Author's note: Inspired by the homonymous title of Opeth's album I decided to write this poem. I haven't tried poetry before, so I just hope it came out well. It's freestyle, modern poetry; there's no rhyme and such. The poem is centered on the moments just after Anna's death, while Van Helsing is holding her dead body in his arms. Please tell me what you think!

My Arms, Your Hearse

In a moment's breath

The time was shattered

And the moon cast its silver glance on me

A twisted halo around my face of despair

Searing me in its splendor

As you lay in my arms

Cold, still and lifeless

Clad in death's eternal veil

Walking the path with no return

Accompanied by your bitter memories

With a blood-covered hand

I wrote your epitaph

With a blood-lusting growl

I sang your requiem

And then I stood alone

Alone as I've ever been

Lost in my mind's shadows

And the shadows of death danced around us

Laughing in their sickened reverie

And reveling in the defeat of celestial beauty

They claimed your immortal soul

Naked, I tried to shield you away

As the howl became a cry

I cradled you in my arms

Lamenting my lost love

In hopeless tears

I whispered your name

But you were beyond my reach

The yearning escaped from my embrace

As if you could find solace in my arms now

My arms, your hearse