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this is the 5th story i have written they are all sequals. If you have time to go back and read them, Start by reading
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Chapter 1

It had been 6 months since the Tack's mansion. Tony had made a full recovery from his injection of snake venom and Ziva still occasionally put on her Vesper Lynd Dress just so that Tony could pretend to be Bond, James Bond. They were still happy and still in love, there was, off course, a rocky period when Abby had got to them after watching them kiss so passionately on the satellite…


"You guys," She had squealed as she ran towards them as they had entered her lab. "What the hell? Are you guys together?" Tony and Ziva had looked at each other then simultaneously let out multiple versions of

"what? No. who us? oh please."

"Oh really? So then this isn't you" she had pressed a few buttons on her computer and pulled up the recorded footage from the satellite imagery outside the Tack's mansion. It was undeniable. Tony looked at Ziva, scrunching up one side of his face, signalling that the jig was up and turned to Abby,

"You got us!"

"Oh my god guys. This is so exciting," She ran at them with a giant hug "and Tony with the talk from that time, and Ziva with that face at the hospital, I knew you two were going to hook up! And all it took was for Tony to think you were dead Ziva, I'm going to have to remember that one!!" Abby watched as Tony and Ziva shared a look. "What was that?"
"What?" Tony replied.

"that look... when I said that that was all it took for you two to get together. OH MY GOD!!! You were still denying it just then. How long has this been going on?"

"Well…." Tony started, trying to lighten the situation by making a bit of a strange smile.

"How long Tony?"

"Arh, I guess nearly 3 months."

"3 MONTHS???? And you haven't told anyone?" Again tony and Ziva shared a look. "Who knows?"


"Timmy knew and he didn't tell me??? Oh, I'll deal with him later."

"Please Abby," Ziva begged. "You can not tell anyone, especially Gibbs."

"But why? He'd be happy."

"No Abby, He'd be happy if you were happy, us, we're get royally Gibb slapped."

"Fine. But no more secrets. I want to know everything!!"

It had actually helped having Abby and McGee know about their relationship, they'd covered for them on occasions, comforted them on others and been two friends they could share their happiness and concerns with.

Ziva and Tony had gone back to his apartment after finalising a case. Ziva was being forced to be involved in a Police Academy marathon, which she was actually enjoying no matter how much she protested to Tony. She'd made a sumptuous Italian meal for the two of them and was now enjoying the shoulder massage she had forced Tony to give her to make up for making her watch the movies. Tony knew that it was all a ruse, it was obvious when she would laugh, especially at all of Mahoney and Lassard's antics, but he took every chance he got to put his hands on her skin. SHe was however was having issues with Citizens on Patrol and whether or not they would be fully prepared and able to defend themselves. When the credits started to role, Tony started to talk. "Come on, admit it, your loving this."

"I will not. I do not understand how people can take their training so lightly, or that they can maintain their jobs with all the antics they get up to."

"It's a movie Ziva, they're 80s movies, that's what the 80s were all about."

"My 80s were not like that"

"Come on, it's just a bit of fun."

"These things would never really happen though."

"No… that's why it's a movie. Besides, you have to admit, we have endured some pretty crazy cases. Like the one where we acted as married assassins, or when you had to try speed dating, Every time McGee gets near Poison Ivy, Ducky doing an autopsy on goldfish."

"What was your favourite case?"

"Oh, defiantly the married assassin case, the way you glared at me when we entered the room, our first passionate kiss, I have to say, it didn't take much acting on that mission."

"I remember… although I thought you told me it was your knee…"

"arh-ha-ha, was a pretty impressive knee though…. Besides, it did the trick, 4 years later and you were mine."

"I am not yours Tony, I am still mine, but, I will let you borrow me from time to time. If you are good." She shot him a sly look.

"Hmm, well if we're talking about cases your mine, if you remember, there was the undercover mission 3 months ago when we got married on that cruise liner."

"I still can not believe that out of all the scenarios you could have cooked up in your head to tell them, that's the one you chose."

"Hey… I'm great at ad-libbing. When I was first tailing you, and your friend found me in the pool room, I told her I was in a skinning dipping club, that was one of my all time favourites."

"She did tell me about that, we still laugh about it. She was impressed though,"

"with the size of my package?"

"no, with the fact that someone who came up with such a dumb story was able to be a federal agent."


"before you put on the next movie I will put some of these plates in the kitchen. She picked up several plates and ferried them to the kitchen Tony took this opportunity to examine some of the mail stacked on his coffee table. He instantly through aside the envelop advising him he may have already won $50,000 and disregarded the ones that were obviously bills. Which left him with a much smaller pile. There was one that was in a blue envelope, there was no company logo on it to help him work out who it was from and he had to admit it had caught his curiosity.

"Would you like some more wine Tony?" Ziva called from the kitchen.

"Arh, yer, sure, that'd be great." He was distracted, it was unusual that in today's world anyone got sent mail without any ID on it, and since contracting the pneumonic plague after foolishly opening mail to quickly he was a little weary. He felt the envelop carefully, it didn't feel like there was anything unusual in there, he carefully flexed his fingers and then gently pealed the back open, and held it at a distance as he peered in. After giving it the all clear, he breathed a sigh of relief and pulled out the contents. It was all safe, he pulled the pages apart reading it as his eyes became wider and more alert, panic washed over his body.


Ziva had poured 2 glasses of red wine, she'd almost finished hers while she cleaned up the kitchen. The 4 glasses of wine she'd drunk during the course of the evening, mixed with the thought of Tony skinny dipping had made Ziva ache for him to touch her body. She looked at her reflection in his oven, and fixed herself up slightly pulling her hair out of it's tight bun, she pulled her singlet top off and slid her pants down her legs, leaving her in her new black satin lingerie. She grabbed Tony's Ohio State cap and picked up 2 red serviettes. She unfolded them and held them in by the centre in one hand, picking up the two wine glasses in the other. "Oh Tony?" she called as she started to leave the kitchen. "You know, I think I need someone to teach me how to play American football." She walked in front of Tony handing him one of the glasses of wine. She was a little curious as to what he was reading that had him so entranced that he hadn't even looked up or taken the glass. She took a sip out of her glass, and then placed them both on the coffee table. She put one serviette in each hand, as if they were pom-poms and ruffed one in front of Tony's face.

"Ziva," Tony said crankily.

She put the napkins down, deciding to take a more direct and forceful approach, after all that was her strength. She put one knee on one side of Tony and then straddled him as she put her other knee on the other side. Still Tony paid little attention to her, merely bringing the piece of paper closer to his face. Ziva leant forward, persistent in her pursuit. Finial it had become impossible for Tony to read the paper, he moved it away from his face, but it was quickly replaced by Ziva's mouth kissing him. Her kisses moved down his neck, her fingers starting to undo his dress shirt. He placed his hands on hers stopping her from undressing him. She looked up at him, confused. "What is wrong?"

"You're not going to believe this Ziva."

"What? What is this that you are reading?"

"An invitation to join the crew aboard the Neptune Cruise Liner."

"The ship we were on during that undercover op? It is all probably part of their marketing scheme."

"Yer, well the other thing I'm reading is the copy of our marriage certificate we never picked up. Ziva, we've been married for 3 months!"