Author's Notes: I started a series of drabble-a-thons at my LJ comm. This is what I entered at my own drabble-a-thons. Felt like sharing elsewhere.


by e-dog

Summary: A collection of drabbles I've submitted to my own LJ community, d_or_c. General spoilers for the series. [Sarah/Andy; Charley Dixon; Kyle Reese]

3: A Moment of Peace; Kyle, pistachio; G


"He had this stupid grin on his face," she recalled, chuckling softly. She was leaning on the doorframe of his bedroom. Her young son was curled up in a ball, listening eagerly. He liked this story. He liked hearing about his father. The nights were so cold and lonely sometimes. The fear was often too great. He liked hearing about his father.

"Kyle," she began softly, not really intending to say his name. Their courtship was short-lived, but the fates gave them just enough time to fall helplessly. Just enough time to conceive a son. Sarah shut her eyes and amended, "Your father saw the world differently. He was rediscovering everything. The future had robbed him of the simple things and the world he described to me was so desolate, so hopeless. He kept telling me that there wasn't enough time to explain it all to me. Then he found that stupid can of nuts."

John smiles now. He had heard this story a thousand times and he would hear it a thousand more, if only to pretend he knew his father as the person his mother remembered.