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Chapter 1

"I still can't believe you Ino. How can you keep it up and still have energy in the day?" Sakura said to her best friend as they sat at the table in a small restaurant drinking tea. Her best friend, Ino Yamanaka gently placed her cup on the wooden table before answering with great enthusiasm.

"That, my dear Forehead, is for me to know and you to not to find out." The blonde chuckled to herself as her blue eyes scanned the crowd walking outside.

"Whatever, Ino-pig. I'll find out soon enough. I mean, you have been having a relationship with both Shikamaru and Sai at the same time. One of them is bound to find out." The pink haired kunoichi then picked up her cup and took a small sip of the steaming beverage.

A small, comfortable silence engulfed the two friends while their minds wandered about the same thing, but under different pretenses. For Sakura, her mind wandered back to the past as she thought about her genin days. What fun days they were too. A small wry smile made its way along her face as she thought about her irritation with Naruto, the annoyance she always felt when Kakashi was hours late for practice and of course, her deep infatuation for Uchiha Sasuke. That was all she could call it now. An infatuation. The 'love' that she once felt for the silent prodigy was now watered down and diluted due to the years they have spent apart and path he had chosen to venture. Her mind wandered to when Team 7 encountered their lost teammate for the first time after his disappearance. She remembered it as if it were yesterday.


She could feel the air burning her lungs with every step she took down one of the many dark, damp hallways of Orochimaru's current base. Sweat was making her shirt cling to her body as their footsteps echoed off the walls so loudly it seemed as if they would crumble by the vibrations.

"Where are you?" She said to herself as Yamato was silent behind her, only the sound of his sandals on the cement gave him away. They were so close, she could almost taste it. 'You have to be in here somewhere' she thought.

"We've finally come this far!" She continued to run at full speed.

"Where are you?" Her breath was cut short as she stumbled at the sound and vibrations of a huge explosion not far off from where they were, in fact, she could see light coming from one to the tunnels up ahead. A small spark of hope flashed him her eyes as she followed the light at full speed, only to see Sai, their team's replacement for Sasuke to be standing and looking up at something. Once she was in the clearing, her green gaze glared at Sai. Just as she was about to say something to him, a deep, strangely familiar voice called out her name.

"Sakura, huh." It said, and at that moment Sakura froze, her eyes wide with shock as she slowly turned her head to confirm who was speaking.


End of Flashback

"Um helloo in there! Sakura! Earth to Sakura!!" Ino banged her hand on the table loud enough to get Sakura out of her trance, and the attention of the customers around them.

"What?" The pink haired kunoichi said as her eyes came back into focus.

"Did I miss something?" The blonde just stared at her best friend for a second before she spoke.

"You were thinking about him weren't you." It was not in the form of a question, it was a statement on Ino's part because she knew that ever since that man left this village, he left with Sakura's heart. Sakura visibly tensed at Ino's words just proving that she was. Her jade orbs lowered to her now luke-warm cup of tea as she squeezed her hands in her lap. No, she could not keep lying to herself, she had always, and forever will be in love with the raven haired Uchiha, even if she tried to deny it with the excuse of infatuation. Even after all these years, Sakura had not really gotten over the way he ran toward her with his katana gleaming in the sunlight. Her thoughts were disrupted once again by Ino not so subtly clearing her throat.

"You wanna train?" Ino knew that whenever Sakura wanted to blow some steam off, she went to train, but she was somewhat surprised to see her best friend slowly shake her head.

"Not right now, I still have patients. I'm late right now as it is and I'm sure that when I get back to the hospital, Tsunade-shishou is going to have my head." Sakura looked up to her friend with a smile that did not reach her eyes all they way.

"I'll talk to you later, ne? See you, Pig." With that, Sakura left a bit of money on the table to pay for her tea and walked out.

At the end of her long work day, Sakura leaned against the door of her house and sighed contently. She loved the satisfying feeling of helping people in need and their thanks were the fuel that kept her going each day. She was happy to be able to put her skills to use and not be helpless like she once was. With a small flick of her wrist, Sakura threw her keys into a small glass bowl that was on top of a table she had by the front door. She turned around and lazily sat on the floor to take off her sandals when she froze. Something didn't feel right to her. The entire house was dark save for the small light she turned on by the front door. 'That's strange...' she thought. She could have sworn that she turned on her stove light before she left this morning. With a small shrug, Sakura turned back to her feet and took off her other sandal. When she came back to the hospital after meeting with Ino, Tsunade did give an ear full about being on time for your patients and all that good stuff but, Sakura always finished with every patient before the day was over, that's why so many people liked her, she always got a job done. A small smile came across her features while she thought about it and made her way to her bathroom to take a much needed shower.


As soon as he heard the shower come on, Sasuke stepped out from the dark corner he was standing in, into Sakura's clean living room. He smirked to himself thinking that after five years, she still did not even come close to matching his strength. She did not even notice he was standing right behind her when she walked into her house, and she even walked right past him. With a smile no less. His smirk faded however as he recalled the way she looked. Sakura was beautiful of course, he always thought so, but when he was a genin, the way she fawned herself onto him was something that he just could not stand and found it very annoying. But now...the dark haired man shook his head ever so slightly and frowned. Now was not the time to be thinking like this, he had something to take care of, and that was all.


