A/N: In order for this story to work as planned I switched a couple of the weeks around and merged them. I know these guys aren't gay (arguably) and this is just a fictional story written for perverted little girls like me to enjoy! This is my first attempt at SLASH so please leave feedback so I know what is good and what isn't!

The Heartbreak Kid made his way backstage after defeating Vladimir Koslov for a chance to end 'The Streak'! after his show stopping performance at Wrestlemania XXIV, he had a good chance of actually ending the 16-0 streak.

Walking back towards his locker room, a lot of the superstars congratulated him on his win. After turning a corner, Shawn felt like he was being watched. Then suddenly, all the lights went off and Shawn knew what was coming. When the lights turned back on, Undertaker was standing right in front of Shawn, staring down at him.

"Michaels," he growled.

"Hey big guy! Looks like your streak is ending this year," Shawn replied , confidently.

"What makes you think that you can be the one to end it?" Taker asked.

"For starters, you have never beat me and secondly, I am Mr. Wrestlemania!"

"That doesn't make a difference when you step into the ring with me at the grandest stage of them all. Sixteen men fell before you and its only a matter of time before you fall with them," The Deadman threatened.

"Keep telling yourself that, then the look on your face when I kick your teeth down your throat will be priceless, as you realize your streak is over!" Shawns eyes burned with the passion he had, to do what nobody else could.

'Well Heartbreaker, I guess we will just have to wait until April 5th to settle this,"

"Apparently so," Shawn agreed.

Both men were so caught up in their little argument that they didn't even notice the commotion coming at them. As they were staring in each others' eyes, looking for a sign of weakness, Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase were running away from the sledgehammer wielding Triple H. Orton was running for his life and pushed the Undertaker from behind so he could get past him. Taker lost his balance and fell right on top of Shawn. The worst part of the situation was that when they landed, their lips made contact.

At first they were both shocked and Taker pulled away slightly, but suddenly all of the adrenaline and passion from their argument surged and Taker leaned back in, unaware of his actions. Shawn looked at the man on top of him and thought How can this be happening? A second ago I wanted to beat the shit out of this man, but now…. I just want to take him back to my locker room. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?

As Shawn was questioning the situation he was also making out with the Prince of Darkness. Meanwhile, Undertaker wasn't putting as much thought into his actions.

Taker licked Shawn's bottom lip, silently asking for entrance. Once Shawn allowed him in Taker gladly plunged his tongue into Shawn's sweet taste and started to explore.

Shawn could no longer fight the feelings that were surfacing and started to play with Takers tongue with his own.

As they lay there, with hands groping, Hunter ran by them chasing after Legacy. This awakes both men from their actions and they look at each other. Shawn looks down and notices that his pants don't seem to be the only ones tight in the crotch area. Shawn looks back up, into Takers green eyes and smiles.

"Get your shower then meet me by my bike outside. You have 15 minutes!" Taker growled huskily.

Shawn nodded as Taker helped him up. Taker leaned down kissing Shawn once more before they headed to their locker rooms to shower and change.

The Heartbreak Kid ran to his locker room. He couldn't believe that after all these years he was finally going to be able to experience the Deadman. Thinking about it got him instantly hard. Shawn got out of the shower and dressed in a white button down shirt with the top buttons left open, faded blue jeans and his cowboy boots. He brushed his hair out and left in cascading around his shoulders before placing his cowboy hat on his head. Quickly grabbing his bag, Shawn headed out of his door and walked to the parking lot, anticipating the night ahead. As he opened the arena door, Shawn spotted Taker leaning on his bike. Shawn couldn't help but stare. Taker had shed his one piece and replaced it with a tight black t-shirt, blue jeans and a leather jacket. He also had his hair down and around his shoulders with a bandana on top of his head.

Shawn composed his thoughts and walked towards the Phenom.