The Melting Process Part 1

(The prequel of Ice to Water)

By Ryouga's best friend

AN- This story begins after the manga is over (volume 38 for all those who care) at the end of the school year.

A usual day in the seemingly peaceful town of Nerima, the sun shone brightly in the sky as Furinkan high school ended another Friday of classes, though this Friday didn't lead to a weekend, it led to summer break. To celebrate the students enjoyed yet another martial artist brawl starring everyone's most hated/popular martial artist Ranma Saotome. This bout pitted him against Upperclassman Kuno, the male amazon Mousse and his main rival Ryouga Habiki, with the 'help' of his three fiancees; Ukyou the cook, Shampoo the amazon and his main fiancee Akane Tendo, who were fighting each other. As in most brawls there was a large crowd of gawkers and fans, also following the standard brawl pattern was Nabiki Tendo. She weaved through the crowd taking bets and closing deals be fore they left for four weeks. Though most people couldn't tell, there was something a little. off about her today. Instead of merely waiting for the match to end and so she could collect her money, she watched the match and the crowd. Her face a was a mask of cool and apathy but it seemed like she was really trying to act that way, she gave an inward sigh of wanting as she looked to a group of girls chatting about the days events and boys they were into. She continued to watch the fight indifferently as the tide turned and Ranma won, big surprise. thought his fiancees' fight was anther story entirely, leaving the powerful fighter unconscious and the girls breaking even in various states of injury. With a silent outward sigh Nabiki stood and finished her rounds, this was her most profitable but least favorite part as she collected the bet money and blackmail money. Around her were the grumbles of the losing parties and various names and insults toward her she dealt with on a regular basis since middle school. She left the school grounds gratefully, glad that tomorrow was the beginning of summer break. It would give her a chance to relax and be away from all of her classmates, not like it would make too much of a difference. No one ever directly insulted her to her face. but no one talked to her either, save Akane and Kuno.

Upon arriving home she went straight to her room with only a mutter of a greeting to her elder sister Kasumi. She collapsed onto her bed completely drained, she sighed sadly looking over to her desk at her story notebook. It was originally her writing book for a poetry/short story course she took a while back, her untitled story was originally for her class. Though it became to personal to turn in, "Ice is very hard and very cold, it's cold causes discomfort, numbness and even pain to those who touch it. One day a young girl was so sad about her life that she made a mask." she stated the beginning from memory. A sick feeling of depression set in as she sighed and turned over on her bed, she closed her eyes to take a nap and hold back the possible tears that had begun to well up. A sudden series of crashes and shouts from downstairs caused her to sit up in surprise, it didn't take her long to identify the voices. "Stupid Ranma" she grumbled falling back onto the bed. The noises began to come closer and closer.

"Get back here you dirty old man!" Ranma shouted.

"I don't see what's wrong with asking my pupil a small favor" Happosai taunted the teenage warrior.

"I'm not wearing a bra and panties you perv! I'm a guy" Ranma shouted back, this was followed by a large crash and a splash.

"How about now?" the aged master asked innocently, laughing. There was another loud crash "even if it's the last wish of an old dying man?" he added weakly sounding elderly.

"If you keep it up it'll be your last wish!" a female Ranma shouted. Nabiki covered her head with her pillow frustrated and irritable. The next crash was the loudest yet, because it was her door the was knocked open, Happosai landed on Nabiki's desk

"Ungrateful boy!" the old pervert growled as Ranma-chan rounded the bend into Nabiki's room.

"Now I got ya!" she shouted trying to tackle him but he dodged on reflex sending all of Nabiki's things about the room. Ranma stood holding Nabiki's notebook and with a flick of Happosai's pipe sent him out the window and halfway across Nerima with the notebook still in her possession. Unfortunately for Nabiki this all happened before she could utter a protest, though now that she had a chance the remaining participant in her annoyance would be in trouble.

"What are you doing in my room?" she said in a dangerous tone glaring a hole through the 300 year old pervert.

"Ah Nabiki old girl, sorry to disturb you. I was just taking care of some unfinished business" he said in his politest voice, which still came off as annoying. "I was just leaving" he turned to leave but Nabiki stopped him.

"oh no you don't, your not getting off that easy. You invaded my privacy, no one invades my privacy" she said coolly causing the old man to laugh.

"Oh please, drop the act there's nothing you could do to scare me little girl" he said evenly. Nabiki merely grinned, a feral grin, she walked over and whispered something in his ear that caused his eyes to bulge. A brief flash of fear crossed his eyes, he glared at the middle Tendo "You wouldn't".

"Oh yes I would and I will if this ever happens again" she said harshly, Happosai stood his ground for a moment then grumbled and left.

"Stupid gnome" she whispered to herself as she set to work picking up her things. After she finished cleaning the reality sank in that something important was missing. "My notebook" she almost squeaked, that was far too personal to fall into someone else's hands. She frantically searched her room, as she checked under her bed she heard the window open and then shut. Nabiki looked up to see her notebook on the windowsill, she stood and slowly approached it. Taped to the cover was a small note which read simply, 'Begin the melting process'.

AN- there's part one, sorry it wasn't longer but I'm under a severe case of writer's block. So this story my come in small spurts of inspiration, I'll try to get the next part soon