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"I'm all ready to go but you know how he can be."

"Yeah I know. We'll be in the lobby whenever the primadonna decides to bless us with his presence." Jeff joked, having called to see if Shawn and Mark were ready to go out for their date yet.

Mark chuckled into the phone. "I'll try and get us down there as soon as possible."

"Alright man, see ya soon….hopefully."

After ending the call, Mark walked to the bathroom door and knocked gently. When he didn't get a response he tried the doorknob and was surprised to find it unlocked. As he opened the door, he couldn't help but smile at the sight before him.

Shawn had a towel wrapped around his waist with another one wrapped around his head and was compulsively looking between three different shirts he had brought in with him to wear that night, unable to pick the perfect one. Mark walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around the younger man's waist, resting his chin on Shawn's shoulder.

"What's taking so long?"

"I can't figure out what to wear"

"Babe, you've been in here for forty five minutes and you know you look good in anything. Personally…I like the black one." Mark smirked before kissing Shawn's cheek and walking back into the room, calling over his shoulder that Shawn had ten minutes to get ready

Mark had enough time to sit on the edge of the bed before he heard a noise of accomplishment from the bathroom and Shawn came barreling into the room, making a beeline for his bag. After grabbing 'the perfect shirt' as he mumbled to himself, he walked back into the bathroom, not even acknowledging Marks presence. After waiting another fifteen minutes, to give Shawn a little extra time, Mark finally got up and started walking back to the bathroom. This time, however, he found the door to be locked.

"Shawn, time's up! Jeff called and he and Hunter have been waiting in the lobby for about twenty minutes now. We are gonna be late for the movie."

Shawn opened up the door and walked into the room, smiling at his boyfriend. "And how do you know that when you don't even know what movie we are going to?"

"I don't," Mark pulled Shawn into his arms, "but it got you out of the bathroom."

Shawn leaned up and gave Mark a quick kiss before asking, "Was it worth the wait?"

Mark let his eyes scan down the body in his arms and smiled. He was wearing a tight deep blue polo shirt that made his eyes more prominent then usual and a pair of slim fitting khaki pants. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail and he was admiring the dark blue jeans and black dress shirt that was covering Marks frame.

"Definitely," Mark replied before lowering his head and brushing his lips against the younger man's throat, kissing a path up and down his neck.

"You don't look so bad yourself but I think we need to go shopping and get some color in your wardrobe." Shawn leaned his head to the side giving Mark more room to explore.

"You saying I don't look good in black?"

"No, not at all but it might be nice to see some color on you."

Mark pulled back and looked down at Shawn's smiling face. Leaning down he covered Shawn's mouth with his own, just waiting to feel the soft lips against his. Shawn melted into the kiss, putting his hands on Mark's hips and pulling them closer together.

They let the kiss continue for a little while longer before Shawn pulled back with a smile. "Later. Right now we have a date to get to and I'm hungry!"

"So am I." Mark replied with a twinkle in his eye.

"I told you, later! Now we are going to go and get food with our friends and have a great night out."

Mark smiled and nodded before grabbing the key card for their room. Resting a hand on the small of Shawn's back he led them out the door and to the elevator. As the elevator approached the lobby Shawn reached behind him and intertwined his fingers with those on his back. They both smiled at each other and shared a brief kiss before the doors opened up and they made their way towards the seating area by the front door.

Hunter was sitting on a couch with Jeff sitting sideways on his lap and they were playing a game on Jeff's phone. "I was beginning to wonder if we would ever be able to go. Took ya long enough Princess" Hunter joked as Shawn dropped down on the couch next to them.

"Well unlike some people Hunter, I actually care about my appearance."

"And what is wrong with my appearance?"

"Nothing Hunter." Jeff interjected as he kissed Hunter. "Now let's get going before we completely miss the movie altogether. We still have dinner yet too."

"Where are we going for dinner?" Mark asked from his position next to the couch leaning against the wall.

"Nowhere fancy but it's better than fast food." Shawn cryptically replied as the four of them walked to the Hummer they rented, Jeff climbing into the driver's seat.

