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The Second Born

Chapter 4: Automatic Defenses

One Year Later, Night

"…no," he spoke in no more than a whisper, staring at what he thought was impossible. He turned around to look at his badly wounded friend, Sasuke, who was trying to kill their attackers full of rage. Naruto wished he could go and help his friend, but he couldn't move. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the lifeless body that was lying in front of him.

"Hinata-chan," he cried, tears shamelessly rolling down his face like a river. He grabbed her hand, almost feeling like it was the only way that he could drag her back to life.

He heard a scream of pain behind him and he turned to see Sasuke stabbed in the back with a kunai, on his knees.

It was…over.

Suddenly, a new energy took over him, and the spiral Rinnegan in his eyes began spinning rapidly and glowing in a white light. He looked at the back of his right hand where a golden triangle composed of three triangles with an upside down triangle in the middle had just appeared, glowing brightly. The Triforce. The legendary symbol of power and peace that the first person to use ninjutsu possessed; the Sage of Six Paths. Gold chakra began leaking out of his body, his power quickly growing. Suddenly, he snapped his head up into the sky as his entire eyes glowed brightly of a pure white, golden chakra bursting forth around him, swirling like a powerful vortex. The sheer velocity and power of the spinning chakra seemed to pulse wind in circular directions.

The three Jonin ninja that were attacking the wounded Sasuke were halted in fear as they turned to look at the boy who was now completely surrounded and cloaked with golden chakra. They looked into his eyes, his pure white eyes, and in his iris, where his pupil should have been, a golden triangle made up of three connecting triangles formed. The Triforce.

But their bad luck had just started.

Right in front of them, the boy who they were just about to kill exploded with a black chakra, pushing them backwards. As he stood up, black tattoos of flame enwrapped his body, seemingly stopping when they came halfway across his face. His irises were black, with a red design of stars in them. The Kagai Mangekyou.

Sasuke disappeared only to reappear in front of two of the ninja, kicking them backwards and away from sight. He then disappeared from sight as well.

The remaining enemy Jonin looked at Naruto, his confidence gaining. All he had to do was take out this one last brat…

Naruto's glowing triangle irises seemed to bore into the man's very sole, effectively silencing his thoughts. Naruto's face showed no emotion what-so-ever, which frightened the man and quickly stole all of his confidence away. The gold chakra that was flaring around him suddenly stopped and all that was left was a bright golden glow around Naruto's body.

Naruto spoke up for the first time. "Impurity," he stated, in a voice laced with unimaginable power, lifting up the back of his right hand and showing the Triforce symbol that glowed brightly in the night. This was not the boy who had just been crying for the loss of his friend.

Sasuke continued to leak black chakra from his body, staring at the two dead bodies before him. He was so…unsatisfied… with the battle that had just ended. He needed more…more! He had to take out the anger somehow!

The evil black chakra seemed to be intensifying, nearly loosing control. He felt himself lose less and less of his own control, almost as if the Mangekyou was taking over. The Sharingan seal on the back of his neck seemed to be pulsing with power, glowing in a bright crimson.

Just then, Naruto appeared fifteen feet in front of him in a flash of golden chakra. The two legendary doujutsus stared at each other, neither moving.

Naruto, who appeared to have been in deep thought, finally spoke.


The Academy, Present Time

Shikamaru lifted his eyebrow up at the entrance of the three new students. Short range teleportation jutsu? They were just entering the Academy; they shouldn't even know how to throw a kunai! Yet for some reason, he wasn't that surprised. Upon first meeting Naruto when he was playing with Chouji at the park, he had known that there was something different about the boy. Hmm… For some reason, I feel as if my life just became a lot more troublesome…Naruto Namikaze…I feel that you're the cause.

Ino nearly drooled on her desk at the appearance of the two boys. They were so cool! And cute and handsome! The amazing way that they entered, and the way that they wore similar outfits with masks covering their faces! One of them will be mine! It's destiny!!

Sakura was having thoughts similar to Ino. That one in the crimson outfit looked so cool! But so did the blonde one with the white mask! They're so handsome!!!

Shino used his index finger and pushed his glasses up further on his eyes, hiding his shock behind his large collar. The chakra level of these three that my allies sensed…they're too high! Especially the one in the blue tunic!

Kiba snorted as he crossed his arms. These guys think they're so cool by entering the Academy like that? Hmph! They're nothing!

Akamaru whimpered as he didn't seem to agree.

Chouji shoved more chips into his face. Man, watching this show makes me hungry!

Iruka looked at his three nearly-late students, shocked at their appearance. But he didn't show it, of course. He smiled as spoke to the three.

"Very well. You're marked as attended. You three may take your seats in the back," he said in a very teacher-like manner. It was important that he didn't show that he knew the three kids; others might assume that he favorites them. This group of students will surely be…interesting this year.

Naruto smiled beneath his ever-present mask. Perfectly Executed!

He turned around and looked every student in the room with his powerful eyes, sensing all of their chakra levels. No one seemed to have any chakra levels higher than Academy students, which was safe. He looked to where Iruka mentioned for them to sit. There was only one desk in the back row, with three seats open in it. He turned to Sasuke and Hinata and nodded at them.

Immediately, his two friends disappeared from sight and reappeared in the back row, sitting down in their seats. They had used a shushin to travel at insane speeds unable to be detected by the normal human eye. Naruto, however, remained standing in the center of the room, inwardly sighing to himself. I can't believe that I actually have to do this…

Flashback, Namikaze Compound

Naruto and his two best friends currently sat in the courtyard/training area which lay in between the two main buildings of his mansion. Kakashi was explaining to them things about the Academy.

"Well, since you three will join the Academy in a few weeks, it's important to know what you guys will be up against," he began.

Naruto moaned in boredom. "Kakashi-sensei, we already know everything there is to know from the Academy. You already gave us the fourth-year Academy test, both the written part, the jutsu part, and the taijutsu and endurance part. We all achieved perfect scores! All we're going to do in the Academy is sit down and sleep the entire class due to boredom! Why can't we just stay here and train instead?"

Kakashi sighed. "I've already told you many times Naruto that you need to earn your rank, the slow way. It's better than becoming a Genin right now and it's also better than training all right now and taking the Genin test in four years. Going to the Academy will also serve like a renaissance mission where you must gather information on every student there, as well as their power levels. You will have to learn to observe others around you, as well as socialize. I'm sure the Academy will be a great experience for you guys!"

Naruto sighed. Kakashi was right, in his own ways. He would just have to endure the Academy, no matter how boring it was. At least he would still get to spend time with his two best friends.

Kakashi sighed as well. Another reason that he hadn't mentioned to Naruto was that if he continued to train the three directly for four years, they would quickly become stronger than him, making him an unnecessary teacher. They needed to go through the Academy, just like Nagato did. He smiled to himself as he came up with an idea.

"Actually, Naruto, the Academy won't be that boring for you guys because I'm issuing a new order to all of you," he announced in a somewhat serious tone. The three kids listened intently.

"The three of you must drop your 'pity me, my family is gone' acts and take up a newer personality. Naruto, I order you to be the nice guy and the class clown. Sasuke, I order you to be the untouchable cool kid of the class. Hinata, I order you to become the bold girl of the class that will stick up for her friends. You three will of course remain public friends, but I want you to learn how to change your personality when the situation arrives."

Kakashi chuckled to himself as he zoned out on the fruitless arguments that surprisingly all three of the kids were yelling.

End of Flashback

Naruto closed his eyes and gritted his teeth in concentration. It was his mission to make this act believable. Curse that lazy silver-haired sensei…

Naruto was now the center of attention as everyone had just finished discovering that Sasuke and Hinata were behind them in their seats, and that Naruto was still in the center.

He cleared his voice as he spoke up. "I have detected five possible potential threats in this classroom. There are about thirty students in here. This class is kinda pathetic, right Iruka?" he finished, trying to tick people off.

And that's exactly what he did. The majority of the class started yelling insults at the blonde boy, immediately forgetting that he had appeared in the room using a jutsu, and Iruka was agitated as well that he was referred to Naruto as a friend and not a teacher.

Meanwhile, Naruto had walked up the aisle and started shaking hands with the kids who he mentioned before. "Hey, I'm Naruto, what's your name?" he had asked to several students.

"Shino Aburame," the quiet boy stated, shaking Naruto's hand and feeling wary of how Naruto could sense his own potential.

"Shikamaru Nara, but we've already met," he mumbled, impressed at how Naruto had managed to see beyond his lazy exterior and see his talent.

"Kiba Inuzuka," the dog-boy said, no longer angry but happy that he was considered powerful to Naruto.

"Chouji Akimichi," the chubby boy claimed, after swallowing the chips in his mouth,

"Ino Yamanaka," the lively girl introduced, happy with herself that she was the only girl Naruto had shaken hands with. He's mine now!!

Naruto then walked to the back and sat in-between Sasuke and Hinata, who had both noted the people that Naruto had selected. They didn't nearly have the excellent chakra control that Naruto had, and they were unable to sense the chakra level of others.

Once everyone quieted down, Iruka began his lesson.

"Alright," Iruka concluded, "now that everyone knows what is to be expected from the Academy, let's begin by introducing ourselves!"

Several children had recently left the room, upon Iruka's request. The teacher had stated that being a ninja was not fun-and-games, but being a ninja meant that you were a killer. After explaining that the lives of ninjas were fairly short, some children had left after Iruka offered a second choice as to whether or not the students wanted to continue.

"Thank you, you may take your seat now," Iruka kindly said to a boy who had just finished introducing himself. Now it was time to read off of the end of his name-list.

"Nara, Shikamaru," he announced, looking at the boy who had been trying to fall asleep. After a few 'man, what a drag's and 'troublesome's Shikamaru finally made it to the front of the room.

"Yea, well my name is Shikamaru," he began, putting his hands in his pockets and looking up at the ceiling, not interested at all at being the center of attention.

"I'm gonna grow up and become a Jonin, marry a normal woman who's not too beautiful so that she becomes a drag, but not to ugly. I will have two children, one boy and one girl, and then I will retire when my first born son becomes a Jonin so that I can relax for the rest of my life. I will die at a normally old age before my wife, and that's about it," he finished, walking back up to his bed, I mean seat, that was in the center of the class.

Iruka gave the boy a strange look before looking back at his clipboard. "Okay…Haruno Sakura, please introduce yourself."

A pink haired girl who was sitting in the front of the class stood up and walked over to the front. She had recently gotten over her extreme shyness, and she had become more confident in herself.

"Hi! My name is Sakura, and I'm gonna grow up and be beautiful and liked by everyone!" she began, immediately losing the interest of the three students in the back of the class.

Sasuke banged his head against his desk. "That's got to be more than three-fourths of the class's girls that want to grow up and become 'beautiful'! Don't they realize that this is a ninja Academy? Pathetic!"

Both Naruto and Hinata nodded their heads in agreement.

Iruka sighed to himself. "Great, so you want to be 'beautiful' one day too. That's pretty original," he told a girl in a deadpan voice who was walking back up to her seat, giggling at the two boys in the back row.

"Alright, Hyuuga Hinata, please come and introduce yourself to the class."

Hinata began to twitch her fingers nervously in her seat. She didn't know if she could be bold in front of the class. What if she failed? This was technically her first mission in her career as a ninja. What would her friends think of her if she was unable to succeed? Would Naruto think that she was just as pathetic as the other girls? Would he…

Hinata was interrupted from her thoughts as Naruto squeezed her hand and gave her a reassuring smile beneath his white mask, giving the girl a sudden newfound energy. She nodded at him and walked down the aisle to the front of the class.

Sasuke smirked beneath his mask. "Bold, huh? This should be funny," he told Naruto, who was already trying to contain his laughter. Hinata being bold?! Ah, this will be good!

Hinata stood at the front of the class, a confident look in her Hyuuga eyes. If we all remember correctly, she is wearing her blue tank-top with her light blue short-skirt along with the pearl and clam-shell necklace that Naruto had given her.

"My name is Hinata Hyuuga," she began, looking everyone in the eyes. "I like training and spending time with my two best friends, Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun. I hate when families or people close to each other have to be separated," she continued while triumphantly puffing her chest out.

The two mentioned boys in the back were trying their hardest not to laugh. Hinata being confident was great for them. Sure, she used to be more relaxed with them but after Konan left her she began to return to her shy nature. Seeing her now acting confident was like seeing Orochimaru visit the Sandaime to give him his freshly baked cookies.

Hinata continued her speech. "I also like cooking and spending time at Naruto-kun's house. When I grow up I will become the strongest kunoichi so that I can protect those close to me," she finished, walking back up to her desk.

Sasuke already stood up from his seat, knowing that he would be called next. Naruto silently congratulated Hinata as Sasuke walked down the aisle.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I like a lot of things, while at the same time I dislike a lot of things as well. I especially hate those who think that they are superior just because of what clan they are from, or what bloodline limit they posses. I will become strong, master my Mangekyou Sharingan and then utterly defeat Naruto in combat." Sasuke just stopped there as if he lost interest in continuing and he stared out the window. Naruto lifted an eyebrow as he was curious as to how Sasuke memorized Itachi's introduction speech. Strange…

Both Hinata and Naruto stood up now. Hinata walked down the aisle stopping next to Sasuke, who was leaning next to the window. Iruka was about to tell them to sit down, but he realized that right after Naruto's presentation was lunch time.

"Namikaze Naruto," he announced, curious to see the introduction.

Naruto smiled to himself and jumped from the top of his desk to the front of the room.

"Hey, my name is Naruto!" he began, making sure to keep a friendly attitude. Everyone in the class was interested in seeing who he was. Who wouldn't, after his badass entrance?

