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So this is rock bottom.

Moving back home to Washington with my father because I had a breakdown and failed out of college. A year ago, if someone told me this would be my fate, I would have died of laughter. But it's not funny now. Not at all.

In high school, I was the "smart girl." Everyone always knew that I would have the answer. I tried hard to be as good as I was, and I loved school. So what happened between high school and college? I wish I knew. I guess I was just tired of being the smart girl. It was thrilling to be able to just blow off a class or two, or a whole week. No one cared. I became the slacker, and it excited me. But, it turns out, not going to class or handing in assignments does not equal good grades. Before I knew what was happening, I was failing all but one of my classes, and that class I was border line failing. I just lost it all. The will to want to go to class, or do work. College wasn't as effortless as high school had been. So, much to my mother's dismay, I left. I left my mother and the University of Arizona behind. I had failed my way out of college.

My mother was disappointed, to say the least. She had always pushed her budding "smart girl" to the limit. I'm fairly sure I took every AP class that my high school had to offer. She wanted me to reach my potential. In actuality, I needed to reach her potential she wanted for me. Apparently I couldn't do that. Maybe I wasn't as smart as I thought all along. I was her ultimate disappointment.

So now, I'm going home to my father. I haven't seen Charlie in 5 years. I stopped coming up to see him when I started high school. I didn't want to be away from my friends at the time, but looking back, none of them were really my friends in the first place. The only boyfriend I had ever had broke my heart during my junior year of high school. I lost most of my friends when I lost him. The only person who I kept in contact with was Alice, who went to school in Portland anyway. So I wasn't missing out by leaving Arizona. Forks would be a starting over point. I'm sure that people remembered me up there, but I didn't care. I could be anything I wanted to be. No one knew who I was now. I wasn't even sure I knew who I was at this point. I had a whole summer to figure it out.


Charlie beamed when I got off the plane in Port Angeles.

"Bells! I missed you!" He pulled me into a one armed hug and squeezed tight.

"I missed you too, dad," I said, returning the hug. My dad and I had been pretty close. I talked to him on the phone a lot even though I didn't come to visit. When my mom called and said I was coming there because I failed out of college, he told me that it didn't matter to him, that I could come stay for as long as I needed.

The drive to Forks was quiet. Charlie knew that I probably didn't want to talk about school, so he didn't bring it up. He just asked neutral questions before he finally left me to my thoughts.

Forks was rainy and green. As much as I had always loved Arizona and its hot days and cool nights, I really did love Forks. Everything just seemed so lush, so full of life. It seemed like the perfect place for a new beginning, a new life.

When we pulled up to Charlie's house, I smiled. It was still the same. This hadn't changed., Eexcept for a red pickup truck in the front yard. That didn't belong here.

"Dad? What is that?" I asked.

"Oh, that." Charlie had put the cruiser in park and was now rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "A good friend of mine gave it to me. He rebuilt the engine and everything, and I was thinking that you needed a means of getting around while you were up here, so I bought it off of him." He chanced a sheepish glance at me.

"Oh." I didn't know what to say to him. This was probably the nicest thing anyone had done for me. And to be perfectly honest, I didn't think I deserved it. "Dad, you really didn't have to. I would have done all this myself. I don't want to burden you because I screwed up and had to come up here."

"Nonsense. I wanted to." I simply nodded. I was in complete awe that my dad had done this for me. I chose not to argue with him. I would pay him back though. I couldn't let him just give me this for nothing.

He gathered my bags and started towards the house. I lingered behind, making my way to my new truck. It was big, really big. I was pretty sure I was going to have to take a running leap to get into it. But surprisingly, I liked it. It was unique and I really did need a way to get around. I was planning on going to find a job as soon as possible. That was an adventure for Alice and I to tackle this weekend. She was staying in Port Angeles this summer and I was planning on spending most of my free time with her.

"Bella? Are you coming in?" Charlie called from the porch.

As I made my way into the house, I stopped and patted Charlie on the shoulder and smiled at him.

"Thanks, Dad. Really, I appreciate it"

He smiled awkward at me and mumbled a soft "no problem" before turning and going into the house. I followed him in and grabbed my bags.

