the preparations were complete, the three began their plan.

Itachi lifted his arm up and closely inspected it. Since when did he keep an explosive tag on his arm...? Suddenly it hit him and he fully woke up. He didn't have time to think as the tag suddenly exploded.

Naruto frowned thoughtfully as he stood behind a tree. He knew that Itachi was a freakishly powerful shinobi, so he wasn't surprised when the tag didn't defeat Itachi. That's why he planned out many different attacks after one another. Hopefully his 'teammates' would be able to remember and perform their parts right…


Itachi had substituted with a nearby log and was currently on top of the earth wall with a water-fall, standing on top of the muddy terrain He took a moment and stopped to think as he looked down at the explosion, his Sharingan activated. Thank goodness his brother, Naruto and Hinata were not nearby! But who would want to attack him? He barely had time to substitute himself with log that was on top of the earth wall. Wait?! Why would there be a random log on top of the wall? Someone must have come up here and placed the log here, knowing that he would substitute with it. Then that must mean that…

He was interrupted as the mud around him seemed to have ignited and was rapidly exploding. The only way to escape before the flames reached him would be to…

Itachi jumped high within the air and away from the explosion. He knew doing so would launch him off the wall; it was what he had to do. Suddenly, a blur appeared below and behind him. He was able catch the quick movement with his crimson eyes, and he was surprised to see that the mysterious person had already completed hand-seals and was currently throwing a Fire jutsu at him. He frowned as several powerful fire-balls propelled towards him. In a burst of speed he shushined away to his left to avoid the blast. Being able to use Shushin in the middle of the air was an impressive feat as few were able to master it, but Itachi had and he had used it to escape being burned. He didn't have much time to free-fall as another attacker propelled towards him underneath him. All he had time to do was turn around and protect his chest by covering them with his chakra laced arms in hope to block the on comers attack.


As soon as the users palm hit his arms, he realized his mistake as he was painfully hit upward. Jyuuken! Blocking a Jyuuken attack was a big mistake as anyone besides a competent Jyuuken user would not be able to block the special chakra-laced attack. The precision of the attack was impressive, and unless you knew how to parry the attack with your own Jyuuken, you would be disabled.

Itachi didn't have much time as to think upon why a Hyuuga would be attacking him as he was suddenly no longer falling and he had somehow managed to find himself in the middle a large body of water. Underwater. Itachi quickly flew through some hand-seals as he realized that he wouldn't be able to make it to the surface in time. A protective circle of wind then formed around his head as he was able to breathe again. How was he transported to being underwater? Genjutsu? If it was, then how was he not able to see it with his Sharingan? He had little time to prepare as the Kraken itself appeared beneath him and swallowed him.


Naruto was holding the tiger-seal and deeply concentrating with his eyes closed as he stood on a tree branch. In reality, a large purple sphere of chakra was floating in the air, enclosing Itachi. While it wasn't perfect, it was still able to captured Itachi. If the technique was perfected to its limits, the sphere of chakra would be so hard that no one on the outside would be able to enter it. In Naruto's case, any who entered the sphere would merely fall victim to the genjutsu. While this may be considered good, it was not. In the genjutsu, the user could not harm the victim directly by changing the environment. Doing such would only end the genjutsu. The victim would have to attack the user because the only way to dispel the genjutsu was to defeat the user. The genjutsu would disappear if the user was killed or unable to hold it any longer.

However, if the user created the genjutsu while he or she is out of its perimeter, the victim would only go through a short environment change before being released. Creating the jutsu itself required a Jonin level of chakra at least, and to change it after casting it, it would require even more chakra. It would be foolish to do so, unless the user had a particularly large chakra circulatory system, or some sort of unheard of abnormal secondary chakra.

Hinata and Sasuke were beside Naruto as he opened his eyes, still concentrating on the jutsu. He spoke to his friends. "He is captured in the genjutsu. He will soon be released though, so get ready." He friends nodded and jumped away. As the enormous purple chakra sphere that filled the training grounds slowly began to disappear, Itachi came falling out of it.

To say he was baffled was an understatement. He was just being eaten, and now he was falling through the sky. He roughly landed on the ground, in a heap, as he was still out of it. He survived the large fall be surrounding his body with chakra. He slowly stood to his feet, and prepared his chakra. Whoever his opponents where, they were powerful enough to toy with him. He needed to defeat them as quickly as possible, or else retreat and call upon his teammates for assistance. He noticed a chakra signature far to his left, and he flew through hand-seals.

