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The Second Born

Chapter 3: Entering The Academy


The Sandaime Hokage sighed peacefully as he looked out the window of his office. It was truly a peaceful day, like many that were known to come to Konoha. The birds were singing melodious songs together, the sky was clear and blue, and he had just finished his paperwork. Yes, paperwork. The bane of his existence. He realized why the Nidaime was willing to give up his job.

He stood up as he walked out of the office and up onto the balcony of the building, dressed in his ceremonial Hokage robes. The wind blew gently across his body, his robes rippling like water. He happily sighed. He loved mornings such as these were he could truly relax and enjoy his job as the head of the village. He looked over the entire village. He was the current leader, but one day, he would have to pass his kingdom of prosperity on to the gentle soul of another one who shared…

His peaceful thoughts were interrupted as a Chunin messenger burst through the door leading to the balcony. He leaned over and began panting on his knees for a moment before he was able to speak.

"Hokage-sama!" he actually yelled across the balcony. The Sandaime sighed as he realized that his daily two minutes of peace had already come to an end. He walked over to the messenger to see what he had to say. The Chunin continued.

"Sasuke is finally awakening from his coma!" The Sandaime's attitude immediately changed from a calm and peaceful face to a serious one. He stormed out of the balcony and into the building as he yelled,

"Take me to his room, immediately!"

The Chunin stood still for a moment, shocked at the sudden change in his leader's attitude, before running after him.


Sasuke struggled in his bed as he continuously thrashed around. Images of his dying family and friends appeared in his head. Images of Itachi, his brother, slaying all of those close to him. The memory of the immense power he felt when the black chakra surrounded them. His eyes…

His eyes! He had felt the power in his eyes, and his own brother had said that he had acquired the Mangekyou Sharingan or the Kagai Mangekyou as he called it. How could he, Sasuke, have acquired the legendary eyes of the Mangekyou? He also recalled that when the Mangekyou faded, a normal Sharingan was left in his eyes.

That was about the only benefit he remembered that night. He had finally activated his Sharingan, at the price of the deaths of everyone close to him.

He finally felt himself coming through, and eventually he felt the comfort of a bed beneath him.

He could hear the worried voices of people around him. Perhaps if he opened his eyes, he would find out that it was all a dream. He would find Naruto, Hinata, his mother and father, and Itachi as well standing around his bed, concerned for him.

He swatted the childish idea away as he realized that that would never happen. He would never see those people again…

When he finally opened his eyes, he saw the Hokage by his bedside, as well as a nurse and some other ninja. He sat up and looked out the window, ignoring the others in the room.

The Hokage skipped the small talk and went straight to business. "Sasuke," he calmly spoke, his eyes drilling into the small Uchiha's, "I need to know who killed the Uchiha Clan last night."

Sasuke ignored them as he continued to look out the window. "How long have I been out," he responded in a monotone voice.

The Hokage sighed. He would have to take things one step at a time. "You have been in a coma for three days…"

Sasuke nodded. Three days… Three days ago his childhood ended. Three days ago Itachi had killed his precious people.

The Hokage asked once more. "Sasuke, I need to know. Who killed the Uchiha Clan? Was it a foreign ninja, or the Legendary Three, or Naruto, or…" He wasn't able to finish as Sasuke snapped his head back to them so quickly that several ninja in the room flinched.

"Naruto?!" he yelled at the Hokage, "Are you insane?! How could Naruto have possibly killed anybody when he was slain by…by…"

The Hokage sighed. The boy wasn't telling him any information. Perhaps he needed to go through things slower. "We have evidence to believe that Naruto has not been slain the night of the massacre. Though he is nowhere to be found, there is a chance that he disappeared to wherever the Legendary Three have gone."

Sasuke shook his head in frustration. "I saw it! I saw it with my own eyes! He showed me! He showed me everything…" Sasuke screamed as grabbed his head once more and fell back to his bed yelling in pain. The nurse in the room rushed to him to make sure that he wouldn't pass back into is coma state.

The Hokage frowned as he thought of what the boy had said. He knew that the killer was Itachi, with the help of Nagato, but he needed to pretend to discover this when Sasuke told him. As for Naruto…he was completely unsure of where the boy was. But his location was vital. Being the last of the Namikaze clan, if he were to completely disappear…

The Sandaime felt bad as Sasuke began to calm down. This boy had lost nearly everything to him. Not only that, but he had to watch it as well. When Sasuke became silent again, the Hokage asked once more.

"Who was it that killed the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke?"

This time Sasuke looked directly into the eyes of the Hokage and responded with venom in his voice.

"My brother, Uchiha Itachi killed everyone, with the help of his team." he loudly proclaimed in a hatred filled voice that no one thought a 7-year-old could produce.

The ninjas in the room were shocked. Everyone had idolized the Legendary Three for their power and loyalty. To think that they would betray them…and kill their police force as well…

The Sandaime had a grave look on his face. He turned around to the group of ninja present, as well as the nurse. "Everybody leave the room at once! I need to have a word with the boy."

All those present obliged and left the room, leaving the Hokage alone with Sasuke.

Surprisingly, to Sasuke's pleasure, the Hokage didn't ask for the details of the massacre. He didn't think that he could take remembering it all again…

Sarutobi turned to the child in his bed, and spoke to him like an adult. "While your entire family has been killed, young Sasuke, I do not believe that you should give up hope, for you are not completely alone."

At this, Sasuke quickly turned once more to the Hokage, with anger in his voice. "Who?! Who has he left that is close to me? Who hasn't he killed that meant something to me? Who?!"

The Hokage seemed startled for a moment. "I was under the impression that you were good friends with the young Hyuuga heiress, Hinata."

Sasuke looked to the Hokage with pained filled eyes that forced him to continue.

"I assure you, young Sasuke, that the little girl is physically safe and recovering at her house as we speak…"

Sasuke immediately jumped out of his bed and vaulted out the window of his room and ran directly to the Hyuuga mansion, to see Hinata with his own eyes. Perhaps if Hinata was alive, then Naruto would be alive as well…

Sarutobi sighed to himself as he watched the retreating form of Sasuke in the distance. He turned around and greeted the visitor that had appeared in the room.

"Hatake Kakashi, bring me good news," he nearly threatened at the ANBU captain who was standing before him, surprisingly serious without an orange book in sight.

"Hokage-sama, I have come to tell you that I have resigned from the ANBU and plan to become a Jonin leader," Kakashi said, looking directly at the Hokage with his one eye.

The Hokage sighed. "Then you will have to take the private Jonin Exams later, though I don't see why as you have been a successful captain in the past…" He was interrupted by Kakashi.

"I believe that I have found a new profession to occupy my time, and always going on ANBU missions just won't cut it," the Copy Ninja explained.

The Hokage merely lifted an eyebrow and waited for Kakashi to continue.

"I've found Naruto."


Hyuuga Mansion

Hinata woke up this morning miserable as usual. These past few days had been horrible for her. First, Konan-sensei left her three days ago. She had lost her teacher as well as her older sister. Her mother was also pregnant with her soon to be younger sister, so she had been all alone recently. Second, Naruto disappeared the day after Konan-sensei left. Naruto-kun…

She had thought that her two best friends would be there for her to comfort her, but Naruto disappeared and Sasuke has been in a coma for the past three days.

Not only was she sad for her self, but she was miserable for the pain that Naruto-kun and Sasuke were going through. Nagato and Itachi had left as well, and they had always been friendly with her.

She remained absolutely silent as she made her bed and folded all of her cloths. The Hyuuga Clan had been extremely quiet and dull ever since Konan had left. She had always been the one who brought color to the place. She made everyone smile and she was kind to everyone as well…

She walked through the long porch outside her house planning to spend some time in her garden when she sensed someone coming from above.

On instinct, she immediately switched into her Jyuuken stance as she waited for the attacker to appear.

To her surprise, Sasuke landed in front of her. He stood there for a moment, staring at her with the most pain filled eyes, until he suddenly ran at her full force and gave her a giant hug. She returned it, and she could hear him openly sobbing into her.

Sasuke-kun… what did you have to go through…


The Next Day

Kakashi jumped through the air as he headed to the Hyuuga compound. The Hokage and he decided that they would not go after Naruto until Sasuke and Hinata were ready, for it would be best to confront the child if his two best friends were along with him.

He, as an ANBU captain, was extremely talented when it came to searching and looking for enemy ninja. He had used his ninja dogs to find Naruto's location using his scent. The boy had left Konoha with some of his possessions and was heading in a location towards the Village of Grass. Kakashi planned to intercept him with Sasuke and Hinata today.

When he finally reached the mansion, he didn't bother going through the main entrance, but instead he leaped over the side and from there he went into a beautiful garden, which was unmistakably Hinata's.

He was unsurprised when he saw Hinata and Sasuke sitting together, talking about something.

Sasuke, however, was extremely surprised when he saw someone who he had thought was dead appearing before him.

Kakashi merely waved at the two. "Yo," he greeted, giving one of his signature eye smiles.

Sasuke jumped up again like he did the day before and ran over to hug Kakashi. The copy ninja himself was shocked for a moment at the boy's sudden display of affection.

He lightly patted Sasuke on the head as he waited for Hinata to explain.


"Ah, I see," he quietly said in response to the small girl's explanation as well as Sasuke's. Itachi apparently had used Tsukuyomi on Sasuke to torture him, showing him that he killed everyone. The boy had truly gone through a lot.

He was curious though, "Sasuke, what happened when you came out of the effects of Itachi's attack?" he questioned the boy who was once again sitting next to Hinata.

Sasuke frowned. "After a while, I felt an immense pain in my eyes, and when I opened them, I saw everything with a new clarity, like someone had been closing my eyes for a long time. Then a power surged through me like never before and I felt unstoppable for a moment. Black chakra surrounded me and then…he came and poked me in the head. Afterwards, he explained to me… some things…and that I activated my Sharingan."

Kakashi knew that the boy was hiding more, but he didn't press him. Sasuke truly had become so much more powerful that night. Though he wondered why Itachi let his brother live, as well as give him this new power…

Kakashi sighed as he looked up and around the garden. The landscape was truly beautiful. Hannah Hyuuga really did have a talent for tending to gardens. There were cherry blossom trees as well as peach trees and other fruit trees, along with normal trees. Below them, bushes and flowers covered the place beautifully and created a wonderful natural fragrance that man couldn't dream of copying. Ponds and green grass filled the rest of the garden.

He turned back to the two children. "Well, anyways," he began, "I have come here for a reason. I have found Naruto, and I am curious as to whether you two want to come and help me find him."

The children immediately jumped up as Kakashi chuckled.


2 Days Later, Pathway

Naruto smiled and waved at the small family that had given him shelter and food for the night. They sure had been kind to him, even to the point where they didn't ask questions such as why he was traveling and where he was going. Naruto was currently dressed in his full ninja outfit. On his seventh birthday, Kakashi had given Naruto one of his special outfits. It personally was one of Naruto's favorite gifts. The outfit consisted of the tight and stretchy under-armor which covered his entire upper-body, stopping half way up his face, covering all of his face below his eyes. This was a piece that Kakashi had always worn as well, but instead of Naruto's being a dark blue like Kakashi's, his was a pure white color that resembled the purity of freshly-fallen snow. It was surprisingly easy to breathe through, to Naruto's convenience. And while this mask didn't conceal Naruto as much as he wanted to, it was all he had and it covered his face. Naruto also wore ANBU gloves which were white as well, with metal pieces on them protecting the back of his hands.

On top of the under-armor was a no-sleeve blue tunic with a v-cut showing off a little of his muscular chest (muscular for a seven-year-old) covered by the white under-armor. There was a tight black belt going across his chest that held his katana diagonally on his back. Nagato had left him the katana before he left and Naruto found it on his bed when he had first woken up. There was a belt which held the tunic together at his waist. His pants were loose and white in color, almost concealing the dark sandals he was wearing. All of this was partially covered by the black robe he was wearing on the outside, which had no sleeves and connected at his upper chest. The robe also had a baggy hood which could cover his blonde hair effectively, and kept his arms and back hidden, as well as his sword. Naruto looked quite scary for his age, but he had the skills to back himself up. He needed to be hidden while he traveled in secret, so this outfit was perfect for him. Kakashi had even said that the design was originally created by the ancient Lin Kuei clan, who had at one point in history disappeared. The outfit was ideal for a ninja and it showed power.

Right now, he was traveling to the Village of Grass, to escape the horrible memories of Konoha and learn an ancient style of kenjutsu which Nagato had told…

He instantly stopped walking and put his head down as emotions flooded through him upon thinking of his brother again.