Nothing felt more better at the end of the day than a long hot shower to wash away all of your problems, well most of them anyway. Sakura reluctantly turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She grabbed one of the two fluffy white towels that lay on her sink and dried herself off. She took the other and moved it over her hair, taking off most of the excess water that still clung to her pink tresses. Upon wrapping her towel around her torso, the pink haired kunoichi opened her bathroom door only to freeze mid-step. Someone was in her house. She could feel the pull of a foreign chakra signature that was unfamiliar to her. Almost instantly, Sakura put on more clothes and pulled out a kunai from her weapon pouch that was hanging against her vanity chair. With her bare feet padding against her beige carpet, she did not make a sound when she reached her living area.

The raven haired ninja stepped back into the darkness when he saw the shillouette of Sakura walking out of her bedroom. He knew that she knew someone was here because he flared up his chakra for a minute to let his presence known. As the pink haired woman walked into the darkness of her living room, Sasuke's onyx eyes widened a fraction. What in the world was she wearing? A silk tank top that didn't leave much to his imagination due to the light from her bedroom shining through it, and a pair of silk shorts that showed off her toned smooth legs. It was impossible for him to just stand there and gawk, so in one swift movement, the Uchiha was towering behind her causing Sakura to almost jump five feet in surprise.

"Holy-" Sakura cursed when she felt a presence behind her. How did they get back there? She thought. Once she turned around and met the black eyes of the person behind her, Sakura almost dropped the kunai she was holding.

"S-sasuke-kun?" That was all that Sakura said as she stared wide-eyed at the face that haunted her memories. She invoulentarily took a step away from him as he pinned her with a small glare. What is he doing here? Why would he come back to Konoha out of no where? What does he want with me? As more unasked questions flew through her head, Sasuke took one large step toward her. His eyes seemed to be transfixed on hers as if he wanted to cast a genjutsu on her only she did not sense one. His eyes did not changed to the blood red of the Sharingan nor did her pull out a weapon at her. He just....stared. A few seconds pasted between them before the dark haired ninja spoke. "Sakura..." It felt like melted chocolate was being poured on her the way he said her name, his voice was deeper than she remembered and she instantly felt heat pool in between her legs because of it.

"What do you want?" Sakura demanded as she cut off the man in front of her. She tightened her grip on her weapon while she mentally slapped herself for crumbling for a moment in front of him. Haruno Sakura did not show weakness to anyone. As another moment of silence went by the pink haired kunoichi opened her mouth again.

"Since you are a missing-nin Sasuke, it is in my duty to detain you for trespassing into the village and for your assault against Yamato-senpai and out team when we encountered you at sound." Sakura kept her voice hard and monotone as she spoke, not wanting to give away the sudden turmoil she was experiencing underneath.

Upon hearing the medic before him speak, Sasuke inwardly nodded with appreciation at her tone. He liked the way that Sakura had hardened herself over the years, not letting the little things get to her like they did when they were younger. He wondered if she still berated Naruto for being an idiot, or if she still complained along with said idiot whenever Kakashi was late. His thoughts caused him to quirk the corner of his mouth slightly into his signature smirk before he spoke.

"Hn, you don't plan to detain me in that do you?" Sasuke said sarcastically as he gave Sakura an appreciative once over with his eyes to hint as to what he was referring to. Not that he would mind being detained by Sakura, but he would think that it would be somewhat difficult for her. Sakura was quick with her own comeback.

"You do not have to worry about me, Sasuke. What you should worry about is what your sentence will be later on." God, what Sakura wouldn't give to be outside right now. Then she would be able to slap Sasuke across the face as hard as she liked without having to worry about knocking down any walls. The sudden warm feeling she felt was gone and was replaced with blatant annoyance.

Sasuke noticed the way that Sakura's cheeks reddened with rage, it seemed as if he has angered her....oh well. Getting back to business, Sasuke looked Sakura square in the eyes and spoke, deadpanned.

"I need your medical expertise, Sakura." Sakura's darkened green eyes widened slightly at his words.

"You need my help for something?" HA! She couldn't believe it! The Uchiha Sasuke needed her help. Priceless. Something in Sasuke's eyes darkened as he replied.

"No, I do not need your help."

"Then what do you need my medical expertise for?" The pink haired woman replied as she stared at the man before her, her grip still tight on her weapon.

"Do you agree to come with me?" He questioned as he loomed over her, his eyes boring into hers.

"What, if I don't agree to join you? What will happen?" She answered his question with her own.

"I will use force." The raven haired man stated simply as if she would actually let him. Sakura backed up two steps after he spoke. She couldn't agree to leaving the village to go with him, and she damn well wouldn't let him use force. Without another thought, the pink haired woman threw the kunai that was in her hand at Sasuke's chest and made a B- line for her bedroom.

It all happened so fast for Sakura, first she heard the disappoint 'thunk' of her kunai hitting the ground, then she felt the warmth of Sasuke circling his arm around her waist from behind, stopping her completely. He pulled her up so that her entire backside was flush against his front as he leaned his mouth down to whisper in her ear.

"I won't let you get away that easily." Sasuke said as he suddenly spun her around. The last thing Sakura remembered seeing was Sasuke's handsome face and the eerily captivating blood red of his Sharingan.