Warning: slight (mental) Shawn wumpage

It was late into the afternoon before Shawn was aloud to go home with his father. The doctors had run a couple of tests on him and gave him a set of crutches to use until his leg was healed. Gus helped him to his father's truck, depositing all of the pineapples that Shawn received in the back of the truck, while Henry finished signing a few papers. When Henry came back out, Gus told Shawn he would come see him the next day to give Shawn time to get to know his father, because seriously that's all Shawn would need to realize that he and his father didn't get along too well.

The drive home was accward and quiet. When they got to the house Henry gave Shawn time to wander assisting him when he wanted to go upstarirs.

"So..." Shawn started accwardly. "You and mom are divoriced?"

"For twelve years now." Henry said. Another wave of silence lingered between the two for a few seconds. "You know what, it's been a long day, lets go out and grab a bite to eat."


Henry drove himself and Shawn to a nearby bar that he frequented for burgers and beer. After they took up two stools at the bar and ordered their meal, Henry caught Shawn up on everything he knew about what he had been doing before the accident, and what went on while he was unconciousness.

When they finished eating, and much deliberation on Henry's part, Henry decided to go against Gus's wishes and test Shawn. "Shawn, I want you to close your eyes."


"I want to see if your amnesia has effected your edidic memory."

"Uh, didn't Gus tell you not to?"

"Yeah, well, what does he know? Besides, how do you still espect to play psychic if you can't function like you used to?"

Shawn let out a heavy sigh, then complied by closing his eyes. "Now what?"

"How many hats are in the room?"

"I don't know."

"Think Shawn, think really hard."

Shawn began thinking back to when they first walked into the bar. Imagesbegan flooding his mind, but they zoomed by too fast for him to get a focused picture. Unconciously Shawn brought his fingers up to his temples and started massaging them in slow soothing circles. Henry cracked a grin when he saw this happen. The images began comming back to shawn, slower this time, until he has everything in his mind that had led up to that moment.

"There are five hats. Yours, the two guys in the back with the baseball caps, the brunette across the bar in the cowboy hat, and the blonde in the corner booth wearing the black fedora." When finished, Shawn opened his eyes to see that Henry was grinning at him.

"Rum and Coke." A man called from behind Shawn. A few seconds later his drink was done and he had to lean against Shawn to get it, mumbling an apology as he left.

"You know what Shawn, it's starting to get crowded in here, we should go." Henry stated and the two of them left for Henry's house.


Henry woke up to a loud creaking floorboard. Henry had always been a light sleeper and had purposly left a creaky florboard near Shawn's room for when he tried to sneek out of the house as a kid. For a moment Henry thought it was just Shawn getting up for a late night snack, but then his brain clicked into action. It was way too quiet. Despite the fact that Shawn was generally a crapy sneek, he could never do it with his leg still on the mend.

Now fully alert, Henry quietly retrieved his gun from his bedside table and began to creep towards Shawn's room, by stepping the creaky floorboard. Shawn's door was wide open and ther was a man looming over his sleeping form, and judging by the way he was leaning he was weilding a knife dangerously close to his son.

"Get the hell away from my son." Henry barked. The man was startled by Henry's sudden appearance and jerked back slightly reviling an oblivious shawn with a knife pressed against his throat.

"I said get the hell away from my son." Henry growled, leveling his gun with the man's head. "You have five seconds to move away from im before i put a hole in your head."

"Thats four seconds more than I need." The man said in with a heavy Russian accent.

As the knife began to cut into Shawn's neck, Henry fired his gun, clipping the man in the shoulder and causing him to drop his kife. Between the knife peircing his skin and the sudden gunfire was violently jolted awake.

The Russian retreived his discarded knife and began to move back towards Shawn. This time Henry fired at the man's knees, bringing him down. The man struggled to get up, but Henry was already at his side kicking him violently in the ribs.

Gun trained on the man, Henry told Shawn to grab his phone, leave the room, and call detective Lassiter. Shawn didn't move for a few beats, still in shock. Then suddenly, phone in hand, he was on his feet hobbling out of the room as fast as he could. Not wanting to risk the satirs in his condition, Shawn ducked into Henry's room and barricaded the door.

Shawn browsed his contact list, found lassiters number, and called. The phone rang and rang, Shawn almost gave up to call the police station when a grumpy, sleep filled voice answered. "It's three in the morning, someone better be dying." Lassiter waited a couple of seconds, but Shawn's voice seemed to be frozen in his throat. "Hello?"

"Lassie?" Shawn managed to squeek out feebly.

On the other side, Lassiter was suddenly very alert. "Shawn? What's wrong?"

"Th-there was a man."

"Where?" Lassiter asked. Shawn could hear the detective opening and shutting drawers, probably getting dressed.

"In my room."

The other side was silent for a second. "And where are you?"

"My dad's room. I barricaded the door."

"Where's the man at now?" Lassiter asked. Shawn could now hear Lassiter dialing, on what he guessed was his home phone, for back up. "Shawn, where is he?"

"Still in my room. Dad shot him and is keeping an eye on him."

"Do you know why he was there?" Shawn could hear doors slamming now.

"H-he tried to kill me. He would have slit my throat in my sleep if my dad didn't stop me when he did."

Shawn now heard Lassiter's police sirens going off, indicating that he was probably speeding to Shawn's rescue. "I need you to stay on the phone with me Shawn, there's a chance he has a partner."


Henry stood over the Russian, his gun never wavering from the man's heart. Then the Russian began to laugh.

"Care to share?" Henry snipped.

"You honestly didn't think I came here alone did you? This was supposed to be a quick job, in and out. If I'm not back with my partner very soon, I won't be your only threat. Hell, your boy will brobably be dead by the time the police get here."