Why? Why did he leave him? Why did he help kill the Uchiha Clan and run away with his team? Naruto knew better than to think that Nagato murdered anyone because of uncontrolled aggression. That just wasn't his older brother. Nagato was always the calm one who thought things through. So there had to be a reason! And when Naruto figured it out…

He didn't know what to do. So he decided that he would train to become as strong as possible and then find his brother. And when he found his brother, he would find out the truth. That was all that mattered. Naruto did not seek out revenge for his brother. No, that was not how Nagato had raised him. He would seek out the truth as to why he had to suffer.

As for Hinata and Sasuke… They couldn't come with him. He was sure of this. He was better off detaching himself from his former best friends. If they were to come with him on his dangerous journey of power and truth-seeking and managed to get seriously injured or die…

He didn't know what he would do. He had already lost his family. If he were to lose them too…

No. They would stay safe in Konoha.

That's not to say Naruto didn't miss his friends. He did, very much so. Just as much as is nii-san and Konan and Itachi. Just thinking about Sasuke's smirk, Hinata's smile and her giggle made his heart yearn to go back to Konoha, to see his friends…

But he couldn't. They needed to stay safe.

He gritted his teeth in pain and pulled the black hood over his head as he continued forward on his path to the truth.


Weeks Later

Kakashi sighed as Pakkun, his most talented ninja dog, dispersed in a small cloud of smoke.

He turned to the two children who were traveling with him. Sasuke could go with him on his free will, because he no longer had a family, but he had to convince Hinata's parents to let her accompany them. Hiashi was bent on not letting her go, but Hannah finally convinced her husband that Hinata should go and find the one she truly likes.

They were currently on a hill, one of the many that rolled across the Land of Grass. Kakashi pointed forward and spoke to his group, who were wearing backpacks for the long journey. "Naruto seems to be heading towards the Kusagakure. (Village Hidden in the Grass) Don't worry though; we are still on his trail. I fear however that we will not be able to intercept him before he reaches the village. But…I have been to the village on several occasions before, and I think you guys are going to be surprised!"

Sasuke nodded. Hinata did so as well, but nervously. She knew that they would find Naruto, but would he be willing to return to the village with them?


Days Later

Naruto stood above Kusa, looking below truly in awe. The village truly was hidden in the grass. The gigantic area of grass that Naruto had been walking in seemed to go on for long distances, but he happened to stumble upon a large and deep valley. And the Grass village seemed to be hidden in the valley of grass. To normal vision on eye-level, one would only see a very large field of grass and hills, and the only way to see the village was to travel to the edge of a hidden valley. The sight was amazing.

As Naruto looked down below to the many people in the village, he could see that in the center of the valley, at the lowest point, was what seemed to resemble their version of the Kage tower. Naruto smiled underneath his white mask as he began to travel down to the village.


Days Later, Kusa

Naruto frowned as he walked out of another shop. No one seemed willing to give any information about a swordsman that could teach him advanced kenjutsu. He had been here for several days and he hadn't learned a thing! This village was also much larger than Konoha and filled with many more civilians as well as ninjas. Naruto had managed to come in the village as a visitor because the foolish guards fell for his sob story and thought that a small little boy couldn't do any damage. After seeing so many people here as well as shinobi, Naruto was surprised that he hadn't seen many Grass shinobi in the past Chunin Exam finals that he had watched with Nagato.

Upon bringing up Nagato again, Naruto became sad. He couldn't seem to get over that he wouldn't wake up to see his brother again. Pain and grief filled him as he remembered the golden days when everyday he would see his nii-san and his team, as well as his own two best friends. He figured that he would always wear this white mask upon his face so that no one would ever be able to see the look of pain that he had. He hoped that Sasuke and Hinata were doing better than he was…

Naruto was interrupted from his thoughts as he heard a scream in a nearby alley. He tried to continue and ignore the scream so that he could continue his search, but his conscience got the better of him and he went back to investigate.

When he walked far enough down the valley, he saw kids somewhat older than him, possibly twelve, harassing a young girl that seemed to be his age. They seemed to have pushed her on the ground and were about to beat her.

One of the boys stood in front of her and spoke up. He seemed to be the leader. "Look what we got here. A little girl who doesn't seem to know her place. You should know better than to mess with me, girl!" he yelled at the girl on the ground. The other boys around him agreed as they cheered him on. Just as the teenager brought his fist up in the air to strike the cowering girl, he found that it wouldn't move.

It took him a moment to realize why. He turned to look up at his arm to realize that a strange boy in a hooded cloak and a blue tunic was holding his hand, not even facing him.

The twelve-year-old boy tried to pull his hand away, but it was being held in place with a grip that felt like iron!

Naruto spoke, still turned facing away with his shady hood and mask concealing his face. "It would be wise to leave this alley now and refrain from ever picking on this girl again," he spoke in a voice that definitely didn't belong to a 7-year-old.

The older boy finally ripped his hand free, because Naruto had let go, and he backed off a little with his friends.

"Ha!" he mocked Naruto. "I'm the rookie of the year, and your just a little kid! Make me!" With that, he the other boys present rushed at Naruto with the intent of pummeling him.

Naruto merely looked up with his hood still shading his face, but for some reason, the boys could see his eyes glowing…gold?

Naruto pushed chakra into his eyes and activated the legendary golden Rinnegan.


The small girl was amazed that a boy age had managed to so easily defeat the bullies around her. It seemed as if he could see every blow coming towards him before they even attacked! Amazing!

Naruto walked away from the beaten and unconscious boys, his gold spiral eyes fading back to their normal blue color.

He could have easily defeated his attackers without activating his bloodline, but he wanted to test his new power. The power that Nagato had given him.

Somehow, Nagato had made Naruto activate his bloodline limit, the Rinnegan. Naruto assumed that Nagato had done something when he touched Naruto in the forehead and knocked him unconscious. When Naruto had first woken up, he had seen the world more clearly than he could ever before. He could see far away, being able to read his instant ramen package from all the way across the room while his normal vision seemed only to be enhanced. When he looked outside to see birds flying away, he could see every one of their movements perfectly, as if they themselves were moving slower. And if he tried hard enough, he found out that he could see his own chakra within his body.

What surprised him though was that his blue chakra seemed to have turned gold. At this he knew he had activated the Rinnegan. Nagato had told him that the Rinnegan grants its user a secondary and more powerful chakra when activated, which allows them to perform more powerful techniques that require enough chakra to nearly kill a Jonin easily. Each user's chakra color would be unique to them, and it was very rare to see to Rinnegan users with the same secondary chakra color. Nagato had said that even in his clan, there had been no one sharing the same chakra color. Even if the Rinnegan's chakra was purple for two people, the purples would be a different shade of color. Nagato's secondary chakra was orange, which was why there was an orange flash when he used the Hiraishin technique. Nagato had also said that their father's chakra had been yellow, making his flash yellow in appearance.

Something else that surprised Naruto was that he also saw red chakra as well, in the area around his belly. Red chakra? The Rinnegan was only supposed to have one secondary chakra. So then where did the red chakra come from? Upon closer inspection, Naruto saw that the golden chakra seemed to be suppressing the red chakra. Naruto had nodded thoughtfully and decided that he would further inspect it later. He had some ideas as to why there could be a red chakra within him, but he would have to check up on some scrolls.

Now, when Naruto used his eyes in a battle, he felt that he was hardly challenged at all. He could effortlessly see and block each attack while he could attack faster and more precise.

Naruto began walking over to girl that was just getting up from the ground. He managed a small smile beneath his white mask as he greeted himself.

"Hello, my name is…Naruto Namikaze," he stated after some hesitation.

The girl meekly replied. "I-I'm Kaori. Kaori Matsurama."


Next Day, Morning

Naruto had finally found the master swordsman of the village, with Kaori's help. Much to his dislike, he had become friends with the girl, and they had gotten along well. She said that her father was here on a business trip, and last night she had invited him to dinner with he, which Naruto hesitantly accepted. The next day, she had to leave with her father to wherever they had come from.

Now, Naruto stood before the grand gate of the mansion where the swords master lived. He felt stupid that he hadn't looked here first; the place was huge! As he knocked on the door in the gate, a fancy butler appeared at the door.

"I take it you're here to see if master Shujinko will train you in the way of the sword?" he stated in a bored voice.

Naruto nodded his head in agreement. The butler sighed. "Follow me then. You'll probably get sent home just like the rest of them…"

Naruto walked through the impressively large but simple home as he was led to where 'Shujinko' was. They went through several flights of stairs before Naruto was led down a hall.

Finally, Naruto was led onto a large wooden balcony where he could see an old man sitting on the floor, facing away from the entrance and painting Japanese calligraphy with black paint. Naruto was stunned at the beautiful sight in front of the man. From the high balcony he could see the rising sun in the sky, and the beautiful valley filled with green grass and flowers. All Naruto could see was nature so he assumed that the house was at the edge of the village.

The old man spoke to Naruto, who was seemingly alone after the butler had slipped away unnoticed. "Ah, I see you have appreciation for the scenery. That's new; most just barge in here and demand for me to train them," he stated in a gravely voice filled with wisdom.

Naruto nodded his head and remained silent, for he felt it was the right thing to do.

For even a fool will be thought wise if he keeps his mouth shut.

Nagato had taught him this.

The man seemed to remain silent and focused as well before he continued. "Let me guess. You have mastered the basics of kenjutsu and you believe that one of your age with such talent should be taught by the best."

Naruto was impressed that the man seemed to already know of his talent and age without even looking at him. He shook his head in disagreement. "Master Shujinko," he began, "I have indeed mastered the basics, but that is not why I wish to train. I do not demand that you train me either. I humbly come here to ask you to train me so that I can protect the ones that I love."

The old man put his paintbrush down and he stood up and turned to Naruto, smiling.

"Then I will train you."


Kakashi frowned as he looked at the terrain around him. They would arrive at the village in two, maybe three days.

Naruto…I hope you will return with us so that I can fulfill Nagato's wishes…


Two Days Later

Shujinko smiled at Naruto after he had sparred with him for a while. Naruto had been dramatically improving in the past days at an incredible pace. The two sat at a tea table the agitated butler prepared and began to drink calming jasmine tea. Naruto, of course, managed to drink his tea with his mask on which seemed to amaze even the old master himself. Eating and drinking without removing his mask was an illusionary technique Kakashi had taught him when Naruto begged to be trained.

Naruto was now feeling a little agitated as well. Every sword technique that he had tried, no matter how advanced of perfected, seemed to be easily foreseen and blocked by the old man. Shujinko chuckled as he spoke to the boy.

"You surely are talented! You truly have mastered the basics. No, normal kenjutsu won't do for you any more. I can teach you nothing more in the ordinary styles. For one as advanced as you, Naruto, you must learn a sword-style that compliments your taijutsu style. What is your taijutsu style, then?"

Naruto frowned beneath his mask as he responded. "I have also mastered basic taijutsu, though I have not pursued any specific style."

The old man seemed even happier. "Great! Kenjutsu wise, you have perfected every basic element. Even for the most talented learner, there is always one spot that has not been completely perfected. This is not the case for you. Therefore, I will give you a gift."

Shujinko reached his hand inside his large robe and he pulled out two normal style scrolls, which he handed to Naruto. Naruto was happy for the gift but confused as to why he would need a scroll if Shujinko would be training him. Shujinko, as if he heard Naruto's thoughts, answered his question.

"I have had a vision two mornings ago. Two visions, in fact. One was that a legendary ninja would come to me, asking for my training and guidance. The second was that this ninja would have to leave my village soon. This is why I gave you the scrolls. I believe that you are that legendary ninja and therefore I give you two of my most valuable possessions in hopes that they will help you grow stronger, so that you may protect your loved ones."

Naruto was honored to hear the man's words. He read the inscriptions on the scrolls. One said 'Elemental Taijutsu' while the other said 'Elemental Kenjutsu'. Shujinko once more explained before Naruto could ask anything.

"The elemental styles are not unlike that of the dragon styles. And while the dragon styles, also known as the 'copy-fist' styles take the best forms and attacks from other fighting styles, the elemental style takes the best forms from the elements themselves. It will teach you attacks as quick and sharp as the wind, yet as solid and powerful as the earth."

Naruto was amazed that the old man would give him these gifts. He stood up and bowed deeply before him. The man chuckled. "You are not done yet. While you will master the styles of those two scrolls, you must take a sword before you depart."

Naruto looked confused. "Which sword will I take?"