Fire Style: Grand Fire-Ball Jutsu!

A large fire-ball the size of a small arena erupted from Itachi's mouth towards his enemy. When it died out, it was clear that he didn't hit is opponent. Suddenly, the same Jyuuken user appeared behind him and began attacking him in rapid succession.

But Itachi was prepared this time, and he managed to avoid all the blows. When he jumped back and prepared to attack, he nearly stumbled as he took a glance at his opponent. It was a ninja dressed all in black, with a cloth over his face. His hair was concealed in a hat. But what was shocking was that his opponent wasn't even as tall as his stomach. He was baffled as he searched for an explanation.

Now, another ninja, also masked and dressed in black and possibly the one who cast the genjutsu, was attacking him with a sword. As Itachi evaded the blows, he thought to himself how similar the sword seemed.

He was attacked again in taijutsu combat from behind. Copy-fist? An Uchiha? And why were his attackers so small?!

"Bansho Tenin!"

Instantly the fighting stopped as the three enemy ninjas were weightlessly lifted in the air, and were left there to fruitlessly struggle.

Nagato and Konan appeared next to Itachi, not worried in the least. Itachi began his report. "Nagato, these three ninja came and…" Nagato sighed. "I know, we've been watching.

Itachi was again bewildered. Nagato and Konan walked up to the enemy ninja and pulled off their masks, revealing Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke. Itachi was speechless. Nagato was impressed. "You three managed to successfully attack Itachi and give him a hard time, while managing to hide your identities as well and remaining unhurt. Quite impressive. Naruto, your plan almost worked as well. Going against Itachi in one-on-one combat is foolish for the average ninja, but using teamwork, you guys managed to successfully attack him." The three young ninjas blushed, 'hn'ed, and laughed, respectively, at the praise. Nagato continued. "But just as your powers were increased through teamwork, so are ours. You three were easily defeated when us three were working together. Always remember that you will be stronger when working with a well-oiled team. Now let's call it quits and go have lunch." Naruto yelled in excitement and ran off to Ichiraku's, assuming that's were everyone wanted to go. Hinata ran after him. Sasuke, still a little mad that they were unable to defeat Itachi, followed as well. Nagato sighed again. It was hard to believe that the three were ninjas who just attacked Itachi. They were still just little kids!

Nagato turned to his team of a smiling Konan and a sour Itachi. "I believe we would all agree when I say that we've found a team with even more potential than the three of us."


Months Later, Uchiha Compound

Itachi had been walking through the compound in the middle of the day, thinking about what he had discovered in the ancient Uchiha scroll. Not only had he learned about the Mangekyou Sharingan, he had learned the history of the Uchiha clan as well.

There were many details in the scroll that were very…

He understood why the scroll was kept hidden. He doubted more than two elders knew about its location, and he didn't think that they had visited it anytime soon. That's why he took it.

Some secrets in the scroll should be better protected, or destroyed and kept secret forever. He had given the scroll to Nagato to place it in the Namikaze's secret scroll library, which was virtually the best place to hide it.

First of all, no one even knew that the Namikaze Clan had a secret scroll library. Second, no one even knew where the Namikaze Clan compound was. Third, only a Namikaze could enter the library. Fourth, the Namikaze's were experts at sealing. Experts. No one could enter except a Namikaze. No one. It is with seals that they keep their compound hidden and undetected. The library was also impenetrable and hidden because of all the seals placed on it.

Nagato and Naruto, being the only Namikaze's, would be the only ones with access to the scroll, and he could trust both of them. More importantly, if he and Nagato would ever leave the village or die, Sasuke would be unable to learn the secrets unless Naruto allowed him to. And the only reason Naruto wouldn't allow Sasuke to read the scroll was if somehow Sasuke had decided to betray the village and become an avenger, as well as becoming evil.

Naruto was his fool-proof plan. Also, Naruto would be unable to use any of the secrets hidden within the scroll, besides learning about the Uchiha Clan.

Itachi continued to walk in the sunlight as he thought about the scroll. Civilians of the Uchiha Clan were selling and buying at shops nearby. The birds continued to harmonize their melodies of peace and foreshadowing into the air. It was truly a beautiful day.

The scroll had told him that using the Mangekyou Sharingan will in fact not blind the user, unlike the many suspicions Itachi had. For this he was grateful, for now he could still obtain the powerful eyes, though he had not chosen how. Each way was extremely difficult in its own way, and he was unsure of what he should choose.