Henry glanced quickly down the hall, then back at the Russian, who had in those few seconds, managed to get dangerously close to him. "I wouldn't turn your back on me again, I won't hesitate to kill you to get my target."

Henry's eyes widened. "Someone put a hit out on Shawn? Who?"

The conversation was suddenly cut short when the sound of shattering glass and Shawn's high pitched scream echoed through the house.


"What just happened?" Lassiter demanded.

"Dad's window just shattered."

"Shawn you have to do what I tell you. I need you to get down low. Do not leave the room, that's what they want you to do. Does Henry have a closet?"


"Good, hide in there and stay as far away from the door as you can. I'm almost there."

Shawn could hear someone moving downstairs, breaking things in search of him, then quickly making their way upstairs. Shawn quickly flung open Henry's closet and ducked in, squeezing himself behind a box. The other person was at the door, trying to break their way through Shawn's barricade. Outside he could hear the sirens of Lasstier's car pull in front of the house.

"I'm here Shawn. I'm going to hang up now. I need you to stay calm."

"Ok. Hurry Lassie, I don't think my barricade will last much longer." Just as he finished saying it, Henry's bedroom door burst wide open. He heard Henry's gun go off down the hall and then yelling. The yelling was followed by a muffled gunfire from a silencer, which was then followed by a torrade of curses by Henry.

There was another voice, more yelling, a loud bang, and a woman's voice with a thick Russian accent. "You can not keep him safe for long. That boy will be dead by the end of the week." Following her statement, the silencer went off again and a body hit the floor.

There was a rush of footsteps and the closet door was yanked open. Shawn screamed and curled into the fetal position. A hand clamped on his shoulder and he looked up to see Lassiter staring down at him with a concerned expression. "Are you hurt?"

Shawn quickly shook his head. "n-no. Not hurt. Is dad..."

"We need to get you out of here Shawn." Lassiter said pulling Shawn up by the arm.

"Where's my dad?" Shawn asked in a shaky voice as Lassiter wrapped an arm around him to help support his weight.

"Right here Shawn." Henry said comming into view with a bloody towel pressed against his shoulder.

Shawn was shaking so badly that if Lassiter wasn't supporting him he wouldn't have been able to walk at all. They made it down the stairs as the backup arrived. Lassiter ordered a couple of them upstairs and the rest of them to conduct a perimiter search in case there may be anyone else. He then led the two Spencers to an ambulance that had arrived with the backup, where chief Vick was waiting for him.

"What happened Carlton?" She asked when the two of them were alone.

"From what Henry told me, there was a hit put out on Shawn. There were two perps, Russian, Henry shot one, and the other killed herself when I arrived. There was a valid threat that something like this might happen again." Lassiter explained.

"Detective." One of the CSI feild agents said as he approched the two. "I'm going to have to run ballistics on yours and Mr. Spencer's guns."

lassiter nodded and relenquished his gun to the CSI. "Mr. Spencer's should be in the upstairs hallway." The CSI thanked him then went back to the house.

"Do you know who put out the hit?" Chief Vick asked, resuming their conversation.

"No, our only clue is that they were Russian."

"Lassie!" Shawn suddenly shouted startling Lassiter and Vick and causing them both to quickly turn to face him, and saw that he was hobbling towards them. "I've seen them before Lassie. They've ben tailing me since I left the hospital."

"Where all have you seen them?" Vick asked.

Shawn's fingers absentmindedly began to massage his temples as he tried to remember the exact locations. The first time was after I got out of the hospital. He was parked... three cars behind my dad in a ... black volvo. There was another guy with him, no woman." Shawn paused to remember where else he had seen his attackers, then it hit him. "The second was at the bar dad and I went to for dinner." Shawn's eyes went as wide as saucers. "He-he... he touched me. He was so close. With all those people. He..."

Shawn began to shake violently and for a minute he forgot to breath. When it looked like he was about to pass out, Lassiter lunged forward to keep him steady.

"We need to get him out of here chief. There's a third hitman out there somewhere." As he held the younger man, he could feel the tremors lessening and shawn was breathing in short shallow breaths.

"Where would we take him? Henry will be in the hospital recovering for a few days and nowhere else is safe for him."

"There is one place." Lassiter hesitated before continuing. "He could stay with me. I have backup side arms and you said it yourself, there is nowhere else safe enough for him right now."

"Are you sure you want to do this carlton?"

"Yes. Its my job to protect civilians, no matter how annoying they may be." Lassiter said trying to lighten the heavy mood. "I will find out who wants him dead and why."

Once Shawn felt like he was no longer going to pass out he pushed himself out of Lassiter's arms. "I think I'll be alright now. I don't know why that happened."

"It's okay Shawn. You went into shock." Lassiter said then looked back at Chief Vick. "I'm going to get him to my place before the press gets here. I'll fill out a statment tomarrow."

"Be careful Carlton." Vick said. "I'm going to follow henry to the hospital and see if I can get his side tonight." Vick then walked off the the ambulance and informed them that she'd be following.

"Come on Shawn, I want to get you out of here as fast as possible." He then took notice that Shawn was still shaking. "Are you alright."

"Yeah... just cold." shawn said wrapping his arms around himself.

Lassiter instantly felt like an idiot. Shawn was still wearing what he was in when he went to bed, which wa a green t-shirt and pineapple boxers. He quickly shrugged off his jacket and handed o Shawn. "Put this on before you get sick. That's the last thing we need right now."

Shawn smiled at Lassiter's kind jesture and put on the jacket, which was still warm from Lassiter's body heat. "So, which car is yours?"

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