The old man laughed again. "Ah, I've worded myself wrongly again. You will have to make your own sword!"

Naruto bowed once more in gratitude.


Naruto paled as he heard the long and precise process of creating a sword. Shujinko reviewed once more.

"Remember Naruto, if you wish to truly master the art of kenjutsu, then your sword must be a true extension of yourself, of your personality, of your skill, of your chakra. You will choose its shape as well as its handle's design, and so forth. And I will be here to guide you along the way."


The Next Day

Naruto woke up in the middle of the workshop in the old man's basement. He had fallen asleep on the floor from exhaustion after he completed making the sword. In fact, he had decided to make two swords, twin blades that turned out perfectly. The elemental style required the use of one sword as well as two, and the user had to be able to switch between the other in the middle of a combo!

The results of the blades were truly unbelievably amazing. The blades were identical, and each of their metals was perfectly silver, unlike the dull gray which most swords colors are. There size was perfect for Naruto. Not to long and not to short, but a nice medium size which fit Naruto. Even better, the old man said that because Naruto had made the blades himself with his own chakra, they would grow with him so that when he grew older the swords would grow longer and bigger as well, to perfectly fit him. It was as if the swords were living beings themselves. Shujinko had instructed him while they were working that a true blade master will 'listen to his sword'. While Naruto didn't know what that meant, he had an idea and he decided that he would fight with open ears.

The blades were perfectly straight and double-edged so that they could harm with both edges. The handles were also spectacular. Upon Naruto's will, the grips were perfectly white with golden lines and designs on them. The parts directly beneath the actual blade itself, the guards, were pure gold in color, as they proudly stuck out to the side and prevented Naruto's hand from getting cut from the blade. The handle itself was a nice metal, and Naruto was able to grip it well. There was also a golden triangle on the bottom hilt of the sword, on the pommel, and on the guards.

Naruto was extremely proud of himself for making the swords. Their scabbards were pure white as well, and they had golden flame designs on them. There were also the black straps that Naruto would use to hold the blades across his back.

Naruto smiled as he dressed in his blue tunic an cloak, for previously he had taken them off due to the heat and had been only in his white under-armor, strapped the swords around his back forming an 'X' and left the mans house leaving a thank-you letter on his door.


Outside of Kusa

Naruto once again looked down to the beautiful grass village as he prepared to leave. He had decided that he would return to Konoha and inform his friends of his plan before leaving once more. He had thought that it was cruel if he were to leave without them knowing whether or not he was alive.

Five minutes into his travel, he heard some voices up ahead and he hid himself behind a nearby tree, masking his chakra so that he wouldn't be detected.

Lo and behold, none other than Sasuke, Hinata and Kakashi came down the rode continuing their trip to find Naruto.

Naruto's heart nearly stopped when he heard the voices of his best friends and Kakashi approaching.

"Kakashi-senpai, let's move faster! You said were almost near the village!"

Naruto immediately identified the voice as Sasuke.

"Ano…Sasuke, I think that it would be best if w-we were to walk, so we can conserve our energy until we find Naruto-kun."


Naruto felt tears coming in his eyes upon the sound of their voices. When he finally saw them walking down the road in site, he decided to make his appearance to them.

He shushined in front of the group, with the sound effect of a thrown shuriken, so that his back was facing them and his head was turned side-ways so that he could see the group, though his face was hidden in the shadows of his hood.

The group immediately tensed upon the sight of the unknown ninja. Kakashi was surprised that he was unable to detect the shinobi before. Only those of an ANBU rank or higher knew how to mask their chakra perfectly. This could mean trouble…

Naruto's robe blew in the wind so that the group could see the back of his shirt now. Kakashi nearly had a heart-attack as he looked upon the pattern of the sleeveless blue tunic with white under-armor covering his arms. He was surprised to see two exceptionally looking scabbards holding swords on the back of what had to be Naruto. With reflexes one could only have from being an experienced shinobi, Kakashi immediately calmed down and appeared relaxed.

Naruto completely turned around so that now he was facing the group. Sasuke and Hinata were still on guard behind Kakashi as they did not recognize Naruto in his outfit and with his hood and white mask covering his face.

Faster than Kakashi could keep up with, Naruto appeared behind him and directly in front of Sasuke and Hinata. The two children flinched at the sudden appearance of the ninja and the incredible speed he possessed.

Only when they were about to attack did Naruto take off his hood, earning himself a gasp from both Sasuke and Hinata who immediately recognized him even with his mask on.



The three were now eating lunch in the middle of Kusa at a nice restaurant outdoors. The guards had let Kakashi in knowing that he was an honest ninja allied to their village. Sasuke had insisted that they still go to Kusa because he wanted to see the village.

At first, when Sasuke saw Naruto, he was speechless. Then, Naruto himself spoke up.

"It's good to see you again Sasuke," he spoke to him first; "it's been a couple of weeks. I hope you haven't gotten lazy without me!"

Then Naruto ran up and gave Sasuke a bro-hug. Sasuke actually cried a little after seeing Naruto, who he had thought was killed by Itachi.

Hinata meanwhile, was nervously standing nearby, also shocked by the appearance of her loved one. I can't believe that I'm seeing Naruto-kun again! This is great! It's been so long; I wonder how he's changed. He looks really handsome in that ninja outfit… Hinata turned tomato-red upon thinking this thought. Suddenly, a new thought came to her as well:

Will Naruto-kun hug me too when he and Sasuke part?!

She immediately began pushing her fingers together in a nervous habit. Darn-it! She had thought that she was beginning to overcome her nervous habit around Naruto, like Konan had around Nagato. Konan had told Hinata that she once had been shy and nervous around Nagato like Hinata was around Naruto. But Hinata had been getting better, being able to open up more to him more than ever before.

Only for her to be back at square one after his absence for several weeks. Kuso!

Naruto and Sasuke parted and smiled at each other, and Kakashi came up to the two as well and ruffled both of their hair.

Suddenly, Hinata closed her eyes tight and held her arms out as she waited for Naruto to hug her too. I have to be ready for this…

After a few moments of nothing happening, she opened her eyes to see Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi walking ahead on the road talking about wanting to see the village and having lunch.

Hinata put her head down in embarrassment and shame as she sweat-dropped. I was so close, but he ignored me…

Suddenly, Naruto turned around from the group and looked at Hinata behind them with her head down and a sad look on her face. A light bulb clicked on in his head. "Oy, Hinata, did you want a hug too?!"

He ran over the girl who didn't seem to hear him and tackled her in a bear hug which she was unprepared for, making the two fall over with Naruto on top of her.

She looked up surprised to see Naruto…yes Naruto!!!...about an inch away from her face, laying on top of her and giving her a hug.


"Hehe, sorry 'bout that Hinata-chan. My bad!" he said, still oblivious of how he was making Hinata feel being so close to her.

Naruto-kun...he called me 'Hinata-chan'…

He's so close…Naruto-kun's so close to me…were almost kissing!

Naruto began to realize that Hinata's face was a deeper shade of red than a red apple. "Hinata-chan, are you okay?" She continued to stare wide-eyed at his face. Sasuke was just as confused as Naruto was and Kakashi was giggling. "Oy, Hinata! Hinata-chan!"

Hinata was brought back from her fantasy world to reality as she was reminded of her situation. She squealed and sat up extremely fast, so fast, in fact that she knocked Naruto's head and sent him flying up in the air and into Sasuke, who was knocked down with an 'oomph'

Hinata herself was dazed from the blow, and from having too much Naruto at one time, so she felled back down again and passed into unconsciousness with a peaceful smile on her face.



Outside of Kusa

After lunch, the group was once more outside of Kusa on a hill with Naruto explaining why he left and what happened during his stay in Kusa.

Kakashi nodded thoughtfully when Naruto finished his story. "It sounds like you have done some pretty interesting things, Naruto. I'm impressed at the amazing swords that you have seemed to made, as well as the scrolls that were given to you. I'm curious though as to where you were planning to go after leaving Kusa."

Naruto frowned behind his mask as he explained. "Actually, I was going to return to Konoha to show you guys that I am alive, and then I was going to leave alone and travel the map and search for Nagato as well as train in different villages, until I find the truth."

Kakashi was surprised that Naruto seemed to willing to give up his dream to become the Hokage just to look for his brother. Naruto has changed so much that fateful day when the Legendary Three left the village…

Hinata put her head down in sadness as she thought of life without her Naruto-kun. Naruto-kun… if you were to leave me…I….I…

Sasuke was pissed that Naruto, his best friend, would even think of leaving without him. "Naruto!" he surprised everyone by yelling. "There is no way in hell that you are going to leave the village without me and Hinata by your side! Itachi is my brother, and he is still out there too! Even after Itachi murdered my clan, Nagato and Konan still stuck with him, because they are all a team. And if my brother didn't separate from his team, then I won't separate with my team!"

Hinata quickly nodded her head in agreement.

Naruto felt honored at Sasuke's. Perhaps… No. They must stay at Konoha. If they were to come with me and…and…

Before Naruto could respond, Kakashi spoke up to the group. "Naruto," he began, "you said that you have two scrolls that you need to master, right?" Naruto nodded his head. Kakashi appeared to be in deep thought for a moment before he continued.

"I know that it is not in my power to tell you what to do, Naruto, but please listen to my suggestion." Naruto waited for him to continue. "Why don't you return to Konoha with us, and join the academy. While I bet you could already pass the Chunin exams, it is necessary for you to lay low for a while and earn your rank slowly. During this time, I will train the three of you to the best of my abilities. In fact, I have already resigned from the ANBU and plan to become a Jonin leader in the future as well, just so that I can be the sensei of you three. During the times at the academy, Naruto, you could also spend time to master the two scrolls that you received, as well as working with your two swords. When the time comes, you will be on a Genin team with Sasuke and Hinata, and I will train you three in teamwork. Naruto, you may be strong, but with the right team you three could be so much stronger. Nagato himself told me once that you three have more potential than his team had. And when you three perfect your teamwork and go on a few missions, you can depart with Sasuke and Hinata to seek whatever you must. You three are very close and would make the perfect team! Your desires to protect each other will be an amazing benefit, after all."

Naruto nodded thoughtfully as he took in what Kakashi said. Perhaps…Very well, I will train in Konoha for 4 years, and then, I will leave and search for the truth. I will decide if Sasuke and Hinata will join with me when the time comes…but who am I to stop them? Their siblings left too, after all…

Naruto smiled beneath his mask has he looked at the group.

"Guys, I'm coming back to Konoha!" he stated, pumping his fist in the air for effect.

Sasuke smirked, happy that he wouldn't be separated from Naruto.

Hinata sighed in immense relief. Perhaps, if she became strong enough, she could stay with Naruto-kun…

Kakashi eye-smiled and said something about a group hug, which Naruto heard. He pulled them all in and they all shared a friendly and reuniting moment.


Konoha – Weeks Later

Naruto sighed as he woke up in his room. It was decided, he couldn't stay in this apartment any more. Returning to Konoha had been hard for him; he was so used to walking around with Nagato or Konan all the time, he felt so lonely without them.

And when he walked into his apartment room… he almost expected Nagato to be there waiting for him making dinner with Konan. He couldn't stand the constant silence that filled the apartment. Nagato had always been with him, and most of the times he had brought a guest over.

Naruto sighed again as he finished packing everything. He had no idea where he would go, but he knew that he couldn't stay here…

Just then, Kakashi appeared in Naruto's bedroom window, crouching down with an eye-smile. "Yo," he greeted happily.

He was a little put off when Naruto didn't even respond. The boy surely has changed since Nagato left, but how could he not after what he went through…

Naruto waited for him to respond. He was not scared in the least at Kakashi's appearance. After years of experience of Itachi surprising him and scaring him, Naruto had learned to sense someone before they arrived, even if they used a short-range standard teleportation jutsu, like when Kakashi 'poofed' in out of nowhere. Naruto had learned to sense the chakra coming in the room before the jutsu was complete. No, he would never be caught off guard by something as simple as that. Chakra control was his strong point, after all.

Naruto waited for Kakashi to continue.

"Well, I see that you're packing up to leave Naruto, that's good. I came here this morning because I think I've found the right place were you should live."

Naruto nodded and picked up his baggage. He had only taken the most important things to him, most which was kept in scrolls in his big bag next to his cloths. Nagato had been a sealing expert after all, and he had but many items in scrolls where all Naruto would have to do is push some chakra into them for the item to appear. Naruto had taken pictures of him and Nagato, as well as the precious moments with Konan, Itachi, Sasuke and Hinata where they would be smiling together enjoying themselves. Naruto had also kept several other items in the scrolls as well, such as Nagato's favorite weapon, his light and metal staff. Naruto was curious as to why Nagato would leave it behind…

Naruto took one last sad look around his large room, his childhood, and jumped out the window with Kakashi.