"Please tell me it's not Chuck E Cheese!" Hunter exclaimed with a smile.

"You'll have to wait and see."

Mark and Hunter exchanged a look of worry.

"Can we at least know what movie we're going to?" Mark asked hopefully, from his position in the back seat holding Shawn's hand.

"That would ruin all of the great planning we put into this!" Jeff chuckled.

"Hunter, are you as worried as I am?"


Their laughter was cut short as Jeff pulled into the parking lot of their destination.

"Applebee's? Really?"

"Congrats Hunter, YOU CAN READ!" Shawn exclaimed as he exited the car. Hunter playfully slapped him on the arm as they entered the restaurant.

They found a secluded booth in the back corner. As Hunter and Jeff climbed in on one side, Mark put his arm out, signaling for Shawn to sit down first. He was rewarded with a small smile and a quick kiss before Shawn obliged and sat down sliding to the inside to allow enough room for Mark.

"So which one of you came up with this place?" Mark asked as he perused the menu.

"Does it really matter?" Jeff questioned.

Mark shook his head, "Nope, just wondering."

"Jeff picked the restaurant and I picked the movie."

"Now I'm really worried about the movie!" Hunter exclaimed.

The four men's' laughter was interrupted as a young waitress approached their table to take their drink orders. After she delivered their beverages and took their food order to the kitchen, conversation resumed.

The four of them quickly fell into a groove and conversation and banter was constant. After finishing their meals, Jeff jumped up and down in his seat until they agreed to get dessert. Getting the large ice cream sundae to share, all four men grabbed their spoons and dug in. Shawn and Jeff shared a look and smiled at each other before nodding in agreement. They both grabbed a large spoonful of the ice cream and tried to feed it to their respective boyfriends.

Mark smiled and accepted the offered treat in front of him. Shawn immediately leaned in for a quick kiss and the Deadman's lips quirked up into a smile. Hunter, however, was playfully avoiding the spoonful of ice cream. Jeff slapped him on the arm before giving up and eating the ice cream himself. Hunter turned back towards him to politely ask for a bite but the words never crossed his lips.

Jeff was slowly licking the ice cream off the spoon. When he turned to look at Hunter an evil gleam appeared in his eyes and his lips curled up.

"Oh Hunt, you should've tried some. It's AMAZING!" Jeff moaned in appreciation as he slowly licked up the spoon again.

Mark and Shawn looked at each other with smiles on their faces. Hunter was absolutely speechless and his jaw was almost touching the floor. Before any of them could react Hunter reached out for the back of Jeff's head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Jeff went willingly.

Shawn just shook his head before grabbing another spoonful of ice cream and holding it out in front of Mark.

"Do you want more?"

Mark looked at the couple across from them and nodded his head, "Might as well."

So the two eldest men at the table sat there sharing their ice cream waiting for their friends to remember they weren't alone. Once the ice cream was gone, Shawn reached over and grabbed the single bowl in front of Jeff that was still full from what he had grabbed prior to the impromptu make out session he was currently undergoing. Jeff suddenly pulled away from Hunter and sent a death glare in Shawn's direction.

"Don' . .Cream!"

Shawn just shrugged his shoulders. "You didn't seem interested in it anymore."

Mark grabbed his spoon and they ate all of Jeff's ice cream as Hunter laughed at Jeff.

"Don't laugh at me! It's your fault they took it!"

"My fault? You were the one being a tease. You knew fully well what you were doing to me. Now you have to suffer the consequences."

Jeff huffed as he watched Mark take the last bite. Shawn kicked him under the table.

"Hey now! No grumpy pants on our date! If you really wanted your ice cream then you shouldn't have been making out with Hunter like a couple of teenagers. If we hadn't taken it then it would've melted and none of us could have it. Is that what you wanted? Now cheer up, it's time to go to the movie." Shawn smiled as he called the waitress over for the check.

Once they paid and walked to the car, Shawn grabbed the keys from Jeff. As Shawn drove them to the movie theater Hunter threw his arm over Jeff's shoulder and pulled him into his side.

