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It all started one rainy afternoon, when the winds howled and whined, an omen for some, a sign of something bad to others.

The Hitachiin brothers hated the rain, it was wet, it clinged to the clothes, and made their hair soggy. Not that they had to walk in the rain, ever. Yet, as they stepped from limo, holding the umbrella clinging to each other.

"We hate the rain." The muttered together starting the long trudge up to the school, each step becoming harder, slower, as they felt cling to the bottom of their pants.

"FREE SHOWER!" A Voice screamed dancing around in the rain, jumping in puddles all the way up a path sprinting past them.

"Mikan-chan your going to get all muddy." Her sister scolded as she walked behind her, holding an umbrella.

The brothers glanced, expecting to see a young girl and her old sister, but it was quite the opposite. The older sister seemed to be frolicking in the rain, laughing hysterically as she did it, while her sister walked behind shaking her head as if she was embarrassed to be associated with her.

"Mikan-chan, please!" Her sister seethed crossing her arms," Fine! Get wet! I'll see you after school."
With that the younger girl turned and headed, to what was most likely the middle school.

"Okay, I love you Aya-chan!" The girl laughed waving good-bye, she jumped again splashing the puddle everywhere. They paused in front of her. She stopped and stared back. The rain continued to pour around them, but she simply stood there as if she was waiting for them to do something, even as her hair became soaked. They returned her gaze, when she suddenly yelled, "HA! You blink ten points for me! I'm Mikan by the way? Who are you?"

They walked past her ignoring the last question, through the doors, leaving her standing in the rain.

"Was it something I said?" She wondered aloud and shrugged running in through the double doors behind them. Fate would have it; after all it was a rainy day, and well rain boots don't always have the best traction on the floor.

Thunk! Boom! Crash! A jumble of arms and limbs was the result on the cold hard floor.

"Aya!" She moaned holding her head as she sat up. She was actually quite comfortable.

"Can you get off?" The twins growled, as she sat on top of them. She didn't hesitate as she pulled herself off them.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" She answered giving a small bow, "I'm very clumsy sometimes."
They glared at her, as they stood up supporting each other, and left again without another word. She glanced down; a stuff bunny lay on the floor, "Hey wait you forgot your-"

But they were gone. She sighed, what a way to start school. Yet, she shrugged it off, heading off to her first class, except all the seats were full. She sat down in the back, shrugging off her rain coat, feeling a bit like a flamingo in a flock of peacocks.

The girl wore yellow dresses and nice black shoes, yet there she was in a mini skirt and tie, with her polka dotted rain boots. The bunny she shoved in her brief case, maybe she could find them later.

"Did Hunny give you his bunny?" A girl asked her as stepped in front her desk., a pack of whispers erupted, behind the girl at the very mention of the name.

"Uh, no, these twins happened to drop it this morning." Mikan said smoothly, "I was going to return it, but they ran off."

"The Hitachiin brothers!" a squeals erupted across the room, "So cute!"

'Oh? Who are they?" Mikan asked, recalling the two guys she had knocked down this morning.

The flamingo suddenly found herself surrounded by a flock of peacocks.

"You've never heard of them?" They asked her, "You poor thing. But you probably could never attend that club."

It had suddenly turned into a Q& A session, and it seemed blasphemous that she didn't know whom the Hitachiin brothers, or Hunny or even the host club.
"Really? Do you have done something crazy to get in?" She asked curious.

The girls looked at each other and laughed, "Oh no no no. It costs-money." They finished in a whisper.

"Oh?" She asked raising an eye brow, "What makes you suspect that I lack a sufficient amount of cash?"

The girls blushed, "Well it's simply your clothes, most students wear the uniform, and-"

Mikan looked at her "uniform" ,"This I decided to put my own spin."

Well that was partly true, but one look at the yellow dress her eyeballs burned at the sight of it. Her sister was in love with her uniform, wore it for three days around the house. Of course it was a heck of a lot cuter , than the yellow dress. She'd be frolicking around if she got to wear a sailor top and skirt.