Outside of the Hyuuga Compound

Naruto and Kakashi were now walking outside of the Hyuuga compound. Kakashi still hadn't told Naruto where he was taking him.

The strange duo continued to walk on as they enjoyed the scenery of Konoha this beautiful morning with a peaceful silence between them. If one were to look at the two, it could possibly be assumed that they were father and son, by the similarity of the way they dressed. As Kakashi now donned a standard Jonin vest, he also wore his dark blue under-armor that went up and covered most of his face, besides his right eye. Naruto also wore a similar under-armor beneath his sleeveless blue v-cut tunic with a black sash on his waist, black pants and two swords in white in gold scabbards diagonally placed across his back crossed like an 'X'. His under-armor was pure white, which made a difference though.

Just as they were walking by, the two saw Hinata walking up ahead, holding hands with her mother. Naruto smiled beneath his mask and ran up to the two, eager to greet one of his best friends.

Kakashi strolled casually up with his hands in his pockets at a slow pace, just in time to hear Hannah say that she and Hinata were going to the park so Hinata could spend more time outside the compound. Kakashi greeted her kindly and told her that he and Naruto were about to find Naruto's new house. Naruto quickly suggested that Hinata should come along with them. Kakashi, after hesitating, agreed with a smile.

Hinata then looked up to her mother with the most hopeful and innocent eyes that would make Kakuzu himself give the girl what she wanted. Hannah smiled at her daughter and told her she could go with the two before she returned to the compound.

Now, the three were walking casually along, heading behind the Hyuuga compound direction that Naruto had never taken before. Well, there was a reason he hadn't. All there was behind the massive Hyuuga compound was a single road that led to Konoha's giant outer wall. As Fate would have it, just as Naruto was about to ask Kakashi what he was thinking, Sasuke called out to the three and appeared running behind them.

The group waited for him to catch up. He greeted everyone kindly when he finally did.

"Hey everyone, I was just looking for Naruto for something to do. What are you guys doing now?" he asked, noticing the bags Naruto was carrying.

Kakashi sighed. This whole 'moving' situation was supposed to be kept a secret, but how could he possibly keep anything hidden about Naruto to his two closest friends? The three were truly inseparable. "Well, we were just going to go to help Naruto move into his new house, why don't you join us?" he asked in a bored voice.

Sasuke nodded. He understood why Naruto wanted to move into a new house. He was having his own problems staying in the Uchiha compound. He could see death, all around him…

Lo and behold, after walking for a few moments later, the three arrived in front of the giant wall. Kakashi eye-smiled as he looked at the confused kids before him. He walked up to the wall, and began to closely inspect it, earning him a few crazy looks. Finally, he found what he was looking for.

"Ah, he it is! Naruto, come over here and put your hand on the wall. And when you do, push a little chakra into it."

Naruto listened and he walked up to the wall. One stone stood out amongst the rest and is had a seal on it. Naruto pressed his hand against the wall and forced a little chakra into it. To everyone's surprise, aside from Kakashi, a part of the giant wall disappeared, leaving a rather large half-circle arch of an opening. Inside, they could all see a compound, much like the Hyuuga's, behind the wall.

Naruto was extremely confused. "There's no way that there has always been a compound behind this wall! How could I have missed it? Nagato on several occasions made me run across the entire length of the circular wall around Konoha."

Kakashi smiled at him. Why don't you all run up this all here and look on the other side."

The three nodded their heads and in no time they ran up the length of the wall. When they looked over, much to their surprise, all they saw was the many thick trees that tightly surrounded Konoha. Where was the compound that they just saw?

Sasuke, after making several trips down and up the wall, finally asked Kakashi, "How is it possible that we can see the compound when we look through this hole, but when we look from the outside, there's nothing?"

Kakashi merely eye-smiled and responded, "Welcome to the Namikaze Clan compound."


Namikaze Compound

When the three entered the wall, they were all amazed at the large compound before them. Each of the houses and shops on the sides of the roads were elaborately and magnificently designed, all with large and long wooden porches on them.

Kakashi explained to the three as they continued to walk down the road.

"The Namikaze's were known and renowned to be the greatest seal-experts in the world, greatly surpassing the talents of the still living Sannin, Jiraiya. They decided to hide their compound from the outside world be sealing it with their most detailed seals.

Hinata spoke up and asked a question. "Ano…Kakashi-senpai, how come we Hyuuga's were unable to see the compound with our all seeing Byakugan?"

Kakashi patted the shy girl on the head. "Good question. If I remembered correctly, they perfectly planned the construction of their compound. First, they placed it behind the Hyuuga Clan compound, where few have ever traveled. Second, their compound is actually outside of Konoha, surrounded by the thick forest. But, if a ninja were to travel around the outside of Konoha through the trees, he would still be unable to stumble upon the compound because of the advanced seals placed on it. Its illusionary seals keep it hidden from the common eye. The compound's advanced chakra suppressing seals keep it from being sensed and being seen from the Hyuuga's Byakugan or any other chakra seeing ability.

"Third, there are more advanced seals placed around the compound. Right now, we are actually outside of Konoha and in the beginning of the forests that surround us. But to the outside, it would seem as if the forest just continued. Even if a ninja were to actually travel through the compound to them it would only seem as if they were traveling through the normal forest, which is impressively solid. It's just like the wall that Naruto recently opened up. The wall was indeed solid, and one could very well touch it, but upon Naruto's command it faded until it showed its true appearance.

"In other words, with the Namikaze's many sealing and time-space jutsus, they were almost able to create their own reality within reality. Once again, if a ninja were to travel through the compound right now was we speak, we wouldn't even see them as they would merely be placed in a time-space genjutsu where they only appear to be traveling through forest. Quite amazing, don't you think?

"Oh, and the seals were so brilliantly made that they are unable to be canceled by anyone other than a Namikaze, as Naruto showed us before. They will also probably last for another hundred years or so, before they need to be powered up again. Another interested aspect is that the pathway that Naruto opened as already closed itself, though we can still see through it. If we were to leave the compound now through the opening it would appear as if we just walked through a wall to anyone on the outside. And if anyone were to break the wall itself it would they would only see a forest in front of them. The Namikaze Clan compound is virtually one of the safest places in the world."

By that time they had just reached the front gates of a rather large mansion at the end of the road. They stood outside it for a moment, still enwrapped in the conversation. Naruto, who had been able to follow along, was still curious.

"Kakashi, what if we were to leave the compounds walls without using the entrance?"

Kakashi nodded and responded. "It would seem to anyone on the outside that we just appeared out of thin air once we left the area that the seals cover."

Hinata took her turn to ask a question as well. "Ano… what about the civilians who couldn't use chakra? How were they able to enter the compound?"

Kakashi responded again, after patting her on the head again, to her dismay. "All civilians were given a seal that they could press against the wall. And if they lost the seal, there would still always be someone on the inside who could see then and open the secret pathway for them. Any seals that were lost, the citizens reported them to the Clan Head and they were immediately deactivated."

Now it was Sasuke's turn to ask. "Why are we standing outside of this mansion?" he threw out in a sarcastic manner.

Kakashi smiled and responded. "Because this is the previous mansion of the Namikaze Clan Head, who just happened to be your father, Naruto. And now it is yours."


Naruto's New House

Everyone was amazed as they entered the large mansion. Naruto had to press his chakra against a seal once more that had been placed on the front gates of the mansion. Kakashi had explained that Naruto's father had made a complete barrier around the house, that even went underground, and nobody entered in to his house unless they were let in by him or if they were in his direct family, which was why Naruto had been able to open the gates.

The mansion was spectacular. It had two floors, both covered in nice wood. Naruto, however, was sure that he saw a large part of the house, like a tower, going up in the air at least five stories when he was walking in. It was almost castle like! And how had he not seen it immediately upon entering the village? It was nearly as big as the Hokage tower! But looking around, he only saw two floors. What was that about? Design? Well anyways… the house itself was rather large.

The first floor was nothing more than a long and wide hallway which went perfectly straight until it reached the kitchen, which was visible from the front door. Beyond the kitchen, the hallway continued straight until it reached a screen door which lead outside. The screen door, which was past the kitchen, could be seen from the front door also. It seems as if the house was built in one long hallway. There were also windows and doors going along this wide hallway.

Back at the front door, which could see all the way down the straight hallway, Naruto and crew were amazed at what they saw.

Directly in front of the front door both to the left and to the right, there were curved stairways that led to the second floor. All that was on the second floor were two hallways exactly parallel to the hallway on the first floor. If one were to walk down the one hallway of the first floor, above them to the left or right would be the second floor hallways on the side of the house, with railings on them.

On the two second floor hallways were also rooms corresponding with those on the first floor.

Kakashi spoke up. "Well, I haven't been to this house since I was about 12 years old, so I'm gonna go explore. You guys should too, since this is Naruto's new house and I'm sure that he will invite you two over all the time.

Sasuke, without any warnings, ran through up to the second floor on the left side bursting in one of the rooms, very much like an excited child and not a killer ninja who has suffered so much and obtained the most powerful Mangekyou. Kakashi put his hands in his pockets and walked down the first floor hallway, looking at some pictures that were on the wall. He had noticed that there was an absence of pictures on the walls, which was strange. The pictures, of course, had been of Minato, Kushina, Nagato and Naruto, some separately and some were they would all be together. Hiding the pictures had probably been of Nagato's doing. He probably didn't want Naruto to know of his heritage yet until he turned twelve. Kakashi assumed that Nagato must have written about it in the letters that he left for Naruto to have when he became a Genin.

Naruto, unlike Sasuke, slowly walked up the stairs to the right, appreciating the beauty of the house. My parents…and Nagato…they all lived here before…

Hinata looked left, straight and right and decided to go right and follow Naruto because…well…because he's Naruto and she likes him.

Together they went through some of the rooms.

Kenjutsu Training Room

The first room that they went into had Naruto surprised. The room was rather large, with another sliding door on the opposite side which must have led to another balcony or hallway on the outside. The room itself was full of swords and all kinds of weapons that were hung on the wall. In the center of the large room was a big wooden square that nearly filled the room, which was elevated about one foot in the air. This was probably for sparring and training with the swords. This was perfect! Naruto needed an area to practice kenjutsu! Perhaps he and Sasuke could train here later. He looked at Hinata. Or maybe, I can train Hinata-chan in the way of kenjutsu.

Hinata let out an 'eep' and turned away to the wall when Naruto looked at her. She had been currently switching off between admiring the room and admiring Naruto…

"Hinata-chan," he asked curiously, "what is it, did you see something?"

Hinata inwardly sighed. "I-Its n-nothing Naruto-kun."

Naruto shrugged and moved on. After the two looked at everything in the room, they walked across it and opened the wooden sliding door, walking out on the second-floor hallway that was outside.



The scenery truly was beautiful. The outside hallway was like a long wooden balcony which went parallel to the other hallways. Looking up, there was a slanted roof above their heads so that if it were to rain, they still could travel through this hallway without getting wet. Naruto walked over to the railing and looked down the two stories. There was normal green grass on the ground, along with several trees, and in the background looking far away Naruto could see through the Namikaze's seals and could see the forest of Konoha.

He and Hinata walked down a little bit until they came up to the next sliding door, and they went in.


Naruto's House, Library of Sealing

The room the two walked into was unique as well. This room was filled with scrolls that were placed on shelves which surrounded the room. Strangely, when Naruto walked in and flicked the light switch on, the room was filled with candle light instead of light made from electricity. In the center of the room there was a desk with an ink brush and a sheet of paper on it. Curious, Naruto walked forward to investigate it. Hinata, meanwhile, walked around the room to see the scrolls on the shelves.

When Naruto reached the center of the desk, he found out that there were quite a few blank sheets of paper on it. Shuffling through each one, he wondered why the papers were blank. He looked through several other drawers in the desk, only to find more blank paper. But then, if there was blank paper in the drawers, why would there be any on the desk?

Hinata looked around the scrolls in the room. Why would a room meant for reading only be lit wit dim candles? She doubted she could read much in this light. When she reached the shelves surrounding the walls, she was surprised at what she saw. None of the scrolls appeared to have titles on them, separating them from one another. They all just looked…like each other. She reached up and picked a random scroll, opening it only to find out that the scroll was…blank as well?