However, what had interested Itachi the most in the scroll was that the power of the Mangekyou could be passed on through a younger brother. Itachi had immediately thought of his own younger brother, Sasuke. Perhaps if he, Itachi, gained the Mangekyou, he could pass down his powers to Sasuke! There were so many possibilities that could happen if both he and Sasuke obtained the Mangekyou. But how was he supposed to pass on his powers? The scroll had not said, and for this Itachi was furious. Just when he answered his previous questions, only more questions had come up. The scroll had even said that one of the first ninja to ever exist was an Uchiha. This idea, however, was very clouded and it did not have any more information on it. It did say though that this certain Uchiha had been the one who created the Mangekyou Sharingan itself, in its most powerful form. Whether any after him had ever used his technique is unknown.

As he continued to think, Konan had run up to him. "Itachi!" she yelled, still running to catch up with Itachi. She could be seen trying hard not to hit the many people that were walking by, minding their own business. He stopped walking, and turned to wait for his friend to come to him. When she finally did catch up, she told him what was happening.

"Naruto and Sasuke are ready to learn that new technique you had promised to show them! Come on! Everyone is waiting for you!"

Just as Itachi was going to respond, he felt an unbelievably strong chakra power from behind him. He immediately turned, Sharingan activated, to see what could possibly be projecting such a force.

Upon turning around, both he and Konan saw a strange man in a black cloak with red clouds on it standing far away on top of an electrical pole, looming over the compound. However, the strangest feature of the man's outfit was the orange mask with one eyehole in it.


With that, the mysterious man jumped back from the pole, with Itachi's Sharingan activated, he could see him traveling into the outside forest.

Itachi and Konan were shocked that the man had been able to communicate with them from such a far distance. None of the people walking around the two seemed to have heard him speak, let alone seen him! The voice itself felt…goofy in a way, after looking at his friend Konan, he had seen that she had heard the man as well. He finally concluded that the strange man had spoken in their minds, if possible.

Itachi reacted immediately. "Konan, go and get Nagato, I will follow the man and see where he plans to go. He is an unknown figure that I have never before seen in Konoha, and he could be a threat to our people." Konan nodded and left in a blur. She knew that arguing with Itachi at a time like this was pointless. She also knew that she need not worry for Itachi. Going up against an Uchiha one-on-one as powerful as Itachi was foolish, and she had no doubt that he would be able to hold his own against the figure.

She leapt away quickly to inform Nagato.


When Itachi had finally caught up with the man, they seemed to be in a large clearing in the middle of the forest, filled with grass. Itachi was standing at a safe distance away from the man, preparing to attack. Tension was building as the light wind blew across the grass.

The man then spoke up with his voice. "Uchiha, Itachi," he seemed to say in a voice almost humorously. Itachi immediately frowned. A man who knew about him and was able to face up against him so relaxed and without fear was either extremely stupid or extremely powerful. After feeling the strange mans powerful chakra, he had to guess the second choice.

The man continued to speak. "I have come back to this village to either kill or collect you and..." He was unable to continue further as Itachi spoke up.

"If you have come with no good intentions, then I will have no problems killing you and asking questions later."

Itachi, with his crimson eyes still activated, pulled out his katana and burst across the clearing at a speed that normal eyes couldn't keep up with.

This enemy didn't have normal eyes.

Just as Itachi was about to complete the process of slicing the man's head off, his arm was somehow stopped right before the blade reached its target.

It took Itachi a moment to realize that his own arm had been caught by the man.

Before Itachi could think anything else, he found himself being thrown across the clearing. After landing hard on the ground a halfway across the clearing, he stood up and prepared a plan to defeat the man, or at least stall him until his team came.

This guy is fast! Itachi thought to himself while he prepared to use ninjutsu. He, even with his Sharingan, had been unable to detect the man's movement. Taijutsu was no longer an option. Itachi flew through hand seals at an incredibly speed and sent a giant fireball at his opponent.

"Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu!"

The man didn't even seem weary of the enormous fireball coming his way. Just as Itachi had thought that the fireball had made contact, the fireball seemed to faze right through him and he appeared to be standing in the same position as before.

Itachi was speechless. Not even Nagato could simply faze through his attacks!

