AN: So I haven't written a fanfiction in a while. But I loved Spectacular! So I'm going to do my best. This takes place a few months after the end of the movie, Nikko, Courtney and the gang have graduated, and it's the summer time before they go off to college.

"Thanks for coming with me Janet, I know rock isn't really your thing." Courtney said as they both stood in the back of the local club.

Janet laughed. "It's not your thing either, Court. But it's Nikko, how could you resist?" She smirked.

"I want to support him!" Courtney argued. "He's back with Flux and I want him to know that I don't mind him being in his old band, it's his passion."

"But what about Spectacular?" Janet asked.

"Spectacular is over. We graduated. Nikko and I will do music together at the LA Performing Art college, but this summer, he wants to be in his band, and I'm going to every show." She smiled. "I think I'm a groupie."

Janet snickered. "I guess so. But did Nikko agree to go to LA with you?"

"Well we want to be together, and why wouldn't he want to come? It's music just the same." Courtney replied.

"Look, I'm just saying, Nikko cares about you, but he also wants to go on tour with Flux, ever since we recorded the demo they have been planning a tour."

Courtney sighed. "He wouldn't. Things have been so perfect with Nikko and I. We want to stay together after high school. I've never liked anyone like this before. Not even Royce."

"Yeah, I've seen the way he looks at you. You two seem really serious. Do you love him?"

Courtney looked down. "I… don't know."

Before Janet could reply, Flux stepped on stage and played the familiar rock intro, and, as usual, Nikko barely missed his cue. Courtney watched with admiration as Nikko belted out his perfect voice, and danced around with complete confidence. Several girls at the front of the stage screamed his name and reached to touch his hands. Courtney wasn't jealous though, she knew that he preferred her. At one point Nikko saw Courtney at the back of the room, stared for a moment, smiled then went back to the song. Courtney let out a dreamy sigh.

Janet giggled. "He is crazy about you."

Courtney smiled.

At the end of the show Courtney said goodbye to Janet and went to the side of the club to find Nikko. The moment he saw her he took her in his arms and kissed her eagerly. Meanwhile, the rest of the band had to load the van themselves.

The bass player, Aimee rolled her eyes. "Get a room you two."

Courtney pulled away. "You were amazing out there, Nikko." She held both his hands.

"Thanks for coming. "Nikko kissed her again. "Is Janet around? I thought I saw her with you."

"Yeah she decided to leave after the show, she knew we would want to be together. "

Nils set down his amp. "Nikko we're going to an after show party, wanna come?"

"Aw I don't think his little show choir girlfriend is up for it." Aimee said in a high mocking voice.

Courtney scowled. "Actually we had other plans."

Nikko put his arm around her. "See you guys later."

"Whatever man "Nils said, he and the rest of the band drove away.

Nikko and Courtney held hands as they walked back to his apartment.

"Did you… want to go to the party? Cause, I wouldn't have minded." Courtney said.

"Nah, I don't do that stuff anymore, do you want to just chill at my place?" Nikko let go of her hand and put his arm around her.


"Besides." Nikko said. "We have a whole summer to plan."

"It's going to be amazing." Courtney agreed

Sneak Peak:

Courtney knew that Nikko was going too far again. "Nikko stop." she murmered.

AN: I realize how short and boring this chapter is. But I am just setting things up, this WILL get good. I am writing the story whether or not people like it, but I would really appreciate some reviews. Thanks.