Author's note: Ok I suck, I know. You can throw things at me later! The good news is that this is an update, the bad news is that this is the last chapter! Don't freak out there is going to be a sequel and a sequel to the sequel. Unfortunetly I had already started on the second sequel, which follows Fast and Furious, the newest one. The sequel to this story will go between this story and the movie. I'll update this story before I post the new story that way you know it is coming.

Chapter 12

Blake froze seeing only one other person in the room. She moved slowly toward the body, unsure of who it was. Once she got close enough she saw that it was Razor. She knelt down and checked his pulse.

Without warning he grabbed her arm and reached for her gun. Blake jerked back quickly as the door flew open behind her. She dropped the gun and pushed away from them. Razor scrambled toward the gun, but Blake grabbed a wrench and hit him in the back with it.

Razor groaned in pain and kicked her legs out from underneath her. Blake flinched when her head collided with the concrete floor. She shook her head and saw the cops closing in on them. Razor grabbed the gun off the floor and turned to face her.

"Do it you piece of shit," Blake said lowly.

Razor smirked at her, but Blake beat him to the punch. She raised Razor's gun and fired one shot. It went straight through his heart and he dropped like a ton of bricks.

"To slow asshole," Blake said as she stood up. She dropped the cartridge out of the gun and set it in the floor. She knew what was coming next so she held her hands out and waited for them to cuff her.

"Blake O'Connor you have the right to remain silent…," the nearest cop began.

Blake sat silently in the interrogation room. Her hands were still cuffed and resting on the table in front of her. The door behind her opened, but Blake didn't turn to see who had come in.

"You're coming with me," the man said as he pulled her out of the chair. Blake stared at the man in confusion as he pulled her down the hallway and out of the station. He led her over to an unmarked car and pushed her into the backseat.

Blake stared at the man expectantly as he started the car and began driving. "You going to tell me who you are or where we are going?"

"Let's just say I am a friend of your brother's," the man replied.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see when we get there."

Blake fell silent and watched the passing scenery. She knew enough about Miami to know that they were heading toward the water. They arrived at a deserted dock. The man parked the car and quickly helped Blake out. He took off the handcuffs.

"Follow me," he instructed. They walked into a low building near the dock.

Blake stepped inside and was immediately pulled into a hug. Blake pulled back in surprise shocked to see her brother there. "You're ok," Blake said in confusion.

"Of course," Brian said quickly. "Thanks Bilkins I owe you."

"Yeah you do kid," Bilkins said before turning to Blake. "You're leaving the country, today. All of the evidence, the officer you reported to, even the drugs you collected have all disappeared. You're wanted for grand theft auto, murder, arson, and whole lot of other things."

"Where are we going," Blake asked Brian.

"We aren't going anywhere," Brian said. "I am going back to the FBI, you're going with Dom and Letty."

"Brian, I'm not leaving you, you're all I have left!"

"You have to go Blake, this is the only way I can get you out of trouble. I've got to stay here. Don't worry we'll be in touch. Maybe once all this has died down you can come back."

Blake pursed her lips and blinked back some tears. "I'm so sorry Brian, I never meant to drag you into this."

"We're family, it's what we do," Brian said as he pulled her into another hug. "Logan's going to be ok."

"Really," Blake asked desperately. She needed to know she hadn't ruined everything by coming to Miami.

"He wanted to be here but the doctors wouldn't release him. He said to give you this though," Brian said as he pulled a letter out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Thanks," Blake said sticking the letter into her pocket. She'd read it later when she was alone. "Where are we going?"

"Can't tell you til we get there Baja," Dom said calmly. "Trust me you'll like it though."

"We'll see you on board kid," Letty said as she and Dom headed toward the boat. Bilkins nodded at Brian then climbed back into his car.

"They impounded your Charger," Brian said as he pulled a set of keys out of his pocket. He hit one of the buttons on the clicker and the horn beeped on a car a couple of spots away. Blake turned and caught sight of Brian's Skyline. "Take care of it ok, it's a good car."

"You're giving me your car," Blake asked in surprise.

"It's not like I'm going to have much use for it, besides you are going to need to earn some cash wherever you guys are going."

"You don't know where I'm going?"

"I know, but I was sworn to secrecy."

Blake took the keys from Brian and hugged him one last time. "Will I ever get to come home?"

"Yeah, if I get sick of being legit I'll join you."

Blake rolled her eyes and shook her head at him. "Take care of yourself O'Connor, don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Same goes for you O'Connor, I'll keep an eye on your Charger too."

Blake nodded slowly and turned away. She walked quickly over to the Skyline and drove it over to where Dom and Letty were waiting. They let one of the dockhands load it into a crate before boarding the boat. Blake leaned against the railing as the ship pulled out. She watched as Miami slowly disappeared.

Her cell phone buzzed suddenly causing her to jump. Blake slipped it out of her pocket and flipped it open.

You can run, but you can't hide Blake. -Taz