"It's very interesting." The girls agreed, trying their best to be polite. She returned their smiles, "I am Mikan. Who are you?"
The girls glanced at each other, as if they needed a universal approval to say anything else.

"I'm Ria." A girl with brown hair smiled extending her hand, the others stayed silent. It reminded Mikan of being under surveillance.

"It is so nice to meet you Ria, are those real emeralds?" She asked pointing to the two small gems in the girl's ears. They giggled again. It seemed she had managed to pass some sort of test, because they sat right down and began gossiping and complaining about different classes and teachers.

They sure attach quickly at this school, Mikan noted, Not exactly a bad thing.

"You should never sit in the back." A girl called Momo warned, "It's social suicide. 2nd row from the back is okay, back, back, and you might as well bury yourself in a hole. Now, the popular girls, you can tell, because of the matching necklaces they wear the hearts with the arrows through them, they usually have first pick of any guys. They go for the you known the sports guys. Now the most popular are the host club, but they don't go out with anybody. Many girls have tired and all got their hearts broken, but everybody learned long ago they go out with anyone, it's part of their rules."

"So what do you do at this host club?" Mikan questioned enthralled at the social structure of her new High School.

"Well you designate a host, and they entertain you." Ria answered with a smile, "There are a six different types, cool, prince, wild card, little devils, natural and Loli-Shota." Momo went on excitedly, "The little devils are the hitachiin brothers, they are so cute!"

"Not to mention honey." Ari reminded her, clasping her hands to her chest.

Mikan resisted the strong urge to laugh, "Wow. We never had a club like this at my old school. It sounds delightful."

Wow that sounded lame, she thought to herself, but the girls didn't seem to mind.

"You need to come with us." Yui gushed, she had long blonde curls that seemed to bounce every time she moved her head, "I'm sure honey-sempai will be missing his bunny."
The other nodded in agreement, "He always has his bunny. I wonder why they had it?" Momo said flabbergasted, "Maybe they stole it from him."

'Momo!" Yui scolded, "They would never do something so horrible. Tamaki-sempia would not have allowed it."

They all flushed that time at the mere mention of his name. "Who?' Mikan asked

They looked at her in a dead pan silence, "YOU"VE NEVER HEARD OF TAMAKI SEMPIA!"

Mikan felt herself fall over from the force of their combined voices, "No, I just started you see-"

"THAN IT IS REQURIED THAT YOU COME WITH US!" They yelled happily," You'll love it!"

Momo yanked out a series of magazines, "These cover all the host members."

Mikan took one look and realized she must have fallen in another dimension as she simply scanned through. Daily routines, photographs, costumes-she twitched, over loaded on all of it.

O to the m to the g, what have I just agreed to, she thought to herself, They entertain these girls everyday! How to they survive being that gorgeous and still abscond from dating!

The only guys she had ever known, well they weren't this. She fingered her pink hair, and they would defiantly not go for this, not that I'm going spend my money on something so filvrious.

'Oh I wonder if they'll be in cosplay today." Ria gushed as Yui nodded excitedly next to her, "I love it when they dress up!"

At least I know why they're melting on the floor, Mikan smiled as she flipped to a page of where they were dressed in traditional kimonos.

The bell rang, "Come on Mikan-kun!" Momo smiled yanking her hand, "You just stick with us today."

Yui and Ria nodded in agreement, she simply had to stay with them.

Mikan smiled and welcomed the invitation, but felt so alienated as they talked about their vacations, who they had dated, that all she could manage was thrown in the occasional comment. The girls were even happier though at her silence, as if they felt they could simply gush out all their gossip on her.

I'll know everybody and their sister, by the end of the day, She smiled to herself as she walked to the next class. She saw the twins a few more times that day, her, well she assumed, her friends giggled every time they caught her looking.

"Silly Mikan." Yui giggled pulling her along, as she had tried to go after them.

Momo and Rai simply smiled at each other, talking in whispers, though not bothering to include her or Yui.

