The Mistake I Would Make Again ( Dean 21, Sam 17, Jillian newly 15)

"This can't be happening,' Jill pleaded in the small, dirty reststop bathroom. 'Come on, it was only one night, damn it.' she cursed in pure desperation. She kept her eyes on the mirror to prevent her from looking at the home pregnancy test she deliberately placd face-down from unconsciously glancing at it and knowing what her future would hold before she was mentally prepared for any outcome. On the other hand, she never thought she would be undoubtedly ready. Also, if she was to remain in the bathroom until she was, her dad and older brothers would kick the door down, causing an unneccessary scene.

'NO Jill, you ARE stronger than this. Just be a grown woman and look at the stick,' she encouraged. 'Oh, what am I talking about? I'm not a woman, i'm just a norma... well a teenage girl anyway. I shouldn't have to deal with this,' her counter ego shot back.

" Oh screw it,' she thought. 'I'm looking at the damn test,' and with no further room for discussion so she couldn't chicken out, because she had terribly hard time buying the damn thing under her family's nose in the first place.

She abrupty picked up the test and took one last look at herself in the mirror, knowing full-well that her life a some-what normal teen could be over with if there were two pink lines on the other side of the stick. She flipped the little white test over.

Two pink lines, two pink lines, two pink lines, was all her mind could register. She dropped the test in the sink with a clatter, backing up until her back touched the cold plastered wall. Without caring that the floor was most likey carrying The Plague, she slowly slid down it, letting out the breathe she had been holding for a fair amount of time.

She was pregnant. She couldn't seem to wrap her head around it. I mean, how could she? The life that she had before was officially over. Never to be heard from again.

A sudden banging on the door brought her out of her current state. She wanted whoever was on the other side of the door to just go away. She needed to be alone so she could cry or even scream at the top of her lungs, whichever one came first.
"Jill, hurry up, ok. Dad wants to be on the road like, right now so we can get to Bobby's by morning," came her brother's shout through the rotting door.

It was Sam. Jill seemed to calm down a little when she heard her big brothers voice. There were certain things that always calmed her down. One was Dean's arms wrapping her in one of his normal bear hugs he would always save for her and her alone. The other was Sam's voice. The same one that sang to her when she was a little girl when she started getting worried when their daddy didn't come home for days on end. Two things that may have seemed so very simple to any other person, were her world. Her lifeline. The two things that never failed to be there and comfort her no matter what the crisis was or how far apart they were.

Finding her voice and willing it to be steady was not an easy task, but when she thought she accomplished it, she sent out her reply.

"Sure Sam, just give me a minute ok," she said standing up and one again standing in front of the mirror trying to regain her composure so nobody would realize something was off.

"Sure, just hurry up. You really don't wanna get dad in a bad mood because you were doddling though. Remember, we'll be in the car with him for most likely the next eight long know how stressful that could be."

And with that, all she was left with, was silence.

'She would tell them when the time was right,' she told herself as she took a few dep calming breaths. 'The time just wasn't now,' and without even daring to look at the pregnancy test, she turned on her heel towards the door. She turned the knob and opened the door, letting a ray a bright sunshine light up the dark restroom. She stepped out and with aquick survey, picked her family out of the crowd and put on a normal, nothing-was-wrong face and rejoined her group with the weight of the world on her shoulders.