They were all blank!

"Naruto-kun," she called out to the boy who was still puzzling over why there were many blank sheets of paper scattered around the desk. He turned and walked over to her.

"What is it?" he asked, noticing the scroll in her hand.

"All of the scrolls are blank!" she exclaimed.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and checked for himself. Indeed, all of the scrolls really were blank!

"This is just like the paper at the desk! Why would my family have shelves of scroll only for them…wait…Hinata, how many scrolls to you have?" he suddenly asked, noticing something strange on the shelf.

Hinata held out her hand. "Just one," she responded.

Naruto pointed to what he was looking at.

"Then why is there another missing scroll right in that spot?" he asked.

Hinata shook her head and shared the same confusion as he. She put the scroll she was holding and returned it to the shelf as they walked out of the room through the door. What a strange room…


Upon walking outside to the main area with one hallway on the first floor and two hallways above it, Naruto called out,

"Sasuke!" yelled, waiting for a response.

A couple doors down on the opposite second floor hallway, Sasuke popped out one of the rooms.

"Where's Kakashi?" Naruto asked him.

Sasuke jumped over the railing and landed on the first floor. Naruto and Hinata followed his example.

"He went out of the compound to go and by groceries for you," he said, once they were walking together.

Hinata frowned as she thought about what Kakashi had said earlier. "How's he going to get back in the compound?" she worriedly asked.

Sasuke shrugged. "He took one of those seal things that he was talking about earlier, you know, the ones that allowed civilians to enter the compound. Surprisingly, there was one just lying out on the table. He's kinda lucky, I guess."

Hinata frowned as she thought about something. "How will we get back into the compound then, Sasuke?" she asked.

Sasuke frowned as well. He didn't know. This place seemed amazing. It had everything that they needed in order to train, including a large area Kakashi said was somewhere behind the house that could be used to spar or practice jutsus. He had no doubt that he would be returning to visit Naruto or train with him daily; it would be a bother if he could only get in the compound with Naruto's help or Kakashi sharing the seal with them.

The three kids walked down the hallway a little bit until they came to the kitchen that was in the center of the house, with a large table in the middle, probably meant for around eight or so people. Each of them was amazed when they walked into the kitchen. It was so large! It was definitely wider than the rest of the house! Also, the shape was just a circle, but the ceiling itself went up for nearly 6 stories!

The kitchen was surprising large. The area where the kitchen laid was a large column with many windows placed on the high walls which surrounded them.

As the children began to explore the kitchen, Hinata went to the side near the wall where see saw a strange symbol on a brick, similar to the seals that had been on Konoha's wall as well as Naruto's gate to his house.

"Naruto-kun, Sasuke!" she yelled to her friends. They quickly ran over to where she was. She pointed to the spot in the wall where she saw the seal.

Naruto immediately recognized it and pressed his hand onto the seal, pushing chakra into it.

Instantly, the three heard a loud gear-turning sound, like the sound of when a bridge across a moat is pulled up.

Then suddenly, part of the wall, in front of them, pushed itself out with a large 'kssshhh'sound. Others followed directly after it; all making the crashing sound, all accelerating in speed and coming out faster, and soon a stairway could be seen spiraling up the wall.

The three were amazed, and after looking at each other, they walked up the stairs.


Namikaze Astral Observatory

It took several minutes to climb up all the stairs at a walking pace, but when they finally got up, they were all amazed.

Naruto looked around at the very large room that they had entered. Surely this was the tower that he had seen when he was walking in the house. His house had an astral observatory in it! It was huge! And in the middle of the large dimly lit room, there was a gigantic telescope, pointing directly up, covered by the ceiling.

Sasuke and Hinata were…amazed. They had never even seen an astral observatory before! There wasn't any in Konoha! Naruto's house was simply incredible.

Naruto turned to the group. "I'll check this place out later, but let's go back to the kitchen. I think Kakashi has returned."

Hinata and Sasuke didn't question him, and they started walking down the stairs. Naruto stayed for a second longer, curious as to how he knew Kakashi had returned. Strange…



Upon finally entering the kitchen and sitting down, Kakashi 'poofed' in the room in a cloud of smoke and greeted everybody.

"Yo," he said, eye-smiling. He looked confused for a moment when he realized that no one was surprised at his appearance. Surely Sasuke and Hinata didn't know how to sense chakra yet, and when someone appears out of no where in your room, shouldn't you be surprised?

Kakashi sighed and put all of his groceries down. He was carrying a lot of groceries.

"Alright, team. Help me put all of this food away and then let's have lunch!"



After lunch, the three had walked down the rest of the hallway and to nearly everyone's surprise, aside from Kakashi, there was a large courtyard in front of them. Kakashi had his share of being surprised though. Upon entering the kitchen and seeing the stairs going up, he was very shocked.

"An astral observatory?" he asked to himself after everyone explained to him where they had gone. "So that's what's always been up there. I always knew that it wasn't just a tower!"

Also, to much of Sasuke's surprise and jealously and Hinata's disappointment, Naruto had somehow managed to eat all of his food without removing his white mask.

How was that even possible?! Sasuke thought

Now I'll never get to see Naruto-kun's face… Hinata thought

Ah, eating without removing one's mask. That's a lady-killer. Naruto's growing up to be just like me. Maybe I should have Sasuke start wearing a mask as well. He does seem disappointed that he doesn't know how Naruto's doing it... Kakashi thought.

The courtyard was beautiful. Even more so than the garden in Hinata's backyard. Wonderful flowers of all colors and sakura cherry blossom trees filled the medium sized courtyard, which was beautiful. Birds also were flying around the courtyard. Naruto wondered if the seals around the compound didn't affect birds or any animal in general.

What also surprised Naruto was that on the opposite side of the courtyard was another house. Kakashi had explained that it was where all the bedrooms were.

Naruto's house was truly amazing.


After walking and exploring through the house some more, the four decided that it was time to leave and maybe do something in the village.

Upon walking to the front door of his house, Naruto noticed a scroll hanging on the back of the door. They probably hadn't noticed it on their way in because it was placed on the back of the door.

Naruto picked it up to observe it, and to his delight, he found that it was written in black ink unlike many of the black scrolls that he found in the library before. Wait! This must be the seal that was missing before! But who put it here?

But…being able to actually read the scroll didn't make him understand the seal either. It was very detailed and elaborate and seemingly not of their language. After everyone else looked at it and nobody recognized it, Sasuke spoke up.

"I don't know if it will help, but let me try looking at it again." When he was handed the scroll, he closed his eyes for a moment, pushing chakra into them.

When he opened them, his crimson eyes stood out and he looked around the room with newfound clarity.

Naruto and the rest were shocked.

"You can activate your Sharingan?!" Naruto nearly yelled at his friend, earning him a smirk.

Kakashi was impressed, and Hinata nodded her head shyly in approval.

"Yep," Sasuke replied. "But they're only in their first level. Itachi told me that there are three levels in the Sharingan, the third being the most powerful. He also told me that there is another higher level, the ultimate level, but it was rare for anyone to achieve it. I believe he called it the 'Mangekyou Sharingan'."

Kakashi nodded his head. He new of the most powerful Uchiha doujutsu and he also knew that Itachi possessed it. What Sasuke said next, however, completely caught him off guard.

"I also have somehow activated the Mangekyou Sharingan, or as Itachi told me, the 'Kagai Mangekyou'," he said proudly.

Kakashi nearly had a heart attack from surprise. A Mangekyou Sharingan?! Dear Lord, he's only 7-years-old!! And the Kagai Mangekyou on top of that! Kakashi had heard of the legendary Mangekyou before, when Obito used to be alive and on his team. The goofy Uchiha had said that it was the most powerful of all the Sharingans and that it belonged to the first Uchiha ever to exist, who was known to nearly be a god among people. In fact, if he remembered Obito correctly, he had claimed that the first ever Uchiha, whatever his name was, happened to be the first person to create genjutsu. Kakashi wondered who the first person to create ninjutsu was, or who the first person to create taijutsu was.

Sasuke continued. "Well…I don't know how to activate my Mangekyou Sharingan again, but I still can activate my Sharingan."

When he looked at the scroll before him, he was surprised to discover that it was surrounded in a strange…orange chakra? Who the hell had orange chakra? It was chakra, that he was sure of, but…

"What do you see?" Naruto asked him, eager to see if Sasuke had discovered something.

Sasuke shook his head. "I only see chakra flowing around the scroll, nothing else."

Hinata took the scroll away from him, nervously speaking up to the group.

"I too activated my bloodline limit," she quietly said, her eyes on the ground. Everyone looked impressed. She momentarily gave the scroll to Naruto and formed a tiger-seal with her hands. Once the Byakugan was fully mastered by the user, they were supposed to be able to activate it without the need of hand-seals, but Hinata wasn't at that point yet.


With her new eyes, she was able to see every detail in the room clearly, having 360 degree vision. Her father was extremely impressed with her saying that it wasn't normal for the user to be able to see 360 degrees perfectly clearly at such an early age, but for some reason Hinata could. She was even able to use it better than her prodigy-of-a cousin Neji, who had activated it a year before her. Many people were now whispering among the clan that Hinata was even more a prodigy than Neji, which of course, she was. Her father and mother were so proud of her…

Even with her new eyes though, all she saw was a strange orange chakra hovering around the open scroll.

She shook her head in disappointment as she handed the scroll to Naruto, who was smiling under his mask.

"That's great that you've activated your bloodline too, Hinata-chan, because I have activated mine as well!" he stated, earning him several shocked looks. He closed his eyes for about two seconds, and when he opened them a golden Rinnegan appeared in his eyes.

He looked around the room for a moment, surprised at how much better he could see. While he couldn't see in 360 degree vision, he could see with abnormally well. The normal human eye possesses the attribute to focus in and out, but Naruto's Rinnegan eye could zoom as well, allowing him to read things far away. Also, if he pushed chakra into his eyes, he could see the chakra of others around him.

He turned to look at the scroll, surprising himself with what he saw. A title appeared on top of the scroll, above its seal, and it read: Special Passageway Seal.

Naruto flipped the seal over and read some instructions on the back. 'Place this seal on a desired surface. The first person to push their chakra into the seal will be the only ones able to activate the passageway.' There was also some hand written side-notes. –The seal must be placed on a passageway. Use your Rinnegan to project the seal on a solid surface. Also, push some chakra into this scroll now.

Naruto nodded his head in understanding. This was perfect! If he could use this to make a seal for Hinata and Sasuke, they could come into the compound whenever they wanted to!

Curious, he pushed some chakra into the scroll as it instructed to see what happened. To his surprise, the scroll immediately burned into nothingness, not even leaving ashes behind.

Naruto looked quickly back and forth between Sasuke, Kakashi, and Hinata who were giving him nasty glares, sighing, and blushing at him, respectively.

"Oops, I guess…"


To Naruto's surprise, after the scroll burned and everyone, aside from Hinata, began nagging him about how they would never know what the seal was about and how to use it, he could still perfectly remember the seal, as if it was burned into his mind. Yet when he deactivated his Rinnegan, he couldn't remember.

When he activated his Rinnegan once more, he was surprised to find that was instantly able to see the exact image of the seal in his memory again. Project the seal with your Rinnegan…what's that supposed to mean?


Outside of the Namikaze Compound

When the three exited the compound via the front gate, they were impressed to see that when they looked behind them, all that was there was Konoha's solid wall surrounding the village.

Naruto, however, went up to the wall and looked at the seal that he was meant to push chakra into to open the secret entrance. He stepped over to the right a little bit, where there was room to place a seal.

Alright, all I have to do is project the seal…

With the clear image of the seal in his mind, he tried to do just that. He saw the seal in the front of his mind and he envisioned it on the wall and to his surprise, a faint seal mark actually appeared on the wall. However, when he stopped envisioning it and looked upon the wall once more, the seal was gone.

He tried the process again, and just like last time, a seal appeared on the wall. This time, however, he pushed some chakra into the seal and to his delight, when he deactivated his Rinnegan; the seal was still there, visible in the wall.

He turned proudly to those behind him who were confused at his strange actions. He looked directly at Hinata and said, "Hey Hinata-chan, come over here and push some chakra into this seal here!"

The mentioned girl blushed a little at the way Naruto called her 'chan', but nonetheless the walked forward and did as she was told. To everyone's surprise, the secret opening of the compound appeared one more.

Naruto smirked behind his white mask as he explained. "With my Rinnegan, I was able to instantly copy the seal on the page as well as know what it was meant for. Then, I was able to project it on a solid surface. Ya I knooow, I'm pretty awesome!"


