Title: The 2am Rule

Author: PlatinumRoseLady

Disclaimer: I don't own Sam or Dean, because if I did I'd MAKE 'em sit down and TALK to each other, for goodness sake…

Drabble Challenge Word: "Shudder"

Word Count: 100 words. *Hugs the Word Count feature.*

Players: Go to Enkidu07's page, and you'll find all the usual suspects. Resistance is futile – you will be drabbleized.

Spoiler Alert: Season Four, pre-"Sex and Violence"


It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I can hear him. He's staring to thrash around on his bed, burying his face into the pillow, trying to smother his screams.

But I still hear him.

I get up silently. I kneel beside his bed; touch his face, damp with sweat and tears. A wracking sob makes his frame shudder, even as I pull him closer, whispering soothing words, trying to comfort. He doesn't pull away.

Dean won't accept a shoulder to cry on during the daytime. Breaks his "dude" rules.

But after two, I guess those rules don't count anymore.