Author's Notes: I started a series of drabble-a-thons at my LJ comm. This is what I entered at my own drabble-a-thons. Felt like sharing elsewhere.


by e-dog

Summary: A collection of drabbles I've submitted to my own LJ community, d_or_c. General spoilers for the series. [Sarah/Andy; Charley Dixon; Kyle Reese]

1: To Feel This; Sarah/Andy, anything; G

He wonders if she can feel this.

When he runs a hand through her hair, presses his lips to hers. He feels stupid and silly and probably a little naive, if he's honest. She's ruggedly beautiful, a woman with a potent stare, a cryptic grin. He's just a young man, a boy, his smile lopsided and goofy, his hair a little frizzy and too long.

There's an incredible weight resting on her shoulders. It's obvious, even to him, but she won't share it with him. Not even as she kisses him back does she relinquish any of her burden.

She has secrets, but he doesn't care. He's head over heels in love with someone he's only just met. He can't believe how much he's willing to show her and tell her. For him to be able to give so freely, he desperately wonders if she can feel this.

His eyes slowly open. She gazes at him with what he thinks might be love, but it's actually sympathy and he knows that this is probably the last time he'll ever see her. He wants to beg, he wants to plead that she stay, but she forces an apologetic smile before she steps back and away.

"That was a mistake," she says.

He shakes his head. "Don't say that. Don't. Tell me what you want."

Here he was, Andy Goode, willing to do anything to keep the enigmatic Sarah Baum in his life.

She caresses his cheek with the palm of her hand, her eyes growing sadder with each passing millisecond and he no longer wonders if she can feel what he feels. She knows it and maybe wants it, but her actions still don't convey the love he seeks and his heart crushes from the weight of knowing he'll never feel this ever again.