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Silk Threads

Things slowly drifted back to normal after the fire. By normal, I mean, the way things should've been. Kouji and Kouichi are visiting each other more often. Zoe's bright demeanor returned, smiling almost none stop. Life went on.

Investigators couldn't determine the cause of the fire, or explosion, although they really didn't pursue it. The building was gone, practically obliterated in the inferno. Any and all evidence that had been inside, outside or within twenty feet of the building was wiped out, never to be recovered due to severe fire and smoke damage.

A few weeks went by and well, the luster that is life fell into a deep gray state. It was winter after all. Snow covered the frost bitten ground. Delicate Icicles hung from tree branches, decorating the world in a arctic style. It was breathtaking.

The best part is, I am alive. I finally am human again. Oh and do I enjoy it. I suffered a fair amount of injury from the fire and prior abuse in that testing lab. I had to be hospitalized for three weeks, delaying my freedom. Nevertheless, I can breathe on my own, I can stand, and walk; no permanent damage.

Today, I'm going home; A place so foreign yet so familiar. Zoe's own mother didn't believe her at first when she explained who I was. She, Kouichi and Kouji invented some elaborate back-story to how they found me, barely alive in the wreckage of the fire. I can hardly remember the event anyway… My memory is still pretty damaged from years of deterioration.

Zoe sat beside me as we drove to my family's home, on the other side of dense forest Zoe and I got lost in. I was terrified to say the least. It would be awkward if nothing else. I haven't been human in about three years and everything was a learning experience. Kouichi and Kouji devoted a fair amount of their time helping me the best that they could.

The car pulled onto the small, yet crowded street. It's Christmas eve, and the Orimoto's were invited to my family's Christmas Party. Zoe decided to keep my presence a secret, to surprise everyone. I objected but when it came to arguing with Zoe, I was overruled. Mrs. Orimoto parked and we got out and went to the front door.

"Keiko! Zoe! Merry Christmas!" Yuriko said with a joyous laugh as the door opened. I remained hidden behind Mrs. Orimoto as we entered the house, following Zoe's instructions. I just hung back in the doorway, waiting to be noticed as everyone else went to join the small Christmas party.

My mother stopped and stared. She paled, and looked like she had seen a ghost, and she had every right to. Shinya's mouth fell open when his eyes landed on me. Zoe pushed me forward, smiling softly.

"Hi Mom." I said timidly, my voice barely there.

She reached out tentatively and brushed her hand against my face, making sure I was there. "Ta-kuya?" she whispered. I nodded. She fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around me so tightly I could hardly breathe.

"Oh my gods, Takuya!" Tears fell down her face like a waterfall, "You- You're alive…" she wept, still holding me tightly, as though I might vanish again.

"I'm here mom… I'm not leaving…" I soothed.

She just cried and hugged me. Soon other relatives I vaguely recognized came into the hall to see what was going on.

"Best. Christmas. Ever!" I heard Shinya shout over the rest of the family. I had to agree.

I managed to escape with Zoe after being suffocated by my extremely enthralled family, which is enormous by the way! She pulled me outside, into the bitter cold.

"Finally! Peace!" I said with relief.

Zoe smiled weakly. "They missed you… can you blame them?" she asked softly.

I caught a note of sadness in her voice, "What's wrong?" I asked, moving to her side.

"I- It's just… I'm going to miss you…"

I was confused, "What do you mean?"

She looked up at me, tears shimmering in her green eyes. "You're staying here Takuya… I won't see you everyday anymore… I'll be lucky to see you once a month…"

I bit my lip. So that's what was eating at her. "Does it matter? I mean… the distance… It doesn't matter how far apart we are Zoe. You'll never be without me. I'm always with you, in your heart…"

"You said something like that before…" she whispered with a smile. I grinned back. Zoe wrapped her arms around my chest and I wrapped mine around her.

"I finally found that place I was looking for" she murmured.

I raised an eyebrow, "what place?"

"Remember? That place where I can escape reality, where things are safe…"

"Oh, that place?" I remembered what she was talking about now, "Where is it?" I asked curiously.

She looked up at me, "anywhere, so long as I'm with you…"

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