"Hey if you're still upset about the ice cream I'll buy ya whatever candy you want at the movie but you gotta cheer up. Was the ice cream THAT much better than making out with me?" he asked with a look of mock hurt.

Jeff smiled, "Of course not but your best friend is a jealous, ice cream stealing, OLD man!"

Shawn looked at Jeff in the rearview mirror, "Who you calling old?"

"If the cowboy boot fits…"

"And what am I jealous of?"

"That me and Hunter look so damn good when we're making out."

Mark and Hunter burst out laughing as the argument continued.

"If you say so. Personally, I think me and Mark have you beat!"

Shawn pulled into the theater parking lot but didn't make a move to get out, instead waiting for Jeff's response.

"Whatever you say."

Shawn wasn't happy with the answer he got so he reached over and quickly pulled Marks lips to his. Mark wasn't too keen on the idea of making out to prove a point but he couldn't control himself when Shawn was so persistent with his kiss. Mark finally pulled away when he heard Hunter's rumbling laugh from the backseat.

"What is wrong with us?" Hunter asked as he wiped the tears off his face from laughing too hard, "We're having make out competitions?!"

Shawn chuckled," Well nobody ever said we made the smartest decisions…but I still say we won!"

Jeff smiled at him and shook his head. "Whatever you say, I'm just glad to see you two happy."

Mark and Shawn looked at each other and smiled.

"Enough with the sap! Let's go watch this mysterious movie!" Hunter chimed in as he was already climbing out of the car.

Fifteen minutes later the four men were seated in the theater, Jeff's lap full of popcorn and candy from Hunter. Shawn and Mark had moved the armrest separating their seats so that now Shawn was cuddled up to Marks side and Mark had his arm wrapped tightly around the smaller man, holding him close. Shawn had picked 'A Haunting in Connecticut' so he'd have an excuse to cuddle, as if he needed one.

As all of them settled in for the movie, Shawn looked up through his eyelashes at Mark.

"What?" the older man questioned.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Agreeing to this. I know you're not really the social type. It means a lot."

Mark smiled before capturing Shawn's lips in a tender kiss. "Anything for you."

The further the movie progressed the closer Shawn snuggled into Mark's chest. Shawn never really liked scary movies but there weren't any other options for a movie playing that he wanted to see. It wasn't that he was scared, he just didn't like surprises. Generally that's all there ever was in horror movies, surprises. Shawn glanced back over his shoulder once he heard the eerie music signaling something bad would soon happen on screen, to see how Jeff and Hunter were enjoying the movie.

Hunter and Jeff were laughing at all the screams and playfully throwing popcorn back and forth at each other. Shawn was smiling at his friends when Hunter caught his eye. Hunter knew of his aversion to horror movies and was aware that Shawn was just trying to avoid looking at what was on the screen. He returned an encouraging smile to the older man and sent a pointed look to Mark while mouthing the words 'teddy bear'. Shawn chuckled and continued to lean into Marks side, resigned to watch the rest of the movie.

"Hunter, I don't think I'm gonna visit your house anytime soon" Shawn stated as they headed back to the hotel.

"Aw c'mon. Just because I live in Connecticut doesn't mean my house is suddenly haunted."

"Don't care. It gives me an excuse not to have to see your ugly mug too much."

Hunter clutched at his chest. "Aw I'm hurt! Maybe I don't want you to visit, ever think of that?"

"You love me too much."

Hunter wasn't able to snap back at Shawn because at that moment Jeff couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out laughing at their antics. His laughter was contagious and pretty soon they were all laughing.

"You two are too much! You fight like an old married couple." Jeff exclaimed.

Hunter and Shawn looked at each other and smiled.

"You never do the dishes!"

"Well you never take out the trash!"

"You don't love me anymore!" Shawn mock cried.

"Fine. We're done!"

Hunter smiled, "There, we're not married anymore."

Mark chuckled, "Alright kiddo, now that that's settled lets head up to bed."