The man began laughing, though surprisingly not in a mocking way. He truly seemed to be enjoying himself. "Alright then," he yelled across the clearing, "I guess I'll have to attack you as well. If you cannot survive my attacks, then you will die and I will move on to find someone more powerful in the village!"

Itachi began to worry. The powerful enemy shinobi had come to the village knowing his name, and he spoke in Konan's mind as well as his. Konan and Nagato were surely his next targets! If he were to die and was unable to warn…

Itachi was unable to finish his thought as him enemy began his attack. He merely held up his one hand and formed the half-ram seal, and shouted across the clearing:

"Mangekyou Sharingan!"

Itachi was again at a lost for words. Impossible! An Uchiha?! How could there possibly be an unknown Uchiha outside of Konoha?

Itachi was doomed from the start. If this Uchiha could use the Mangekyou Sharingan, then he wouldn't stand a chance. Maybe Nagato with his Rinnegan eyes, but not him.

Suddenly, Itachi was very slowly lifted into the air, as if he was being pulled from behind. As he looked behind him, he saw a small portal no bigger than the size of his fist appear in the air directly behind and above him. Reality and the air and grass itself seemed to be distorted as it spiraled in the form of the portal. Itachi was slowly being pulled to the portal, which he was positive wasn't a good thing.

He furiously tried to escape by using shushin and substitution. But he was unable to even move his body below his head. He needed to get out of this now! But how?! Itachi closed his eyes as he faced the inevitable and was about to reach the portal. When he reached the portal, the spiraling design seemed to circle continuously upon his chest. This was it. The enemy across the field pulled up his other hand and formed the tiger seal, just as an orange flash appeared behind Itachi.

"Bansho Tenin!!"

Just as the enemy Uchiha was about to complete his technique, Itachi was forcefully pulled out of the distorted area and back further away from the enemy, landing lightly on the ground next to his saviors, Nagato and Konan, though still somewhat disorientated.

Nagato frowned as he looked across to his opponent. Itachi was no pushover ninja; this he knew. Also, genjutsu was Itachi's strongpoint. So then it was impossible that the attack Itachi was about to fall victim to was genjutsu. The Sharingan could detect and cancel genjutsu. Therefore, the ninja had used a time-space jutsu, which were extremely rare and nearly impossible to perform. The Hiraishin was another time-space jutsu, as well as Shinra Tensei and Bansho Tenin, to their own extent. These three jutsus were Nagato's most powerful. If this man was able to use a time-space jutsu, then things were going to become complicated.

Itachi reported what had happened when he seemed to recover from the experience.

"Nagato, Konan, this guy is an Uchiha! He even used the Mangekyou Sharingan on me!" Itachi warned his teammates. Nagato nodded his head in understanding. The Mangekyou Sharingan was the Uchiha's ultimate capability. This, Itachi had told him. This man truly was powerful.

Konan nodded as well. She was somewhat scared. If this man had so easily beaten Itachi, then maybe he could… She shook her head as she looked at her partner, Nagato. No one could beat Nagato, not even the Sandaime. As long as she was on Nagato's team, she had no need to worry.

The man laughed again from across the field. "Just my luck! The three people who I am searching for come to me! This is great!"

Nagato narrowed his eyes in preparation. He had no need to interrogate this man. The enemy had attacked his teammate, and that meant death.

Nagato, who already had his Rinnegan activated from using the Hiraishin to teleport to Itachi, pulled out his katana and prepared to use it again. He closed his eyes in concentration, and when he opened them again, he body seemed to glow with an orange chakra surrounding him.

With the seal in his mind, he disappeared from site as he was instantly teleported next to the enemy ninja. Nagato pushed his sword forward to stab the man, only for the sword to disappear through the man, who seemed prepared for the attack. The man simply pushed chakra into his hands and pulled back to punch Nagato, only to have his attack faze through air as well, as Nagato was no longer standing in front of him.

The man turned to face the group, Nagato now standing with them. He spoke up as he reached a hand towards his own face. "It seems as if you, Nagato, can perform time-space techniques. You also posses the Rinnegan. This proves to be a problem, as I do not want to waste off too much of my chakra," he proclaimed as he pulled his orange mask off his face. "I haven't had to use both my eyes in a while…Thanks! This will be fun!"

Nagato and Itachi stared in disbelief as he looked at the man without his mask on.

"Obito Uchiha," they said in unison.