She had even bothered to get on a table waving the bunny after them, but they had turned the corner before she could yell. She smacked her hand against her face, "Aya! I can't win today."

She really didn't want to go to the host club. It seemed they flattered over you or each other, and she was dragging her feet when the dreaded hour came, when they began the long trek to the third music room.

"Mikan don't be shy." Rai smiled," The twins will be there also."

Yui and Momo giggled, forcing them at a faster pace.

"Just get in, Return honey's rabbit and leave." She told herself, as she walked behind the three other girls who giggled again anticipation,"Jeez you think they got high off of doing this."


"You two lost Honey's bunny?" Tamaki seethed, "That is his bunny. That is worse than the time you spilled tea!"

They shuddered at the memory of an angry Honey.

"It's not our fault, M'lord." The twins shrugged, "We we're in a hurry this morning."

"A hurry that you lost his bunny!" Tamaki yelled again, "What were you thinking! We need to send a special team, search your homes! We need to find that bunny!"

"I think you're over reacting again." Haruhi commented, "Remember last time Mori, said that the bunny really wanted tea."

The twins suddenly where hit with a bolt of inspiration, "AHH! HARUHI! THAT IS WHY WE LOVE YOU!"

"Where is my bunny?" Hunny asked as he stepped into the third music room, Mori close behind.

The twins glanced at each other, "He wanted to go get you some cake." They waited, but Hunny simply smiled, "CAKE? Yeah! Cake! Do you think what kind of cake he knew to get me Mori?"

Mori simply nodded, and Hunny smiled.

Tamaki sighed another crisis averted. There was suddenly a great rush of foot steps, "QUICK ASSUME THE POSISTION!"

"Welcome!" They greeted, as host of girls rushed in leaving a pile of dust behind them.

"Hunny! Is it true your bunny is missing?" a host of girls simply fawned over him. Hunny stared back suddenly breaking into tears, "Missing-Missing-I thought he was just getting me some cake."
"Oh Hunny!" They crooned, "I'm sure that's the reason. Please don't cry."

He reduced it to sniffles, laughing, "Really? Yeah! I would be really upset if my bunny ever went missing."

The twins caught his glance, turning pale. "We really should find his bunny!" Hikaru commented, Kaoru nodded,.

"But where would it be. We had it up to this morning-"

They looked at each other, the rain puddle girl. "She must have taken it mistaken it for another stuff animal. OR maybe she plans to sell auction it off to the girls at school, they would go crazy over a item like that." They muttered in unison pacing back and forth.

"Ah-"a girl asked, she was standing outside the door, holding in her hand, a pink, brown eyed bunny,

"Came to return the bunny, you stole?" They asked circling her, as she was forced to back in the room.

"That was hunny's bunny." They continued, "That wasn't very nice."

Everybody was staring at the newcomer, a host of whispers. Hunny stood in the back glaring, "She stole my bunny?"

"You sick person! Stealing such an innocents bunny!" Tamaki now joined in from behind.

"Sick! Very wrong!" The twins continued to mock.

The girl only became more flustered turning a deep shade of red and spinning in circles, "I only came to return his bunny after you dropped it this morning! " She pointed an accusing finger at the twins as she began to cry, "Here!" She throwing it on the ground and running out the doors.

Everybody stared, at the three in the middle as a collective gasp filled the air.

"You left it?" Tamaki yelled glaring at the twins, "YOU ACCUSED A YOUNG PRINCESS OF A CRIME SHE DIDN"T COMMIT! This is the worst thing you've ever done! This is worst than the time you threw tea cups into the pond to see if they floated!"

"You joined in to, M'lord." The twins commented

Tamaki twitched, going to his corner of woe and cultivating mushrooms.

"Aww Tamaki. It is okay, we know you we're simply trying to defend Hunny!" The girls crooned as he continued to pick at the floor.

"She came to give me back my bunny." Hunny asked, picking it up off the floor, "After you left it ?"