"I like training and spending time with my two friends, as well as our sensei. I like learning new jutsu and impressing others when I master them. I have mastered the basics of kenjutsu and taijutsu; I have learned an S-rank genjutsu and some ninjutsu as well."

Everyone was shocked, the most being Shikamaru and Iruka. The teacher was shocked because the last time there was someone with as much talent as Naruto…The kid didn't belong in the Academy. What was Kakashi thinking putting three kids so powerful in here?

Sasuke frowned. He had decided not to reveal his talents, but he regretted doing so after hearing Naruto brag about himself. The masked blonde boy continued.

"I have awakened my blood limit, the Rinnegan, and I don't really feel like telling you guys my dreams. But there is one more thing that I would like to show you all! I am wind-natured, having wind style chakra, and I have nearly mastered chakra manipulation of the element!"

With that, Naruto summoned chakra in his hand, forming a miniature Rasengan. Before Nagato left, he had given Naruto a scroll with the secrets of the Rasengan, and Naruto had spent some time everyday practicing the jutsu. At eight-years-old, in a couple of months, he had mastered the jutsu that had taken his father two years to master, according to Nagato. Not only that, but Naruto had been trying to add his wind chakra into the Rasengan, making it much more powerful. While he hadn't mastered it yet, he was fairly competent with mixing the Rasengan with wind. In the end, he had mastered manipulating wind, but he was still mastering putting it into the form of the Rasengan.

Next, he converted the chakra in his hand into wind, creating a small vortex of wind in his palm. This was the part where Naruto was struggling. He couldn't put all of his chakra into the wind without disrupting the technique. But it didn't matter, because soon he would master it.

Naruto then spread his legs apart and faced his palm to the ground, much like Kakashi does when he is forming his signature Chidori. But instead of lighting coming out, a massive wind began forming at Naruto's hands.

Everyone in the room was entranced and extremely impressed at the performance so far, with the exception of Sasuke who was pinching the bridge of his nose, knowing that Naruto was about to do something stupid.

By now, Naruto had formed a ball of wind about two times the size of a basketball at his hands, the wind blowing his hair away from his face and making him look extremely cool. Iruka was beginning to worry if Naruto intended to blow up the entire class with the jutsu.

The entire period of forming the ball, which all took place in about five seconds, was finished, and Naruto smiled to himself as he jumped on the ball he formed with chakra in his feet. Then, crouching down, the ball burst forward at an amazing speed and he zoomed around the room, laughing to himself and causing chaos.

He zoomed up and down the aisles, sometime hopping over students, blowing over everything. He also went up the walls on his spinning air scooter and on the ceiling as well. At one point he grinded across Iruka's desk, throwing up all of his papers that he had recently organized in the air, flying around the classroom.

By now, the entire class was laughing at the sight, including Hinata who was quietly giggling but excluding Shino who had made the decision never to laugh in life again.

When Naruto finally stopped, Iruka had had enough, looking at all of his papers spread across the room. Before he had a chance to yell at Naruto, the lunch bell rang and Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke where no where in sight. Kuso!

Namikaze Compound, Kitchen

Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata were all enjoying lunch with each other in Naruto's and Sasuke's house. Kakashi wasn't there because he had been out on a mission with several other Jonin in the village for the past couple days.

All of them found their experience at the Academy to be fun. Hinata was still giggling at how Naruto had 'destroyed' the classroom, while Sasuke was smirking behind his mask. Naruto was not so happy, as he found being the class-clown was annoying. But, if it made Hinata-chan smile…

"So, Naruto," Sasuke began, trying to agitate Naruto, "all this time I thought you were a serious ninja, but it turns out you're just a goof-off!" Naruto steamed in anger as he somehow shoved a piece of his sandwich into his mouth and through his ever-present mask, which still annoyed Hinata. How is it possible that he can eat with his mask on, and I can't see through it with my Byakugan?!

The three enjoyed each other's company as they had another hour until lunch and recess ended and they had to return to the Academy.

Gates of Konoha

Kakashi gave a sigh of relief as he entered Konoha. The mission he had just been on was fruitless, long and difficult. He, along with several other Jonins, had searched an old lair of Orochimaru, but in the end the slippery man had escaped them once more, leaving them with empty halls. But the worst part? Anko was on the mission with him. And oh, did that woman give him a hard time…


Kakashi looked at the members of his group. He had been assigned captain of this squad in an attempt to investigate the recent sightings of Orochimaru. He looked from one member to the next. Tenzou, Asuma, a Hyuuga, some cool guy with glasses, and…dear god…

His eye finally reached upon the last member of his team, Anko Mitarashi, who was currently throwing daggers at him with her eyes.

"Ah," Kakashi nervously said scratching the back of his head, "I see we're all attended for. Let's move out. I will take the lead, Tenzou; you will take the middle position right behind me. Hyuuga-san, you will take the groups left side and Asuma you will take the right side. Enko, you stay as far behind me as you like until you can calm yourself down," he finished, eye-smiling at the fuming girl.

Tenzou looked confused. "Kakashi-senpai, I believe her name is Anko."

Kakashi didn't seem to have heard him as he was currently reading his orange book.

"Hmm, did you say something?" he asked the wood style user, still looking at his book. Tenzou merely shook his head. Kakashi's problems had only just begun.

Days Later, Night

Kakashi and his group sat around the fire. Tenzou, Asuma and the Hyuuga already were sleeping in their nearby bags. Kakashi was on guard duty, though he only took the position as time to read his book. Surprisingly attentive, his eyes snapped up when he saw movement nearby.

Anko sat up out of her sleeping bag, and walked over to him by the fire. Quietly, she sat across from him, sitting down and hugging her knees, staring into the flames of the fire.

"My name is Anko," she suddenly said, still looking into the fire.

Kakashi merely eye-smiled and responded, "My name is Kakashi, nice to meet you."

For some reason, she didn't seem angry at Kakashi. Instead, she seemed sad and depressed in a way. Kakashi may be extremely annoying at times, but even he knew when to stop fooling around.

"Why did you wake up? Is something the matter?" he inquired though still reading his book.

Anko sighed in response. "I never had an easy time sleeping, not after he left. Orochimaru was the only one close to me; I thought of him as a father. But then he turned out evil and left me all alone. And now, when I close my eyes, all I can feel is emptiness inside of me."

Kakashi was surprised that the twenty-year-old woman had suddenly opened up to him. He snapped his book shut after deciding that it was an appropriate time.

"Oh? Well that's too bad, I guess," he responded, not giving her one ounce of sympathy. Anko finally seemed to get angry. "You have no idea what you're saying! Do you understand what I had to…"

Anko was cut off as Kakashi interrupted her. "I have every idea of what I am saying. And from my point of experience, you are a coward," he stated, taking on one of his rare serious voices.

Anko seemed shocked for a moment, waiting for Kakashi to continue. "I was in the same situation as you before. Worse, actually. My parents died in my clan's massacre, my best friend Obito is dead, my other best friend Rin is missing and presumed dead, my sensei who had taken the role of a father in my life died as well. Everyone who was close to me died, and for a period of time, I was just like you. I moped around, and eventually I decided to take on an attitude that I didn't care about anything," he explained. Anko was shocked that the man had to go through so much and seem lazy but…happy all the time.

Kakashi continued. "That was until I met Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata. The three kids came into my life so suddenly and since then they have bonded with me. They have become my new 'precious people', as they call it. And since then, my life has changed in a good way. Happiness has filled me and I no longer have to mope around."

Anko looked down and back into the flames of the campfire. So…he had found new precious people instead of dwelling on the past. Perhaps she could…find new precious people. But…who…

Kakashi sighed. This woman was so annoying. He couldn't believe that he was about to say… "Anko, why don't you join me and eat breakfast with me and the crew the day after we get back from our mission? I'll pick you up at the park," he kindly offered. However, he was a smart man. He knew that right now, she was opening up to him, but right afterwards she would return to her old and annoying loud self…

Anko continued to stare at the fire, deep in thought. After about a minute, she looked up to the Copy-Nin. "Yeah, I think I will join you."

End of Flashback

Kakashi sighed once more. He was a strong believer that every little decision makes large effects that change the world. I wonder how much my future will change now that I invited this woman to breakfast…

________________________________________________________________________ The Academy Training Room

Naruto and his two friends once more entered the Academy after their break had ended. Many of the students were curious as to where the three were during lunch time, as they had wanted to talk to them.

Iruka once more checked to see if everyone was present.

"Alright everybody, quiet down!" he announced, gaining the chattering groups attention, "It's time to take the standard taijutsu test, to see what level everyone is on in the class. I will be pairing up people so they can demonstrate what skills they already know. We will be doing this exercise every Friday, by the way."

Everyone seemed excited about this, except for Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata and Shikamaru.

"Iruka-sensei," the lazy boy asked, wary of the swords on Naruto's back and the katana on Sasuke's waist. "Will there be any weapons involved?"

Iruka shook his head. "Nope, just hand-to-hand combat. Alright, were going to begin now! Let's see here…uh…Hyuuga Hinata, why don't you go up against…Yamanaka Ino?"

Hinata was uncharacteristically excited. She had seen the looks that the blonde girl was giving Naruto-kun. Her Naruto-kun! There was no way that she would let this girl get in her way!

Apparently, when it came to certain things regarding Naruto, Hinata could actually be quite bold.

Ino was just as excited. Once I whoop this weak girl's butt, then Naruto and Sasuke will see that I'm much better than her, and then they will hang around me!

Both of the girls stepped up onto the wooden fighting ring, preparing to spar. Naruto and Sasuke were interested to see how Hinata would deal with the other girl. Most of the other people in the class were expecting to see an equal cat-fight.

But not Shikamaru. The young genius had bailed out of lunch period and walked home to get some food over at Chouji's house with his large friend. On the way back, he ran into Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata who were walking back to the school as well. Since they were already kind-of-friends, they walked together and talked about how 'troublesome' the Academy was going to be, while Chouji ate out of his never ending chip bag.

Hinata is going to easily whoop Ino. I can tell just by the way that she walks. Also, it seems that she hangs out with Naruto a lot, which must mean that she is a lot stronger than me. People who hang out around Naruto appear to be strong, or so I have observed. I just walked back to school with him, and I feel a little stronger and motivated to train! What a strange kid…

Iruka stepped up to the side of them, raising his hand. "Begin!" he announced, bringing his arm down.

Ino ran directly at Hinata, who had managed to activate her Byakugan without even using hand-seals. She raised her fist in an attempt to clobber the young Hyuuga and humiliate her. But just as she was about to punch the girls face…

Hinata grabbed her wrist, with Ino's fist centimeters away from her face.

For about one second, Hinata stared at the shocked Ino before she put her index finger and her middle finger together and jabbed Ino in the arm, causing the girl to yelp in pain.

Ino backed off, rubbing her arm in pain. To anyone on the outside, it would appear as if Hinata poked Ino, but Naruto and Sasuke knew that she had just used Jyuuken to disable Ino's arm.

Hinata brought up a one handed seal and appeared to be concentrating for a moment, before shouting,

"Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms!"

To Hinata, the world disappeared in blackness and only Ino was left in front of her. Hinata was in the center of the glowing ying-yang symbol, in the center of several larger circles with kanji symbols around them. Ino was standing in one outside circles, in range of her attack.

Hinata dashed forward in a blur of speed and faster than anyone could keep up with, she began using her attack on Ino, painfully closing off everyone of her chakra points.

The class was shocked at the brutality of the attack as Ino was repeatedly hit with insanely fast attacks as they all noted down never to fight Hinata in a sparring match. Both Naruto and Sasuke had their doujutsus activated and were watching Hinata's every move. Naruto could see the movements better than Sasuke, but Sasuke only had his first level Sharingan. Both of the girl's friends were amazed that Hinata had mastered the technique.

As the attack was finally coming to an end, Hinata stopped the attack and left Ino standing with a limp body, clearly in a lot of pain.

Iruka decided to end the match as he noted that Hinata could easily defeat a full fledged Genin with that attack. But just as he was about to speak,

"Eight Trigrams: Empty Palm!"

With a powerful surge of chakra, Hinata placed her palm near her waist and charged it with chakra before delivering the final blow, which brutally vaulted Ino out of the rink and painfully into the wall of the room.

Everyone was quiet for a moment. Hinata deactivated her bloodline and as her adrenaline faded, she realized that she had gotten out of control and had just injured her classmate. Naruto and Sasuke clapped for her and cheered for her victory.

Eventually, Iruka snapped out of his daze and helped carry Ino to another room and then to the hospital.

Thirty Minutes Later

To his surprise, when he returned the classmates seemed more excited to spar. Apparently watching Hinata kick butt made them want to prove themselves. Hmm…That's interesting.

"Okay then, Ino's alright and she'll just need some time to recover. The next sparring match will be…Uchiha Sasuke and…Namikaze Naruto."

Outside, Afternoon

Upon the two boy's request, the class moved outside to begin the spar. Both Naruto and Sasuke agreed to go full out with each other, as they wanted to see who was stronger and who had improved. In Naruto's mind, Sasuke had been getting stronger way too quickly. But then again, he hadn't even started to master his two scrolls yet.

Sasuke was smirking, happy that this would be a great time to prove himself. He knew that Naruto was still stronger than him, but their margins of power had become ever-so-close together recently, and Sasuke needed to measure up his power.

The audience that gathered around was quite large. Iruka was bewildered as to how everyone seemed to know about the sparring match. All of the classes in the Academy, including those up to the fourth year, were sitting down in chairs in a large circle around the elevated outdoor fighting rink. All of the class teachers had wanted to see the fight between the two boys after seeing the after effects of the young Hyuuga's power. The teachers that had gathered around in the hospital wanted to see what happened to the injured Yamanaka student that was covered in bruises. When Iruka had said that one of the apprentices of the Legendary Three had defeated her in a sparring match, the other teachers demanded that Iruka place the other two apprentices in a fight so that they could all see their potential.