Nagato slowly fell to his knees in pain and exhaustion as he finally submitted to defeat. He turned to his two teammates who were behind him. They were down and out as well, in the same situation as he. As he turned back to his enemy, he gritted his teeth in frustration. How is it that there is someone so powerful that could defeat him and his team so easily, who were claimed to have flawless teamwork? The Uchiha didn't really even seem tired!

Obito Uchiha put his mask back on with a smile on his face. He spoke to his defeated opponents. "You three are extremely powerful. So much, in fact, that I am willing to let you three live and let you in on a secret as well." He walked up to them and crouched down, bending his knees so that he was on eye level with them. "Once upon a time, the Uchiha were a powerful clan full of honor."

Itachi didn't miss the past tense way he said it. "Were?" he asked as he continued panting trying to regain his energy.

Obito nodded. "Yes, were. Anyways, that story would go on for a long time and I don't really feel like I need to tell you guys everything yet, so I'll get to the point. Itachi, when you go back to the compound, ask your father about letting you in on the 'plan', saying that you are ready. Okay?"

Itachi nodded his head as he was just happy to be alive. "When the time comes," Obito continued, "I will return. And when I do, you three will come with me to Akatsuki, the organization that I am helping form right now. The times are changing, my young friends, and a new power is arising. It would be wise if you three were to join with us."

Nagato spoke up for the rest of his team. "We will never betray Konoha and those close to us!" he yelled at the man who was now standing over them.

Obito laughed, once again out of enjoyment. "Soon, when you find the truth, you will not have a choice. I'm certain you remember me, Itachi and Nagato. I am from Konoha after all. I've decided that there are too many interesting forces growing in the village, so I have returned for three reasons. One was to recruit you three when the time comes, protect the village from destruction through you guys, and the other reason…well you'll find out soon enough. Make sure that no one knows I came here, okay? And for you, Nagato, I believe that you should once more return to the library of your clan to learn of the secrets that have been kept for many years. If I remember correctly, only those with the Rinnegan will be able to see the secrets within that mysterious place. Use your eyes well, even within the library." He chuckled as he turned around and began to walk away. "And when the time comes, you will learn to call me 'sensei'."

With that, he laughed again and simply faded out of existence as he disappeared from the clearing.



Nagato and his team were walking back to Konoha, thinking about what just happened. The three were not seriously hurt, merely beaten. The man really had no intentions of killing them; he just seemed to be measuring their power.

Itachi spoke up as he relived the silent tension. "Nagato, should we report this man to the Hokage?" Nagato frowned as he shook he head.

"No," he responded, turning to his tired friend. "We should listen to the man's warning to avoid future conflict. And you should also ask your father what Obito told you to ask. I am very curious as to what could possibly change our minds and force us to leave Konoha. I of course, will be returning to the Namikaze library with Konan to learn of whatever 'secrets' this man has been talking about. Truly, this has been an interesting experience for all of us. Let us see what we will learn."


The Next Day, Uchiha Compound

Itachi closed the door of his father's office as he left the meeting room.

What he had learned was horrific. The Uchiha, the clan that he had once thought glorious, was planning to take over the village in the name of revenge and evil. Not only that, but they were the ones responsible for killing of all of the Namikaze clan aside from Nagato and Naruto.

He didn't believe it. His father had said that everyone in the clan was a part of the plan, except for him, Itachi, due to his connections to Nagato. He would have to confirm this horrible plan by asking Shisui later.

He quickly ran out of the compound. Nagato and the Hokage needed to know of this immediately!


Nagato and Konan left the Namikaze library together as they prepared to meet with Itachi. They had spent all of last night and this morning learning what they could have in the library. Nagato, like Obito had said, activated his Rinnegan upon entering the library and was shocked from what he saw.

What he read was even more important.

Itachi and the Hokage needed to know of this immediately!


The Next Day, Outside the Hokage's Office

Nagato grabbed hold of his friends as he transported them back to his house in an orange flash.

Upon reappearing in his house, Konan collapsed on the floor and began to sob, while Itachi slumped against a wall and Nagato sat down in a chair.

After a while, Itachi stood up and spoke to the group. "I don't believe this. Maybe we won't have to follow through with the plan if it was all a lie. I'm going to as Shisui right now!"

With that, he left the house.


Itachi fell to the ground as he openly wept. The body of one of his best friends, Shisui, lay next to him, killed by his own hand. Itachi had been forced to attack Shisui, so that Shisui wouldn't inform the clan that Itachi was going to betray them, and so that he himself wouldn't be killed.

