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The sun filtered through the lace curtains and created patterns on the sleeping couple. The light danced along their skin until it came to rest right on James' eyes. His nose twitched as his hand came to wipe at his eyes. The light was persistent and refused to give James any peace. He woke suddenly and sat up. James looked around the hotel room in Madera searching for the time. 12:00. James leaned back in the bed and looked at his new wife. It was still somewhat of a shock to realize that he was married. One minute he was proposing and the next they were married and on a plane. Lily may seem very rational, but she could be just as crazy and spontaneous as Sirius sometimes.

James rolled onto his side and propped himself up on his elbow. He lightly traced the slope of her nose and the curve of her jaw. Lily mumbled something in her sleep and pressed herself closer to James. A smile curved his lips as her arms wove around him. Even though they had been together for two years now it was still hard to believe that Lily was actually his. She chose him. She loved him. James skimmed his hand over Lily's arm and along the curve of her hip. A warm breeze fluttered through the drapes changing the shadows on Lily. James placed a light kiss on her temple as he gently untangled himself from her to answer the knock on the door. Lily made a small sound of discomfort and snuggled into the warm indent left by James.

James pulled on a pair of boxers as he walked to the door. Waiting on the other side was a waiter with a tray full of Danishes, fruit, and champagne. "PĂ©rdon, Senor. The hotel would like to offer you and your new wife this breakfast tray in congratulations."

James stepped out from in front of the door and waved the man inside before quickly moving to cover Lily with the sheets. James turned back to the waiting server and handed him a few bills. "Thank you. It looks great."

The dark haired man took the money and exited after a quick thank you. "Gracias, Senor."

James turned back toward Lily only to find her sitting up in the bed rubbing sleep out of her eyes. She smiled shyly at James across the room. "Morning, Mr. Potter."

James smiled back at Lily. "Good morning, Mrs. Potter." A slight chuckle escaped James as he saw Lily blush. The fact that Lily blushed so easily was one of the things that James loved most about Lily. "What are you blushing about, love, you've only just woken up?"

"Nothing. I was just thinking that I wouldn't mind hearing you say that every morning." Lily adopted a flirtier look as she continued, "I also wouldn't mind you grabbing the food and joining me back in bed once you lose the boxers."

James smiled as he complied. James handed the tray to Lily as he climbed back into the bed with his new wife. He kissed her before murr murring against her lips, "And to think Sirius said there were no rewards to marriage."


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