Apparently, the word had spread around fast and there were many Jonin and Chunin sitting and waiting to watch the events as well. Surprisingly, Iruka even saw several ANBU watching the fight from afar. ANBU?! What in world is going on?!

Iruka saw more people walking in to watch the fight, some standing in the back behind the chairs that had been moved outside. Geez, if any more people come we might have to move this little sparring match to the Chunin Exam stadium…I'll wait another five minutes before I start the match.

Elsewhere in Konoha

Kakashi was walking around with Anko, who had decided to follow him to see what he was doing this afternoon. The two had surprisingly gotten along better than Kakashi had thought which was a miracle. The copy-nin was currently explaining his theory after Anko finally asked him where he was going.

"Ah, good question, Enko," he responded, actually forgetting the woman's name, "Well, important events happen around important people, like myself, so I just walk where the wind blows…" he finished, earning himself a dirty look.

"'Where the wind blows'? What does that even mean?" she shot back, aggravated at the lazy man. Why was she walking with him again?

Kakashi didn't respond but merely eye-smiled as he continued to walk. Eye-smiling while walking is fairly difficult, so he ended up walking into some strange building door that had stairs, with Anko following him. Eventually, they reached the roof of the building, where Kakashi walked to the edge.

Anko was now extremely curious as to where Kakashi was going, until she looked over the edge of the building and saw a large crowd gathered around the nearby Academy. Kakashi smirked to himself. "I told you that important things happen around important people. I wonder who is fighting."

Outside of the Academy

Naruto stood at his edge of the large fighting platform standing coolly in his blue Lin Kuei tunic with white under-armor, a white mask, and white pants that were swaying in the wind. Debatably, the coolest part about his was the two swords on his back held in their white and golden scabbards, forming an 'X'. His blonde hair was waving in the light breeze that blew by. Naruto looked around at the crowd gathered around him, sensing a range of chakras from Genin to ANBU. What surprised him was the familiar sense of chakra coming from behind and above him. He turned around to further inspect the feeling only to see Kakashi waving at him from the top of some building next to some other lady.

Sasuke stood with his arms crossed on the opposite side of the fighting rink. He was wearing his crimson Lin Kuei tunic with black under-armor, the black mask, and black pants. His katana was placed on his hip in a standard way, sheathed in its dark scabbard.

Iruka walked up with a microphone in the center of the ring, preparing his speech. He had to use the voice amplifier because there were too many people gathered to hear him with his normal voice.

"Welcome, and thank you all for coming out this afternoon to see the sparring match. On one side, we have the 8-year-old ninja, fresh from the Academy, in the crimson tunic with the black mask, the last of the renowned Uchiha Clan, SASUKE UCHIHA!!" he finished, sounding like a boxing announcer.

The crowd roared its approval, clapping and cheering on the young boy, who was smirking to himself.

"And on the other side," Iruka continued, "we have the 8-year-old ninja, also freshly into the Academy, wearing a blue tunic with a white mask, the last of the legendary Namikaze Clan, NARUTO NAMIKAZE!!!"

The crowd once more roared its approval, clapping and screaming for about twenty seconds before quieting down. Iruka backed off the elevated ring, turning to the two fighters.

Sasuke stared at Naruto in a friendly way, his level one crimson eyes glowing. "You ready Naruto?" he asked, forming his fighting stance of the copy-fist, formally known as the dragon style, standing slightly sideways with his left foot closer to his opponent. He pulled his elbow back behind his head with his clenched fist near his face. His other hand was facing Naruto with his palm stretched out, while his knees where slightly bent. This style wasn't strictly copy-fist but more of Sasuke's style which he found easier to use with fire jutsus. Naruto closed his eyes.

"Born ready," he answered, opening his eyes and activating his golden Rinnegan while switching to wind style stance with one arm extended facing Sasuke with the other with the other pulled into his side at the elbow facing his opponent, while slightly bending his knees as well. This style best suited his wind jutsus. Sasuke was impressed. He knew Naruto mastered the basics of taijutsu, but he didn't know that he knew his own wind style taijutsu as well. Wind taijutsu was similar to its element; quick, unpredictable, and always rotating in circles. Never seek to attack, but avoid and evade until the enemy opens himself up for an attack. Wind style mastered, which he had the strangest feeling that Naruto had somehow already mastered it, was extremely dangerous.

"Alright, don't aim to kill, but besides that, begin!!!"

Sasuke started by charging forward and beginning the taijutsu match. Right before he reached Naruto he jumped in the air and formed a flying kick, which Naruto foresaw and prepared to avoid…

Only for Sasuke to disappear in a swirl of fire only to instantly reappear behind Naruto, still in the middle of his flying kick, which Naruto barely avoided by jumping high into the air.

Sasuke grinned as he looked up to Naruto. He had just used one of his favorite techniques, the fire shushin, which allowed him short range teleportation while conserving his momentum, which meant that he would still be moving with his initial velocity after the teleportation, or in his case, he was still in the middle of his kick after he teleported. Sasuke liked this taijutsu move a lot because he could combine it with ninjutsu and it made his fighting style so much more dangerous. It also didn't require nearly any amount of chakra; it only required the skill of the user to master it.

Sasuke threw a large number of shuriken up at Naruto so that he wouldn't have time to prepare a jutsu, only for Naruto to disperse in a cloud of smoke. Shadow clone…

Naruto smiled approvingly as he repapered at the opposite end of the ring. He had created a shadow clone in the crowd to that he could replace himself with it if he needed to. He knew that Sasuke was limited to using fire jutsus, so he was at an advantage because wind and fire could combine and very well backfire on Sasuke. He formed the palm seal (clapping his palms together) and announced,

"Wind Style: Compressed Air Bullet Jutsu!"

Sasuke turned around to see Naruto blast two large balls of air out of his hands coming towards him. With his Sharingan activated, Sasuke cold see the attack coming and had time to avoid both the balls of air by jumping in the air. While he was still ascending, he flew through several hand-seals, ending on the tiger seal, and he put the seal up to his mouth and yelled,

"Fire Style: Phoenix Fire Jutsu!"

About fifty balls of flame rapidly flew out of Sasuke's mouth, heading down towards Naruto. Because there was an audience watching, both he and Naruto realized that they couldn't use any powerful jutsus unless they were angled up in the air or downwards, so that the onlookers wouldn't be hit. So the strategy had to be to launch the opponent in the air, which Naruto successfully planned out and did.

Because Sasuke used a fire jutsu, Naruto, with his palms together again, pushed chakra into his attack and sent another air bullet to intercept Sasuke's attack.

Naruto's counter was successful, and Sasuke was forced to use another fire shushin to avoid to combination of wind and flames that came back at him.

When Sasuke reappeared, the two young ninjas stared at each other once more. Everyone watching was extremely impressed at the battle so far. What was most amazing was that these kids were not even Genin and they were throwing out jutsus at each other.

Naruto smiled underneath his mask and said,

"Sasuke, to make this match more interesting, I'm gonna make the terrain…more to my advantage."

Sasuke's eyes widened as he understood what Naruto meant. He quickly dashed forward in an attempt to stop Naruto, but he was too late and Naruto announced,

"Illusionary Technique: Distorted Reality!"

Hokage Tower, Balcony

The Sandaime sighed peacefully to himself as he leaned on the railing of his balcony, watching his village. It was truly a beautiful day, like many that were known to come to Konoha. The birds were singing melodious songs together, the sky was clear and blue, and he had once more finished his paperwork. Yes, it was that time of the day, when he finished his paperwork early and had several moments of peace to himself.

The wind blew gently across his body, his robes rippling like water. He loved afternoons such as these were he could truly relax and enjoy his job as the leader of his village. Today was actually special, because he had nothing important on his mind, and he thought that he would be able to relax for much more time. He turned to look at the Hokage Monument, specifically at the face of his successor. Minato, your sacrifice was not wasted, and your son has truly grown powerful. Yes, I believe that he has inherited your Will of Fire and one day he will truly become powerful and take my place as leader of the village and when that happens…

The Hokage was interrupted from his peaceful thoughts as an extremely powerful wind blew across Konoha and an enormous purple sphere of chakra nearly a third the size of the village appeared in his sight. The Hokage groaned in anger as he realized that his daily two minutes of peace had come to an end. Kuso, Kuso, Kuso!!!

Inside Naruto's Genjutsu

Sasuke was standing on top of a stone pillar, in the middle of the sky. Looking around him, he saw that there were similar stone pillars around him, within jumping range. The entire audience that had been watching looked around amazed at how Naruto had seemingly transported them such a far distance away, if possible. All of the people were sitting in a circular stadium floating in the sky, looking down upon Sasuke who was standing on one of the floating pillars. ANBU were madly trying to dispel the genjutsu off of themselves, wondering how everyone was caught in such a large illusion.

Sasuke swore to himself. With the larger area to battle, he could now use more powerful attacks, but that meant Naruto could too. And since they were unbalanced in the middle of the sky, Naruto's wind attacks would be much more effective.

On cue, Naruto appeared on a stone pillar in opposite from Sasuke, sending giant air bullets at him without warning.

The crowd erupted in cheering once the fight started again.

Sasuke, off balance, had to jump from pillar to pillar while avoiding giant air blasts that were sent towards him. Naruto smirked to himself. He had him now!

Using a shushin, he appeared behind Sasuke in a flash, attempting to kick the boy in the back while he was still in the air. Sasuke managed to turn and block the attack before it landed, though he was still launched farther in air. He was able to flip mid-flight and land on one of the pillars, panting for breath.

"Had enough, Sasuke?" Naruto called out in a sort of mocking way. Sasuke merely unsheathed his katana in response, causing Naruto in turn to unsheathe one of his own swords from his back. The blades, of course, were laced with a protective chakra so that no blood would be shed, but the audience didn't know that. They cheered as the two boys danced together with their swords, clashing and erupting sparks with each blow.

Up in the Stadium

Anko clutched the railing in front of her, amazed at the battle taking place down on the pillars. "This isn't a battle of 8-year-olds," she exclaimed, "This is a battle of Jonins!"

Kakashi nodded his head and eye-smiled in response.

Anko still shook her head in amazement while the boys went back and forth at each other with their swords. "What an amazing year. I also heard from some of the people near us that there was another student in their class, a Hyuuga, which managed to use Sixty-Four Palms on her opponent. That's a phenomenon."

Kakashi laughed to himself. My students sure are amazing…

Below in the Battle

Sasuke kneeled down in pain, covered in bruises dealt by Naruto. That's not to say that the fight was one-sided. Naruto was covered in bruises as well, though better off than Sasuke. Without saying anything, Naruto jumped into the center pillar and began to fly through hand-seals. Sasuke followed example, not willing to just let Naruto attack him. He was able to finish his seals before Naruto did, and shouted.

"Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu!"

Grand fireball jutsu? The crowd went wild at the sight of an Academy student performing such a powerful fire attack.

An extremely large fireball created in front of Sasuke's mouth and was propelled towards Naruto.

The masked blonde smiled beneath his mask. Sasuke had fell for his act. He wasn't really trying to make a jutsu with his hand-seals. The jutsu he had in mind required only one hand-seal, relying completely on perfect chakra control, which Naruto had. Not only that, but it required wind style manipulation, which Naruto had nearly mastered. Just as the fireball was nearly halfway towards Naruto, the blonde boy shouted,

"Wind Style: Heavenly Air Vortex!"

Flashback, Weeks Ago, Hyuuga Compound

Hinata panted as she fell to the ground in exhaustion. She had nearly got the hang of the technique her father had been trying to teach her, the kaiten, or the heavenly spin. It required for the user to spin their own chakra around them in a protective circle capable of defending themselves against nearly any attack. She was able to rotate and create the sphere of chakra around her, but she had trouble maintaining it. Oh well, in a couple of weeks, she will probably get it down, just like she had mastered the sixty-four palms attack.

She was surprised that she was able to learn all of these Hyuuga and Jyuuken attacks so easily. It had to be something about her Byakugan! It was so powerful, and her vision was almost as good as her father's! But she was so young! Hinata concluded that the night Konan touched her on her forehead, something strange happened and she acquired this new power.

Just as she was about to stand up and try the move again, Naruto walked up to her.

"Hey Hina-chan!" he greeted, giving her a friendly wave. Hinata blushed at the sudden nickname Naruto had given her. Oh Naruto-kun…

"What was that move you were just practicing?" he asked her, sitting next to her on the grass. "It looked pretty cool!"

Hinata looked down at her fingers as she explained. "It's called the kaiten, where I use chakra to rotate and defend myself. I haven't really got it down though…" she finished in a sad tone.

Naruto slung his arm around Hinata's shoulders in a friendly way. "Don't worry Hinata, I know that you'll get it soon!"

Hinata, of course, blushed at the close contact with Naruto and passed out, leaving Naruto to his thoughts. Hmm…I wonder if I can use this technique too, since I have a doujutsu that advances my chakra control. And if I can use my chakra, then I would be able to add wind into as well as elemental manipulation. Hmm…he pondered, sub-consciously stroking Hinata's hair.

End of Flashback

The result was amazing. Turning is chakra into wind, Naruto spun in a circle once with his palms facing outwards. Instantaneously, a giant vortex of wind surrounded Naruto quickly gaining in height, width and velocity. The giant wind spun so powerfully that when Sasuke's grand fireball collided with Naruto, he was protected from the blast. But instead of the fire being dispelled, the fire merged with the giant vortex creating a giant tornado of flame.

Sasuke's eyes grew wide in horror as the fire tornado continued to grow in intensity and height, reaching the top of the air-born stadium and continuing to creep upwards in the open sky.