The twins twitched at Hunny's glare,

"We'll go find her and apologize for our actions." They answered quickly exiting.

The room erupted into a pile of sequels and giggles as they were either comforting Hunny or Tamaki, or gossiping about the twins.
"Maybe she liked them." Momo commented as she sipped tea, "She could have been pretending to ignorant about the club."

Ria and Yui gasped, "Momo! She just transferred here, it must be hard for her. "

Yet the conversation had now turned to weather, Mikan the mysterious new transfer student, really had secret feelings for the brothers.
"But they would never be return them! That would tear them apart" Yui pointed out. The girls squealed at the idea, "A love triangle between two brothers and a shy girl! How romantic! Fighting between their emotions for each other and her!"

"Kya!" Momo yelled turning red at the idea,' How dramatic."

"Really" Haruhi commented to herself, "The things these girls come up with."

But she stole a glance at Kyoya he had that certain glint in his eyes, that suggested the evil shadow lord had just formed an idea. Haruhi shuddered at it.

"It's like two princes fighting over the same girl, who happens to be a commoner!" Momo added, "I mean I know she implied that she had money, but who doesn't wear the uniform, unless you can't afford it ."

"Kya! How even more dramatic! And their love is forbidden, not only because they fight for their own feelings and for hers, but she is of a lower status!" Ria continued

"Do you happen to know this girl personally?" Kyoya asked as he stepped beside the couch, flashing a smile pad in hand.

They looked at each other, "Well we just met her today. She said her name was Mikan, " Ria offered, "She wasn't wearing the uniform-"

"Because she said that it was due to the fact that she had put her own twist on it." Momo continued

"And she said she didn't know anything about the host club." Yui finished, "I hope they managed to find her. She looks like her feelings were really hurt."

"No worry of that." Kyoya assured them, "I'm sure they have managed to find her and given an apology for their rash actions. A few times their tricks go a little to far."

The girls all smiled in agreement, nodding their heads, returning to the gossip.


"What do you think Haruhi?" A costumer wishpered, "Do think she likes them?
"Uh, I'm not really sure." Haruhi shrugged, "I only heard most of the fight, and I don't know her personally."

The girls smiled at her response discussing among them, about if they were in love and all the other cute guys that happened to be in their grade.

"Do you think I should apologize to?" Hunny asked the girls seated around him over hearing the gossip that was going on at the other tables.

"Oh no Hunny." They answered, "It's all the twins fault. They were the ones to make her cry. You just wanted your bunny back."

"Yeah that's true. " He smiled, "Would you like some more cake?"

Tamaki wasn't faring so well, "I yelled at her. I was apart of it."
"Oh no! Tamaki!" The girls crooned, but they secretly thought he looked so beautiful in his sad pose. His face contorted in anticipation and worry.

"I suppose your right, princesses. Your kind words are a ray of sunlight on this gloomy day." He smiled, as they yelled, "Kya!" swooning.


Outside the rain continued to pour. And if there were one thing the Hitachiin brothers hated was rain. They got wet in the rain.

And it wasn't that they meant to make her cry, or expect that reaction from everybody in the club. Now they were sprinting across the expansive campus in search of a girl who they didn't even know the name of.

"Where do you think she went?" Hiraku asked, after searching the entire upstairs, even one of the bathrooms for five seconds.

Kaoru shrugged, "If you were a girl where would you go to cry."

"Outside." Hiraku snapped his fingers, "You know, to hide you tears and shame of being weak."
"Very true!" Karou agreed throwing an arm around his brother, "Let us go find her and make amends, so we can return in good favor."

Hiraku looked at his twin, "You need to stop reading all those old English plays." He sighed shaking his head.

But she wasn't outside either, though they even stopped by the middle school, to see if her sister was there.

"What do we do?" They asked each other, "M'lord will be upset. And we can't lie."

They looked at each other again, "We'll just have to confront her tomorrow."

The rain continued to pour though, perhaps they should have seen it as an omen.

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