I was always known as the shy, boring, book worm girl through high school and college. I did have great family. My dad Charlie was always there for me as well as my mom even though she lived in Phoenix with my step-dad Phil. He was nice and my mom had such a passionate love for him that I decided that it would be best that I stayed with my dad in Forks, Washington starting my junior year of high school. It wasn't so bad. That's where I met my best friend for life Alice Brandon. She was the complete opposite from me and that's what I loved about her. Alice was outgoing and not afraid to be her own person who was unique and lovable. That's what I wanted to be like. Alice and I both went to NYU which was a dream. She majored fashion and minored in business since she wanted to be a fashion designer. I on the other hand majored in English and minored in art.

Art was my life besides reading and writing. I wanted to be a journalist or a publisher, but if that didn't work I would be an artist. This summer Alice and I were going to Italy for different reasons though. I was going to Milan to compete in an art competition to earn my artwork a spot in the Milan Museum of Art. It was a dream come true for any artist. Alice was going to see a fashion show featuring Prada, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and get some shopping done in the shopping capital of the world. You get the picture, all famous world-renown designers.

What I didn't know was that this adventure will last a lifetime and change my life.

"Come on Bella, chill! We're at the airport already with our bags checked in and everything! There's nothing to worry about now!" Alice said trying to calm me down from all the travel stresses. It's not everyday that you go to Milan for an art competition!

"I know I know, I'm just nervous about how everything will turn out in the end." I was so worried about my piece of work. What if it wasn't good enough? Should I turn around now and save my self the embarrassment?

"You are going to have some coke with vodka on that plane. My treat." Alice was crazy! Who drinks vodka on a 12 hour plane ride?

We were waiting in line to abroad the plane when I saw the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life. He was tall maybe 6'1, but built. You could see the contours of his muscles through his white dress shirt that was rolled up to his elbows and untucked into his pants with a pair of casual jeans. His hair was strange the way it stick up in different directions and beautiful, for his hair was almost a copper color, but not red nor brown. His face looked as if God curved it himself giving him high cheek bones, a much ridged jaw line and flawless smooth looking skin that could reflect any light for which he was so pale. When he turned in my direction his eyes held the most depth I have ever seen. I have never thought anyone's eyes could be as green as an emerald.

"Bella, the red head is staring at you." Alice said with no surprise.

"I actually think his hair is more of a copper color." That was all I could say. I looked back into his eyes with much admiration.

"You know he will be on our flight." Alice always stated the obvious.

"Did you notice his blond blue eyed friend? He is so gorgeous! I have a feeling this will be a great trip!" Alice said in her soprano voice.

"Me too Alice! I'm so glad to be spending it you!" I gave her a hug ready to start our adventure.

"So am I Bella, let's get on the plane."

As we waiting in the line on the plane to get to our seats I noticed something.


"Yes Bella?'

"I won't be sitting with you?"

"What?" Alice said in shock.

"I have 13D." I said. This is what we get for buying our tickets separately, atleast we're sharing a hotel room.

"Shit. I have 24A." Alice said in disappointment.

"It's alright. We'll just have deal." I said with disappoint that matched Alice's tone.

"Yeah, I guess…what…seat did you say you had again?" Alice said this with a devious smile. What the?

"I have 13D." What was she up to?

"What?" I asked.

"Remember that guy that was staring at you in the gate line. YOUR SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!"

"HOW DO YOU KNOW?" I practically screamed.

"He is sitting in 13E. I see him right now!" Alice said.

"See you later babe, I gotta sit down. The flight attendant is sending me death glances."

"Bye." I said.

I walked up to my seat to see him sitting the chair right next to fine. Oh my God. He looks even hotter up close. I ignored his stares and took a seat. I buckled up looking down.

"Hello" he said simply.

"Hi" I was so dazzled with his welcome smile my tongue got knotted up.

"I'm Edward." His voice was pure velvet. This will be a long flight.