Days Later

Sasuke woke up, sweating and panting in his bed. He swore to himself. Another nightmare about Itachi slaughtering his precious people.

He looked around his house. He was still staying in the Uchiha compound, but…he couldn't take it anymore. The feeling that every time he opens his door and expects everyone to be there…it's unbearable! The very compound itself felt as if it was a graveyard, a place where he wasn't welcome. He could almost feel the spirits of the many who died that fateful night…

He gritted his teeth in frustration as he dressed in his attire. Starting every morning like this was getting difficult.


Naruto's House, Morning

Naruto was currently sitting in his kitchen table underneath the astral observatory with Sasuke across from him. His best friend had paid him a visit this morning, which Naruto enjoyed. Having a great big house was great. Really great, actually. The other day in the astral observatory he had found another seal which activated a stairway to come out, which lead to the top of the tower. The view of the entire village before him on top of the observatory…it was amazing. Naruto had always been a sucker for being at places with nice views, like the Hokage Monument. But even all the great features that came with his house weren't as great when he had them alone. This is why he loved visitors at his house. That and it was really funny watching Hinata come over by herself. The shy girl was still very nervous around Naruto who found her blushing and stuttering cute and amusing at the same time. Oh well, that would go away with time…

Sasuke struck up the conversation. "Naruto, I came here today…" Sasuke sighed. He was having difficulty saying this.

"Naruto…I…I can't take this anymore!!" he finally yelled, standing up from the table. Naruto was alarmed at the sudden outburst from his friend. Sasuke still continued.

"I can't stand waking up every morning, expecting my mom to make me breakfast, only to find myself alone in my house! I can't stand the feeling that every time I come home, someone will be waiting for me! There never is! There never is anyone waiting for me! Because they're all dead!" he finished, tears in his eyes.

Naruto stood up and walked over to his friend, patting him on the back.

"It's okay Sasuke; I went through the same experience, which is why I ended up moving here. But what can I do to help you?" he asked, concerned for his friend.

Sasuke sighed and walked over to a window. After looking outside for several moments, he turned to Naruto and asked him.

"Naruto, I want to come here and move into your house."

Naruto was at a lost for words.

"It's big and perfect for training," he continued, "and I won't be alone anymore, thinking about my past."

Naruto seemed to be thinking for a moment before turning to Sasuke.

"Well, what are you waiting for?! Go get your bags!"


Weeks Later, Namikaze Compound, Afternoon

"Happy Birthday!!!!" everyone shouted, jumping up in the air, somewhat surprising Sasuke, the now 8-year-old boy. Well, he wasn't surprised at their appearances, of course. How could he? He had already mastered three fire jutsus, activated his Sharingan and was formidable at taijutsu, kenjutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu! No, he was surprised that everyone took the time to set up his party for him. Having friends was great…

'Everyone' included the usual Naruto, Hinata and Kakashi, with the Hokage himself. Surprisingly, there were others there as well, invited by Kakashi.

Several Jonin and ANBU were there, along with a Chunin close to Kakashi by the name of Iruka.

The party was quite large, and hearing the 'happy birthday' from everyone was quite exciting for young Sasuke.

Naruto ran up to him and nearly tackled him with the intention of slinging an arm around his shoulder.

"Happy birthday Sasuke!" he said, smiling behind his mask. Hinata came up as well, though she didn't attempt to tackle him.

"Happy birthday Sasuke-kun," she told him, smiling as well.

Kakashi walked over and patted Sasuke on the head, and then he walked over to talk with some of his buddies.

The party was hosted at the Namikaze compound which had been Sasuke's new home for a while now. Kakashi had invited his close friends and allies that he could trust not to cause mischief in the hidden compound. Sasuke's new room was in 2nd part of Naruto's house, the first part being the one with the wooden hallways and the astral observatory. His room was actually Nagato's old room, as Naruto was staying in his parent's room.

Sasuke smiled as he walked forward and joined the celebration with everybody.


"Presents time!" somebody shouted in the crowd, probably Naruto. Everyone agreed and entered the room where everyone had had previously put their presents for Sasuke in.

Once all the people were gathered, Sasuke began to open the presents given to him.

Inside the first box was a ninja outfit similar to Naruto's. Sasuke smirked; now he would have a mask like Naruto did and be all cool like. The under-armor was completely black, which was completely opposite of Naruto's. He also received black ANBU gloves with metal protectors which covered the back of his hands. The v-cut sleeveless tunic that he received was crimson, unlike Naruto's which was pure blue. His pants were black, along with the sandals he received.

Sasuke thanked Kakashi, who had been the one to give him the present.

Other presents included fire jutsus scrolls from someone, specially made healing cream from Hinata, a katana from Naruto, and many other gifts.

Sasuke's birthday was great.


Weeks Later

Naruto's birthday had been similar to Sasuke's, much to his delight. While he hadn't gotten a new outfit, he had gotten many ninja supplies which were more than enough. The mere company of others was an incredible feeling for him. Shikamaru and Chouji had attended as well, being invited by Naruto. After taking a break from training one day, Naruto had run into the two friends playing and they quickly bonded.

Sasuke, at the party, was wearing his new and cool (cooler than Naruto's, hn) ninja outfit that Kakashi had given him, the black mask covering his face below his eyes. Guest present were surprised when both he, Naruto and Kakashi were able to eat cake without taking their masks off.

The highlight of the day had been when people were giving out presents. After Sasuke gave his presents to Naruto, which were some wind scrolls he found back at his old house, it was Hinata's turn to give Naruto a present. Naruto had told everybody to wait as he ran through the house to get a camera so that they could all take a picture together. When he left the room looking for the camera and everyone in the room was waiting for him, Kakashi spoke up.

"Hinata, how about for this year's birthday present you give Naruto a kiss, hmm?" he asked, eye-smiling as usual.

The group broke into giggles, chuckles and full out laughter because everybody knew about the young girl's infatuation with Naruto.

Hinata, however, didn't take it so well, and turned extremely red blushing at the attention and the thought of kissing Naruto.

Naruto, of course, came in and set the camera up, ready to take a picture, oblivious to everything around him. He set it up and prepared for it to take a picture automatically in about 30 seconds.

The group quickly gathered close together, getting ready to smile and take the picture.

As fate, or Kakashi, would have it, Naruto ended up standing in the front next to Hinata. In a friendly way, he slung his arm around her shoulder and smiled for the picture.

Hinata, who was still trying to kill the blush from earlier, was caught off guard by the sudden contact with Naruto and she strongly blushed once more. Naruto, confused about why his friend was turning red, leaned in to her and whispered,

"Hey, Hinata, what's wrong? Are you feeling okay?" he inquired, concerned for his friend.

Hinata, on cue, blushed even more at Naruto being about a couple inches away from her face. She was beginning to feel faint…

Kakashi, on cue as well, whispered from behind,

"Hinata, do it now!" he whispered, referring back to her kissing him.

Hinata couldn't take it anymore and she fainted, knocking into Sasuke and starting a chain effect right in time for the camera to take the photo.

The picture was hilarious and Naruto would always smile when he would look at it. Hinata appeared in the photo to be dramatically passing out with the back of her hand on her forehead. Naruto appeared to be trying to save her from the fall, Sasuke was on one foot being hit by Hinata with his arms in the air, clearly about to fall over, a Jonin who was holding a drink behind Sasuke had spilled it on the Hokage in his robes who in turn elbowed another in the face and so on and so forth. Kakashi, however, appeared to be standing a little behind everybody and he was innocently eye-smiling at the picture, untouched by the mayhem in front of him.


Hinata's Birthday, Weeks later

The children's birthdays were surprisingly somewhat close to each other, only separated by a month or two. They were all 8-years-old now, and they were soon to enter the academy.

Upon Hinata's request, she only wanted her birthday party to be of her family and her friends, including Kakashi. At first, she didn't even want a party, but Naruto and Sasuke insisted.

The party had been more like the group spending quality time with each other. Everyone was enjoying each other's company. Hannah, Hinata's mother, had actually been pregnant for quite some time now and she was soon to give birth so Hinata's little brother of sister.

As for presents, Sasuke gave her an unbelievably nice and strong wooden staff (courtesy of him pestering Kakashi about it, who in turn pestered Tenzou) with beautiful patterns of carvings on it. Tenzou had also promised him that he could make the staff larger when she grew taller.

Kakashi had thought about giving her an outfit exactly like Naruto's and Sasuke's, but he thought that he might give her something like that later down the line. Instead, he gave her a blue sleeveless tank-top with flowers on it and a light blue appropriately short skirt, as well as comfortable ninja sandals. Hinata thanked him for the gift, but she wasn't sure if she could where such a thing in front of anybody, especially Naruto-kun. She preferred something less…revealing…even though she was only 8 years old now she was very shy about her own appearance. Oh well, maybe she'd give it a try…maybe…

Naruto had given her a beautiful necklace that her mother had helped him pick out. Actually, he had picked it out and Hannah had approved it saying that she would like it. He had dove deep into a nearby lake for practice one day and had found some oyster and clam shells. (A/N Please don't flame me for some small thing like this…I really haven't studied much about oysters or clam shells so I don't know if they can or can't be in a lake or something. Thank you.) To his surprise, when he collected a few, he had found some pearls in the oyster shells! He had strung a necklace together with the pearls and clam shells, resulting with a really beautiful necklace.

"Here you go, Hinata-chan," he nicely said to the girl who was staring wide-eyed at the gift. "I thought it would look good on you. I also think that your eyes look like beautiful pearls, so…they kinda match." he finished, nervously scratching the back of his head. He had spent a lot of time getting and making the present, and he wasn't sure she would like it. He knew that Hinata was sensitive, and if she thought that he was giving her a girl necklace because he thought she was weak… then he was in trouble. He spoke the truth, though.

When she received the necklace, she was so amazed, astonished and grateful. First, it was so beautiful! Hinata was amazed at the fact that they seemed to be real pearls. Pearls were expensive, and Naruto wasn't even on an income! Second, he must have spent some time to make the present. Just thinking about Naruto-kun spending time for her made her heart melt. Third, he said that her eyes looked like beautiful pearls!! No one had ever complimented her eyes before; they were pale and her pupils where the same color of her iris. But Naruto complimented them! He also gave her a hug telling her happy birthday again, which was more than enough for Hinata to say that this was the best birthday in her life.

Hiashi swore to himself. I should have thought of that line: you're eyes look like pearls! Kuso!


Day's Later

Kakashi was walking down the streets of Konoha today, after just leaving the Namikaze estate. He was walking while reading the orange book, of course, as he had found that recently he hadn't had enough time to read any of his newer versions, with the whole 'training Naruto and crew is taking up all of my life' situation. He had found a newfound respect to Nagato for being able to train Naruto so much.

He went to the estate at least twice every day now, training Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata, bringing them some groceries, or just visiting the boy. Not surprisingly, Hinata visited Naruto and Sasuke more than he did. Every time that she was not needed at the Hyuuga mansion, she was at the Namikaze compound, sometimes practicing her own style of Jyuuken. He too went there so much that he was becoming a fatherly figure to Naruto and Sasuke, and Hinata as well to some extent. Well he sure felt like one. He really was becoming attached to the three kids. He knew that he wasn't supposed to, not after he had lost everyone close to him, but…he couldn't help it. He was bonding at a rapid pace with them. They were becoming his precious people.

And he was sure that one of the reasons Nagato had left him responsible for the three kids was so that he could make new bonds. Clever bastard…

The afternoon was truly beautiful and he had decided that he would enjoy lunch out in Konoha today by himself. The three kids were currently out having a picnic or something.


Grassy Field above the Hokage Monument

Naruto sneezed as he continued to stuff his face with Hinata's cooking. Damn this girl can cook! It's even better than Konan's, if I remember correctly! No time to think…gotta…eat…faster!

The girl was blushing quietly nibbling on her own food as she watched Naruto and Sasuke eat at a freakish pace somehow without even removing their masks, to her irritation. With Naruto always wearing a mask, she never got to see his beautiful heart-melting smile…


Kakashi continued to walk down the road, hungry yet having no idea where to eat. But he didn't have to. Kakashi was an important person, and he figured that important things happened around important people like himself, so he would just go wherever the wind blew…

True to his word, he heard some quarrelling in a nearby food shop. Perfect, he thought, strolling over to what appeared to be a dango shop with an eye-smile.