But that didn't make killing his childhood friend any easier.

It wasn't fair! Shisui and him had always been together! Why now did he have to kill his friend?!

Suddenly, Itachi closed his eyes and covered them with his hands as he screamed out in pain. He laid there for a minute in agony until the pain died away.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the world with a new clarity as the Mangekyou Sharingan spun wildly in his crimson eyes filled with tears.


Namikaze House

Nagato, Itachi and Konan sat around the kitchen table. Naruto was currently at the Hyuuga mansion playing around with Sasuke and Hinata, much to the little girl's delight. They were being supervised by her kind mother who had allowed them to come over.

Nagato spoke to his friends who no longer had the strength to smile. "We have weeks to prepare. What I have read in the scroll is very important, and we must all keep it in mind as we carry out our plans."

Konan sniffed her nose and responded. "We've all grown so close to each other. We're all like one big family! And I hate separating families," she sadly told the rest of them. They understood. "Hinata is like a little sister to me, and I play an important role in her life. I don't know how I'm going to look her in the face for that last time and pretend that nothing is going to happen and that it's going to be a normal day…" Tears rolled down her face once more.

Itachi understood how Konan felt, though he didn't think he could afford any pity on her. "How am I supposed to use my new power and harm Sasuke, the one who is closer to me than my own mother and father? How am I supposed to slay those who raised me? How will I…"

Nagato interrupted him. "We mustn't dwell on the negative aspects now. Too many bad events are happening to us. We should enjoy the time we have now with our friends and family. After the events occur, we must not tell Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata or anyone else why we followed through with the Hokage's plan. Our little friends will have to figure it out for themselves one day or we will tell them when the time is right. Obito was correct as well. We must follow him and learn more from him. If what he said was true, and so far everything from him has been correct, then we all need to become more powerful to protect those close to us. We must now do this from the inside, within the organization of Akatsuki itself. We will continue to protect those precious to us! As for our siblings, I want you to write letters saying as much as you want as long as you don't reveal to them why we have done what we will do. I will then hide the letters in the library of the Namikaze. And when we leave the village and Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata turn 12 and become Genin, I will have Kakashi give Naruto one of my letters telling him where the library is and where our letters are. Also, when you have your last words with Sasuke, Itachi, make sure you lead him in a way not of revenge."

Itachi and Konan both silently nodded and agreed with Nagato.

"And then the three will also learn the secrets which we have recently stumbled upon, and they will understand."


Kakashi was shocked as he was told what Nagato planned to do. Nagato had told him to eventually become Naruto's Jonin teacher, as well as Sasuke and Hinata. He had also told him to tell Naruto where the Namikaze Clan was and to give him one letter when he became 12 and a Genin. What had shocked him the most however, was that Nagato was about to help Itachi murder the entire Uchiha Clan for unknown reasons.

He didn't have any time to ask either as he was knocked unconscious to the ground as Nagato appeared behind him.


Weeks Later, Uchiha Compound

"Mangekyou Sharingan!"

Sasuke looked on in horror as blood spilled before him in the crimson world of Tsukuyomi.

Uchiha Clan.






"Stop it!!" he screamed as he clutched his head in pain. "Stop it! Brother, why are you doing this?!"

Sasuke's screams of agony fell on deaf ears. His brother was killing everyone close to him, right before his eyes…

Sasuke reappeared in the training field that he and his friends had been training on for nearly a year now. Crimson skies cursed the air with the feeling of death. Naruto and Hinata were playing in the middle of the field oblivious to anything around them.

"Naruto! Hinata!" Sasuke ran to his two best friends as he screamed out their names.

Suddenly, Itachi appeared next to the two children and appeared to be talking to them.

"No! Naruto, Hinata! Run!" Sasuke screamed upon the appearance of his brother. Not his friends. Please, not them too. As he ran the fields, he could see the scene perfectly, but he wasn't getting any closer…

Itachi raised his blade and let it fall upon the two children who were closest to Sasuke and the blood spilled before him.

"No!!!!!!" He grabbed his head as he screamed at his two friend's death. He had no one now. No one. His family, his clan, his best and only friends…

Nagato and Konan appeared next to Itachi and together they jumped away.


The crimson world of Tsukuyomi faded as Sasuke returned to reality.