Naruto, hidden to everyone else, was still standing still in the center of the pillar, with the wild flames spinning around him. His body was surrounded with chakra so that he would keep himself from being burned with the intensity of the heat as well as stay standing on the pillar. His two arms were stretched sideways with his palms facing outward as well. He was funneling a massive amount of chakra into the tornado, to keep it under control.

Up in the Stadium

Hinata, who had found Kakashi with some other lady, activated her Byakugan in attempts to see what Naruto was doing.

"Ah!" she yelped, closing her eyes in pain, causing Kakashi to walk over to her and ask,

"Hinata, what did you see?" he inquired.

Hinata shook her head in frustration. She had only activated her Byakugan for a second before she was forced to close her eyes.

"The chakra was so intense…I couldn't see anything!" she responded.

Kakashi looked with concern for Sasuke, who was inevitably about to be the victim of whatever Naruto had planned.

Below in the Battle

Sasuke swore to himself. He was rooted to the pillar, kneeling down and using his hands as well to prevent himself from being flown off into the flaming tornado. He couldn't use a shushin or a substitute because of all the chakra flowing through the air with the tornado.

Suddenly, the vortex of fire curved down like a missile and headed directly towards the young Uchiha.

All Sasuke could do was cover his face by crossing his arms in front of him and forcing as much chakra as he could to radiate around his body in hopes to protect himself from the pain.

The giant vortex hit Sasuke and he was hit into the stadium wall, where he continued to be drilled in by the flames and wind. The entire stadium shook with the power of the attack, rumbling and threatening to collapse.

Naruto knew that he had hit his target, so he ceased his chakra therefore ceasing the attack. The attack had two ways of destroying his enemies. First, the enemy would be pulled into the vortex of wind and be destroyed there. If they somehow managed to stay put, then Naruto would redirect the tornado like a missile and aim it towards his targets.

When all of the fire and wind disappeared, Sasuke was seen lodged into the stadium wall, which for the most part remained intact. When Naruto had used his genjutsu/time-space technique he had made sure to make the stadium impenetrable for the most part, so his jutsus wouldn't affect it.

Naruto then jumped over to the wall and grabbed his injured friend, who was clearly hurt and unable to battle, yet unburned. When he returned to center pillar of the stadium, carrying his friend on his shoulders, he turned to Iruka.

The Chunin stumbled with himself for a moment before he realized that he had to announce the winner. Who wouldn't be at a lost during the battle? They were supposed to watch two first year Academy students fight, but instead the battle was more exciting than the Chunin Exam finals!

He grabbed the microphone next to him, curious to see if it still worked. He tapped it once, earning a large booming sound going through the stadium. He then cleared his throat, stood up and said,

"Winner: Namikaze Naruto!!"

The crowd erupted in cheers and roars and stomping as Naruto bowed to everyone, with Sasuke patting him on the back.

Outside the Academy

The Hokage, in full fighting armor, as well as the entire ANBU that were present, arrived at the outside of the gigantic purple sphere of rotating chakra only in time for it briefly waver and then fade out of existence, leaving with it a cheering crowd.

The Sandaime slouched his shoulders and was at a lost for words.

Outside the Hyuuga Compound

Kakashi and his three students were returning to the Namikaze compound to spend the rest of the day recovering and relaxing. Naruto's mansion did have a very large TV in the entertainment room.

Kakashi chuckled to himself as Naruto finished reporting to Kakashi every event that occurred in the Academy.

"I'm proud of you all for completing your missions, as well as fighting in front of the crowd. A special congratulations goes to you, Hinata, for wearing my outfit as well as being bold. I wish I could have been there to see it!" he eye-smiled while he patted the girl on the head, much to her dismay.

Hinata surprisingly didn't shy off at the remark, but instead she smiled and quietly said "Thank you," to Kakashi.

Sasuke was curious about something though.

"Kakashi-sensei," he asked the Jonin leader who was strolling along with his hands in his pockets. "When I covered my body with chakra to avoid being burned like you instructed, I was surprised when I barely felt hot when the fire hit me. What happened?"

Kakashi smiled when he explained. "The under-armor that came with your guys outfits where very expensive. Why? Because they are fire-proof and ice-proof."

Naruto and Sasuke nodded as they found new appreciation in their gifts. Kakashi turned to Hinata, who was feeling a little left out for not wearing a ninja outfit.

"I got you that outfit, Hinata, because I thought you would look pretty in it," he explained to her, once more patting her head. Curse him and his patting! "I also see that you're still wearing Naruto's necklace; that's pretty cute," he mocked, trying to embarrass the girl further, getting her to blush.

Naruto felt proud that Hinata was wearing his necklace, and he did think that it looked cute on her. He also asked a question to Kakashi.

"Sensei, who was that woman with you when we met up together?"

Kakashi appeared to be in deep thought for a moment before responding.

"Oh, her? Hmm… I completely forgot what her name was," he honestly replied. Names were never his thing… "But, she is going over to eat breakfast with us tomorrow, and I think her name might be Enko."

The three kids nodded as Sasuke walked up to open the Namikaze's secret gate.

The Next Morning, Naruto's Kitchen, 7:00 a.m.

Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata were all sitting around the kitchen table, bored out of their skins. Hinata had arrived early that morning to visit Naruto and Sasuke, like she usually does. She doesn't even have to knock on the door, upon Naruto's insisting. After placing a special seal for her on the Namikaze compound entrance as well as his house, he had told her that "My house is your house, Hinata-chan". He had told her that she didn't need to knock because he sensed whenever someone entered the compound. He had a suspicion that it was some sort of special seal that allowed him to be alerted when another presence came into the compound.

Today the three kids didn't have to go to the Academy because it was Hokage Appreciation Day for Konoha. Why on earth they would start school a day before a holiday, they would never know.

"Didn't sensei say that he was going to bring someone over for breakfast?" Sasuke asked everyone, hungry like them.

Hinata responded. "Ano…he never gave us a time though," she pointed out.

Naruto sighed as he wondered what Kakashi was doing.

Two Hours Later, Kakashi's Home, Unknown Location

Kakashi yawned as he sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. He jumped out of his bed and walked over to his wardrobe, which was unsurprisingly filled with the same under-armor and Jonin outfits as always. Sighing to himself, he decided to wear something different today so instead he walked to back of his surprisingly large closet and pulled out a nice and comfortable black polo shirt (A/N: Bear with me, I know polo shirts aren't in Naruto's world) and silver upper body under-armor with tan pants. Since it was a holiday, he didn't bother to wear his ninja outfit as well as his forehead protector because he wouldn't really be going on any missions today. He took a long black cloth and tied it diagonally across his face so that it would cover his Sharingan since his under-armor only covered below his eyes and since he wasn't wearing his forehead protector. He wore his normal ninja sandals as well.

As he prepared to walk out his room, he took a glance at the clock which read: 9:00. Hmm…Wasn't I supposed to be doing something this morning? Oh yeah! I have to take Enko out to breakfast with my team. I better hurry so I make it to the park in time!

Three Hours Later

Kakashi walked out of the bookstore and into the streets of Konoha. He had just wanted to quickly stop by and see if there was a new Make-Out Paradise book in. There actually was, to his surprise, and he had sat down to read the first few chapters of the book before leaving. This, of course, was after he had went to the store and bought himself a medium size carton of milk, because he was pretty thirsty since he had forgotten do drink anything in his house. After he had bought himself some milk, he had went to the training grounds to stare at the KIA memorial stone for another half hour, and then he had followed where the wind blew him and had sung karaoke at a celebration party, which afterwards he had returned to the store to by some more milk, and then he had met up with an old friend and played a game of shogi before going to the bookstore. What could he say? He had a pretty busy and important life! Such is the fate of those who are pretty important themselves. He had merely had gotten lost on his 'road of life', as he called it.

Oh yeah, I have to go pick up that one woman for breakfast! He chuckled to himself. No biggie. I guess we'll just be having lunch together then.

Park, 12:00 p.m.

Anko had just woken up on the park bench, stretching her arms out and wondering why she was at the park in the first place. After several moments, it finally hit her. That lazy bastard…he didn't show…

Instead of getting really angry like a few might expect her to be, she became really crestfallen because she had expected Kakashi's words to be sincere. Just as she was about to stand up and leave, none other that Kakashi himself came walking down the trail to her, reading his book.

She turned and stared at him and was about to tell him off when she was silenced at what he was wearing. She was used to seeing him in his ninja gear but now, he looked…handsome.

"Hey there," Kakashi greeted waving his hand at Anko. He snapped his book shut and took a serious look on his face. "I'm really sorry that I'm late," he explained, without one tiny bit of silliness, "but I had gotten lost on the road of life trying to find you," he finished, as if that explained everything.

Anko seemed to ponder upon that thought for a moment. Lost on the road of life… what does that even mean? Whoa, this guy can be pretty deep sometimes…

Anko eventually forgave him and together they walked towards the Namikaze estate to pick up the kids.

Namikaze Estate

Anko looked behind her only to see the abandoned road that they had just walked on. This was amazing! The clan was truly hidden with seals, like Kakashi explained! So this is where he disappeared to that one afternoon…

The two continued to walk down the compound until they came to Naruto's mansion. Kakashi once more placed his little seal on the gate and it opened up for him. He entered the house with Anko, who was wondering why there was something similar to a tower coming up from the middle of the mansion.

"I'm home!"

Naruto's Mansion

Naruto ran to the door while Sasuke and Hinata finished up with the picnic they had all made together. Each one of them had worked really hard to make everything. Worked hard as in Hinata did all the cooking, Sasuke put the blanket on the ground and Naruto got some napkins. Yep, they were like a well-oiled machine.

When Naruto opened the door, he was surprised to see the woman who had been with Kakashi when they met with him yesterday. Anko was at a lost for words at seeing the blonde boy who was wearing a regular white polo shirt with his white under-armor masking his face like Kakashi's.

This was the celebrity that had won the battle against the Uchiha yesterday! People were still talking about the battle nonstop, as Anko observed as she was waiting for Kakashi to pick her up.

"Hey, nice to meet you," Naruto kindly greeted eye-smiling. Anko looked back and forth between Kakashi, who was also eye-smiling, and the boy before her. They were dressed in the same fashion, and they looked related, like father and son.

Anko turned to Kakashi. "You said that you were training several apprentices, but this kid is one of them?!" she asked in amazement. Kakashi smiled and nodded his head. If this is Naruto Namikaze, then this must be the Namikaze compound. Amazing…

Naruto escorted them down his hallways, past the kitchen, and then further down until they reached the end and were in the courtyard.

Naruto's Courtyard

Once they were all sitting down and preparing to eat, Kakashi asked,

"It's really considerate of you guys to make this picnic, but how did you know that I wasn't going to be here in time for breakfast?"

The three kids sweat-dropped at the question. Unless someone was breathing down his neck, Kakashi was always late.

Anko had been amazed when she met Sasuke as well. Kakashi had trained two amazing kids! The young Uchiha was also wearing a polo, which was pure read, with a black under-armor underneath. What was with these three and their matching outfits? When she saw that Hinata was a Hyuuga, she had said,

"Let me guess; you're the Hyuuga how demolished that Yamanaka yesterday, right?"

Hinata had nodded her head.

The picnic was amazing as usual. Hinata's cooking was downright phenomenal and everybody enjoyed it. When Anko had begun eating she made sure to pay special close attention to Kakashi to see how he would eat his food. He had to take his mask of eventually, right?

Hinata was happy to know that she wasn't the only one agitated to find out that the boys could eat with their masks on. At least this time Kakashi ate the food at a normal pace.

"Alright, now that we've finished eating all of our food, let's introduce ourselves," Kakashi instructed.

The four were currently sitting on a picnic mat in the courtyard of Naruto's mansion. The weather outside was beautiful and a nice breeze was rolling through the garden.

Kakashi turned to Anko. "Why don't you go first, Enko?"

Anko closed her eyes in frustration before she spoke..

"My name is Anko Mitarashi, former apprentice of the Sannin Orochimaru," she finished. Everyone looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to continue. She eventually got the hint and moved on.

"Um, I like ninja stuff, and dango I guess. Not much else really. I dislike ignorant people who judge books by their covers. My dreams are…becoming a strong kunoichi."

Naruto sat up next to introduce himself.

Days Later

Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata hopped out the Academy window as usual to return to the Namikaze estate to have lunch. Like always, the lessons were boring since they already knew everything there was to know, and more. After their performances on the first day of school, Iruka had offered to give them the Genin test and allow them to graduate, but they all declined following along with Kakashi's plan. Now, just as they were about to travel quickly to save time, Shikamaru and Chouji walked up to them.

"Yo, Naruto," the lazy boy greeted, walking up to them with his hands in his pockets. Chouji mumbled 'hello' while he was getting an early start on his lunch.

Naruto turned around and waved back to him. "Hey Shikamaru, what's up?"

Shikamaru grumbled for a moment and responded, "I know that it's really troublesome, but I'm curious as to where to guys all disappear off to when its lunch time. If it's not a drag, I think we would like to join you so I don't have to hear Ino yapping away at lunch."

Sasuke chuckled as he felt sorry for the boy. Ino did talk a lot for no apparent reason, and it became very annoying at times. He responded for Naruto,

"Sure, I think that it would be alright. What do you think, Naruto?"

Naruto smiled beneath his mask as he decided that it would be okay. "Sure, you two can come with us. Do you guys know how to put chakra into your feet so you can jump higher?"

Shikamaru and Chouji nodded. There parents had been giving them some extra training, after all.

"Then let's move."

Naruto's Mansion, Astral Observatory, Outside

The five young children were currently sitting on the roof of the astral observatory. Naruto had once more activated the seal that released as stairway which lead on top of the astral observatory. There was not much on top of the tower, so the three children sat on the edge enjoying the view of the entire village.

