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Touchstone - n. - Standard: a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated; an excellent quality or example that is used to test the excellence or genuineness of others; a means by which individuals are compared and judged.

I thought it was a beautiful way to refer to another person who is dear to you.

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As The Crow Flies

by Syrenia

Epilogue - South

What kind of home is this?
What kind of home is this?
I don't know
I don't care what time of day it is


Heaven knows where all this goes
Wasted thoughts that find no words
Are you listening?
Are you listening?


And measure out the sanity that falls into lunacy
Hung bittersweet, faded and lost

~ Breathless - Touchstone

Arkham. Oh, Arkham. How fitting that he be placed in his asylum.

Two days in, however, he noticed the changes which irked him to no end. Suddenly, the patients were given more freedom and attempts at rehabilitation.

'Rehabilitation?' he thought incredulously upon hearing this news. 'Patients don't rehabilitate, you fools!'

But why should he bother to correct the error of their ways?

Days became weeks and he found only one thing he truly missed. Scarecrow missed scaring people, of course, but even that thrilling thought no longer stirred anything within Jonathan. All he could think about was her. What she was doing, who she was with, how she felt - those were the questions he wondered over in his lengthy alone time.

When his psychiatrist would come to chat and assess the remnants of his sanity, he refused to talk about anything but her - only her and nothing else.

"What does she look like?" Dr. Grayson finally asked, prepared to take notes.

"Soft, thick, long, wild, dark brown hair and almond-shaped, stormy blue-grey eyes," Jonathan replied with his eyes closed, visualizing her. "Heart-shaped face; small, button nose; big, pink lips; thin, curved, dark brown eyebrows... Soft, pale, white skin. Long, slender fingers on small, fragile hands with long, scratching, black nails. Curvy body with a pierced naval and a numeric pi tattoo on the small of her back."

He went on, in a trance with his imagination, "She's wearing leopard print pajamas and slippers and--"

"I think that will be enough, Mr. Crane," the doctor cut him off rudely, Scarecrow snarling at him in the back of Jonathan's mind. "What would you like to say about her today that isn't graphic in any manner whatsoever?"

"I miss her," the wayward doctor muttered so low that only Scarecrow and himself could hear it.

After an intermission of silence, the doctor asked as he flipped through his files, "How did your obsession with this... Chelsie begin?"

"I was in her apartment. Neither of us really knew the implications of my name - what I'd done - but I knew I couldn't be seen in public," Jonathan explained, deciding he might as well tell the truth as he had nothing to lose. "I was stuck in her apartment every day, most spent getting to know her. Subtle, one-sided things began to happen. I touched her a little too long - stared at her a little too much. But she didn't see it because she's so naive..."

He sighed at the memories, "She would leave sometimes and I thought I could do things to make her stay. I did things I thought would make her happy, but ended up being... disasters..."

"Such as?" Grayson inquired with interest, leaning back in his chair.

"The first time, I cleaned her apartment's main room," Jonathan told him, smirking at the memory. "She came home, saw the clean room, dropped her purse and shouted. She asked what I did before throwing things everywhere, chanting, "Messy, messy, messy!" And when she was done, she looked at me with chaos in her eyes and shouted, "Reverse neat freak!""

"Messes make her feel safe. Clean spaces make her feel paranoid," he explained to his psychiatrist. "How was I to know?"

The other doctor quirked a brow and asked, "And the second time?"

"I beat the highscore of her favorite video game," Jonathan recalled. "Instead of looking happy when I told her, she frowned. It turned out that that highscore was the only accomplishment she felt she had in life and I destroyed it... But she faked a smile and said she'd just have to beat my score... She locked herself in her room for days afterward."

"Another time," Grayson prompted.

Jonathan didn't like reviewing his mistakes, but obliged, "Her stupid, pathetic boyfriend of the time wouldn't listen to me, so I held a knife to his throat... She came home, saw us, and they had a fight. I don't regret that. I regret scaring her afterward... but I don't want to talk about that."

"What is Chelsie to you?" asked Crane's doctor, eager to write something down.

"She's my touchstone," Jonathan answered simply.

Scarecrow answered aloud as well, "She's my crow."

Together, and in complete harmony for once, they concluded, "She's my everything."

While Jonathan and Scarecrow were away, Chelsie suddenly became the liaison between him and the mob of whom she still had dealings seeing as she still had Maroni's borrowed men.

She was left in charge because of orders Jonathan had given prior to his incarceration, advising that she was the second most knowledgeable person regarding the toxin. Such was a lie, but it was her only defense against being devoured by the mob, so she clung to it.

Crow was now in charge.

And the path to villainess status was south as the crow flies for Chelsie Alice Crow.