The degenerates were having so much fun being 'married' that they hadn't even noticed they were now sitting in the hotel parking lot.

"Aw, is it getting late for the old man? Gotta go to sleep?" Jeff teased Mark.

"Who said anything about sleeping?" Mark smirked, winking at Jeff.

Shawn blushed as the other two laughed. After they walked into the lobby Hunter and Jeff said their goodbyes and walked to the elevator to go to their room.

Shawn looked up at Mark. "So you're NOT tired?"

Mark just smirked back before grabbing Shawn and throwing him over his shoulder, walking to the elevator.

"Put me down!"

"Nope. And stop causing a scene." To emphasize his point Mark lightly slapped Shawn on his backside.


"Yup, yours is nice."

Shawn had expected Mark to put him down once the elevator doors closed, but Mark had other plans.

"Why aren't you putting me down yet?"

"Because I'm taking you to our room so I can have my way with you."

Shawn stopped resisting.

The elevator doors opened and Mark easily strode down the hallway to their room. He quickly got the door open and sloped inside, putting Shawn and himself on the bed before the door even clicked shut.

Deciding to take his time and enjoy it, Mark kept his kisses light, much to the chagrin of HBK.

"Mark Please!"

"What Shawn? What do you want?"

"More. More of you, more of this, more of everything!"

"You'll get all of that but I want to take my time tonight." To punctuate his words Mark slowly started to place kisses along his lovers' neck.

Resigning himself to the pleasurable torture ahead Shawn reached down and started to undo Mark's pants, quickly removing them from the large frame above him. Mark grabbed Shawn's wrists and held them above his head.

"Keep those there!" he whispered huskily, adding a glare.

Shawn sighed in frustration but did as he was told.

Mark reached up to pull the ponytail out and let the golden mane cascade around his boyfriends head on the pillow. As he leaned down to kiss those lips he had become addicted to, he started to pull up the hem of Shawn's shirt. Pulling away from the kiss he moved lower and started peppering Shawn's abdomen with slow kisses.

Shawn writhed around, desperately wanting to touch Mark. He contemplated what Mark would do if he moved his arms.

"Move em and I'll stop," Mark murmured against Shawn's skin.

"How do you DO that?" Shawn exclaimed, growing more frustrated by the second.


Mark removed Shawn's shirt from his body then his followed.

Hands roaming all the right spots on Shawn's body, Mark gently started kissing his way up to the younger man's jugular, nipping occasionally.

"Mark," Shawn pleaded.

"What sunshine?"

"Please! Let me touch you!"

Without saying a word Mark just nodded his head and as soon as Shawn felt the movement his hands were running up and down the muscles on Mark's back.

Mark finally made his way up to Shawn's face and stared down into the beautiful blue eyes in front of him.

"You know I love you right?"

"You know I love you more?" Shawn answered before closing the space between them, fusing their lips together in a passionate kiss.

Keeping their mouths connected, Mark reached down and started tugging at the slacks Shawn wore. Shawn broke away long enough to shimmy out of the pants and boxers before removing the rest of Mark's clothing as well.

"Somebody's in a hurry." Mark chuckled as he lay back down over Shawn.

"Shut up and move on with it already!"

A smirk crossed the Deadman's face before he quickly turned Shawn over onto his stomach, pinning his arms underneath.

"Dammit Mark! Now how am I supposed to touch you?"

"You're very whiny tonight. Is there something you want?"

"You know damn well what I want!"

Mark leaned down to whisper in Shawn's ear, "And what would that be?"

Shawn shuddered as Mark's breath caressed his ear. "Fuck me."

Mark instead started peppering feather light kisses across the muscular back before him; paying extra attention to the hot spots he knew would drive his lover crazy. Shawn started writhing around trying to get friction on his hard cock, pinned to the mattress below him. Once Mark laid along Shawn's body fully he started to thrust back, hoping Mark would take the hint and finally give him what he wanted. Mark had to pull his body back because every nerve ending he had was on fire and the beast inside him was screaming to be let loose on the willing body before him.

Shawn rolled onto his back when Mark's grip lessened, smiling up at the lust filled eyes above him.