Shikamaru and Chouji had been constantly amazed upon entering the Namikaze compound. And when they saw Naruto's mansion…they were baffled. Shikamaru had no doubt that his favorite part of the house had to be on top of the astral observatory, which they were on now. After taking a bite of his packed sandwich, he turned to Naruto and said,

"Hey Naruto, do you think that we could play shogi up here sometime?"

Weeks Later

"Alright then, see you guys later!" Sasuke called out, waving as he ran away.

Naruto and Hinata were currently standing outside of the Namikaze compound on this beautiful day. It was a Saturday, so they didn't have to go to the Academy. Sasuke had just left because Kakashi had wanted to meet up with him somewhere private in the Uchiha compound. Anko, who had been visiting the three often with Kakashi, had left as well. The snake lady had been becoming more friendly and open to all of them. She even had offered to train them someday, though she had to plan out what to teach them. She wasn't exactly a full Jonin yet, so she still had to train herself and therefore she couldn't spend as much time with all of them. Surprisingly, it only took her a few days to get used to Kakashi's laziness, but it was apparent that she was becoming friends with the silver-haired Jonin.

Naruto turned to Hinata. He was wearing his normal Lin Kuei blue ninja tunic with white under-armor and white pants, while Hinata was wearing her blue sleeveless shirt with her light blue short-skirt.

"Hey Hina-chan," he asked her, obviously causing her to blush. Oh, Naruto-kun…

"Now that we're all alone and we don't have to go to the Academy, what do you want to do today?" he asked her, clearly having fun with the conversation. Naruto was a genius in nearly everything he did, so he was smart enough to know that Hinata was shy around him. Now if only he knew why…

"I-I don't know, Naruto-kun," she truthfully responded. Spending any time with Naruto was more than enough for her…

Naruto appeared to be thinking for a while before he offered up an idea. "Well, it is nice outside…so how about we go cause some mischief around Konoha?!?!" he asked her, hoping that she would say yes. He may be a killer ninja, but he was eight-years-old.

Hinata shyly nodded her head yes in response. While causing mischief would never be her first choice as to what she would want to do, she supposed that it would be fun if she was doing it with Naruto-kun

Naruto jumped up in the air. "Yatta! Konoha won't know what it them!" he yelled excitingly, causing a few villagers to look at the two with strange faces. Naruto slung his arm around Hinata's shoulder to her delight, holding his other arm out to the sky as if he was framing a picture.

"You and me, Hinata, we're gonna be the perfect team! No one will be able to stop us!"

Iruka was in the middle of teaching a Saturday afternoon class for the people who needed to catch up on days that they missed. He was sitting back in his desk looking at the twenty students before him.

"Alright," he spoke up preparing to give one of his lectures. He looked at one of the windows to his right, which was open. Since when did he open the window during class?

"Today we are going to be going over some of the important events which happened when…"

Iruka was interrupted as there was a knock on the door. Shortly after, a female teacher walked in, one who Iruka wasn't familiar with. Hmm…maybe she's a new teacher here. I wonder why I wasn't informed…

"Excuse me," she interrupted. She was carrying a pie with her, of all things, and she placed it on his desk before walking out.

That was strange…I wonder who sent me the pie?

He walked over to inspect the delicious looking pie which had a note on it. It read: I hope you like pumpkin pie…enjoy!!

"Well that sure was nice," he mumbled to himself. He did like pumpkin pie. He was about to put it away for later when BOOM!

The pie exploded all over him, covering his face and his outfit.

The class erupted into laughter shortly after. Who wouldn't, after seeing there teacher covered in pie? Just as Iruka was about to start cursing, another pie flew in through the window at a fast pace, perfectly hitting Iruka square in the face.

The class laughed even harder as Iruka ran out of the room and headed towards the bathroom.

When he rounded the corner, he turned only to have another pie mysteriously fly into his face.

What in the world is going on?!?!? I got to get out of here!!

He ran to the bathroom door only to find…

Nearby Rooftop

Naruto was rolling all over the rooftop, laughing his heart out. It…was…so…funny. The memories of his shadow clones flooded back into him, he couldn't help but fall down laughing. But the clones weren't all his. Hinata had to make a water clone to deliver the first pie because he knew that his clone wouldn't be able to keep a straight face while doing it.

Hinata shook her head with a smile on her face. Causing trouble for others was good as long as she got to see Naruto so happy. If only she could see his smile… But even with her Byakugan activated all she could see was a thin spread of chakra covering Naruto's face. He she focused harder she would only see Naruto's chakra system and not his face…

When Naruto was able to breathe again, he quickly jumped up and hopped over to Hinata.

"Don't stop, Hinata-chan!" he excitingly begged her, "tell me what's happening next!"

Hinata smiled again and turned her all-seeing eyes (besides Naruto-kun's face) to the Academy building.

"Ano…he's just been hit with the clone's pie from the hallway…now he's running to the bathroom, right to our trap…okay, now all of your clones threw their pies at him…he's running away again…"


Iruka ran out of the bathroom after being hit by four pies. There had been four masked ninjas waiting for him in the bathroom, all of whom were holding pies.

He ran to the other hallway, now trying to escape the Academy, only to find a hallway full of about thirty masked ninja's holding more pies…


"…now he's run into your small army of clones…he's being pummeled by all of them…he's still being pummeled with pies…he's crawling away now, begging for mercy…your clone threw another one at him through the window…"

Naruto was on the ground, in tears from laughing so much. How could Hinata possibly say all of this with a straight face?!


Dear God, have mercy on me! Why have you forsaken me?! How have I wronged you?!

The Academy teacher was crawling on the ground in embarrassment and pain, covered in and assortment of pies. Suddenly, Iruka saw a light of hope. There was an open window right next to him! He stood up and jumped out of the window…only to be clotheslined by a pie to the face that was going about fifty miles-per-hour.

End my misery!!!

All of the Academy teachers who were in the teacher's lounge eating lunch fell silent as they saw Iruka launch himself out of a window only to get nailed with a flying pie. Seconds later, every one of them broke out laughing.

Hokage's Office

The Sandaime stamped the last sheet of paper in his freakishly huge pile-of-papers and he leaned back in his chair, sighing in peace. He looked at his office clock. He had an average of two minutes before some disruption or the other happened. So instead of wasting time to walk up to his balcony and look over the village, he pulled out a hidden drawer in his desk and pulled out the new Make-Out Paradise book that had recently come out. He giggled behind the book for a moment before he turned around to look out the window behind him, only to see…

The entire village up in flames, burning away, with the Kyuubi himself at the front of the village, crushing buildings and destroying homes.

Fear pulsed through the Hokage's heart. He had only taken two minutes to take his little break! He turned to the clock in his room. Three hours!!! There was no way three hours went by!! It only felt like five minutes!

Suddenly, a Jonin entered the office, bleeding and severely wounded, coughing up blood.

"H-Hokage-sama," he said, spitting out some blood. "We tried to stop the nine-tails, but he was too powerful and we weren't organized. Where were you…we were waiting for your orders! We needed you! Where…were…you…" The Jonin fell over on the floor, dead, leaving Sarutobi to his horrors. I have abandoned my village…

Sarutobi turned around to look at his destroyed village once more…only to find it perfectly fine again. Wait, what?!?!?! He turned around to look at the Jonin who had just fallen over in his office.

The Jonin jumped up and laughed at his leader, and took out some eggs he had been hiding, pummeling the Hokage with eggs before dispersing into nothingness.

Sarutobi just stood there, covered in eggs, with a bewildered look on his face. What…just happened…

Nearby Rooftop

Naruto was once more rolling around in laughter. He had just received the image of the bewildered look on the Hokage's face once his clone dispersed.

Hinata was little worried. "Naruto-kun, w-we might have taken that one a little too far…"

Naruto stood up and shook his head in disagreement. "There is no such thing as 'too far'! Who would've guessed that my Distorted Reality jutsu could be used for such funny purposes?! Let's get Kakashi next!"

Elsewhere in Konoha

Kakashi walked up the street, just finishing talking with Sasuke. That morning, he had found a letter in one of his cabinets that was written my none other than Itachi Uchiha himself. The letter had only read:

At the main temple of the Nakano Shrine, underneath the seventh tatami mat on the far right side is the clan's secret meeting place. There, you'll find the history of the Uchiha Clan's most powerful doujutsu…the Kagai Mangekyou Sharingan. Tell Sasuke to go there…alone.

The letter hadn't said that it was from Itachi, but Kakashi could easily assume as much. Kakashi had no idea what Sasuke would find in the secret place, or what hidden secrets he would learn about the Kagai Mangekyou, whatever that was.

Kakashi walked up into the Hokage's mission reporting room to speak to the Hokage and see if there were any missions he was needed for.

When he walked in, he was surprised at what he saw.

The Hokage and the entire council where present in the room, staring at him when he entered.

"Ah, Kakashi, we were just about to send for you," Sarutobi greeted to the Jonin.

Kakashi waited for things to be explained.

The Hokage cleared his throat and spoke again. "While you are considered to be a Jonin, we here believe that you still need to take the private Jonin test to become a full-fledged Jonin," the Hokage explained. Kakashi frowned.

"I thought you said that my experience as an ANBU captain was great, and that I don't need to have to take a test?" Kakashi inquired, confused.

Sarutobi sighed. "Yes, that is what I have thought before, but the council has forced me to issue a test to you, which is actually required for all ninja, no matter how powerful they are."

Kakashi sighed to himself and nodded his head in agreement. "Alright, then what type of test to I have to take?" he asked, never before knowing what the Jonin test would be. Every Jonin tests were privately given out to all applicants inside their own villages so that the villages could keep their talents hidden.

The Hokage seemed to have difficulty saying what he said next. "Well…each test is supposed to test the individual…er…problems…with each different person. They are supposed to be difficult and different for everyone. So, we at the council decided that…"

Kakashi stared at the Hokage and the rest of the council with disbelief visible in his one eye.

"You want me to what?!"

The Hokage, who was actually Naruto within his genjutsu, responded,

"Don't worry Kakashi; you have another year until you have to complete this task. That's plenty of time. Plenty of time indeed… Let us never bring up this topic again until you have completed your task, for I will pretend that I do not know what you are talking about and I will deny the plan."

Later, Evening

It was evening in Konoha, and the sky was lit with a beautiful orange color as the fading sun retreated behind the horizon. Naruto and Hinata were sitting on top of the Hokage Monument next to each other, enjoying the dinner that Hinata had made. After the two had finished their pranks on several other people, Hinata had returned to her house to prepare something for themselves to eat. Naruto had offered to take her out to Ichiraku, but for some reason she blushed and said that she would rather make something for them. Oh well, Hinata's cooking was absolutely amazing, so no loss, right?

Naruto finished the rice ball he was eating and decided to compliment Hinata again. Eating her food might very well be one of the greatest pleasures that Naruto could imagine, after all.

"Hinata-chan, don't tell old man Ichiraku this, but I personally think that your cooking is better than his ramen," he told her, as both were packing up and finishing up their meal together. Hinata blushed at the comment, which meant a lot to her. There were times when she wondered whether or not Naruto would ever like her as much as he likes ramen, so this was a good start!

"Y-Your welcome, Naruto-kun," she responded, really happy that she was able to make him happy.

Naruto yawned as he stretched his arms out, looking at the sunset. He was getting pretty tired, which was a rare feeling for him. Usually, he could train and train for long periods of time without feeling fatigue, like when he and Sasuke go through the endurance training the Nagato had set up which was still in the training grounds. Hmm, maybe I should see if Hinata can complete the training course sometime soon. The last time she tried was a couple of months ago, and she nearly got it! That also reminds me, I should start training Hinata in the ways of kenjutsu…

"Hey Hinata," he asked her as she finished packing up her mat and materials. She quietly hummed 'hm?' as she waiting for him to continue. "How would you like me to train you in some kenjutsu styles? I think I have a scroll which Nagato left with his staff that teaches advanced and simple forms of how to use the staff, which you have. We could spend some time at my house and work over the forms together. What do you think?"

Hinata nodded her head. "I would appreciate that, Naruto-kun."

Naruto gave her a big grin behind his ever present mask. "Great! Let's head out to my place now. I have something I want to show you!" he exclaimed, grabbing her hand and pulling her to the edge of the monument, causing her a moment of joy at feeling his hand enwrapped around hers.

When they reached the edge, Naruto kneeled down in front of her and turned his head to speak to her. "Hinata-chan, jump on my back and let me give you a piggy-back ride to the estate! Nagato used to carry me around, and it was so fun! He said that it was an art to be able to carry another's weight on your back and be able to maneuver freely. Let me try it out! You gave leave your stuff here because I don't think anyone will touch it."

Hinata stood there and blushed for a moment, unsure of what to do. Naruto told her again "Come on, just get on my back!"

Hinata, still blushing, slowly walked up to Naruto, pressing her fingers together in a bad habit. Slowly and carefully, she pressed her body against Naruto's and wrapped her arms around his neck. She was closing her eyes, blushing but enjoying the moment.

Naruto shifted around a little bit, and stood up, grabbing her legs and saying to Hinata,

"Alright, make sure you hang on tight! Use chakra if you need to. Here I go!!"

With that, he jumped high up over the cliff, enjoying the wind while Hinata couldn't help but scream a little because she was not in control.

Beginning to descend the high height, Naruto fell parallel to the cliff and began to run down the distance, with chakra in his feet. Hinata opened her eyes, which had been closed, and watched as they plummeted to the ground…

Only for Naruto to spring of the mountain and onto a roof top. He ran along the length of the rooftop before jumping sideways to another one above it, and so on and so forth.