Upon entering, he found several drunk men yelling at a woman eating at the bar, who was seemingly minding her own business. He decided to wait and listen to the conversation. One of his hobbies that he would never tell anyone was just listening in to interesting conversations that always happened around him while he pretended to read his book. His favorite conversations to eavesdrop in one were the ones that married couples had when they were arguing about something pointless. Ah, married couples. He chuckled to himself as he thought of how foolish a man could be to actually marry someone at a young age because of love, when clearly they were not the right match.

The woman who seemed to be the center of attention was Anko Mitarashi, the former apprentice of Orochimaru himself. Kakashi was never formally introduced to her and they never went on any missions together, but he knew who the Special Jonin was.

The men seemed to begin to yell and become somewhat violent. Most of the people in the bar were watching what was happening.

"We told ya, get the hell out of this place, you…you traitor!" one of them yelled at her.

Anko had just about had enough. Normally she was able to ignore people when they annoyed her or called her the apprentice of a traitor, but this man dared call her an actual traitor?

The man who had said it raised the beer bottle that he was holding and prepared to smash the lady on the head, who was waiting for the excuse to use 'self defense'.

But she never did, because the Copy Ninja of Konoha appeared in front of the man and grabbed his arm.

"I want to tell you to stop and just sit down," Kakashi began, pulling down his mask, "but I get the feeling that the type of guy who would hit a helpless and innocent little woman wouldn't listen to me."

The man was about to protest but found that he couldn't. The last thing that he saw before hitting the ground unconscious was Kakashi's Sharingan.

The others were surprised that their partner had fallen. "He can just kill you by looking at you, let's get out of here!"

They all agreed and quickly ran out of the bar, carrying their fallen buddy. The bar fell silent for at least five seconds before noise flooded in again and everybody went back to their business.

Kakashi pulled up his mask and sat down on the stool next to Anko, who was pissed at being called helpless and innocent. She glared at him as she spoke,

"Thanks, but no thanks. I could've easily handled those guys myself. Do you actually think that I'm helpless?" she hissed, clearly agitated.

Kakashi looked at the menu for about twenty seconds while Anko was staring at him and waiting for an answer until he told the bartender, "I'll have some dango, please, with some water." The bartender nodded and immediately prepared the 'hero' his meal.

Kakashi hummed to himself for another ten seconds until he noticed Anko giving him the dirtiest look she could manage.

"Oh I'm sorry, did you say something?" he asked her while he eye-smiled.

Anko fumed in anger as she pretended not to care.

"Me? Nope. I'm just curious as to why you 'saved' me and why you're not even introducing yourself afterwards."

Kakashi pulled out his little orange book as he just decided that it was more important than the conversation.

"Hmm?" he responded after another delay of 15 seconds.

Anko was nearly standing up out of her seat she was so angry.

"Why did you just save me and then not introduce yourself?!" she said, now nearly yelling.

Kakashi, still looking at his book, responded. "Oh, well because I already know you, and I'm pretty famous so you probably know me." He said, only making her angrier, because he was correct. Kakashi mentally sighed. He was Kakashi effing Hatake, who didn't know him?

Anko considered leaving, but she still had a few more dango pieces to finish so she decided to stay a little bit longer.

The bartender then came and placed a plate of three dango sticks covered in sauce in front of Kakashi. "Don't worry about paying young man," he said, "I can't possibly charge someone willing to defend this helpless lady here," he said, turning around to prepare something else.

"Ikadakimasu!" Kakashi said smiling and clapping his hands together.

Anko couldn't remember the last time she was so pissed off. She shoved the last piece of her dango in her mouth, furiously chewing while thinking. This lazy bastard is the famous Copy-Nin? If he knew about me and that I'm a ninja, then why did he save me from those drunken men? Oh my god…he probably only did it so he could get a free meal! I've never seen him here before; since when does he ever eat dango??!!!

She'd had it. She was just about to stand up and walk over to the door when Kakashi himself stood up.

"Well that was a good meal, and I enjoyed your company…Enko, was it? But, it's time for me to go. I've got a lot of stuff to do before I go back and train the kids. And it's a good thing that I saved your life, Enko, because I forgot my wallet!" he said, chuckling to himself and walking out the door.

Anko looked over to his plate in astonishment as she realized that he had actually finished all three of his dango sticks and drank his water in about the same time she finished one piece. There were about to many things that they was pissed off about that she accidentally cracked the sake bottle that she was about to finish.

Kakashi Hatake, you will die!



Anko frowned as she watched Kakashi hidden in the bushes, a far distance away, masking her chakra. He was standing by one of the training grounds, staring at the stone which had all the names of the Konoha shinobi that were KIA. She had been watching him for about 45 minutes, but he hadn't moved an inch. But that didn't matter, she would outlast him!

15 Minutes Later

Anko had had enough. She walked over to Kakashi, ready to rip his head off, and threw a kunai at his head.

Surprisingly, the kunai hit him in the head and he fell over. Instantly, Anko felt massive fear pulse through her heartbeat. No way…

She quickly ran to where he was, diving next to him to see if he was alright, only to find out that 'Kakashi' was just a stuffed scarecrow. She had been staring at a stuffed scarecrow for an hour…



Kakashi walked out of the grocery store, sighing to himself. Buying groceries for three growing children sure took a lot of money out his pocket, but…he had inherited all of the Hatake Clan money and he was loaded.

He hummed to himself as he walked to the Namikaze clan entrance, which was quite the distance from the store. Sure, he could just use a short range traveling jutsu to appear outside of the Clan entrance, but he decided to walk. It was a beautiful day out, and he wanted to enjoy the sunlight as well as agitate Enko who was clearly following him.


45 Minutes Later

Anko was pissssed. Kakashi had been walking around in random circles in Konoha, more than twice walking down the same streets, carrying his groceries to god knows where. Once, she had been following Kakashi outside of Konoha only for him to dispel after 20 minutes. She had been following a shadow clone! Now, he was walking around the Hyuuga Clan. She slowly followed him, hiding behind fences and the sort.

Eventually, after walking around the Hyuuga Compound in a complete circle, he continued and walked down a dead-end road behind the Hyuuga compound that led to Konoha's outer wall.

What now? She thought.

She barrow rolled to the crossing point of the roads and peeked behind the wall. He seemed to be standing directly in front of the wall, searching for something in a couple of his pockets. He turned around to see if anyone was looking at him, which he knew Anko was. She immediately pulled back her head behind to wall so she wouldn't be spotted.

"Ah, here's the seal! I thought I had kept it in my other pocket!" he purposely spoke out loud, enough for Anko to hear him.

When she turned around see what he meant, she was surprised to see…nothing.

He wasn't there anymore, there was just the blank wall of Konoha. He just…disappeared…


Namikaze Compound

Kakashi chuckled to himself as he looked through the invisible-to-him wall on the inside of the compound and saw Anko screaming in anger and frustration. I still got it…


Weeks Later, Konoha Hospital

It was morning. Naruto and Hinata sat outside the hospital door where her mother lay soon to give birth to Hinata's little sister.

Naruto thought about his best friend, Hinata-chan. He had stayed with Hinata all through last night, waiting for her mother to give birth. Now, she lay there still sound asleep on his shoulder. Naruto smiled as he brushed a strand of hair out of her face. Normally when she was around him she was shy, cute and nervous. But as Naruto looked upon her sleeping form on his shoulder, he realized how beautiful she looked when she peaceful and happy. He loved the moments when she was around him and she would smile when he made a joke or did something funny. That was one of the few reasons that he even tried to be funny. He felt honored that Hinata considered him to be one of her best friends as well. He smiled even wider behind his ever present white mask when he looked at her neck and he saw her wearing his necklace of clamshells and pearls. It looked really pretty on her.

They had known that Hinata's mother was going to have baby very soon, and for the past 3 days she had been in the hospital. Sasuke would have been there even after Hinata told both of them to go home and rest, but Naruto had talked with him outside and said that Hinata would feel guilty if they were both to lose sleep. Naruto and Sasuke decided that Naruto should still stay to keep her company and make sure she was alright. Sasuke afterwards left to go home and sleep late at night. Hinata couldn't find herself to say no to Naruto when he asked her if he could stay with her because he cared about how she was doing and he didn't want her to be alone. She had blushed a great deal, in fact.

Hmmm… Naruto had always thought that it was weird how Hinata blushed only around him. What could be the cause of it? Did he smell bad? Was she allergic to him? No, that couldn't be possible; she was laying right on him peacefully sleeping and she wasn't blushing. Could it possible be that…

Naruto was interrupted from his thoughts as Hinata's father opened the door of the emergency room.

Hinata woke up immediately at the sound and with a smile she eagerly spoke to her father, not even noticing that she had been sleeping on Naruto.

"Tousan!" she asked, "What's happened? Is Hanabi born yet?" Hinata knew about Hanabi's name because her parents had been discussing it for quite some time. Eventually, they all agreed on Hanabi because it started with an 'H' and Hiashi wanted to keep that.

Hiashi Hyuuga put his head down; tears were falling down from his face. The head of the honorable Hyuuga Clan was breaking down.

"Tousan, what's wrong?" Hinata asked hesitantly, for she had never before seen her father cry.

Naruto was alerted and was standing up next to Hinata.

"S-She's…" Hiashi was clearly having difficulty saying this. "She's dying" he announced in no more than a whisper, as if he himself did not accept it.


Hinata stood at the bedside of her mother with Naruto beside her.

Hinata was uncontrollably crying, trying to contain herself to no avail. Her mother…she was…dying.

Naruto was struggling holding back tears as well. Hannah had always been nice and kind to him. The times when Hinata had invited him over to the Hyuuga mansion to play around with her, Hannah had always been welcoming and nice. In a way, she acted like a mother around Naruto, and had taken a motherly role in his life. Why? Why did she have to go too?!

But Naruto wasn't nearly as sad for himself as he was for Hinata. The shy little girl had been heartbroken when Konan left her, and now she had to suffer even more. Why did someone so innocent and pure as Hinata have to suffer?

Hannah was dying the same way his own mother died, according to Nagato. She had successfully given birth to Hanabi, who was now being taken care of my the nurses being supervised by Hiashi, but something went wrong and now she was bleeding and dying. The doctors could do nothing to help her but take some of the pain away…

"Naruto," she spoke to him, in a feeble and weak voice that didn't belong to her. "I have always thought that you were a good boy with a strong and pure heart. I know you are going to become a great and powerful ninja one day, and when you do, promise me that you will protect Hinata, wherever you go."

Naruto nodded his head, tears steaming down his face. "I will. I promise. And I never give up, and I never go back on my word! That's…"

"your nindo. I hope you always keep your way of the ninja Naruto. Now, please, allow me to spend a few minutes alone with my daughter. Good-bye Naruto."

Naruto gritted his teeth in pain as he turned around and walked out the room.

"Hinata," she said turning to her young daughter who was still crying, tightly clutching the fabric of the bed.

"I want you be strong and believe in yourself, understand?" she smiled and said in a kind way. Hinata rapidly nodded her head.

"I know that you will become a strong and proud kunoichi one day, and I expect you to watch over Naruto as well!" Hannah sighed. She was feeling weak. Weakness was creeping upon her with every breath she took.

"Hinata listen closely," she said again, her voice becoming somewhat quieter. Hinata didn't need to be told twice. She knew that for the rest of her life she would remember her mother's last words.

"Regarding Naruto," she began, "remember to follow your heart. I know you love the boy and when the time comes, he will love you too, my dear. But that won't happen until it's too late unless you do something about it. There will be a decisive moment in your life, Hinata, which will decide whether or not you belong with Naruto. I had to go through the same situation once, with your father. My brain was telling me to stay quiet and do nothing when the time came, but instead I followed my heart, and now I'm happily married to the love of my life, Hinata. I hope when that time comes with you and Naruto, that you will listen what your heart is telling you. You have the heart of a lion, Hinata, I'm sure that it won't be hard hear it. Be bold, my beautiful daughter! And know…know that I always loved you so much."

She reached up and kissed the crying Hinata on the forehead.

Just then, Hiashi walked in carrying Hanabi in his arms and asked to be alone with his wife. Hinata listened to him and ran out of the room.


Hinata ran out of the room to find Naruto standing there, with tear and pain filled eyes looking at her. She ran up to him, and for the first time in her life she hugged him without hesitation as she cried into his shoulder and tried to release all the sorrow that she was feeling.