"You are evil!" Mark grumbled.

"Look who's talking,"

Mark smiled as he again captured Shawn's mouth in a sensual kiss. As Shawn opened his mouth to him, Mark reached for the lube he put under the pillow. Shawn's breath quickened as he heard the lid pop but all too soon Mark ended the kiss and moved lower.

Shawn watched with wide eyes as Mark dipped his tongue into his navel before descending further. Mark locked eyes with his boyfriend before using his tongue to tease the slit of Shawn's cock. Shawn moaned but never broke the eye contact. Mark smiled before licking the underside of the shaft, from base to tip and sucking lightly on the head. Shawn threw his head back as his eyes started to roll to the back of his head. Before he could regain control, Mark took all of him into his mouth and started a steady movement up and down, sucking hard once he reached the tip.

Shawn's hands latched onto the back of Mark's head, following his movements but not forcing them. Unconsciously Shawn started to thrust gently into the warm mouth around him. Mark relaxed his throat and let Shawn have control as he reached for the forgotten lube and applied some to his fingers. Shawn continued to thrust upwards till the felt the warm digits breaching his entrance. Shawn stilled to allow Mark easier access. Once Mark had added a second finger Shawn began thrusting in earnest, not sure which he wanted more, Mark's fingers or his mouth.

"Maaaaarrk! Stop, I c-can't take…more. Need you..n-now!"

Mark slowly pulled himself off of Shawn's cock; giving the head a loving kiss before quickly adding a third finger and watching as the ecstasy crossed Shawn's face. Mark abruptly pulled his fingers out and before he could reach the lube, Shawn already had the bottle and had poured some on his hand. Reaching one hand down to apply the lube to Mark's throbbing cock, his other hand reached up to pull Mark in for a sloppy kiss. They both moaned as Shawn slowly stroked Mark and the kiss deepened.

Without breaking the kiss Shawn lined Mark up with his entrance and Mark thrust in as Shawn wrapped his legs around his waist. The kiss ended as Shawn gasped with the sudden fullness. Mark stilled, allowing them both to calm down a little bit, not wanting it to end too soon. A few moments later Shawn shifted his hips giving the okay to Mark who took a deep breath then slowly pulled out until just the tip still remained in Shawn then he roughly thrust forward. Mark repeated the slow motion again and again.

Shawn roughly grabbed Mark's hair and pulled him down to look him in the eye, "I said fuck me!"

Mark growled before pulling all the way out and rolling Shawn onto his stomach again. He quickly thrust back in causing Shawn to moan into the pillow. Pulling Shawn up to his knees Mark placed one hand on his hip and the other on his shoulder for stability before thrusting quick and hard into Shawn's willing body.

Shawn pushed back against every forward thrust from his lover, both men speeding up each time. Mark moved his hand from Shawn's shoulder to his back and pushed him down until his chest was flush with the bed. Putting both hands on Shawn's sinfully smooth hips he slowed down his thrusts before stilling completely.

Shawn grunted in response, so far gone that he couldn't even form the words of protest. Mark leaned forward and started kissing and nipping at Shawn's neck. The movement caused Mark to brush against Shawn's prostate. Shawn moaned loudly and tried to get Mark to stay where he was but Mark wasn't going to make it that easy. He leaned back again and started again with the quick, erratic thrusts.

Shawn finally had enough of the give and take so he used all his strength to push Mark back. Mark, surprised by the motion, fell backward, still connected to Shawn, and landed on his back with Shawn sitting in his lap. Shawn lifted himself up and turned around so he was now facing the smirking face of his boyfriend.

"I'm starting to get the idea you like it on top."

"Well yeah, when you're torturing me what else am I supposed to do?"

"Enjoy the ride?"