Hinata actual found that…she enjoyed the experience. It was all overwhelming, but it was amazing at first. It was like a roller coaster, going back and forth, up and down and sideways when Naruto would sometimes run along the side of a wall. The wind blowing against her face, the laughter of Naruto, being close to Naruto and hugging him tightly…

Naruto jumped down into a crowd of people and weaved through the villagers at high speeds, sometimes nearly avoiding people and causing them to stumble, which Hinata would later turn around and say, "Sorry!" as the villagers gave the couple strange and dirty looks.

Naruto found that he enjoyed the experience as well. The free feeling, the wind, Hinata holding on to him from behind…Where did that come from? Well, he did enjoy the moments when he performed a dangerous maneuver and Hinata let out a tiny yelp of shock, and the moments were she would laugh her beautifully sweet laugh into his ears and hold on to him tightly…

Naruto eventually ran to the side of Konoha and began running up the wall, which was a lot harder with someone else's weight on your back. But he pushed through and reached the top, running along the side of Konoha, giving Hinata the view of the forests and the village.

Naruto soon reached the street in which there was the seal to open up the secret gateway behind the Hyuuga Compound. He ran down the length and opened the gateway when he reached the bottom. Hinata had thought that it was time for her to get of, but Naruto squeezed her legs once and ran forward into the compound.

Naruto's House

Naruto ran through the main hallway with Hinata still giggling on his back and he ran into the kitchen. He jogged up to the side, pressing his hand on the seals and activating the stairways which fell into place. At the top of the spiraling stairs there was an opening in the ceiling which he would go through. He took a deep breath and began running up the stairs.

Astral Observatory

Naruto and Hinata jumped through the doorway and shortly after the secret passageway closed itself. The very large room was circular and in the center of it, there was a massive telescope pointing to the ceiling. There were also several sofas nearby, to comfort whoever was spending time in the observatory, as well as a small refrigerator which also had a seal on it. On the side of the circular walls, there were windows which were currently draped, trying to contain the late evening sunset light which was flooding in.

Naruto walked forward a little bit and pressed his hand on another seal which activated another stairway to slide out into place, and at the end of the stairway part of the ceiling opened revealing an entrance.

Astral Observatory, Outside

Naruto, still holding Hinata on his back, walked over to the edge of the astral observatory were there was an elevated porch swing set up for about three people. Naruto took Hinata and swung her over his back making her land on the swing. Shortly after, he jumped up and landed next to her.

"Yesterday when I was looking through some of the scrolls that I brought here, I found this one in a seal, so I set it up here because I thought it would look nice. What do you think? Sasuke thought it was pretty cool."

Hinata's eyes were wide as she stared at the beautiful sunset that was falling over Konoha in the last minutes of the evening. It was probably one of the most stunning things she had ever seen.

"N-Naruto-kun, it's amazing!" she truthfully replied.

Naruto laughed to himself as he used his feet and pushed the porch swing back and forth.

"Great! I knew you'd like it!"

Oh, Naruto. If only the blonde boy knew how romantic he was being right now. But as fate (Masashi Kishimoto) would have it, he was as dense as a rock.

Hinata, however, was sure that if there was a heaven, she would be allowed to watch sunsets with Naruto in it. She was madly blushing as Naruto scooted next to her and their shoulders were touching. This evening was truly beautiful.

As the sun began to complete its journey around the horizon and the evening light began to fade into night's serenity, Hinata's eyes began to close due to exhaustion as she fell asleep on Naruto's shoulder, causing him to smile. He, feeling tired as well, decided that he might as well fall asleep, which he did.

Sasuke, just returning from the Uchiha compound, was searching frantically for Naruto. There were some secrets that he had discovered that Naruto would like to know immediately. He had searched the entire house for Naruto, and eventually, he went up to the astral observatories roof and saw him sleeping with Hinata on the porch swing. Deciding not to disturb them, he left them there to sleep and decided that he would have to talk with Naruto in the morning. Hinata would like to know too, but she'll have to learn after she wakes up and faints…

The Next Morning

Hinata, with her eyes still closed, woke up that morning with the greatest feeling. She had just had the most relaxing and amazing sleep that she could remember. She took a deep and peaceful breath through her nose and sighed happily as she exhaled. That smell, that wonderful smell! If only she could wake up every morning and feel like this! She hugged whatever she was holding tighter and snuggled in deeper to it, calmed by the slow rise and fall of the objects…breathing? Surprisingly, she heard a yawn…that wasn't hers…

"Good morning, Hinata-chan! I guess we fell asleep here last night!" Naruto said, absolutely comfortable with the situation.

Hinata's eyes snapped open as she realized that she was holding on to Naruto. She…had slept on Naruto… She was still holding Naruto…

Hinata snapped out of her little daydream and screamed before passing out, true to Sasuke's word. The last things she heard were the fading sounds of "Hinata-chan? Hey, Hinata-chan!" as she smiled and passed into unconsciousness.



Hinata had returned home, after breakfast of course, to return to her house and explain to her father why she didn't return home yesterday. Hopefully he would understand. Her father was not compassionate like he used to be, but he was understanding.

Sasuke, with a serious look on his face, spoke to Naruto,

"Naruto, I need to talk with you about what I discovered yesterday when Kakashi summoned me. Let's go to the kenjutsu training room to talk."

Kenjutsu Training Room

Naruto and Sasuke were sitting down facing each other on the elevated wooden fighting platform. Sasuke pulled out a scroll from his crimson tunic and threw it over to Naruto.

"Yesterday, when Kakashi-sensei summoned me, he said that he had found a scroll in his cabinet from written from Itachi."

Naruto's eyes widened. A letter from Itachi! "What did it say?!" he asked, eager to find out what Sasuke knew.

"He told me to go to the main temple of the Nakano Shrine, underneath the seventh tatami mat on the far right side to the clan's secret meeting place. I went, and when I walked down to the secret place, I found a scroll about the history of the Kagai Mangekyou. My Mangekyou."

Naruto nodded in understanding as he opened the scroll. The first thing that he saw was the image of the Kagai Mangekyou, the red star. Sasuke spoke up to Naruto. "Read it out loud. I haven't read it yet, because I wanted to read it with you."

Naruto nodded again. "Alright, here goes…"

The Kagai Mangekyou. The most powerful Sharingan that any Uchiha can possess. But not any Uchiha can posses it in theory. The legendary eye was said by master Uchiha himself that it was a gift to him sent by the divinities themselves. He also said that the only way for the 'Evil' Mangekyou to be activated by others was for the user to undergo extreme mental suffering, losing everything and everyone close to him, in an instant. The only way for this to happen is to suffer from the effects of Tsukuyomi. In further detail, the user must suffer from the Tsukuyomi that is from his own brother.

Naruto stopped reading and looked at Sasuke, who had his eyes open in shock. "T-that's what Itachi did to me!" he told Naruto, who was confused. "He made it seem like everyone close to me had died, even though you and Hinata were actually alive! But…why would he do that if he knew that I would gain the Mangekyou?"

Naruto didn't understand either. He continued to read,

There can be only one Kagai Mangekyou activated at a time. Only one person in the world can have it; no two people can have the eyes at the same time. Hakoda Uchiha, the first Uchiha and the one who started the clan, was the first and only person to this date to activate the evil eyes. He has written that the Kagai Mangekyou is an 'evil' eye which will try to overcome the user three times, for the first three times that it is activated. If this happens, the Mangekyou will completely take over the user forever and attempt to conquer the world in evil. But every time the user overcomes the Mangekyou, his normal Sharingan will upgrade a level. For the first three times the user activates the Kagai Mangekyou, the eye will attempt to overcome the user. The Kagai Mangekyou will also enhance the users normal Sharingan, making the users level two Sharingan just as powerful as a normal Uchiha's level three Sharingan. If the user overcomes the Mangekyou the third time, the user will have complete control over the Kagai Mangekyou, like Hakoda did.

Naruto stopped again and turned to Sasuke. "Did you hear that!?" he exclaimed, worried for his friend. "It said that your Sharingan will try to take over your body three times!"

Sasuke nodded warily. He hoped that he had the power to overcome each attempt.

Naruto continued to read,

While normal Mangekyou Sharingans have two special attacks, such as Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, the Kagai possesses each Mangekyou's special attack, giving it nine special attacks, since there are four types of Mangekyou Sharingans and it has its own original attack. When the user of the Kagai Mangekyou first activates the Mangekyou, a seal in the design of a Sharingan will appear on the back of the person's neck. This seal provides the user a black chakra when the Mangekyou is activated, and every time the Mangekyou is activated, tattoos of black flame will spread throughout the body, increasing the user's physical abilities. As for the nine types of special attacks that the user will have, it is unknown. All other Mangekyous are simply weaker forms of the Kagai Mangekyou.

As Naruto read on, Sasuke subconsciously touched the Sharingan seal that was in fact on the back of his neck.

Hakoda Uchiha, the first ever Uchiha, was known to be the person who created genjutsu during the time when ninjas were just basic fighters who used swords and shuriken. He worked with a team of two other ninjas, which started the current tradition of having Genin work in a team of three with one girl. Hakoda's partners were the legendary Gyatso Namikaze, the first Namikaze otherwise known as the Sage of Six Paths, the creator of ninjutsu, and the female Kyoshi Hyuuga, the first Hyuuga and creator of taijutsu.

The Kagai Mangekyou is an automatic defense mechanism; it will first be activated if the user is in a dire situation. After the first time, it can be activated by sending a large amount of chakra into your eyes.

Sasuke, you will learn more eventually, and when the time comes, you will gain perfect understanding. Overcome the Kagai Mangekyou; control its power, which I have entrusted to you,


Naruto closed the scroll and looked up to Sasuke, who was closing his eyes in thought. "He said…that he entrusted this power to me…Why? Why would he kill my clan and then give me this power? I'm so confused!"

Naruto agreed. "This only further pushes my belief that Nagato, Itachi and Konan had a good reason to kill your clan and leave Konoha. Itachi gave you the most powerful Sharingan, Nagato gave me the Rinnegan, and Hinata has the Byakugan. Ugh, I can't wait until we find out the truth of all of this!"

Training Grounds

Anko and Hinata stood in the middle of the familiar training grounds which still had the giant waterfall and lake which Nagato created. Anko had been training Hinata personally recently because she felt out for the girl and thought that her own skills were similar to the skills of the young Hyuuga. Hinata, as a gifted water style user, took her Jyuuken to the next level and instead of using the form for quick jabs; she made her own Jyuuken where she would flow smoothly like water around the opponent and then attack. Also, instead of blocking or avoiding attacks at her, she would redirect them at her opponent like bending water or simply flow around them.

Bending and flowing…these techniques of fighting would work well with snake style fighting, which Anko mastered, so she decided that she would teach Hinata some snake style attacks and defenses to help improve her water style Jyuuken.

"Alright Hinata, let's review all of the attack and defense forms that we've learned to far, and then we'll move on to more advanced stuff, okay? So let's go!" she shouted enthusiastically. Hinata nodded and replied, "Hai!"

Kenjutsu Training Room, Weeks Later

Naruto smiled as Hinata completed the last offensive form of the staff. She was coming along quite well, a lot better than Naruto had thought she would. He had already mastered the style of staff kenjutsu, as Nagato had once taught him, but he had no doubt that if Hinata continued at her fast learning pace, she would soon overcome him.

Kenjutsu Training Room, Weeks Later

Naruto swore to himself. Hinata had just mastered the last defensive style of her staff kenjutsu style. He liked being a teacher, but now Hinata was probably better than him at it! She had been improving so much recently that she even was able to complete the endurance training now with him and Sasuke!!

"Hinata-chan, all I can say is that you are truly amazing. I had no idea that you could possibly become this talented at a style so fast! Not only that, but you've added your own flowing water style movements into it, unlike my quick wind styles!" he told her, causing her to blush at all the special praise she was getting. Let me rephrase that; she was blushing at all the special praise Naruto-kun was giving her. Her father and members of the Hyuuga Clan praised her skills in Jyuuken all the time, but when Naruto did it, she felt a warm feeling pulse and spread through her heart and body.

Naruto smiled at her even wider behind his ever present white mask.

"Well, now that I've no more to teach you, from now on, we will be only sparring with our staffs, which will improve both of our skills. And once I can't stand a chance against you with my staff, then I will have to switch to my swords! So, let's get ready to fight!"

That said, Naruto spun his staff around impressively, bending over and spinning it behind his back and over his head, before he fell into his stance were he put his weight into his right foot, leaning back, put his left foot forward and extended his left palm outwards towards Hinata. He held his staff in the center behind his back with his right hand.

Hinata nodded her head and smoothly swung her staff around as well, and though she did it slower than Naruto's quick spins, her maneuvers were more intricate and smooth. When she fell into her stance, she held the staff in a comfortable way pointing it towards Naruto with her left hand in front and her right hand behind her.

"Let's go!"

Since Naruto brought air style to his staff kenjutsu, he merely circled around Hinata instead of attacking directly.

Hinata, with perfect footing, jogged to Naruto and reverse swung her staff at him, starting the duel.

Weeks Later, Courtyard

"Let's go!"

Hinata, using advanced chakra control ran along the side of a nearby stream holding her staff which was skimming the surface, Byakugan activated.

"Water Style: Water Wave Jutsu!"

Without using any hand-seals, she flung her arm and staff upwards and with it came a large wave of water which hurtled towards the smiling Naruto.

Naruto spun his staff at high speeds and created a shield of wind in front of him, saying

"Wind Style: Air Shield!"

When the wave inevitably crashed into him, Naruto was protected with the rapidly rotating air shield which sent the water off in different directions.

He then jumped into the air and with one hand holding his staff, and the other hand forming the half-ram seal, he shouted,

"Wind Style: Compressed Air Bullet Jutsu!"

