Title: Loss
Rating: R (probably not really that high, but... Just in case)
Fandom: Psych
Pairing: Lassiter/Shawn (Shassie) ((EVENTUALLY))
Summary: Shawn is put into a coma for two weeks after being hit in an accident, when he wakes up he cant remember a thing. Now he has to figure out who is trying to find out who is trying to kill him before it is too late.
Disclaimer: Do not own, if I did... well lets just say Shawn and Lassie would get a lot of use out of those police issued handcuffs :D:D:D

Chapter 1

Shawn sped down the highway from the latest crime scene, egar to beat Detective Lassiter to the station to report his latest findings to the Cheif. He knew Lassiter wouldn't be too far behind, so he began to pick up speed, occasionally peeking to see if the Crown Vic was gaining on him. He was startled to actually see another vehical in his mirrior concidering he was speeding as it was, and it was increasingly gaining on him. The truck, as it turnned out being, turnned on it's high beams, temprarily blinding shawn so that he turnned his eyes away from his side mirror and kept his eyes strait forward.

Getting a little nervous as the truck began to gain on him, Shawn picked up speed, only to take note that the truck did the same. Shawn was beginning to panic now, who was this guy? Distracted by his thoughts, Shawn barely had time to register that there was a turn up ahead and if he didn't decrease speed when he did, he would have lost control. However that little decrease in speed gave Shawn's persuer enought momentum to plow right into him.

For a moment Shawn's leg was caught between the bike and the truck and he could feel the bone break. In the next instant Shawn and the bike were seperated, the bike skidded down the highway and he was sent just off of the highway into a ditch. He heard the truck screech to a hault and the driver's door open. Unable to move and conciousness waining, shawn's heart was hammering in his chest as he heard footsteps approching him. It was at that time that he heard the most beautiful sound he thought he'd ever heard.

A siren.

The feet were quickly retreating and he heard the truck door slam as the siren neared. The truck was soon gone and he had expected the sirens to follow after, but instead he heard the police vehical stop and a familiar voice call out to him. He knew the voice, but he couldn't place it as his brain began to fog over. He tried to call back but he was certain it only came out as a groan if anything.

Breathing was becomming labored and he could barely keep his eyes openen. He suddenly felt a pair of hands on him, but they quickly withdrew themselves. He could hear the familiar voice again. He wasn't sure if it was talking to him or someone else, but it sounded panicked. Shawn forced his eyes opened once again and the last thing he saw before he slipped into unconciousness was deep pools of brilliant blue.


Lassiter hadn't been happy when Shawn had shown up on another one of his crime scenes. He was even less thrilled when the faux Psychic concluded that they were looking into the wrong suspect moments after he had concluded it himself. And it down right pissed him off when he announced that he was headed to the station to deliver the news to the cheif. Not if he could help it though. He told O'Hara to stay at the crime scene and persued Shawn down the highway. He furrowed his brows as a truck sped past him, but because he had to prevent Shawn from getting to the Cheif before he did, he blew it off thinking nothing of it.

However moments later when he heard the sound of metal colliding with metal, he began to curse himself and threw his siren on. In the distance he saw a man rushing back into his truck and quickly drove off. For a split second Lassiter concidered phoning in a bus and persuing the scumbag, but then he spotted Shawn's abandoned motorcycle and screached to a hault. He turnned his siren off and looked around for Shawn, but couldn't see him anywhere. "Spencer!" he called out. He waited for a reply, but got nothing. He called again, and once again he got nothing. Lassiter's heart was pounding in his chest as he searched for Shawn. He was about to call out again untill he heard something to his right. A groan, he deduced. Where was it comming from? He began to walk in the direction of the groan until he reached a ditch. That's where he found Shawn, laying face up, unmoving.

Lassiter dropped down next to shawn and felt for a pulse. He let out a sigh of relief as he found one, it was faint, but it was there. He then quickly withdrew his hands from Shawn's throat, cursing himself slightly. What if that had hurt Shawn? What if he had a broken neck?

Beginning to think clearly, he took out his phone and called O'Hara. As soon as she picked up he began to nervously ramble his location and to get a ride down there as quickly as possible and to call in an ambulance. He hung up on her after he finished giving out her orders and turnned his attention back to Shawn. "Spencer?" Lassiter said, unsure of himself. "Shawn?" He tried. He was surprised when Shawn's faded emerald eyes lifted for a couple of seconds before closing once again.

Lassiter refused to move from where he was until the ambulance arrived. He even had his gun pulled in case the person who had hit Shawn came back. There was no way he believed for a second that this was an accident.


When Juliet arrived at the location that Lassiter had relayed to her, her heart caught in her chest. The first thing she saw was Shawn's bike. It looked bad, she was afraid to see what the owner looked like. She soon spotted Lassiter crouched over something, wepon drawn. It took her a couple of seconds to recognize what it was he was protecting so adamantly.
Buzz gasped beside her. "Oh God. Is that Shawn"

Unable to form words, Juliet only nodded in confermation. As the two of them neared Shawn, Juliet took note of the dark stain spreading over Shawn's pant leg. She feared to see what the wound underneith looked like.

She was suddenly aware that Lassiter was speaking to her, but she couldn't register what he was saying. Buzz realized she was in shock and answered for her, but she still couldn't comprehend what he was saying. Before she realized what she was doing, she was kneeling down opposite Lassiter on Shawn's other side, using all will not to touch him. She then looked up at Lassiter with pleading eyes. "He's not"

Lassiter shook his head. "He's still alive."

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