He fell to his knees as he grabbed his head, screaming in emotional pain. Everyone…

Itachi stared at his brother feeling the worst pain he had ever felt before. He had to watch his brother suffer before him, and he was forbidden to comfort him. He closed his own eyes in pain as the Mangekyou faded out of his eyes, returning to their original black color.

Suddenly, Sasuke who had become silent lying on the floor began to scream in pain, this time because he actually was hurting.

Itachi watched him cover his eyes as they began to burn inside of him. For an entire minute, he watched his little brother scream in pain.

When Sasuke finally stood up and opened his eyes. Instead of being their normal black color, they had a different appearance.

Sasuke stared at his brother with his own Mangekyou Sharingan activated, feeling more powerful than ever before.

Itachi stared at his little brother in relief. It was complete. The plan was a success. The Mangekyou took the appearance of a six-sided star, with another smaller star inside of it that was not unlike an atomic model, and unlike other Sharingans, which have a black design and red background; Sasuke's had a red design and a black background.

This design was unmistakable. Sasuke possessed the strongest of all Mangekyou eyes, the legendary Kagai Mangekyou.

Suddenly, flaming bright-red tattoos of fire began to glow and spread over Sasuke's body and a sinister black chakra surrounded him as well.

Itachi had to step back as the powerful surge of chakra hit him. It was…overwhelming. Quickly, as the plan required, Itachi appeared in front of his brother in a burst of speed and with his pointer finger and his middle finger together he poked Sasuke in the forehead.

Immediately, the flame disappeared and bright-red flames covering Sasuke in the form of tattoos turned black before retreating away completely to somewhere seemingly the left side on the back of his neck. Then, his Mangekyou faded until a normal Sharingan with one tomoe in each eye appeared, and after his eyes faded to normal blackness.

Sasuke then fell to his knees as he looked up as his brother, pain in his eyes.

"Sasuke-otouto," Itachi said in a voice void of emotion, "As you have seen, I have killed many tonight. Protect your life Sasuke, but more importantly, protect the lives of others precious to you. Live not a life of revenge, but one of righteousness. Only when you live that kind of life will you become stronger than me. Seek not revenge, but seek peace! Use the power I have given you for righteous deeds. Overcome the evil desire that the power of your Kagai Mangekyou will bring to you. Sasuke, when the time is right you will understand everything. We will meet again."

The last thing Sasuke saw was Itachi's Mangekyou before passing into unconsciousness.


Nagato looked up to the window as he felt a surge of powerful chakra pass through him. His time was up, and he had to meet with his friends now to leave the village. He turned back to his crying 7-year-old little brother before him.

"Remember what I have told you tonight Naruto. Protect those close and precious to you. Follow in the ways that I have raised you. I must go now, but when the time is right you will understand everything. We will meet again. I will leave you with a parting gift."

Nagato then walked over to the crying child and with his index and middle fingers together, he poked him in the forehead.


Tears escaped Konan's eyes as she jumped out of Hinata's bedroom window to where she was to meet with her group. Telling Hinata that she had to leave was unbearable. Watching the girl cry was even harder. When she left, she prepared her special jutsu and transferred her powers of the Byakugan to the little girl, knocking her unconscious.

As she jumped, she remembered to what had recently happened to her.


Flash Back

Konan sat in the middle of a specially designed seal circle made by Nagato, who was currently standing over her with his orange Rinnegan. Right now, Itachi was killing off the Uchiha Clan.

Nagato finished his long sealing jutsu. He faced Konan. "I'm ready. Be warned, this will be painful…"

Without waiting for a response, he slapped his hand down into the front of the seal circle. The five clones of himself that were standing around the circle did the same as him.

Orange chakra then began to flow through the intricate patterns of the seal circle and traveled up Konan and eventually into her forehead, where the Hyuuga bird-cage seal was visible. Konan gritted he teeth as she endured the pain.


End of Flash Back

The removal had been a success. For this she was grateful, as for the first time in her life, she felt free. Konan landed on top of the cliff where Nagato and Itachi were waiting for her.


Kakashi woke up and looked out into the sunlight of Konoha. Unlike many of the mornings of the Leaf Village, this one was not peaceful. ANBU ninja as well as Jonin ninja were flying around the village, searching for any hint on how the Uchiha Clan was slaughtered and the locations of the Legendary Three.

The copy-ninja frowned as he thought of what his job was now. 'Naruto. Sasuke. Hinata. I wonder how your futures will change after this morning, as well as the rest of Konoha.'



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