He sent three medium sized wind bullets at Hinata, who summoned another wave in front of her to protect herself from the blast, which she successfully did. With her chakra in the water, the air bullets exploded into the wave but did not harm Hinata.

Naruto smiled as he landed on the ground. Hinata had truly mastered her staff style. She was able to effortlessly combine water style attacks into her offensive and defensive forms, sometimes to the point where she wouldn't even need to use hand-seals, which was an incredible feat! A jutsu is not truly mastered until the user can perform in with one hand-seal or no hand-seals, which Hinata had shown. Naruto could perform the air bullet jutsu with only using one seal, and he got down to the point where he could create one shadow clone without using hand-seals.

All hand-seals do to perform jutsus are that they help manipulate the necessary and specific chakra within the users body to perform the jutsu. But if the user could manually force his or her chakra inside their bodies in a specific pattern, then hand-seals were not necessary.

Easier said than done.

The shadow clone technique only requires one hand-seal, which changes Naruto's chakra flow in a specific way, and Naruto learned how to make his chakra flow in the specific way without having to use the hand-seal. To perform jutsu through a weapon, all that is required is that the user must push his chakra through the weapon as well, which both Naruto and Hinata had done.

Performing jutsu without seals is a specialty that those from the Namikaze Clan possessed because of their Rinnegans. It is easier to perform jutsus without seals if the user has a doujutsu that can help mold the chakra specifically.

Naruto, Rinnegan activated, began molding chakra within his body and charged at Hinata.

Next Friday

Iruka cleared his throat and spoke up.

"Alright everybody, lets quiet down and get started. Today's sparring matched will be special because we will be focusing on kenjutsu. I hope that everyone brought non-lethal weapons with them or else they will have to use the dulled kunai which I have collected. Let's begin! The first match is…Hinata Hyuuga versus Ino Yamanaka!"

Ino groaned to herself. Sure, she had become somewhat of a friend to Hinata, but Hinata was still abnormally powerful and she was going to get her butt whooped. Hinata and Ino also didn't have the friendliest relationships because Ino was always flirting with Naruto, who Hinata liked.

Hinata smirked to herself as she spun her wooden staff around. She might be friends with Ino, but that flirty girl is going to learn to stay away from Naruto-kun!

Next Friday

Iruka nodded as the last pair finished sparring. From some reason, his class was much better at taijutsu and kenjutsu then any other classes their year. Iruka had a guess as to why. The students saw how powerful Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata were, so they all trained harder so they could improve themselves.

Iruka smirked. This class is surely becoming…interesting. Naruto Namikaze…I have no doubt that you caused this good change in everybody.

Training Grounds

Kiba swore to himself as he fell to the ground in exhaustion. Man these kids were crazy! Shikamaru had claimed that they went through an impossible work-out every morning before the Academy, and when Kiba asked to join them, he thought that he would be able to keep up. Who the hell runs around the outer walls of Konoha five times before going through that ridiculous looking endurance course?! Kuso! I'll have to train harder before I ask them again!

Early in the Morning

Naruto and his two best friends went through their daily morning workouts with Kakashi supervising them. Anko didn't join them in the mornings because she claimed that she wasn't a 'morning person'. Kakashi tried to convince her every time they see each other that training in the morning is refreshing, and he vows to get her to join them eventually.

Unlike usual, their normal workout didn't go as planned this morning. Kakashi had told the children that they had to wake up an hour earlier, at 5:00 a.m. to train this morning because he had to go on a private mission that morning and would have to leave early. To the group's surprise, they found that they weren't alone when they stretched to run on top of Konoha's outer wall. A strange man in a green spandex outfit came jogging over to them as they were finishing their stretching.

"Yosh! It seems that the Flames of Youth burn brightly in these people if they are out training this early! …Kakashi?!?! Is that you?!?!?!?!?!"

Kakashi started to panic as his Jonin mind kicked in and began looking for a way to escape. No…Not him!!!

Maito Gai came jogging up next to the group. Naruto politely introduced himself.

"Hey, my name is Naruto Namikaze, and these are my two friends Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuuga! It seems as if you already know of our sensei, though."

Gai gave a thumbs up and smiled at the group, the early morning light reflecting brightly off of is teeth. "Yosh! How could I not know you three?! Your Flames of Youth burn brightly as you have shown in the Academy and the sparring match between each other that one day!! It is an honor that I can finally meet such youthful people! Kakashi, I am jealous of you that you have raised such fine students. Because you are already a sensei, I must become a better sensei! You will not beat me, Hatake!!!!"

With that the strange man ran off into the sunrise in the other direction. Kakashi let go of the breath he had been holding. Thank God he didn't challenge me to something…

Naruto looked on at the disappearing image of the man with curiosity. Flames of Youth…that sounds interesting. Almost like the Will of Fire, but phrased differently. I like that phrase, Flames of Youth…

"Kakashi-sensei, who is that man? How did he know you?"

Kakashi sighed as he responded. "He has been my 'eternal rival' since young. He's actually a good friend of mine, but he gets really out of hand…If you are lucky Naruto, you will never have and eternal like mine. Just pray to God that you don't…"

Nearby Training Grounds

Nine-year-old Rock Lee sneezed as he continued to pound the unlucky log that was in front of him. After seeing the sparring match between the famous Namikaze Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke he had vowed to train harder than ever before, no matter that he couldn't perform ninjutsu or genjutsu. If he couldn't perform those ninja arts, then he would just have to be amazing at taijutsu!

He stopped as he turned and saw a nearby figure running towards him out of the sunrise. The way the sun shined brightly behind him made him look like some sort of angelic figure.

When the man approached Lee, the young boy fell to his knees at the sight of the godly figure, smiling in the sunrise. The man appeared to be thinking to himself and said,

"I sense that the Flames of Youth burn brightly with this one." He turned to Lee and gave him a thumbs up and said, "You, come with me and grow strong! Together, as sensei and student, we will rule over all others and become the Green Beasts of Konoha!!"

Lee openly wept at the beauty of the scene before him. He had no doubt that God himself must have sent this angel down to him.

"Y-Yes Sensei!!!"

Kenjutsu Training Room

Naruto sighed to himself as he looked over the advanced forms his scrolls taught him about elemental taijutsu and kenjutsu. He had found difficulty learning any of the forms, and both scrolls had said to him: Only he who masters all elemental chakras will be able to master the styles.

Naruto sighed in frustration as he realized that he wouldn't be mastering the taijutsu styles and kenjutsu styles any time soon. Master all of the elements? I've only mastered wind; that leaves me with four more elements to master! Water, Earth, Fire, Lightening. How am I going to master those elements? The only reason that I mastered the element of wind is because Nagato has been teaching me the basics for so long. I'm even at the point where I've mastered Rasen Shuriken, the ultimate form of Rasengan! There isn't even a master of any of the elements in Konoha! Kakashi himself hasn't mastered lightening to it's fullest extent. And while Asuma knows more wind jutsus than I do, he can't change his chakra to wind as good as I do. What am I going to do?

The only useful thing Naruto had found out of the scroll was the forms of wind style kenjutsu and taijutsu. He would have to spend more time thinking about this.

Naruto sat still in the center of the elevated wooden platform as he practiced his chakra control, weaving intricate styles within his body. He activated his golden Rinnegan so that he could see the chakra inside of him. Once more, he saw the new golden chakra swirling throughout his circulatory system. When he focused harder, he noticed that the source of the chakra seemed to be coming from his right hand. Hmm, that's strange. I've never noticed that before…

Also, when he focused on his belly, he could see a red chakra being suppressed by the golden chakra. He had researched the reason as to why he might have another chakra within his body, but he had not found anything…that he was willing to accept. He didn't think that he had another seal placed on his body that would provide him another chakra, and he didn't think that he had a demon sealed within him. Wouldn't one feel a little…demonic if they were to have a demon inside of them? Besides, the only demon that had come to Konoha was the Kyuubi, who had been killed by the legendary Yondaime, so that couldn't be it. Ugh, why was it that he never seemed to be getting any answers?!

However, some important facts that he did receive was that the scroll had stated that there were only two people in history to ever completely master all of the elements, to the point where they didn't even need to use hand-seals to perform jutsus. Both were Namikazes. The first one was a name that Naruto recognized: Namikaze Gyatso, the first Namikaze and creator of ninjutsu. That made sense; if one was to create all forms of ninjutsu, one had to be a master at them all, right? The next name was someone who Naruto had never heard before. Namikaze Rinku…why did that name sound so familiar if he had never heard of it before? Namikaze Rinku was known to be stronger than Gyatso, it said, and was famous for obtaining the most powerful Rinnegan which was golden, and when fully activated, his eyes changed into the shape of the Triforce, which was shown below. The 'Triforce', as it said, was a golden triangle made up of three triangles connecting to each other.

Why had he never heard that name before? Namikaze Rinku …shouldn't someone who mastered all of the elements be a legend and mentioned throughout history? Why didn't they teach about this guy in the Academy? Strange…

Unknown Location

Obito clapped his hands as he signaled for the three to listen to him. "Alright, gang, good work today! Each of you are rapidly improving and are much stronger than you were when you arrived here. That's great! I must be an amazing sensei!!" he excitingly said, very proud of himself.

The Legendary Three sighed in unison. The entire origination of Akatsuki was cold and humorless, but Obito, or Tobi as he was called here, was the only who seemed happy with himself, enough to make jokes and openly mock others in a humorous way. Obito continued with his speech.

"Yep! You guys are getting so good that you could easily defeat me if you were all working together! Nagato, you especially have been progressing, at a rate that's almost worthy of an Uchiha!"

Itachi smirked and Nagato frowned as Obito continued.

"I feel that one day, Nagato, you will take my place as third-in-command so I can finally relax and do all the fun stuff! Maybe, just maybe, you might get strong enough to take the place of second-in-command from Icy-Brains…shit!"

Obito was interrupted as Sub-Zero himself appeared in the doorway and gave Obito an evil glare with his glowing ice-cold eyes.

"Tobi, the Leader wishes to speak with you. Immediately."

Tobi gulped and after saying, "Alright then, see you guys later!" he disappeared from sight.

Sub-Zero continued to stare at the group, seemingly at Nagato. Nagato spoke up,

"Is there something you want?" being careful to keep his respect. Sub-Zero shook his head as he began to turn around. "No, not with you weaklings."

Itachi felt annoyed that this pompous ass felt that he was so much better than everyone else, so out of anger, he said,

"Yeah, actually, we three would like to challenge you to a sparring match."

Sub-Zero stopped walking as he turned around to face them once more. After several moments, he and said in a cold voice, "Very well, attack me when you feel your ready to learn why the Leader placed me as second-in-command."

Itachi and Konan jumped behind Nagato who held his hand up and hissed, "Shinra Tensei!"

Sub-Zero checked over himself. He only had several scratches on his body. He hadn't had a fight like this in a long time, probably since he challenged Tobi for the place of second-in-command. Tobi…that fool! Sub-Zero had know idea why Tobi pretended to be stupid and weaker than he actually his. Sub-Zero knew that Tobi was stronger than him. Tobi was the strongest person in the organization besides the Leader, but he acted weaker than he actually was because he was lazy. He hated how the Uchiha let himself be pushed around by the other members, including himself, when he was stronger than them all. But soon, once Sub-Zero found what he was looking for, he would be even stronger than Tobi. In only a matter of time…

Sub-Zero looked at the three who were kneeling before him in pain and exhaustion, especially towards Nagato. When Tobi had said that Nagato had potential, he wasn't lying. The gravitational-user was truly powerful and sharp, and he would soon come up to the same level as himself, Sub-Zero.

"You three have talent; I see why the Leader requested you to join our organization. I must leave now, for I have been ordered by the Leader to ask another member to join our organization. I fear though, for who I am asking is just as strong as me, and he and I have always been enemies…"

With that, Sub-Zero exploded into shards of ice which crystallized into nothingness, leaving the Legendary Three to think about how much they still needed to improve.

Weeks Later, Unknown


The leader of the Akatsuki smirked to himself as he looked upon those gathered before him. He had hand-picked the most powerful and evil legends in the lands, getting them to work before him. In front of his elevated throne were seats elevated around him, all on the same height level. In each smaller throne sat a member of his organization. There were eighteen thrones in total, holding seventeen members, each with a symbol on the thrones. One member was missing, and the Leader didn't even have to look to know that it was Tobi's. If only that damn boy wasn't so powerful, I would kill him in an instant! But I need him for my plans…

Each symbol on the thrones was unique; a kanji which depicted each member's specialties:

-Zero Gravity







-Metal Earth

-Spiral (who was not present at the moment)










Every member, after training with his organization and his methods, had become more powerful than they could have ever hoped to be alone. Together they were…

He was interrupted from his own sinister thoughts as Tobi came barging in through the very large main entrance door behind them.

"Sorry! Sorry everybody! I'm late, I know, I know! Don't give me that look, Popsicle-boy!" Tobi said as he ran down to the meeting, creating a scene, and jumped up to his seat. "Alright, everybody, calm down, I here, okay."

The leader sighed to himself before he continued. "I have gathered all of his here today because we have acquired all of the necessary members. It is time that I share my plan with all of you. Soon, the world will be ours!"

Months Later

"Yatta!!" Naruto shouted jumping up his chair, gaining the attention of everyone in the class and nearly giving them all a heart attack from surprise. Today was the last day of the Academy before they would take two months off of vacation. Iruka, as custom, had given out the first year exam which reviewed everything that they had been learning that year. Naruto, of course, as well as Sasuke and Hinata, knew every answer and could answer with ease. Naruto had gone through extra quickly because he needed to keep up his persona as the class clown. How funny was it that the class clown got the highest grades out of everyone!