Unknown Location

The Legendary Three kneeled to the ground, bowing their heads before the mighty throne. Obito was standing nearby at the left side of the man on the throne, in his normal ninja attire and orange mask with his hands held behind his back. At the thrones right side was another unknown ninja, dressed in a blue v-shaped tunic similar to Naruto's. He wore a black cloth mask over his head which covered every thing except his eyes and eyebrows, and he wore another blue mask on his lower face. There was a blue and black sash on the man's waist, holding the blue tunic, and he wore black pants with armored shin protectors. His eyes seemed unbelievably hard and they glowed a powerful ice blue.

The dark man chuckled to himself in satisfaction at the sight of the three bowing before him.

"Good, good. I see I have brought you three to agreement. You must realize that nearly every member of my organization is more powerful than you three. But I see a potential in your eyes, and after you go through my training with my member, you three will truly become powerful."

The three nodded their head solemnly.

The dark man continued. "Tobi, show these three were they will be staying and training. You will be their supervisor until I say otherwise.

Obito nodded and saluted him in a goofy manner. "Sure thing Boss!"

He turned to the three teenagers on the ground and walked away out of the throne room, with them following.


Unknown Hallway

As Nagato, Konan and Itachi were walking with Obito, Nagato spoke up.

"Alright, we have agreed to what you've said so far; now tell us the rest of your plan."

Obito whistled behind his orange mask as he ignored the question. Nagato asked him once more until he responded.

"Well, you three will find out in time. All that I feel like telling you now is that joining this organization is the best option for you guys. While the organization itself has evil plans, you three don't necessarily have to be evil to be in it. I actually know a few people who are not evil in the organization. Anyway, if you want to save and protect Konoha and those dear to you in it, it would be best if you were to listen to me. Besides, now I get to train you guys!"

The three sweat-dropped. Itachi asked another question.

"What is the name of our leader and his ambitions?"

Obito sighed. "I told you, you guys will have to find out later! As for his name, he goes by the name of Dark Lord, Evil King, Boss, and Leader, so on and so forth."

Konan tried getting more information as well.

"Well, who was that other guy there?"

Obito opened the door to the next chamber as they entered another room.

"Oh, him? That was the leader's second-in-command. I can't remember his name right now, but then again I'm not even trying. He's really powerful, even stronger than me, and he is a prodigy from his own clan," he explained.

Itachi frowned. "Usually when I stare at someone with my Sharingan, they go into sort of a daze, but this man seemed completely unaffected by the Sharingan's genjutsu!"

Obito nodded. "Yep. He has his own doujutsu as well, which is one of the reasons why he is so powerful. I wouldn't try genjutsu on him. Or taijutsu for that matter. Using ninjutsu wouldn't be that bright either. He's amazing at kenjutsu as well…hmmm…well then; my advice is not to challenge him until you three become stronger, " he said smiling.

"Wait!" he shouted, stopping in mid-walk.

The three waited for him to explain.

"I just remembered that guy's name!" he continued, now capturing the attention of everyone. "His name is…uh…Sub-Zero, from the Lin Kuei Clan. Yep. That's definitely it, or at least what he goes by. I think I've heard that the title 'Sub-Zero' goes to the strongest member of his clan."

They finally arrived in a training room, and when Nagato looked out the windows, he noticed that they were high in the mountains. Nagato turned to Obito to ask one last question.

"How do you have two eyes, Obito, if you gave one of them to Kakashi?"

Everyone was now intently listening, as they all wanted to know.

Obito sighed. "Fine then, I guess I'll have to explain."


Konoha, Weeks Later

Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata were sitting on some grass at the park, enjoying each others company with Kakashi who was leaning against a nearby tree, reading a book.

Hinata was having the hardest time trying to adjust to not having a mother. She was just so sad that she had to lose someone so close to her. She now truly understood a little of what Sasuke had felt, that terrible night. He really had the worst of all of them.

But she could never find the time just to sit around to be sad, because Naruto and Sasuke would always be there to cheer her up. They would spend as much possible time with her so that she wouldn't feel alone. She had no idea how to tell any of them how happy they made her feel. While she lost part of one family, it still felt as if she had another family.

Hiashi hadn't taken his wife's death well and he secluded himself with is newborn baby. Hinata hoped that he would turn out alright…

With a snap, Kakashi closed his book and walked over to the three. He had a serious look on his face, which was extremely rare for him. The three kids immediately paid attention to him.

"As you all know, you three will be entering the Academy in a matter of weeks," he began. "So let's review. All three of you are extremely powerful for your ages and you would have no problem passing the graduation exam today. But you need to enroll yourselves in the Academy because you need to earn your ninja ranks and become shinobi. Once you become shinobi, then we can truly work as a team and go on missions together until you are all prepared. Come time for the Chunin exams, you three will pass and become Chunin, and then leave the village secretly.

"Why not take the Chunin exams now? Well, if you three were to become Chunin now, you would be sent out to work on missions outside of the village and other bothersome places and your training time would be dramatically cut down. So by staying in the Academy, you three will still be able to train hard and master your doujutsus and kenjutsus and other things as well. Naruto, you will also begin to study and learn from your scroll upon entering the Academy. I know that I told you not to look at it yet, but once the Academy starts I want you to train yourself and master the scrolls.

"This is the first step to becoming adults. Soon your childhoods will vanish, and you will leave the village and prepare to…"

"Our childhoods vanished the night Itachi killed the Uchiha Clan," Sasuke spoke for his friends.

Kakashi nodded. "That very well may be, but soon you will truly be on your own, only with each other to watch your backs. You will soon embark upon your own adventure, and I will not be there with you to guide you three."

Everybody nodded and understood.

"But until that day," Kakashi continued, "I'll be here to train the hell out of you guys," he finished, eye-smiling.


Weeks Later, Namikaze Compound

This was it, the first day of the Academy. This was truly the first step on their adventure and destinies. None of them knew anybody besides Shikamaru and Chouji their age, so they would be meeting many new people. People who would be forced to change because of their differences…

Naruto woke up in his white under-armor. He had three pairs of them, so every time one would get dirty, he could wash it and wear another. He put on his blue Lin Kuei ninja tunic and sash, as well as his loose white pants and sandals. He had woken up extra early so he could have breakfast with Hinata and Sasuke. Smiling to himself, he strapped on his two swords over his back in their scabbards, with the black belt holding the scabbards going diagonally across his chest. Then, he clipped a kunai and shuriken pouch on his waist and left the door, running, about to go wake up his brother, Sasuke.


Hyuuga Compound

Hinata sat up in her bed and deeply yawned, stretching her arms out wide in a cute way. She walked over to her closet to get dressed. When she opened it, she was surprised to see the blue outfit Kakashi had given her for her birthday, hanging out in front of her, with a note on it. Upon closer inspection, she read the note by Kakashi that had worn her to 'better wear the outfit that I bought or you're no longer part of my team'. She knew that he was joking, but she sighed and decided to wear it anyway. Her mom did say that she looked pretty in once before when she had first tried it out. But she was too nervous to wear it and instead wore the normal Hyuuga attire.

After dressing in the outfit, Hinata felt a lot more…breezy. Her arms and legs were exposed, and while it was nice and warm out, she still felt weary of wearing it.

She walked over to open the window to let some light into her room. Today was the day that she would join the Academy with Naruto-kun and Sasuke! Last night, her father had come to her and told her to try her best and that he believed in her! That was amazing, coming from her hard-to-impress father. But who wouldn't be proud of their child that could take the Chunin exam at the age of 8?

That reminded her, the last time that she had…

"Ahh!!" she screamed as she fell to the ground, looking up at the window that she had just opened.

Naruto was crouching upside down above the outside of the window, smiling, waiting for Hinata to open it. He hadn't entered the normal way, because he didn't want to have to 'plan' a meeting with Hinata like the guards always told him to, so instead he sneaked up to her window. A small mischievous part of him wanted to scare her a little as well.

Hinata go up and brushed herself off. "N-Naruto-kun!" she somewhat scolded him, though she too was smiling as well. "That was mean!"

Naruto chuckled as he jumped in her room. Just as he was about to remark, he opened his eyes and was stunned to see Hinata in her non-ninja outfit.

She looked really…pretty…

Hinata immediately blushed as she turned away from Naruto's gaze. I knew that he wouldn't like it…

"Wow, Hinata-chan!" he yelled, waving his arms around for dramatic effect. "You look great in that outfit! You're really, really pretty!" he truthfully complimented her.

Hinata, of course, turned such a deep red at Naruto's compliment until she lost consciousness, falling over on the ground smiling.

Naruto had to smile a little at Hinata as well as he saw her smiling, unconscious.

'Why does she always do that?' he thought to himself as he threw her over of his back, her head now resting on his shoulders, piggy-back style.


Streets of Konoha

Naruto, carrying Hinata on his back, was walking to Ichiraku with Sasuke who had been waiting outside for him. The young Uchiha had sighed as he saw the fainted Hinata on Naruto's shoulders. The mentioned blonde merely shrugged with confusion and embarrassment. Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose in agitation. He knew that letting Naruto go and get Hinata alone would result in her fainting.


Hinata woke up after a nice and peaceful rest, only to find herself on Naruto's back with her head lying on his shoulders, breathing in his scent. Surprisingly, she only snuggled into him more and hugged him tighter, taking a deep breath and enjoying the moment. She was obviously still half asleep.

Upon arriving at the ramen stand, Naruto placed Hinata on one of the stools, effectively waking her up. They all got ramen free of charge after explaining to the old man that it was there first day at the Academy.


Outside of the Academy

The three kids stood outside of the Academy, watching the last kid enter the doors and the last parent leave.

This was it, they all thought. The first day of the Academy.

Sasuke had at first thought that they should enter in normally like everyone else, but Naruto had eventually convinced them that they should make an incredibly cool entrance, saying 'that's what Nagato would do'.

After a couple weeks of Kakashi teaching them how to make a cool entrance via jutsu, they had mastered what they needed to do. Perfect timing was needed if they were going to nail the act.

There was quite a large group of children applying to be ninjas this year, but Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata knew that they had been placed in Iruka's class, because he had told them at Naruto's birthday party.

Naruto looked at the back of his hand, sadly realizing that he didn't have a watch.

"Alright guys, I think it's time to go."

They nodded their heads in response.



Iruka hummed to himself as he looked up at the group before him, clipboard in his hand. He was currently sitting back in his desk, finishing up marking the attendance of his class.

"Nara, Shikamaru," he spoke to the group. He heard a muffled 'here' from the middle of the class. It would probably be easier for the boy to talk if he didn't have his head down, trying to sleep.He sighed to himself. His class was sure going to be a handful. But his class was said to have the most potential ever. There were the sons and daughters of several of the major clans, many of them being the children of the Clan Heads themselves. There was one from Aburame, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Inuzuka, Nara, but most importantly from the Hyuuga, Uchiha and Namikaze. What a class…

'Wait, something's off here…' he thought to himself. He looked up from his desk, scanning the group of kids. He noticed three empty seats in the back.

'Where are they?!' he rapidly thought to himself.

"Hyuuga, Hinata!" he spoke to the group. Everyone fell silent. There was no response.

"Uchiha, Sasuke!" he once more spoke to the group. Still…silence.

"Namikaze, Naruto!!" he nearly yelled at the group. No response. There was no way that Naruto and the others would miss there first day of the Academy! The thought was absurd! He wondered if he should report to the teachers office's and check on whether or not…

He was interrupted from his thoughts as all of his students gasped, looking at the center of the room.

A cloud of mist was forming in one specific spot, almost as if…

Suddenly, the mist condensed and Hinata appeared in the front of the room, to the left, with all eyes on her. She confidently turned to Iruka to say her line.

"Hyuuga Hinata, present."

Before any of the students had any time to remark how she had appeared there or how amazing it was, there was another disturbance in the front of the room, this time to the right side.

A perfect spiral of fire vertically facing the students appeared in the front, spinning at a fast pace.

Suddenly, the fire spun into itself and in an impressive flash of flame, Sasuke appeared in his crimson tunic, turning to Iruka.

"Uchiha Sasuke, present."

Once more, before anyone had time to question the amazing coolness of the boy in the black mask and cool ninja outfit, another disturbance interrupted the confusion.

A rotating vortex of wind that resembled a miniature tornado appeared in the direct middle, spinning at an incredible pace that seemingly unaffected Sasuke and Hinata.

Suddenly, boy in a white mask and a blue tunic appeared in the direct center of the column of wind, with his back facing the students, his twin swords visible, forming an 'X' on his back. The winds blew his hair in a mysterious way, and after about five seconds, the wind died down.

Naruto looked at Iruka.

"Namikaze Naruto…present."



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