Shawn lightly smacked Mark in the chest before he lowered himself, sheathing Mark in the tight heat again. Shawn quickly started bouncing up and down, ignoring Mark's vice like grip on his hips trying to get him to slow down. He kept shifting around trying to find the perfect angle, but never quite able to get it right. Mark finally couldn't hold out anymore and wrapped his arms around Shawn's back, lowering him to the bed with their lips constantly in contact with one another. Mark found the angle Shawn had failed to find and started ruthlessly pounding into Shawn's prostate again. Shawn mewled and ran his fingernails down the strong back above him. As Shawn grabbed Mark's ass to pull him even tighter against him Mark felt himself starting to lose control as a tingly feeling started in his gut. Reaching down, Mark roughly grabbed Shawn's bobbing cock and pumped in sync with his hips as he nibbled on the heartbreaker's ear, one of Shawn's weak spots.

Shawn suddenly saw white as he cried out Mark's name with his release, soon after feeling Mark release inside him before he blacked out.

Shawn came to as he felt Mark cleaning him off with a wet rag from the bathroom.

"Back with me?"

"Yeah. That was…" he trailed off after he couldn't find the appropriate word to express how he felt.

Mark chuckled as he tossed the dirty rag onto the floor to mix with their discarded clothes. "Thanks."

"Cocky asshole."

"Do you really want to go there sunshine?"

Shawn just smiled softly as Mark lay back down on the bed, instantly cradling Shawn in his arms.

"We definitely need to do date night more often," Shawn whispered into the older man's chest.

"Yeah whatever you say. But we can't have too many more nights like this with 'Mania coming up. Neither one of us will be able to walk to the ring let alone have a match."

"Oh I'm sure we'll find a way." Shawn gently gave Mark a kiss before snuggling into the man that surrounded him, more than ready for a good night's rest.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxxxX

"Let me see it."

"Shawn, I'm fine. I've had worse."

"Yeah but this time it's my fault so let me see it!"

Both men were sitting in their locker room after their tag team match on RAW. They had worked together perfectly in the ring, getting the win over JBL and Vladimir. They still gave each other glares and trash talked to allow the fans to still believe they hated each other going into their match at 'Mania but there were subtle looks here and there that would have given them away if the camera's had caught them. One of which being Mark's murderous glare at Vladimir as he locked Shawn into a bear hug, torturing the man's already fragile back. At that moment Shawn didn't care though. He had superkicked Mark after the match and now Mark was holding ice to his jaw.

Mark slowly removed the ice as Shawn had requested and allowed the smaller man to inspect the damage. To Shawn's relief there wasn't any bruising or redness. Shawn still gave the older man a kiss as an apology.

"Told you it wasn't so bad,"

"Yeah well I know how hard I can kick and with all the fans going crazy out there I thought I had gone too far."

"Shawn," Mark sighed, "I'm not a gentle little flower. I think I can take it."

"Good. Then make sure you can handle it at 'Mania because I'm gonna give you the mother of all kicks as I ruin your streak."

Mark just stared at Shawn. "I worry sometimes about how quickly you can switch from one thought to the next."

Shawn just smiled before kissing Mark again, tossing the icepack on the floor beside them. Before the kiss could get too deep, Cena walked in.

"Whoa! My eyes! They buuuurn!"

Mark reached down and grabbed the icepack again, chucking it at the smiling man before him.

"Hey watch it! Not my fault you two can't keep it in your pants!"

"John, if you keep bothering us then we won't mind if you see more than you want to." Shawn smirked at his friend as his eyes grew wide with understanding of what Shawn meant.

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Wanna bet?"

"Damn! Okay I'll knock from now on. Just wanted to say congrats on the match. You two killed it."

Mark just nodded in answer as Shawn thanked John before he left to get ready for his own match that night.

"So what do you wanna do now?" Shawn asked as his fingers played with the straps of Mark's singlet.

"I don't care. What do you wanna do? With our clothing on!" Mark amended as he saw the look on Shawn's face.

"Well we are in San Antonio. Why don't I give you the ultimate tour of the town then we can head back to my place and just cuddle up and watch a movie together?"

"That sounds perfect." Mark leaned forward and gently brushed his lips with those of the man in his lap.

Both men quickly got dressed and left the arena, looking forward to a week off together with nothing to do until RAW the next week.

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