The test, of course, was a silent writing test, and Naruto had just scared the living daylights out of everyone by screaming. He jumped down from his back-row desk all the way to the front of Iruka's desk, slamming his paper down and making a scene and an argument between him and Iruka. Not that the teacher didn't like Naruto; Naruto had perfect grades and he managed to lighten up the class. Iruka needed a student like Naruto.

Naruto enjoyed being the class clown as well. It allowed him to drop his whole serious persona and made him have a better time. Surprisingly, everyone became friends with him because of his humor and friendliness. Even some of the villagers began to respect him because of his match between himself and Sasuke.

"Peace out, everybody!" Naruto shouted to the students who were still taking the test. "I had a good time with everybody this year! Shikamaru, you rock! Chouji, let's have some barbecue later on! Ino, you look pretty cute in that outfit!" he said, causing Shikamaru to groan, Chouji to say 'sure thing!', Ino to blush, and Hinata to steam in anger. Naruto continued,

"Sasuke, you're a brother to me, but you already know that. You're the coolest guy I know, too. Hinata-chan, you are the prettiest girl in here and you're really cute. You guys know where I'm gonna be, right? I'm out! Oh, and by the way Kiba, the answer to number fourteen is thirty-five feet!"

With that, Naruto disappeared to leave behind a very frustrated teacher, an unconscious Hinata, a smirking Sasuke, a grinning Kiba, and the rest of the students changing their answers to problem number fourteen.

Training Grounds, Night

Naruto and his friends had spent the day celebrating with their Academy friends with Kakashi and Anko. They had all had a great day, and now it was night and Naruto and Sasuke were just leaving the training grounds to walk Hinata home. The girl had been having a hard time staying conscious after she kept on hearing Naruto's compliment in her head. The three best friends were now talking about what they were going to do for their break, and whether they would train a lot or take a trip to another village, such as Kusa. Sasuke had liked the idea.

"Hey, if we can go to Kusa, I might be able to meet that kenjutsu master that gave you the scrolls, Naruto. If that happened, then both of us would…"

Sasuke as interrupted as Naruto held up his hand for silence, with a complete serious look on his face. Sasuke and Hinata immediately tensed and jumped behind Naruto. They knew that Naruto had an amazing sense of chakra, and that he could tell when someone was approaching them. This became useful for the times when Kakashi would surprise attack them to train them on their reflexes.

Naruto activated his bloodline and motioned for his friends to activate theirs. Everyone was surprised what they saw; three enemy ninjas with chakra reserves large enough to rival Kakashi's, which meant that they were Jonin.

The ninjas jumped into the clearing and Naruto, with his enhanced vision, could see that they were all from the cloud village. This was not good! If these Jonin ninja were approaching them in secret, it couldn't be for any good reasons!

The leader ninja in front of the other two spoke up. "The Raikage ordered us to kill the Uchiha and Namikaze kids, and kidnap the Hyuuga girl. It seems convenient that you are all hanging around together. This makes our job easier. Let's get them, now!"

Naruto eyes were wide with shock as the Jonin charged at his group. He and his two friends were all individually strong, and together, they had flawless teamwork, but would that be enough to take out three ninjas as strong as Kakashi?

"Lightening Style: Thunder Slash!"

The ninja in front swung his arm and sent a pulse of lightening at the group of kids, causing them to jump in the air and avoid the explosion which followed. Naruto became more and more worried. He and his team had planned out what to do if a single ninja attacked them suddenly, but not three ninja! What are we going to do?!

Naruto stood protectively in front of Hinata, who had taken a kunai to her leg, immobilizing her. Sasuke was trying to fight off the two other ninja, but it was clear that they were toying with him.

"Why don't you just step aside and let me kill you so I can take your friend here. You know that you can't beat me, so just give up! We're not gonna kill the girl. But the leader did say that we could…play with her for a little bit if we wanted to." the ninja in front of Naruto yelled out laughing.

Naruto had never felt such rage and anger before. Blinded by anger, he formed a Rasengan in his right hand and charged at the Jonin in an attempt to kill him. The ninja smirked as Naruto charged at him. When Naruto was about half way there, he realized his mistake. He had left the immobilized Hinata alone…

The Cloud ninja in front of him jumped in the air and threw a large amount of kunai and shuriken at Hinata.

Naruto screamed in surprise as he himself jumped into the air in attempted to shield Hinata. He was low on chakra, and he couldn't use jutsu…

Several of the thrown projectiles painfully hit the airborne Naruto but…there were too many…and more than half of them continued on their path towards the chakra drained and immobile Hinata. Naruto watched in horror as the shuriken found their path and hit his friend.

"No!!!!" he screamed, falling from the air and running towards his friend, ignoring the pain of the kunai that were lodged in his body. When he reached Hinata he fell to her side, crying his eyes out. The world froze around him as he looked at the girl.

"Hinata-chan! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I tried to stop them, but there were too many! Hinata, say something!" he yelled as he grabbed the shoulders of the small and lifeless girl, next checking for a pulse.

The murderer behind him laughed as he yelled out,

"Whoops! Oh, well, no big deal. I heard that this puny girl had a sister. I guess we'll just have to kidnap her!"

Naruto ignored the man as anger filled his body like he had never felt before. Hinata was…dead. There was no doubt about that. There was no pulse, and those beautiful eyes that were once filled with innocence and purity and joy…were now lifeless and pale.

Sasuke, who had turned around to check on Naruto and Hinata, found that Naruto was crying clutching Hinata who was limp on the ground. That could only mean…

"…no," Naruto spoke in no more than a whisper, staring at what he thought was impossible. He turned around to look at his badly wounded friend, Sasuke, who was trying to kill their attackers full of rage. Naruto wished he could go and help his friend, but he couldn't move. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the lifeless body that was lying in front of him.

"Hinata-chan," he cried, tears shamelessly rolling down his face like a river. He grabbed her hand, almost feeling like it was the only way that he could drag her back to life.

He heard a scream of pain behind him and he turned to see Sasuke stabbed in the back with a kunai, on his knees.

It was…over.

Suddenly, a new energy took over him, and the spiral Rinnegan in his eyes began spinning rapidly and glowing in a white light. He looked at the back of his right hand where a golden triangle composed of three triangles with an upside down triangle in the middle had just appeared, glowing brightly. The Triforce. The legendary symbol of power and peace that the first person to use ninjutsu possessed; the Sage of Six Paths. Gold chakra began leaking out of his body, his power quickly growing. Suddenly, he snapped his head up into the sky as his entire eyes glowed brightly of a pure white, golden chakra bursting forth around him, swirling like a powerful vortex. The sheer velocity and power of the spinning chakra seemed to pulse wind in circular directions.

The three Jonin ninja that were attacking the wounded Sasuke were halted in fear as they turned to look at the boy who was now completely surrounded and cloaked with golden chakra. They looked into his eyes, his pure white eyes, and in his iris, where his pupil should have been, a golden triangle made up of three connecting triangles formed. The Triforce.

But their bad luck had just started.

Right in front of them, the boy who they were just about to kill exploded with a black chakra, pushing them backwards. As he stood up, black tattoos of flame enwrapped his body, seemingly stopping when they came halfway across his face. His eyes were black, with a red design of stars in them. The Kagai Mangekyou.

Sasuke disappeared only to reappear in front of two of the ninja, kicking them backwards and away from sight. He then disappeared from sight as well.

The remaining enemy Jonin looked at Naruto, his confidence gaining. All he had to do was take out this one last brat…

Naruto's glowing triangle irises seemed to bore into the man's very sole, effectively silencing his thoughts. Naruto's face showed no emotion what-so-ever, which frightened the man and quickly stole all of his confidence away. The gold chakra that was flaring around him suddenly stopped and all that was left was a bright golden glow around Naruto's body.

Naruto spoke up for the first time. "Impurity," he stated, in a voice laced with unimaginable power, lifting up the back of his right hand and showing the Triforce symbol that glowed brightly in the night. This was not the boy who had just been crying for the loss of his friend.

The Jonin ninja, in fear, sent a strong lightening jutsu at Naruto, with the full intent to kill the boy.

Naruto merely swung his hand and a tornado appeared before him, disrupting the lightening attack and spiraling towards the man, who barely avoided it.

Naruto walked slowly towards the cowering Jonin, powerful winds blowing around him. Finally, he held up his right hand forming the half-ram seal and shouted in a voice that didn't belong to Naruto,

"Tenrai Rinnegan!"

His eyes glowed brightly and a small straight line of golden chakra traveled at insane speeds towards the surprised Jonin, and when it hit him, he was trapped between two large Triforce symbols which were slowly spinning. Naruto then appeared before the trapped man and pulled out his two swords, which were also glowing with a golden chakra, and began attacking the man. ________________________________________________________________________

Sasuke continued to leak black chakra from his body, staring at the two dead bodies before him, burning in a black fire. He was so…unsatisfied… with the battle that had just ended. He needed more…more! He had to take out the anger somehow!

The evil black chakra seemed to be intensifying, nearly loosing control. He felt himself lose less and less of his own control, almost as if the Mangekyou was taking over. The Sharingan seal on the back of his neck seemed to be pulsing with power, glowing in a bright crimson.

Just then, Naruto appeared fifteen feet in front of him in a flash of gold chakra. The two legendary doujutsus stared at each other, neither moving.

Naruto, who appeared to have been in deep thought, finally spoke.


He quickly reappeared behind Sasuke and with his two fingers he forced his chakra into Sasuke's seal on the back of his neck, causing him to scream in pain and fall to the ground.

Naruto looked down at his host's friends and said to himself. "I pity the young Uchiha, for now his trial of the Kagai Mangekyou will begin. If he fails to control the ancient and evil power, then I will be forced to kill him."

He walked over to Hinata who was still lying on the ground, dead and covered in her own blood. He continued to stare at her with emotionless eyes before he kneeled down and inspected her further, looking with his Triforce eyes at her forehead in shock. "This girl! She possesses the same legendary Byakugan that Kyoshi did!" He laughed to himself for a moment. "It seems that Fate has allowed for the three legendary doujutsus users to be placed together as friends. This has not happened since Gyatso and his team. It will be quite interesting…to see how their power grows. I cannot allow this girl to die now, because she will be needed if Naruto is to stop the Leader of Akatsuki, like I have in the past. By only using my eyes, I was able to seal him for a period of time. Sealing is the power of those who posses the Rinnegan. But if Naruto and his legendary team were to fight that evil man, then they will surely be able to kill him and succeed where Gyatso, Hakoda and Kyoshi have failed, as well as myself."

He leaned down and touched his two fingers to Hinata's forehead, pushing his golden chakra into her body.

Hinata's body instantly reacted and all of the wounds on her body immediately healed and she regained consciousness for a moment, before passing out once more. This time, however, she was breathing and alive once more.

Naruto stood up once more and looked deep within his body.

"Kyuubi, when I release my control on the boy and he passes into unconsciousness, you must explain to the boy what he needs to know. Tell him of his destiny and how he must defeat the Evil King with his two friends."

The Kyuubi, who had been lying dormant in Naruto's belly for nearly nine years, responded.


Rinku looked at the world once more before he released his control and Naruto's eyes returned to normal, letting the unconscious boy fall to the ground.

Kyuubi's Prison

Naruto awoke to find himself lying down on a wet floor. When he stood up, he looked around and saw himself in a dimly lit place with extremely high ceilings. Where…am I?

He heard a grumbling noise to his right down the hallway and decided to go see where the source came from. He activated his Rinnegan, just in case.

When he turned the corner he found himself staring at the largest chakra circulatory system that he had ever seen in his life. He weakened his Rinnegan so he wouldn't see any chakra…to find that there was a giant fox with nine-tails behind a cage.

Naruto was no fool. He knew that he was staring at the legendary Kyuubi. He looked at the paper seal that was locking the giant fox in. With his Rinnegan he could see that the seal contained an incredible power that not even the fox could break. But if he was staring at the Kyuubi…then that must mean.

"You are the Kyuubi, and I am your jailor," Naruto shouted out to the fox who was staring at him with so much powerful intensity.


Naruto nodded and did as he was instructed for he figured that an ancient fox with unlimited knowledge could share some of his wisdom and understanding with him.

"I'm listening."


A/N: We are now over with the first year of the Academy! Let's go over some important things that happened in the story.

Akatsuki has eighteen members?!?! Yes they do! You were probably able to guess several members of the organization, but let's not spoil it for everybody. For those who know who the leader of Akatsuki is, don't spoil that either. We do know that:

Zero Gravity = Pain

Crimson = Itachi

Crystal = Konan

Ice = Sub-Zero

Spiral = Obito

As for the members of the organization, they will consist of my hand-picked choices from the anime and manga, and several bad guys from other series, like Sub-Zero is. I think that it is cooler this way and it will also help the readers be able to understand them more. Since the story will not be focused on the bad guys, I will not have time to go into details about each and every one of them yet, so it will be better if the readers already have an idea of who they are. You will find out more in later chapters.

The names of Gyatso, Hakoda, and Kyoshi are merely put there because I've never been one to make up good names that sound Japanese. Those characters are original and merely have those names.

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There is another link in my profile, like one of the Triforce for those who don't know what shape I am talking about.

Tenrai = divine, or heaven sent.

Kagai = evil

Here are the power levels for characters at the end of the chapter:

Human: 5

Strong Human: 10

Genin: 40

Chunin: 100

Jonin: 250

ANBU: 200-300

ANBU Captain: 350

Sannin: 400-500

Kage: 500+

Characters (after training at the end of the chapter):

Hinata: 100

Sasuke: 120

Naruto: 150

Sasuke With Kagai Mangekyou: 370 (he has yet to master it)

Naruto in his Triforce State: 500+

Kakashi: 350

Itachi: ???

Konan: ???

Nagato: ???

Obito: ???

Sub-Zero: ???

Akatsuki Leader: ???

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