Chapter 1

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Going to school each day has become so redundant. Every day my car would capture the attention of everyone when I would arrive at school, girls would snicker in class when I'd walk in, and to top it all off I'm in a class with an insanely gorgeous teacher. I would overhear some of the girls label him as a Greek God.

Which I had to agree with. Mr. Cullen is our English Teacher. He has incredibly piercing emerald eyes, reddish brown hair, and his facial features are prominent, and chiseled. He was quite young to be a teacher but that was because he graduated from college earlier than expected.

He is twenty-three years old, smart, and beautiful. He most definitely is taken. He just had to be. Many girls have tried to transfer to his class Yes you can say I have a crush on him. Even though I'm not the typical girl who would have a crush on their teacher.

The ones who are more inclined to have a crush on someone like Mr. Cullen would be the over the top shrieking sluts that invade our school. Okay sure that's harsh but they sure make it easy for me to call them whores when they sleep with the entire football team. Anyway, I always wore baggy clothes hiding my figure. I didn't want boys gawking at me, and that's why I'm not the typical girl who would have a crush on a teacher, or any boy for that matter.

Forks High School always had the year end annual field trip for the senior class. Which means that we had to write down our own suggestion, put it in a hat, and Mr. Cullen would be the one to randomly pick one of our papers, and that would be our class trip.

"Bella, you're the last person that has to put your suggestion in the hat." Mr. Cullen motioned with his hand for me to come up to his desk. I did so quickly, and sat back down at my desk. "Thank you Bella. I'm sure you thought of something great we can do as a class."

The girls around the room were staring at me maliciously like I had stolen their boyfriend or something. Mr. Cullen always liked talking to me the most. Probably because I was one of the few students who did their work, and knew their shit. Angela, one of my friends was the only other girl who was smart, and talked to me.

My mind had wondered thinking about Mr. Cullen, and I shook my head a little bit to get back to reality. "I'll now randomly pick one of the papers out of the hat, and that will be our trip." Mike Newton then stood abruptly, and yelled "drum roll please!" Everyone around him started laughing.

He always had a way for me to make the gagging motion. He's so cocky, and annoying. I have this distaste about Newton because he's been constantly staring at me for most of the high school years. It's really creepy.

I returned my attention to the front of the class, and Mr. Cullen had already chosen one of the sheets of paper. "We are going on a two week camping trip." He didn't continue reading the rest of the paper. They had told us to write down our names. He probably did it not to embarrass me or something.

Thank God. I didn't know what else to put, so I just randomly picked camping as a choice. But he kept looking at the sheet of paper. He lifted his head, and smiled directly at me. I shivered because he was just so beautiful, and I didn't want the other girls to see him staring directly at me or they would have my head on a platter at lunch time.

Some of the girls were groaning in class because they obviously didn't like camping or anything that had to do with hiking, adventure, and wilderness. I always loved being outdoors. It would hopefully be a peaceful time for me.

This was my last class for the day, and it was time to go home. Charlie, my dad who is the Chief of Police doesn't really like the idea of me going away for two weeks. I wonder how he will take me going away for four years to college. Oh dear. I can see why he is a little afraid of me leaving.

He is going to be reduced to eat take out food such as pizza, of Chinese food since I do all the cooking in the household. My mother isn't with my dad anymore. They divorced, and she moved back to Phoenix to be with her lover Phil. Really made me sick to my stomach. She really didn't care what I did with my life.

"Dad I made your favorite food tonight." He jumped from the couch all giddy because his favorite team won. And from the fact that I just made him a Greek salad, a well done steak, and lemon potatoes. "Oh Bella, it smells great! Thank you." He said in between bites of his food.

I had some of the salad, plus pita bread, and proceeded to tell my father that I had to go to the store to buy some supplies for the trip. I cleaned our plates in a hurry. I made it to the local store just ten minutes after cleaning the dishes at home. Everything in Forks, WA is so close because it is such a small town.

I had to buy my usual girly products because you do not want to have any accidents on a school field trip. I've heard too many horror stories of girls forgetting their sanitary products from home. Not a good thing at all. I went quick to grab my brand of tampons, and proceeded to head to another aisle to grab a water bottle.

Lord knows those hiking excursions are going to be hell so I know I need refreshments. I had been browsing to see which water bottle I liked the most when I bumped into what felt like a wall.

"Oh goodness, I'm such a klutz. I'm so sorry." I said while bending down to pick up my things that fell out of my hands. What surprised me was that the figure I bumped into had already kneeled down, and picked up my things for me. "Here you go Bella." Oh my God it's Mr. Cullen holding my, I can't even say it, how embarrassing!

"Um, uh ah thank you, Mr. Cullen." I was stuttering majorly right now. "Oh Bella, you can just call me Edward. We're not in school right now." He had seen what I was buying, and I turned a bright shade of red. He handed back my items to me. "Oh okay if you insist." That's all I could say in this funny, yet frightening moment.

"Doing some last minute shopping I see." He scanned his eyes on my water bottle, first aid kit, and some other smaller things, and never noticed the tampon package. Or maybe he just didn't want to say it out loud. He was definitely trying to make conversation in this awkward moment. "Ah, yeah I guess you could say so."

I huffed in a sigh because it was getting late, and I had to get back home to start my packing. "Yeah, I am also doing some last minute shopping. I'm one of the supervisors of the cabins the students are going to be staying in." He said while we walked to the cashier. "Oh cool. Do you want to do that job? It might get kind of crazy."

I said while paying for my things. "I guess. I mean I don't mind. There is this one cabin though that they say is haunted, but since there are so few of them we have to use it because it is cold at night, and we can't set up tents outside." Well now I'm all freaked out. "Um, how exactly are we going to figure out who is staying with who?"

I said while we walked outside the wind hitting gently which made his hair flow. What a sight. "Oh it's definitely going to be boys in one cabin, and girls in the other." He offered back his response after closing the trunk of his silver Volvo. What a beautiful car, with a beautiful man behind the wheel.

He cleared his throat to get my attention back because I was obviously just standing there not responding to him. "Well yeah, that makes sense." I said while mentally hitting myself for asking such a stupid question. Of course boys, and girls had to be separated from one cabin to another.

The boys in our class would become automatically happy in their pants if they were sharing the same space with the girls in the class. I shuttered. Edward, which was a little awkward to say but seemed fitting out of school said he had to go home now. "I'll see you tomorrow in school Bella."

He watched as I went into my car, and waved goodbye to him. Why wasn't I hyperventilating at all? I mean any girl in my position would've been dead right now. He had seen me buying my girly things, and he didn't even break a sweat. Maybe he had a lot of sisters, and was used to it?

I made it home, and saw the lights were out in my house. This told me that Charlie had gone upstairs to sleep. I exited my car, grabbed my bags, and entered my home. I carried my things upstairs, and started to put in random clothes, books, my music into a duffle bag. I dressed myself in sweats, and hopped into bed. I for the first time had a brilliant dream of Edward Cullen.