"I'm just going to head up and get settled, maybe take a shower. I'll be down in a bit and we can talk about dinner, ok?"

He nodded and turned to head to the living room. I started up the stairs and into my childhood bedroom. When I walked in, everything looked much the same. My dad had gotten the room repainted and there was a new set of linens on the bed. I smiled at the care Charlie had taken so I would feel welcome and comfortable here. He told me I could stay for however long I needed to find myself.

I unpacked quickly, not really having brought much with me; only 2 suitcases of clothes and other necessities. I decided a quick shower would do me some good after a long day of traveling.

Charlie's house had two bathrooms, a master bathroom, and a slightly smaller one down the hall from my bedroom. I grabbed my toiletries and headed into the bathroom, setting up my things on the counter. I took a quick shower, and stepped out feeling much better. I dressed and headed back downstairs to get dinner squared away.

I went downstairs and popped my head into the living room.

"Hey dad, what do you think you want for dinner?"

He smiled at me. "Actually, I ordered a pizza while you were in the shower. I didn't want you to have to cook dinner on your first night here, especially after you traveled all day."

"Thank you." I smiled, not really knowing what else to say. Being with my dad was such a departure from living with my mother. She was cold and clinical and never went out of her wait way to do something nice for me. Charlie on the other hand was doing everything in his power to make me happy. Maybe that's why their marriage never worked out in the first place.

I sat down on the couch to watch TV with him. I giggled softly at his choice of programming.

"Gilmore Girls is still your guilty pleasure?" I looked over to find him blushing a bit and slight mortification covering his features.

"Maybe…", he hedged.

I laughed more fully this time but attempted to placate him. "It's ok, you know it's still one of my favorites too."

He looked a bit relieved, but still red faced. We watched in comfortable silence until there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it; it's probably the pizza." He got up and headed toward the front door while I headed to the kitchen to get the plates and glasses ready. He walked in and set the pizza on the table and turned to get a beer from the fridge. I plated the pizza and sat down. We ate for a bit before Charlie started to look uncomfortable.

"Dad, are you okay?" I was a bit concerned that his dinner wasn't agreeing with him.

He shot me a quick glance before glancing back down at his plate. "Yeah, I'm fine." He paused for a moment before continuing. "While you were in the shower, your mom called to make sure you got here all right." He continued not to meet my gaze.

I hesitated. "That was…nice of her." I was surprised she even cared. I hadn't bothered to even call her to let her know I got here. I didn't think she would care. "Did she say anything else?" My voice was much quieter now.

This time Charlie looked up at me, a sympathetic look in his eyes. "No. She just thanked me for letting her know, and hung up. I'm sorry, Bella. I'm sorry that she's being this way."

I shook my head at him. "Don't worry about it. She's always been this way, you know that." I smiled weakly. "Let's just finish dinner, okay?"

His eyes lingered on my face, concern still evident in his face before he nodded and went back to eating his pizza. The dark mood quickly vanished as he caught me up on the things he had been up to in the past few years. After we had been talking for a while, I noticed that all the pizza was gone and we were just sitting and laughing. I had really missed Charlie.

He looked up and the clock and gasped. "The Mariners game is on! I almost forgot!" He started to get up and stopped. He looked at me and smiled, placing a hand on my shoulder. "It's good to have you home, kiddo." I nodded at him and ushered him into the living room before I cleaned up the plates and headed into the living room.

"Dad, I'm wiped; I'm just going to head off to bed. I'll see you in the morning." He looked up from the TV and smiled.

"Ok, good night, Bells. Sleep well." I waved and headed up to bed. I quickly went through my nightly routine and headed to my bedroom. I turned on my cell phone and was assaulted with 17 text messages from Alice, all asking if I had gotten to Charlie's yet. I sighed and shook my head, sending off a short message letting her know that I was here and alive, and that I was going to bed. I also promised her that I would call her when I got up in the morning.

I crawled into bed and sighed contentedly. Maybe it would be good for me here. I could be someone else, someone who was fun and had more friends. Who knows what this new life for me here could hold.

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