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Your Hand in Mine - Explosions in the Sky

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Seating Arrangment:

l Jacob l Bella l Edward l Lauren l

BPOV- Paris in Glitter

Up until a couple hours ago, I never realized how annoying Native Americans can be. In the movie you feel sorry for them since they were forced out of their own land to another, especially in Pocahontas. Now I could careless about Native Americans and as in Native Americans I mean Jacob Black, the guy who sits next to me on a flight to Paris. If I knew I would've had to sit next to him on this flight I would have stayed on the Milan plane during the break. Jacob really isn't that bad, just annoying as hell with his lame pick-up lines then having a little hissy fit after I told him off. Thank God for Edward or else Jacob's life would be over as we know it. Like I said, Jacob isn't that bad, just annoying. Atleast he's hot to make-up for it.

"If I throw a stick will you leave?" I said feed up with him prattling about random shit.

"I'm not some dog that will leave at your command." Jacob replied annoyed too. This has been going on for hours ,but nobody has said anything except for Edward who is busy with Lauren.



What a bitch.

She's been trying to sexually assault Edward for a while now. Yeah, Edward is the most gorgeous man in existence, but that doesn't mean attempt to have sex with him on a plane. In public. She doesn't even have the decency to take this to the bathroom even though Edward would never follow her.

"Bella?" Edward asked with a quiet voice in my ear. I could feel his breath touch my skin behind my ear ever so gently and closed my eyes in respond.

"Yeah?" I responded out of breath by that little gesture.

"Would you mind switching seats with me?" Edward asked kindly.

"Duh, I would rather sit next to her than Jacob any day." I said. As soon as I said that Edward and I switched promptly. Jacob was asleep and Lauren was in the bathroom which was perfect so none of them could stop us.

3 hours later…

"Thank you for flying with Volturi Airlines on this beautiful day in Paris with the temperature at 75 degrees and a clear sky. On behalf our crew we hope you have a safe trip and choose Volturi Airlines once again."

Everyone got out of the plane quickly enough so I could sprint to the airport restroom. I really had to pee since I have this phobia about plane restrooms. It's just so small and probably filled with billions of bacteria. I'm freaking out just thinking about it. I washed my hands then came out of the bathroom to find Edward eating some Swedish Fish. I freaking live on Swedish Fish.

"These are actually good, I never tried them before." Edward said shoving another threw his beautiful pumped lips.

"So…how long will we have to wait in this airport for the flight to Milan?" I asked cautiously. The last time we had to wait in an airport was in Tokyo for 2 days, it wasn't that bad with Edward, but still tiring.

"I think we should take a train instead." Edward stated as he looked at his phone with a smile with a laugh." Jasper went shopping with Alice today and now he regrets it."

"How do you know that?" I asked surprised. Alice and shopping is always to the extreme.

"I got a text from Jasper about a second ago."

"How long will we be in this airport if we decide to stick with the plane?" I said.

"The lady at the desk said 4 days." Edward replied casually.

"I've always wanted to tour Paris." I said surprised with my own answer.

From there Edward and I got our luggage, booked the tickets for the flight to Milan, got a cab, booked the hotel, put our things in the hotel room and are now sitting in a French Café which is complimented with a perfect view if the Eiffel Tower glowing in the young night and the river in a quaint area right next to our hotel. Apparently Edward comes to Paris a lot so he's my personal tour guide. 4 days in Paris perfect, but I still need to get my portrait done for my competition that's in a weeks time. I needed to come up with something that will move the judges. As a part of the compettion, it's required that I have a work of art made in that month. Since I put that off, now I gotta deal with it in Paris. Edward was talking about how in 4 days we'll get the main attractions done then chill later.

Right then I knew what I was painting when I saw it. Edward was faced against the Eiffel Tower and the serene river which was in my view on the opposite side. Edward had an amazing profile shot with his face showing one side to me, yet revealing everything. His perfect nose, high cheek bones, beautifullly smooth and pale skin, unique hair color that reflected the festive lights hanging above us, his intense eyes green eyes which we perfectly visible and his gorgeous strong jaw that was just yelling at me to be kissed. I had to paint him with this undescribable scenery. I didn't have an option.

It was perfect.

"Edward? Could I paint you? Like now?"I asked quickly with no time to spare.


"Perfect! I'll be right back!" I said while running to the hotel in a 2 block radius grabbing my painting box, blank portrait yearning to painted and my stand. I ran back quickly to see Edward staring off into space with his eyebrows stringed together.

"Hey! Just stay where you are and show the side of your face to me...basically look sideways." I said out of breath to Edward positioning himself. With just my luck a mime sat at our 4 seated table probably wondering what we're doing.

"Hey you! Stay still and no, you can't leave now! This is perfect!" I practically screamed in excitment! The mime was good and silent staying as still as possible for me. Edward was doing great too. About 4 hours later, a crowd was circled around me and my canvas, I was done. Paint covered my clothes and face while my hair was no longer down, but in a sloppy bun. My picture looked amazing.

In my portrait, Edward was laying in his chair looking sideways with the Eiffel Tower in the back and the mime mocking Edward's pose. I painted in black and white to show the lighting and shades, yet the only part of the portrait that was in color was Edward's emerald eye's. There was no way I couldn't add the color to his eye's. They were just so rich in green and striking. They actually made the picture rather than the Eiffel Tower which was a nice touch. I looked at the painting satisfied in myself.

"Boys! I'm done!" I said to the mime and Edward. They must be aching. I gave the mime $20 and gotta picture with him near my portrait on my digital camera. Both of them said nothing about the portrait, but I watched they're expressions. Edward had his mouth hanging open and ran his hand threw his hair while the mime was jumping around excited then gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was really cute. When I started to smile the crowd circled around me clapped and whistled causing more people to come. Countless numbers of people asked how much this painting cost, but I simply told them no and returned to the delayed my dinner with Edward.

"So what are you naming your masterpiece?" Edward asked with his signature crooked smile.

"Paris in Glitter."

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