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Chapter 11

Tony could hear the tapping of her heals as she walked along the wooden floorboards in his hallway. "Arh, the heals," he muttered to himself. He was hoping that she would choose the dress and heals, but wanted her to feel comfortable in what ever she wore so he would have accepted anything she wore tonight.

"Is this what you were looking for?" Tony turned to look at her, she was a vision. She always was, she could pull of any look, even in her sweats she managed to excite Tony. But tonight, she just took his breath away.

"Wow. You look… wow. You know, I have good taste." He said waving his finger matter-of-factly.

"In woman or in their clothing?"

"both my dear. I do hope-a you're Hun-gery" he said, starting to put on an Italian accent.

"what ever you have cooked smells good. Should I go choose a couple of DVDs so you can have final say on what we actually watch with dinner?"

"Not tonight Zee-vah! Tonight-a we dine at caffé DiNozzo. I do believe your table is-a ready." He grabbed the red tea-towel off the kitchen bench, folded it up and draped it over his arm before leading the way with his had. She walked toward the dinning room, or what she'd come to know as the junk room as Tony never actually ate there and just used it to store boxes and house all his mail. He slid the double doors open and there in front of her was a clean dinning room. Walking into the room, he pulled out a chair and gestured for her to take her seat. "Now you went with the dress yes?"


He went over to the sideboard and opening a draw pulled out a white table cloth and shook it out over the table in front of her. Then tucked next to the sideboard where she hadn't seen was a small vase with a single red rose in it, he pulled it out and placed it in the centre of the table. Then he took two white plates with gold rims putting one in front of her and the other in front of the empty seat opposite her. He folded two burgundy coloured linen serviettes, placing one on each plate. Then the cutlery. He walked over to the sideboard and opened another draw and pulled out some of the most beautiful silver cutlery Ziva had ever seen. Tony spied her look of curiosity and announced, "They were Nanna Paddington's."

"Oh," she replied, rather impressed.

Finally he took his ipod placing it on a docking station and pressed play. The room flooded with the melodious and some what arousing sounds of Flunk.

"I am impressed" Ziva stated, a little apprehensively.

"That's not all me-lady." He walked over to where he had found the rose, Ziva's eyes watching curiously. She now noticed that there were two boxes sitting on the floor, Tony picked one of them up and started to spread out candles through the room, lighting them as he went.

"What would have happened if I'd worn the pants?"

After lighting all the candles in the room he dashed over to the other box, brought it over to Ziva and revealed the contents. Inside was all the paperwork that was missing from the table, 3 DVDs, paper plates and serviettes and a menu for their favourite Chinese take out.

"I'm glad I wore the dress then."

"So am I."

Tony darted back into the kitchen pulling food out of oven and then came back to place some on Ziva's plate, then his own, it looked and smelt delicious. He poured both of them a glass of wine and then sat down to enjoy their meal together.

They talked for hours, some of it serious, some of it not so serious. After the crème caramel Tony suggested a back massage. He guided her into the bedroom where the candles were still burning. He slowly unzipped her dress at the back which caused electivity to run down her spine. Gently he helped it fall to the ground, landing around her feet. She crawled onto his bed, taking a pillow and resting her head on it. Tony moved to his side of the bed and opened the top draw of his bedside table and pulled out some massage oil. He climbed onto the bed, and onto her. He brushed her hair to one side, then he let a few drops of the oil fall onto her back before closing the bottle and placing his hands on her bare skin. He loved the feel of her back, it's curves, her mussels, he especially loved the moaning that was coming from her, he couldn't help but think that he was the luckiest man alive. This must be what heaven was like.

Eventually Tony heard a noise that was very clearly not moaning, those sweet pleasurable sounds were now replaced with snores. He climbed off, and lay next along side her and looked at her radiant face. She'd definatly fallen asleep. He lay next to her just gazing at her. She woke slightly, enough to say, "You have stopped."

"You fell asleep... sweetcheeks," Tony replied, laughing to himself about the nick name.

"hmmm, my little hairy butt" Was her only reply as she nodded off again.

He took in everything there was to see and smell. He didn't care that the night hadn't lead to sex, all he cared about was that she was there, that they were together and happy and that she loved him. He slid off the bed and changed out of his clothes and into something a little more suitable to sleep in. He reluctantly pulled the quilt over Ziva's body, taking one last look at her naked skin as he went, blew out all the candle except one, that sat on his bedside table so he could still see. He then picked up the massage oil and walked around the bed to his side and sat on the edge of the bed. He opened the draw and placed the bottle back in it's place between the honey dust and the condoms. He was about to close the draw when he stopped. A small box caught his eye. He reached in, and pulled it out. "I wish I could," He whispered. "not now though and especially not today, not after everything that's happened today, it wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be fair." He opened the box and took out the contents, one diamond ring. He looked closely at the it a smile growing on his face.

He thought back to the day Ziva left for Israel. He reminisced about trying to prove to her how much he loved her and needed her by signing those papers, and how he'd started to speak, but when he had turned, she was gone. He'd been terrified to finish the sentence, but at the same time it was had seemed so natural as well. Her vanishing act had meant he didn't have to finish. she had vanished. 4 simple words were all it would have taken. 'Will you marry me?' He was glad he hadn't. Not after finding out about Abel. He would wait, and be patient. Tony turned his body slightly to look at Ziva, fast asleep in the bed. "When I know you're ready Ziva… I'm ready when ever you are."

He placed the ring back in the box, shut it and put it back in his draw. A smile on his face. He was content with being what ever she needed for now. He blew out the last candle, leaving them in complete darkness, he wrapped his arm around her body, gently kissing the back of her neck. "good night Ziva. Ti amo"

It's over people, it's all over. Well this story... I'm already working on the follow up- the next story in this series will be called 'omissions' so stay tuned to find out what happens next.